tagErotic CouplingsThe Train Journey

The Train Journey


It was a nice warm evening with a cool breeze that filled the air. I decided to call into a local bar and wind down with a glass of cool fresh orange, I had an hour to pass before my train journey home.

Having paid for my drink, I made my way to a table in the corner that overlooked the people walking by; I enjoy gazing at the complete strangers going about their business.

Whilst seeping my drink, you walked past me knocked into me making my drink spill down my white blouse. You were extremely apologetic, I laugh and told you not to worry accidents happen.

Grabbing some tissues I began to mop up the drink, thinking no more of it, then you reappeared with another glass of orange as a way of an apology.

Glancing up at you, I noticed you were quite tall and had dark hair, I motioned you to sit down and join me and introduce myself to you.

You looked at where the orange had spilled on my white blouse making it slightly see through, revealing a pink lacy bra. I suddenly didn't seem to mind.

Whilst chatting to you I explained I was killing time whilst waiting for the train to arrive, and through our conversation you lived within the same town as me.

We were so deep in conversation that time eluded us and we had missed our train, having such a laugh we continued drinking and decided to get the late train back.

Walking to the station platform with you we carried on talking, however when the trains tannoy gave out the train arrivals and departures it was quite hard to hear so I stood nearer to you and listened to what you had to say, I smelt your aftershave and could see deep into your eyes, I found myself flirting with you. I hardly knew you, yet I felt this instant attraction to you, I blushed at some of my thoughts I was having about you, I could feel my pussy getting slightly moist looking at your mouth whilst you spoke.

I think you sensed my desire for you, so you played along teasing me, slowly licking your lips whilst talking or bending slightly forward to talk near my ear, but also gently blowing air near my neck. I could quite easily crumble just by you nuzzling on my neck.

Soon it was time us to embark onto the train, as it was quite late into the evening, the train was pretty empty, we sat in a cubicle opposite each other but on chairs on either side of each other, I rested my legs on the chair opposite. I had on a fairly short flared skirt, which dropped to the floor revealing more of my legs, but just enough to tease you.

Looking across on the floor I gazed my eyes at your parted legs, I felt a slight grin appeared on face continuing up to your knees, lingering at your thighs I could see a bulge between yours thighs, aware I was being watched I blushed at being caught.

With that you leaned forward, running your hands up my leg directly towards my thigh you looked at me you kissed me. Your fingers explored my thigh, kissing you back, by now I was extremely turned on and I wanted you right there and then.

Whilst kissing, you stopped as suddenly as what you started, the train guard was walking along the train asking for the train tickets, showing our tickets he went along his way.

Sitting in your seat, you grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me towards you, but pulling me in such a way, that my body swirled round and I ended up sitting on your lap. I could feel a big bulge against my butt, wriggling around I could hear you moan slightly.

You placed your hands around my waist cuddling me, then proceeded to place one of your hands inside my loose skirt under the waistband, parting my thong and placing your fingers onto my very wet pussy lips. Gently you began to tease my pussy with your fingers making your way slowly into my clit area, pressing again my clit with your fingers, making me throb with desire, heavily panting from my mouth I could hear.

I wanted to fuck you, taking control, your legs where completely spread apart allowing me to sit between your thighs, I spread my legs and ankles so that your ankles could overlap my ankles locking me into a firm supporting position, using both of my hands that were behind my back I undid your zipper exposing your hard cock.

Lifting up slightly, you pulled my thong to one side, and helped guide my pussy onto your cock, slowly I felt the top of your cock start to enter me, using the strength in my legs, I teased your tip with my pussy, moving your hands onto my thighs you pulled me onto your cock, deep inside my pussy you went, I let out a gasp, placing my hands on your knees, I began to thrust on your cock, I wanted you, like I've never wanted anything so badly in my life, turned on by the sheer thought we could get caught, turned on because I hadn't been fucked for ages and my pussy was gagging.

You placed one of your hands back to my clit and began to play with my pussy whilst I continued riding you slowing at first before a more vigorous rhythm commenced, you could tell it wasn't going to be long before I would cum, my groaning was intense.

Lifting me up off your cock, you moved your cock to my ass, your cock was oozing cum, smearing this over my ass wetting me, very slowly I guided myself onto your cock, god the tight feeling was intense, you groaned, squeezing my body tightly, together we fucked my ass. In motion with the train and slowly up the length of your shaft I felt you inside me, each pulsating throb you gave I felt. Your fingers vigorously thrusting at my pussy, cum was leaking from my pussy, fuck me, fuck me, I was thinking, It wasn't long before I started moan hard, my orgasm was about to be released I could feel my whole legs tingling at the intense of your legs holding me there, I let out an fairly intense and noisy orgasm, god I needed that release.

I continued to ride you, until I heard you moan and felt your warm cum squelch.

Collapsing on your lap and resting, while your cock still deep inside me, slightly throbbing, you released the grip on my ankles.

The windows near us had completely steamed up in the heat of our passion. You smeared the window and motioned that our stop was imminent; pulling off your cock and rearranging my clothes I sat back in the seat opposite. Smiling at you,

As the train pulled near into the station, you stated you wanted to eat my pussy, would I care to come back to your house, how could I refuse such an offer.

To be continued...

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