tagFirst TimeThe Train

The Train


Back in England when I was much younger in 1959, they had these huge working men's clubs and every year they would get up several bus or train trips to the coast.

Well one time I went on a train trip to the coast with several other young guys who were the same age as I was. Being as most of us had just barely reached the age of being able to legally drink we foolishly spent money on acquiring bottles of wine.

We toured the seaside town and like idiots we ignored food so by mid afternoon we were on the beach drunk out of our minds. Looking back I'm certainly not proud of what we did but we were young and foolish. The group split up later in the day and most of them decided to get closer to the train station before it was time to get the return train home.

In my drunken wisdom I stayed on the beach and fell asleep, then of course I missed the return train home. The first thing I did when I awoke was to be sick and the next thing I did was to buy coffee and the third thing I did was to seek advice from the info' desk at the train station. I found out that the train I came on was a special train, put on for the occasion and the best they could do was put me on a train that would have a stop about thirty miles from my town. Then I would be on my own and I may find a bus going towards my hometown.

They never told me that the hour would be getting late by then, and it would be very unlikely to be able to find a bus at that time of night. Especially in the small community of Penistone, which is on the Yorkshire Moors and that would be where I would be getting off the train.

I felt terrible, I had the mother of all hangovers so I agreed with their plan and caught the train they suggested. I remember I was sat in a compartment with two different guys and a woman and all I wanted to do was keep my eyes closed and cover my head from all light and sound.

The train rumbled on and on and after about an hour it stopped and the two men left the train so I was left facing this lady who was fairly good looking but probably about forty years old. When she spoke to me for the first time I noticed she had a strong European accent but her English was very good when she asked if I felt all right. I told her I felt terrible so she went into her purse and gave me two headache pills and told me that they might help.

I guess they did for a while and she later asked where I was getting off in case I fell asleep again. When I told her she said that that was also her station to get off and asked if I lived in that area so I basically told her some of the story about missing my special train to my home town. She did think that it was rather comical and told me that one-day I would look back and see the humor and the foolishness of my youth.

"Oh by the way, I'm Erika." She told me and I told her my name was "Allen."

Finally the train stopped again and she told me this was hers and my stop, so we both got off the train together. We walked past the small bus depot and she looked at the charts.

"Your last bus has gone Allen, it's much earlier on Sunday's, the next one is Monday, that's tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock, then again in the evening at 8pm. You are in a bit of a pickle now so you better come home with me and then you can decide which one tomorrow." She told me so I just followed her like a sheep.

God it was so cold I was shivering, I even saw snowflakes in the wind. We seemed to walk forever to get to her very small house that was at the very edge of the small town and stood out in the open, facing the partially snow covered Yorkshire moors.

Erika opened the door and we rushed inside, it was a pleasure to get out of the icy wind but it was even cold inside the house because she only had a coal fireplace and she had been out all day, so had the fire.

She made the fire and soon had it blazing while we sat still fully dressed in our coats sipping a mug of warm tea after I had taken two more headache pills and also munching on some potato chips. I can't say I was feeling better but I wasn't feeling any worse.

In about 20 seconds she had shown me around the entire house, which consisted of one small bedroom, one tiny bathroom and the joint kitchen/ living room that we were sat in sipping more tea. The furnishings in the living room were very sparse with just a small table and two chairs and then just one arm-chair, the small bedroom had one double bed and a small set of drawers.

It may have been the smallest house I had ever been inside; but it almost looked like a miniature art gallery as most of the walls were covered in paintings and in the corner was an easel with dozens of paintings stood in a row behind it on a rack. It was getting late I guess because she had told me already that it was past her bedtime.

"I'm an artist I paint things and people, one day I hope to paint you Allen. Listen you'll have to be happy with sleeping in my bed, because when the fire goes out you would freeze out here in the chair." Erika said and it didn't really matter to me, I just needed to get my head down and hopefully sleep off my hangover.

