tagLesbian SexThe Training: Aftermath

The Training: Aftermath


This is a continuation of my other story: The Training.

Barely eight minutes after my massive orgasm I was walking back towards the Common Room. My clitoris was still very sensitive and I could feel the wetness in my thong, some of which had escaped and now coated my upper thighs. The elastic at the back of the thong was saturated and I felt it more than before between my cheeks.

Hell, I thought, in the space of half an hour I had gone from someone who loathed the thought of sex with another woman to someone who was hoping for more. The difference an orgasm can make! What I had just gone through I never experienced with my ex, Michael, or previous boyfriends. I'd had about 2 orgasms before in my life, now that I recall, but they weren't the shuddering, leg jerkers that left my panties sodden and my clitoris throbbing half an hour later.

We sat in our usual spaces and as I crossed my legs I felt some juice being squeezed out through the material. I immediately uncrossed my legs and probably showed my discomfort as Anya glanced my way and smiled. I noticed for the first time that her nipples were very much in evidence. And so were Lisette's. Hanna sat behind me somewhere so I didn't notice what effect the training had on her.

The instructor came in, followed by Mitzi and several other instructors.

"Well, people, I have news. That training session was the last. Tomorrow morning, at oh-eight-thirty hours those of you remaining on the programme, and I am reliably informed there are just 12, will be briefed before going into the field. There has been some serious activity in Germany, Switzerland and eastern France that requires agents ASAP.

As you can see, there are just 12 of you who finished the training satisfactorily. Well done! Now go get a shower and some sleep."

As far as I could see only five men had survived and seven out of eight women. I saw Hanna who winked at me.

"C'mon," said Anya.

I so needed a shower, I thought as we walked back. And fresh underwear!

As soon as we got back inside our room however, I heard Anya turning the lock. She reached for me and turned me round and, before I could utter my surprise, her hungry mouth was on mine. Some part of my mind was telling me to stop, this wasn't training, but the loudest part was yelling at me 'take her now.'

She was kissing and pushing me back and kneading my back. I felt the backs of my legs against a bed and toppled backwards. Anya was on top of me and I felt her leg pressing in between both of mine; her knee pushing high against my sex through the materials of the dress and thong. Her tongue was in my mouth and I eagerly met it with my own. She moved a hand down and over my hard breast and began to knead the boob and thumb the erect nipple. I was becoming very aroused again but it was difficult to tell if the moisture in my thong was new.

I managed to get my hands onto her hips and I gathered her dress up to her waist. I wanted to feel between her legs; to see if she was as aroused as me (though I think I already knew the answer to that) and to know what it felt like to touch another woman's sex. She pushed against my hip bone and then she let me have access to her. Just as I slipped a hand over her thong she gripped my arm to halt me.

"I've never done this before," she was breathing heavily. "I'm not interested in women! But I know I'll always regret it if I don't make love to you. You understand?"

"Perfectly .... same with me," I managed to answer.

She went back to kissing me. I put my hand right between her legs, over her silk covered mound. The silk was soaked with her juices. I rubbed her slit and could feel the engorged ridge so I concentrated on this, repeatedly flicking my fingernail against it, until I heard her moan loudly. Just as I felt her body start to go rigid I stopped and pushed her off me.

"What?" She seemed stunned.

I smiled. "I want to take your dress off. And I want you to take mine off."

We were soon kneeling on the bed in our underwear. I stared at her nipples poking through the thin material of the bra. Then I reached behind her and freed her, and gently began to massage the hard breasts. Her nipples stood about two centimetres tall. I knew that she craved release. So I pushed her gently back on the bed and spread her legs apart. When I eased myself down to look more closely at her saturated mint-coloured thong I instantly knew what I wanted to do.

I put my nose directly against her slit and smelled the juices soaking through the silk and lace. Breathing her aroma deeply, I flicked out my tongue and tasted some of her fluid. She gave an involuntary shiver. Slowly I began to probe through the thong with my rigid tongue, pushing it into her open slit. Her legs began to slide up and down over the duvet. Gentle moans came from her. I pressed my tongue hard against the ridge of her clit and her body jerked.

Briefly I moved my mouth up to her nipples and pulled at them with my teeth. She clamped my head in her hands and moaned louder. I continued for about a minute then decided I wanted to taste her fully.

My own clitoris, by this time, had become fully erect again and was crying out for attention. The bare skin on the inside of my thighs, between my thong and stockings, was completely coated with my juices. I slipped a hand down inside my thong and was amazed by the how wet and slippery I was. I removed my soaked hand and spread the juices against Anya's stocking over her thigh. The nylon began to glisten.

Slipping two sticky fingers under her messy thong I pulled it to the side to reveal her open slit. It was really wet and I could see a little pool of white liquid just inside her. The ridge of her hood looked very inviting so I lowered my head and wrapped my lips around it. Immediately I felt her tighten her muscles. I sucked on the ridge some more and as she began to moan really loudly I inserted my middle finger as far as it would go into her sex. Her legs were all over the place as though trying to escape the impending rush of pleasure.

I inserted another finger and simultaneously began to work her slit while lapping furiously at her exposed clit. She grabbed a handful of my hair and her thighs tightly clamped around my head, holding me in a vice. It wasn't long before I felt her thrust her pelvis into my face and her legs began to shake violently. Her hips lifted completely off the bed and she gave a muffled scream; her thighs suddenly opened wide and I ended my licking and pumping. Immediately she shut her thighs tightly and I was thankful I'd just removed my head in time. She was coming in waves, holding her fist against her mouth to stop herself screaming. I marvelled at how the muscles of her thighs were shuddering.

For a full minute she couldn't utter a word as she lay there, trying to regain control of her body. However, I was still as horny as hell and could feel my own clitoris engorged with lust. I moved round on the bed and carefully lifted my leg over her head and positioned myself so that my legs were each side of her head and my sex was hovering over her face. I lowered myself and gently put my hands around the backs of her thighs and tried to tease them apart.

"Huh?" Anya had just come back to life.

"I want some of that!" I gave a little laugh.

"Not sure if I can," she breathed.

Slowly her thighs opened and I stared in awe at her sodden thong. Her orgasm must have been immense according to the extent of saturation. I eased the thong to the side and cream oozed out of her. I lowered my face and began to lap it all up.

Within half a minute she began squirming again and I then felt her nose and mouth hard against my thong. I used a finger to ease her clitoral hood back to expose the pink bud and slowly brushed my tongue back and forth across it. She responded by inserting a finger under my thong and go deep in me while rubbing my clitoris with her thumb over the drenched material. When I knew that my own orgasm was imminent I used my aggressive tongue to press her clitoral bud back against its hood and my finger. Once again her damp thighs held my head in a vice as another orgasm shook her; instantly she pulled my thong to one side and raked her teeth across my clitoris and it was as though a massive bolt of electricity had shot through me. I literally came in squirts and my face collapsed into her dripping thong.

Half an hour later, we lay in each other's arms in bed. We were too spent to get undressed and have a shower so we lay there entwined in our damp stockings and suspenders and our sodden thongs and the taste of come on our lips. I had never in my life felt so sexy and wanton as I did at that moment.

"Anya," I whispered.

"Yeah?" she breathed in my ear.

"I'm not a lesbian and I'm not into women. I'm just into you."

She turned and kissed me on the mouth.

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