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The Train Story


When I press her, my gf tells me stories of sex she had before we met. The Train Story I've heard a few times, always a little bit more each time, so I'll give my understanding as much as I know. She usually opens up and tells these stories when she's sat up with my cock in her, having sex physically and mentally. Makes for one hell of a combination. Generally she's not that open with details, I have to drag them out of her, but sometimes she spills the beans and it's fucking good.

She would have been maybe twenty or twenty-one at the time of the Train Story. She'd had sex before, but not often, and only with boys she'd seen steadily. Her girlfriend dragged her away for a long weekend, that girl had friends in a different town and they'd take the overnight train - leave after dinner Friday and arrive lunch Saturday. It was one of those 'university' long weekends, i.e. you just decide to take Monday off. But a day before they leave her girlfriend says some guy she knows is going to the same place at the same time. There was no plan to spend the weekend together with that guy, just that he knows people there too or some sort so decides to go up together. No real problem with that, but when they meet at the station there's one other guy who's turned up as well, so now there's two guys traveling with them.

The train is overnight but the cheap sleepers are rooms of four or six, and non-reserved, you basically have to dash in to find one (as you might guess, this is not America). Usually girls will find a bunk where only other girls are, but this time because they were a group of four and the train wasn't busy they take a four-room to themselves. The cabin has two fold down bunks on both walls, 4 beds, with the bottom ones doubling as seats until time for sleeping. My girl's bed is down the bottom, her friend up top. Her friend is a real flirt (she actually became a prostitute later - no shit) so she's eying off one guy, the original one, who joins her in the top bunk.

The spare guy, the one who turned up unexpected is on the top bunk across and says he's not staying up there while they go at it so he comes down bottom. He locks the door and pulls the blind on the window. The only light is a pale yellow one above the top bunk on the other side. Of course her friend is dishing it out freely up top, they could hear it in surround-sound, so of course that guy thinks my girl must be good to go, too, yeah? But my girl doesn't do one night stands, she's only fucked boyfriends, never some guy she doesn't know - and to make it even worse she had a boyfriend already, they'd been together for months and she still hadn't taken her pants off for him yet even, and she doesn't do cheating very well. So no way is she going to let this guy make out with her just like that, right? But he complains he can still see it all upstairs from the other bottom bunk so manages to weasel his way into her bed.

My girl's not frigid, but as I said she doesn't just fuck guys so the battle is on. She lets him turn her toward him and after being kissed on her face, eyes, ears and everywhere she finally concedes her lips, so they spend a whole lot of time kissing and tonguing and his hands are squeezing her ass and stuff. Meanwhile clothes fall down from upstairs and her friend is naked and getting the shit fucked out of her. Given all that, eventually after he begs and pleads and scraps she lets him get her out of her top. She's got no bra on in bed, so now she's half naked with this stranger, feeling shy and a little stupid for being so easy for him. So they're kissing and this guy she doesn't even know has free reign on her bare tits, which she's not done before.

It's really tight and close because its a single bed and all and he squeezes her ass on the outside of her clothes and she can feel how hard he is. His hand is pushing at her cunt as well but she stops him when he tries to get under her elastic, she says she'll put her top back on if he doesn't behave. He's getting a bit pissed off but didn't blow his lid. She lets him crawl up on her so his hard-on is pushing at her cunt but its actually safer like that for keeping herself dressed. He goes down and sucks on her tits pretty good so she's finding herself opening her legs more, but after a while he puts a great hickey on her tit so she gets upset with him again and starts looking for her clothes again. He calms her down and turns her over, begging her to keep her top off but face downward so he can't get at her tits. She does it. So he starts all nice again, massaging her back and her ass and her legs and stuff for ages, leaving her bottoms in place but keeping her top naked. Up above them is relentless sex, and now this guy is being all sweet and sensual and not pushing her boundaries anymore, so my girl actually starts getting wet.

When that guy comes up to start kissing the back of her neck she actually starts to get light-headed. He's kissing all over her back, which is ticklish and erotic, so she starts hoping he'd do the same on her front. Instead he keeps kissing her neck and her back and her shoulders and she got caught up in all the sounds and smells so much that when he starts kissing her lower back pushing against the elastic of her long pants she can't help but to lift her hips just a little. He takes the inch a mile and starts pulling her pants down, bringing her panties down with it. Of course once he knows she's not stopping him, he moves pretty quickly before she changes her mind. She looks down over her shoulder at her own bare body and he's pulling her pants and her panties off her ankles and she shakes her head at how pathetic she is. He mixes them in with the clothes and blankets on the floor with that couple above who are still doing the best they can to break the bed.