I went to the bathroom first which was about as big as a closet, it just had a toilet and a small sink, and then I went into the bedroom and took off my suit and shirt then quickly got into the cold bed wearing just my underpants and vest. The bedroom felt like an icebox, it was so cold.

Moments later I felt her get into bed behind me and then she snuggled up really close and put her bare arm over me and rubbed my chest and down my hip. I really thought she was just trying to get me to feel warmer.

"Turn over this way, young man." She said and I did, that's when I saw she didn't have any clothes on at all, except later I found out she was wearing some socks.

She was on her side facing me and I couldn't take my eyes off her big beautiful nipples that were sat atop her full bulging breasts that were being squashed together by her arms and forming a deep crevasse. Then as she lifted the blanket briefly I caught sight of her firm tummy and all the way down to her hairy light blonde bush.

I was in shock and the only thing worse than being in shock, is being in shock with a hangover, but for reasons beyond my control my pecker was coming to attention and she had already noticed.

"Take those clothes off Allen, we will keep ourselves warm with body heat." Erika told me and I was awestruck. This woman was fairly good looking with a nice figure and very little fat, but old enough to be my mother I thought as she tugged at my vest and when that was off; she tugged at my underpants. Holy smokes I couldn't believe what was happening.

She moved closer and her big breasts were the first things to touch me on my chest and I felt shivers down my spine, then her hand slowly and gently went between my legs and she smiled as she held everything I had in one hand. She took my hand and put it over her smooth bare bottom cheeks as she released her hold between my legs. Then she came so close that our bodies were touching all over and that's when she kissed me very tenderly.

"Have you ever had sex with a girl before?" She asked so I shook my head and then said "not exactly."

She gave me a bit of a confused look then she held my pecker and asked if I had had a girl touch it before and I told her I had. She then asked, if a girl had ever masturbated me before and I told her yes, she had done that.

She took my hand again as she eased herself back a little then put my hand between her legs and asked me if I had had my hand there on a girl and I shook my head to signify, no. Have you had THIS inside a girl she asked as she grabbed my pecker again and I shook my head to indicate I hadn't.

She took my hand again and opened it then put it over her breast and asked if I had touched a girl there and I said that I had, then she took my fingers and put two of them on her nipple and moved my fingers around a little.

"Well you are a virgin boy, but have you sucked on a girls breast?" Erika asked and I told her I had but that was back in my grammar school days and all the while she is moving my fingers around over her now erect nipple.

"Come, kneel over me Allen and suck these nipples." She told me so I knelt over her tummy and bent my head to suck her huge nipples. Her hands slid down and both of them held my cock and balls as she massaged them ever so slowly while I sucked. She moaned and groaned loudly and threw her head slowly from side to side, her sounds and her movements were very stimulating.

"Now turn around and lick me here, then push your tongue inside me Allen." Erika said as she took my fingers and poked them on her wet hairy pussy to indicate where I had to go.

I turned around and put my head between her legs and smelt her moist female odor then started to lick up and down, don't ask me where because I had no idea, I had never ever done this before to a woman or to a girl.

I remember very clearly that my arse was near her head and she had shuffled her pillow to raise her head as she licked the back of my balls. Then she sucked gently on them and I swear she had them in her mouth, but whatever she was doing was incredibly wonderful. This whole experience was brand new to me, my poor cock was straining and it must have been really swollen, as I had never known it to be so hard before.

She gripped my arse cheeks and moved me back a little then suddenly she had my entire hard prick in her mouth and I shot my load almost immediately, but she kept on sucking and it stayed in her mouth for several more minutes. Holy smokes what an incredible feeling.

Then Erika told me to hop out of bed and put the overhead light on then to kneel between her wide-open legs. This was going to be my very first look at a woman's thingy close up, magazines of the day rarely ever showed full frontal views and only the dirtiest magazines showed hints of pubic hair on a woman.

