tagChain StoriesThe Training Ch. 02

The Training Ch. 02


"Gentlemen, here is the project" James said to the darkened auditorium. "Her name is Alison C."

The woman stood and walked mechanically up the three steps to the small stage and stopped under the spotlight, her face blank. She had shoulder-length brown hair, a trim and compact body, and was clad only in a hospital gown and disposable paper slippers. When she turned to face the robed men who sat in the small darkened auditorium, it was apparent that she was drugged or hypnotized. She didn't see them at all.

"The background in this case is this: Alison is happily married, normal levels of sexual activity, restricted but typical range of the usual married sexual activities, libido in the low-normal range. She shows some receptiveness to new practices, but of course…

One of the Masters shouted out "Husband requests changes, right?"

James looked up in mild annoyance. "Not exactly. Both are in favor of modification. In fact, we're dealing with something of a transformation fetish here."

"Another SNOOC?" Peter of Psychological asked. The Masters present knew this stood for Sexual, Nymphomaniacal, Orgasmic, Obedient, and Compliant. These were the psychological traits husbands most commonly requested for their wives, just as "BT/TA" was the most commonly requested physical traits: Big Tits/Tight Ass.

"Not exactly," James said. "Alison herself wants a larger bust and a change in hair color." James said. "And of course a more aggressive attitude towards sex."

There were disappointed murmurs all around. "BOR-ring!" someone yelled out

It seemed that every woman brought to the Masters' Mansion wanted the same things, or else their husbands or lovers wanted the same things for them: big tits, long legs, lots of hair, skinny, and sexual adventurousness, what the Masters had come to refer to as "the basic Britny Spears model, only with more talent."

"Now calm down." James said. "We're all Masters with unlimited wealth and powers here, so let's act like it, for God's sake."

"There is a difference with Alison C." he went on as the room quieted. "It seems both she and her husband would like her kept pliable, so that she can be changed and modified fairly easily. Now we haven't really tried anything like this before, so it could be something of a challenge."

Ferris of Facial Remodeling spoke up. "Hell, just give him a lifetime membership. We'll take her through the changes whenever he wants."

"That's what they all say." Arthur of Endocrine Engineering said, "But once they get their hands on those big bazoombas they never want to go smaller."

Davis of Psychopharmaceuticals spoke up. "That's not true! There was that Evans girl a couple years ago."

"Well for God's sake, yes." Arthur said with a laugh. "But We all knew she wouldn't fly with a 36 G bust. The poor girl couldn't even get close enough to a glass of water to get a drink, let alone get near enough to her boyfriend to kiss him!"

Again the hubbub broke out and James had to use his microphone.

"All right! All right!" he said. "Look, just because we've done this before doesn't mean it's easy. In fact, just because we have done it before, I want us to do a really bang up job on her, Masters. I want her to end up the hottest, filthiest, most obedient little slut that ever walked out of here.

"Master M? I'm putting you in charge of Alison C. It's about time you got your feet wet and showed us what you can do."

"Feet wet?" someone called out. "Dick wet is more like it!"

There were hoots of laughter.

"Okay, cut it out!" James said. "I'm going to reduce trance on her so M can start her evaluation. Don't let her see what a bunch of clowns you guys are!"

There were murmurs of "Yes, oh Great One!" and "I Hear and Obey!" and other sarcasms, but when James turned to the woman, they all flipped their hoods up over their heads, covering their faces, and the room lights dimmed dramatically.

"Alison C." James commanded. "When I snap my fingers, you will be in Trance state Alpha. You will find nothing unusual or alarming in your situation or your surroundings. You will not remember who you are, but this shall not trouble you. You will obey the words of the Master M. Is this clear to you?"

"Yes, Master." she said automatically.

"Good. Then trance state alpha." he snapped his fingers, and Alison staggered slightly and shook her head as if trying to clear a bad dream.

"Alison? I am Master M" the Master said, coming forward with his hood off. "Do you know where you are?"

She looked around herself, shrugged and shook her head. She didn't know, but it didn't seem to bother her.

"Would you take your gown off please?"

Alison smiled at him, then reached down to the hem of her gown and pulled it up off over her head and stood stark naked before the Masters, who appraised her with the eyes of engineers. M knew that the cameras were recording her as well and feeding the data into the Mansion's data base.

She had good muscle tone, good structure. There was plenty to work with here. M tried to see her as a project and tried not to think of the upcoming examination of her sexual functioning he would be conducting.

"Turn around please, Alison." he said, and she obeyed, showing her back to the crowd and peering over her shoulder at him.

James nodded at him, and M said. "Thank you, dear. Would you come with me please?"

