tagChain StoriesThe Training Ch. 01

The Training Ch. 01

byAlicia Charms©

Now that I've finished my training, I'm able to tell this story. I was completely lucid the whole time it was happening, but I was forbidden to tell and so I had to obey. I'm not, nor will I ever be, the woman I was once. I'm perfect now.

We had a perfect sexual relationship, my husband Felix and I, or so I thought. I was a bit on the shy side, but adventurous and very accommodating. We joined the swinging lifestyle very early in our relationship and I was able to explore several sexual fantasies I had. I mostly enjoyed being with another woman, which I can only describe as the ultimate in softness. I was also able to enjoy two men at the same time. I particularly liked pleased one man orally while another entered my in the doggie position. I felt like I had reached the zenith of free love.

There were some things I said no to, but not many. I didn't like anal sex. It was uncomfortable, didn't excite me and I was worried about infections. I wanted nothing to do with sex with animals, though it was a curiosity. I wasn't inclined to the BDSM scene, though I didn't mind being tied to the bed for sex or having a little mild spanking. I didn't think any of these things mattered to my husband, but obviously it did. Oddly enough, it was a very small incident that led to this long adventure.

I always thought that I was an attractive woman. I was 5' 3" with long dark brown hair. I had nicely shaped legs and beautiful feet with long toes. I had a cuteness that had served me well so far. My looks hadn't changed all that much except for the animated creases in my forehead that deepened over time. I had a very round ass that I thought was too big, but the guys adored it. My only drawback was my small 34B breasts. I had nice little puffy nipples, but my breasts weren't in proportion with the rest of my body.

I had two girlfriends that had gotten implants. One pair was a very beautiful 36C that looked like the most perfect pair of breasts I had ever seen. The other was a double-D cup that looked extremely out of place on her. Another side effect of her operation was that her nipples never got soft. So I had always been skeptical about implants, though it hardly mattered since it was the kind of frivolous extravagance that we never could afford.

One of Felix's favorite activities was photographing me in the nude. We got quite creative after I found an old box of wigs that my mom had worn at one time. We brought them home and played with them, adding different makeup to my face that might match the different looks of the wigs. Felix loved exaggerated makeup and the retro look of the 50's & 60's, so these wigs really fit right in with the fantasy.

Felix asked me if I would bleach my hair blonde. I had already gone from dark brown to auburn, which he enjoyed. I told him absolutely not. It would look terrible on me. He argued that the wigs didn't look terrible. I just refused. I had one girlfriend who had gone blonde and cut her hair short. She looked terrible and all our friends talked about how bad she looked. I didn't want to be like her.

Unknown to me, Felix had made contact with a man on the internet. James was the president of The Masters Guild, a secret society of dominant men whose sexual activities were unlimited. They had a combination of resources that enabled them to make anything possible. Felix was intrigued.

"It's not that I'm dissatisfied with Alison", he explained. "I'd just love to make her do anything I like and enjoy it fully."

"That can be accomplished quite easily", James told him. "We can transform her into the perfect love slave, willing and anxious to serve. We can even make her look however you like. And we can change her over and over again."

"You mean surgery?" Felix asked.

"Yes, some surgery," James answered. "But we also have secret and forbidden herbs from many societies throughout the world that normal medicine knows nothing about. These help to make the body more pliable and acceptant of change, quicker healing and never any scars. We can also alter her mind. Unlike most drugs of the mind-control type, we have combinations that will keep her lucid and wanting."

"Let's try this," James suggested. "We'll bring her to our mountain retreat in Virginia for approximately a month. You can give us details on what you would like to have her involved in, what ways you might want to change her. If you're not satisfied, we can return her to her normal state. No harm done."

"And what would you expect in return?" Felix asked.

"We will use her in any way we see fit." James told him. "Our members will get to use her and transform her just as you would. Then after the 30 days, we would expect her to return about one weekend a month to join in our activities."

This actually intrigued Felix even more. The thought of what these Masters might do to me aroused his curiosity. He told James so and asked if he could be present for some of those.

"That would depend on the Master who is creating the scene", he explained. "Sometimes he will allow you to be involved, sometimes only to watch from a secret window, and sometimes not at all."

It didn't take Felix long to agree. After all, he could change his mind after the month was over.

"How will I get her to go?" he asked.

"It will be better if I take her," James said. "I will give you some potions to use in her drinks for the next few weeks. Also, at night, you will put headphones on her and play a tape I will give you. When I come for her, she will be ready."

What I didn't know was that these potions were working chemical changes in my brain, allowing me to be totally receptive to any suggestions. My thought patterns were being rewritten. I was being totally reprogrammed.

Several nights later, Felix awoke to find me sucking his cock. I pumped it hard with my mouth until I made him cum and swallowed every last bit of it. Then I went back to sleep. It was James' way of letting him know that the changes were working. Felix was amazed.

Nothing unusual happened after that, and two weeks passed without any other sexual events taking place. Felix was beginning to think that perhaps it wasn't working adter all. He didn't know how wrong he was.

A knock came at the door and Felix answered it. It was James and they greeted each other cordially. This was their first meeting face to face. As Felix closed the door, James turned to me.

"Hello, Alison," he said.

"Hello, Master," I answered. A look of shock and then a big smile came over Felix's face.

"Stand up, Alison," James directed me. "And remove your clothes."

I did as I was told, and was soon standing naked before James.

"Who do you belong to?" James asked.

"I belong to you, Master," I answered.

"On your knees," he ordered.

I obeyed instantly. James unzipped his pants and pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen.

"Show me your love, Alison," he commanded.

I put that huge black cock into my mouth and began to slide my lips along his shaft. I wasn't a bit amazed at how much I could get in, but Felix sure was surprised. He had never seen me swallow so much cock in his life. I licked and sucked hungrily at it, pumping it like my mouth was a pussy. It wasn't long before he came, and I didn't need to be told to swallow every bit of it.

"Yes," said James, "You will be a pleasure to enjoy."

"Anything you like, Master," I replied.

He put his cock back inside his pants and ordered me to stand up. He put his coat around my naked body and led me to the door.

"I will call you in a month," he told Felix. "She will be ready then."

Felix watched as James led me to the car and opened the passenger door for me. His mind raced with fantasies as the car drove off with the new slave inside.

Add your chapter telling of the erotic adventures of Alison as she undergoes her transformation from shy housewife to slut slave.

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