She put a pillow under her bum, then had me get my head really close as she moved back her pink moist folds (pussy lips) and she described to me what was what and where to lick and suck. As she guided me through the process she was almost constantly oozing creamy white juices that tasted like nectar, she would tell me when to go faster or slower or to keep going when doing a certain thing.

I figured out later that she must have had several orgasms while I followed her instructions but she wanted me to keep going at her, with my mouth and tongue and my two fingers that she had showed me how to curve when they were inside her vagina.

I almost got scared when she started almost screaming out loud and frantically lifting her bum up and down off the bed and throwing her hair from side to side. Then her hands held my head really tight as she pushed my head up and down and shouted out in some foreign language. Then I felt and saw the hot liquid hitting my face as it squirted out of her vagina twice in rapid succession as if it was fired from a gun.

"Keep going, keep going you little prick, keep going. Oooooh, oooooh, oooooh my god, oh yesss, yesss, yesss." She cried out loudly and by this time I was as hard as a rock and my face was soaked.

"Come up here quickly, put your hard prick in me." Erika yelled and I scurried up and was almost on top of her when her hands took my swollen prick and guided it into her wet slit.

"Push, push, push, keep pushing. Faster, faster, faster. Oooooh yesss." She yelled, then suddenly I was inside her and pushing like hell and she was too. Never before in my life had I felt a feeling like this and she was pushing as much as I was. Her arms and body were flailing around spasmodically almost like she was having an epileptic seizure.

"Oh my god, keep going, keep pushing you little stud and suck my breasts." She yelled and I was about to pull out and ejaculate again when she beat me to it, her feet clamped over my arse and she held me really tight as I shot my load inside her and then I sucked like a mad man on her big nipples. Her wet hole tightened up on my poor cock like a vise and she squeezed and bucked wildly until I had finished cummin.

She put her arms around me and held me tight then pulled a blanket over us tightly while she stroked my bum cheeks and I still managed to stay deep inside her, but I must have dropped off to sleep for a little while. When I awoke again she was slowly sliding up and down beneath me and stroking my body in places I didn't know was pleasurable before. Oh my goodness she had me hard again and then both her hands were on my arse as she pulled me tightly against her, then she relaxed for a few seconds and then pulled me tight again.

"Push in deeper, my lover. Keep pushing." She whispered as she sucked on my ear and I did, I pushed and pushed until I began to shoot my load again. God she was awesome as her insides gripped and squeezed my throbbing cock until I was empty. Then we slowly drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke the next time it was almost daylight and she was sat at the side of the bed with a hot tea and two more headache tablets, her hand was under the covers rubbing my prick. Erika must have also got the fireplace roaring because I could see the reflection of the flames on the walls. After I had had the tablets she got back in bed and massaged me very sensuously until I was really hard and swollen.

Then she coaxed me back on top of her several more times that morning and had me lick and suck her breasts and between her legs. In between she made me a light breakfast and then later when I felt better she made me something more substantial.

Later in the morning she made me get dressed and put on a heavy old coat and she walked me to the telephone box where I called my parents. I told them I was fine and that I accidentally missed my train but a kind couple put me up for the night and I should be home before 11pm that night.

Then she took me back home and during the entire afternoon we made love. She introduced me to so many different sexual positions and ways of pleasuring each other. I was just a young man and she was the first woman I had ever made love with and secretly she may well have been the best.

Erika asked me to comeback and to see her, as she wanted me to pose as she captured me on canvas. Well I did have a motorcycle at home so I promised I would, but it would be two weeks before I could come on a weekend as I worked shift work in a factory.

She didn't even have a telephone but that wasn't unusual at that time in the late fifties, I think there were only 3 people on our entire street that had a telephone and very few working class people owned a car. But she did write out her home address where she lived on the coast, for me to write to her and gave me several dates when she would be at this cottage home if I wanted to pay her a visit.

She didn't take down my address because she didn't want to embarrass me by writing and my mother possibly reading my mail. I told her I would be back in two weeks on a Saturday and she asked me to try and make plans to stay overnight.