He helped her off the stage and led her out a soundproofed door. As the door closed behind him he heard James introducing the next subject.

They were handling about four or five subjects a day now, and business was brisk. The Masters had had time to give her a quick look over and her design team would soon be meeting to consult photos and plan the changes they would make, all under the supervision of Master M. The Psych team would meet with Alison later that day to conduct the psychological evaluation and develop their plan of therapy, but meanwhile, Master M, as the Master in charge of her, had to conduct the preliminary sexual evaluation, before any changes were begun.

He led Alison down a curving windowless corridor, and as they walked, M tried to make small talk. "How are you today, Alison?" he asked.

"Oh I'm well, Master, thank you."

That was apparently all she had to say. Subjects in Trance state Alpha were not known for their scintillating conversation.

M found the room he was looking for an opened the door. There were two chairs and a medical examination table. Next to the table was a biometric instrument of some sort.

"Would you please?" M asked, indicating the examination table, and Alison hopped up onto it and arranged herself. M attached the various electrode sensors to her forehead and scalp, her breasts and shoulders, her stomach and the insides of her thighs. A very slim soft plastic probe went into her vagina. "This may tickle a bit."

"It's cold." she said.

"It will warm up in a second. How is it now?"

"Fine" she said.

"Good. Now, just relax. We have a film we'd like you to watch."

M pulled down a flat screen TV monitor in front of the table, turned off the lights, started the instrument and hit PLAY on the disc player. Then as the film started, he sat down next to her with a clipboard on his lap.

The film started with scenes of couples kissing and fondling each other and moved into more extreme scenes of sex, homosexuals, intercourse, oral sex, S&M, exhibitionism, masturbation, almost every activity that mankind had learned to involve his gonads in for pleasure, and as the scenes played, M watched Alison's readout on the instrument. All the scenes she saw apparently appealed to her; all the functions on the printout showed increased activity as the film progressed and she became more aroused. The only dips occurred during anal rape, bestiality, and scat, which was not at all unusual.

By the time the film ended, all of Alison's functions had increased to the high- arousal stage and M asked her. "How do you feel?"

"Well!" she said. "That was quite a film. I feel…you know…kind of horny."

"Yes?" he asked.

She nodded. Her eyes were on him and she was rubbing her thighs through the gown. Her hips were moving slightly. She was waiting for him to do something, but all he did was slip in another disc.

"Okay now," he said, hitting the play button again. "Now please watch this message, Alison."

"Hello." James' image said from the screen. His face smiled, then his voice took on a low and soothing tone. "Relax. Relax. You feel wonderful, completely at ease, safe and protected. You are loved and valued.

"I want to introduce you to a new trance state. This is called Trance State Gamma. You will like trance state Gamma. You will feel wonderful when you are in trance state Gamma. You will enter trance state Gamma whenever your Master commands. In Trance state Gamma, you have no inhibitions. You are not afraid of anything, you are not ashamed of anything in trance state Gamma. You know you are perfect and beautiful and everyone loves you when you are in trance state Gamma. In trance state Gamma you will do whatever you feel like doing as long as your Master permits it, because you know that everyone wants to do whatever you want to do. Do you understand trance state Gamma? If you understand, then I will turn over your control to your supervising Master, and you will do just what he commands you. Good day."

"Trance state Gamma." M announced.

He had never put a woman in Gamma and he was a bit worried as to what to expect. Alison immediately began to writhe slowly on the table and her breathing became deep and slow. She ran her hands sensuously down her body, stopping to cup and squeeze her breasts, then trailing down to pull at her crotch. "Oh God, yes!" she hissed. "I'm so fucking hot!" Her hips began to rotate against the seat.

Suddenly catching site of M, she looked at him from beneath her brows as her lips curled sensuously. "Fuck me." she said hotly. "Please fuck me. I want your cock inside me. I want you so bad."

M smiled uneasily. It didn't look like she had any major inhibitory reactions. He made a note on his clipboard.

Alison reached out and snagged him by his belt and pulled him to her. She rolled partially on her side and tore at his pants, opening them and pushing his shorts out of the way until she could grab his cock.

She looked at him with a ferocious smile. "Oh yes, baby! I want this! I want this all over!"

Before he could stop her she sucked his flaccid cock into her mouth, growling like an animal. She sucked at him, letting his prick pop out of her mouth occasionally so she could roll it over her face as she hummed with pleasure. Despite himself M began to grow in her hot, wet mouth. She held his cock with one hand while the other delved under her gown to shamelessly massage her pussy.