My girl turns back to look again and that guy is taking his own clothes off as fast as he can. She buries her face in the pillow and chastises herself, its going to be hard to avoid being fucked now, right? Then she feels this naked guy's body lay on her and kissing all over the back of her neck again, and she loses it again. This guy's dick is hard and running up the crack of her ass and she pushes up against it, trying to send a signal. It'd been a long time since she's been fucked by her previous boyfriend and she told me straight if he'd had the sense to lift her ass in the air she'd have let him slide it straight into her cunt, by this time all she wanted was for him to fuck her. But he's still thinking he has to go slow, so instead he flips her over and starts kissing her front. He's sucking her neck and her ears and her tits and her crotch and her thighs when all her body wants is a cock in it. Then just as he comes back up and starts poking his cock at her vagina and she has her heels in his backside pushing him to get in there, her phone under her pillow rings.

Its the fucking boyfriend, he's tried a few times but the phone's been out of range. She manages to say she's sleeping so will call him back in the morning but meanwhile her brain's back in front in the battle with her cunt. She's come to her senses. She doesn't let strangers into her pants and she has a boyfriend. She was angry at herself for losing her clothes, for letting a naked guy into her bed and letting him do things to her. Her clothes were too hard to find and there's no way to kick that boy out anyway, but she shuts her legs to his cock. Of course he keeps trying his best, but she kisses without any passion, she's just going through the motions. He feels her up and fingers her but she has gone way cold on his dick. The closest he got to pulling back on track after that was to turn around and put his cock at her face and wiggle his own face between her thighs. He managed to lick her pretty well so she gave a blowjob, her first 69 ever she said. But just when she's possibly maybe thinking again she would let him fuck her he really blows it this time, he blows his load without saying anything and she's got sperm all in her mouth and over her face and on the bed and stuff.

She's not on any pill so even though he stayed hard no way would she put a cock with sperm on it in her. Those guys upstairs finished fucking so the guy jumps down off the bed naked. He looks at my girl and her man wiping muck from her body and says to that guy does he want to have a turn upstairs? Given the girl upstairs coughs up her vagina he climbs on up without even one word to my girl. Then that other guy crawls onto my girls bed.

Exasperated she lays back and lets him have a turn at her too, they're both naked, and there's nowhere else to go anyway, she says. Its not like he was going to believe she didn't dish it out to every guy. But she said his cock was all wet from either his sperm or her friends cunt or both so he wasn't allowed to fuck her. He didn't argue. But she said this other guy was good with his hands, its the only time she remembers cumming from a guy's fingers, she usually doesn't really like getting fingered.

She said he also got her off by rolling his shaft over her clit, it was the way I found out she goes crazy if you squeeze her ass super tight while your dick is at her cunt. After getting it a second time her friend upstairs tried to get rid of that other guy by coming down to the bottom bunk but of course he followed. In the end my girl and the guy in her bed lay watching those other two fuck more. She said she had to shift around and do 69 again otherwise she was going to get fucked as well, even though that guy's cock was dirty in her mouth it was better than getting in her cunt.

She said she's never felt so guilty and disappointed as she did the next day. Her boyfriend called again in the morning and all the time she was talking with him that stranger was naked in her bed with her, bringing her off with his hand again, she had to cut the call off because of the cum she was about to have. She said she was embarrassed to be naked in daylight, she hadn't shown her pussy so clearly to strangers before, though she is more comfortable these days. Even after the phone call those two guys wouldn't give her the bed covers back or her clothes.

The train didn't arrive til almost midday so she and her friend were tossed between those two boys all morning, there was no let-up, those other 3 were completely into it. Her friend and the original guy ducked down to the toilets together naked when no-one was in the hall, then they made my girl do it with the other guy. She wasn't going to go but all three of them pushed her out into the hall and they were making so much noise there was less chance of getting caught by just doing it, running down to the toilet in morning sunlight. That guy came in with her and she said it was the first time she'd seen a guy pee, or let one see her do it. That guy was pretty keen to fuck her in there, he had her turned around and was trying to bend her over but then people kept banging on the door. There was no chance of not getting caught when they ran out and back to their cabin, those other guys were laughing their head off. She managed to avoid being fucked in her cunt, only her mouth, her friend took the pressure off by doing it with them as much as they could - but she said the downside was they kept coming out of her friend's cunt and putting their dick in her mouth, and she also kept thinking about the pee.

They all four stayed on the downside bunks in the morning, my girl said it was the first time she had ever seen other people have sex, or done it herself in front of other people.

Her friend was super happy about the trip, she didn't stop talking about it all weekend and when they got back. She wanted my girl to come with her to parties and to friend's houses after but my girl always found a way out of it and so they ended up drifting apart over the year. On the train, when they got to the other end those guys just took off, they just left them there. She said it was the first time she really felt used just for sex. She was glad that first guy hadn't been clever enough to fuck her when she was ready for it - because then she wouldn't have been able to keep the other guy out either, and she would probably have been fucked the whole way there. She broke up with the boyfriend. He got pissed off she wouldn't undress for him when she got back but she couldn't, those boys had given her hickeys top and bottom and she said she felt too guilty to stay with him anyway. It took a long time after that until she could kiss or have sex on a first date, it really put her off. She can't remember the names of either guy, she doubts they remember hers either. She'll probably always just be 'that chic on the train'.

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