Then well before 8pm she walked me to the bus station and I got the bus back to my hometown. I think I was well and truly over my hangover because I smiled all the way home and could hardly believe my luck.


Chapter 2

The two weeks passed quickly and I told my parents I was going to the motorcycle races with a guy from work and would stay until Sunday.

When I arrived Erika was so happy to see me she almost smothered me in kisses. Later she insisted that we go to the off-license place where we could buy bottled beer, so she got bundled up and then got on the back of my motorcycle for our trip to the store. I think we were back in about 20 minutes and she asked me to park the bike around the back so that other people wouldn't be aware and my bike would be safer.

Erika stoked up the fire and setup her easel then she had me pose completely nude for her painting, she told me I couldn't look until it was complete. She teased me something terrible by re-positioning me several times and stroking my body each time she moved me into a new position. Before I knew it I had a fierce erection but she made me keep perfectly still and little by little she removed her clothes as she worked.

"Oh my goodness, I can't show a male with an erection in my painting, it would be unethical." She said. Then she knelt in front of me with the brush still in her hand, and without using anything but her mouth and tongue she made me ejaculate in her mouth and of course eventually go soft. Then she smiled and giggled for at least twenty minutes as she continued working at her easel.

We had a beer and sandwich break then she started again and when I needed a pee she would bring a bucket and hold my penis while I peed. When she needed a pee she would also use the bucket in front of me, all the time teasing me more and more, she was having incredible fun doing the painting.

"Enough for now, I need time with my lover." She said, as she put a cover over her painting and then took my hand as she led me to the tiny bathroom where she trimmed my pubic hair then washed me down carefully and gently. Then she handed me the scissors and told me to be very careful as I trimmed her pubic hair. Later she handed me the washcloth and told me it was my turn to wash her body and not to miss any nooks or crannies. Then she took me to her bed and had me kneel on the floor while she lay back with her legs wide open and her bum hanging half over the edge of the bed right under my nose.

"Lick and suck me, my lover, make my juices flow." Erika said as I lowered my head and licked between her already wet lips. Her clit was already fully exposed and swollen and when I sucked on it like she had shown me before she almost went wild. She held up two fingers and bent them slightly, which was the sign to push in the two bent fingers like she had shown me last time and stimulate underneath her pubic bone area. I know she loved that just by the way she reacted and pretty soon her bum was lifting up and down off the bed and she was holding and pulling on her nipples while moaning very loudly.

"Suck me more, move your fingers faster." She cried, as she writhed all over and I did what she wanted even though my poor prick was so swollen it was bursting at the seams.

She was pulling her nipples and grabbing my head and lifting up and down like a crazy woman. Until suddenly she screamed out in her native tongue and whoosh I thought she had pissed on me but she hadn't, she had had one of those big orgasms again and squirted all over. She flapped her arms and legs like she was having a seizure for a few seconds and then her hands beckoned me to get over top of her.

"Quickly, quickly my lover." She cried softly and I was inside her in a split second and pounding away as she kissed me fiercely and writhed on the bed while thrusting to meet my strokes.

Just a few minutes later her mouth closed over mine and then her feet locked behind me, holding me tightly inside her as she squeezed down hard on my throbbing prick and I had an incredible orgasm myself. Her timing was absolutely perfect and she must have known I had reached that crucial point and was about to ejaculate.

We lay there almost completely exhausted with our mouths locked together and her fingers gripping my arse cheeks tightly and sliding me very slowly back and forth just a few inches.

"Ok loverboy, back to our painting." She said and she almost had to drag me out of bed.

I assumed the pose position and she grinned as she told me it had gone too soft and didn't look the same as my previous pose so she knelt in front of me and sucked my penis for a few seconds.

"Ah that is much better." She said as she giggled and then continued with her painting.

She spent the next hour working on the painting and then I knew she was teasing me again as she bent over several times in front of me and opened her legs wide. Then she readjusted my pose and moved her breasts over my face several times as she brushed herself gently against my penis making me grow again.

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