"Oh baby, baby, baby!" she murmurs as she rubbed his hard cock all over her face, smearing saliva and his secretions on her lips and cheeks. She gulped him down again and M groaned as she took him in. His head rolled back as she sucked on his cock, hard.

This is what he's supposed to do, he thought. He's supposed to test her native sexuality and determine if she should be treated to be more sexually aggressive or less sexually inhibited. So far it seemed like her block is definitely inhibitory. With her inhibitions hypnotically removed, she was a cock hungry tigress.

"Mmm!" she groaned, his juice leaving sticky strings between her lips as she pumped his wet shaft and milked out a big drop of pre-cum. "Mmm yes, baby, yes!" she moaned, licking it up. She takes him down to the root and he feels his head hit her soft palate. She gags but does not stop as saliva begins to drip from her eager lips.

He could hear her other hand working in the sopping pit of her pussy now, could hear her abusing herself and slapping her clit in her excitement as she sucked his cock. He was fully hard now and he pulled away with her still hanging on, and he struggled with her to get her to let go of his tool.

:Wait! Wait!" he said. "I've got to fuck you!"

When she heard this her eyes rolled up into her head in ecstasy. "Oh baby, that's what I want too!"

Quickly she shucked out of her hospital gown and laid back down on the table, raising her knees to her chest and holding her pussy open for him.

"Oh come on! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock, baby! I need it so bad!"

He dropped his pants and got up on the step between her legs. The table was at the right height for his cock to be perfectly aligned with her pussy, and as he moved towards her she spread her legs wide then closed them over his ass, trying desperately to pull him inside. "Please, baby, please!" she groaned, holding herself open and rubbing her clit violently.

M laid the head of his cock in the hot pool of juice that had collected in her pussy and stared down as he saw her pussy seem to grab at him, trying to suck him inside. He'd never seem a woman so hot in his life. Her hips were bucking as if she were already climaxing and he hasn't even entered her yet.

He pulled her hands off his cock and held them away from her body as he leaned his weight on his cock and began to push his way into her marshy depths. Her head was tilted back, her eyes stared sightlessly at the wall behind her as his cock began to stretch her out, pushing a shock wave of hot pussy flesh ahead of it as he crammed it into her. She groaned as if her soul were being torn from her body.

Inch by inch and centimeter by centimeter he sunk into her tightness, feeling her insides spasm as they tried to adapt to him, her thighs trembling on either side of her body. He went in excruciatingly slowly, she was so tight, and the pressure of his big piece as it sunk into her seemed like it was more than she could bear.

She clawed at his chest, tore at her own breasts, her fingers trapping and twisting her nipples in a desperate search for even more extreme sensation.

She is finally loose enough so that he can move, and no sooner had be pumped into her once or twice than she comes in a shuddering climax, her back arched, her small breasts vibrating on her chest with the force of her orgasm. Her sheath contacts upon him like a Chinese finger trap, milking and squeezing as she comes, and M can't hold out. He thrusts into her, his ass clenches tightly, and he erupts into her, four, five, six times before falling across her limp and gasping body.

He picks up the clipboard. Where it says: "Uninhibited Sexual Response" he check the box next to "Optimal".

Two weeks later it is a different Alison C who stood naked an hypnotized on the pedestal before the assembled Masters as Master M explains her features with a pointer.

"True blond hair above and below, other non-facial body hair permanently depilitated. Her lower legs were extended by 7 centimeters, upper leg by 2 centimeters to make her more leggy. Some bony process on her kneecaps were subducted and smoothed to give a nice, clean line. Plantar ligaments in her feet were lengthened to allow her to wear extra-high heeled footwear for protracted time without cramping to her feet or toe damage."

The pedestal revolved slowly until her back is to the audience.

"Back here we rebuilt the gluteal mass and reshaped the buttocks into a more spherical form and tightened the ligaments to provide lift—that 'saucy derriere' that everyone seems to want. The interbuttock cleavage line was extended while the interbuttock distance was reduced by forty percent. giving that nice, tight 'booty'. We did no work on the ano-rectal region as per our agreement with Mr. C."

"Nice ass!" someone calls from the audience.

"Thank you." Master M says. "Jenkins did it. I really can't take credit."

"That Jenkins makes a hell of an ass!" the voice said.

The platform revolved again so that Alison was now facing the audience again.

"Errr, the internal vaginal muscle tone was increased by thirty percent resulting in a corresponding decrease in resting vaginal diameter. We increased her internal elasticity so that how she recovers her tone faster to avoid stretch-out." Master M resumed. "She can just about crack walnuts with it now…"

"Master M, Please." James said from the audience.

"Oh. Sorry. Anyhow, all we did was a little cosmetic work down here and of course the standard clitoral enlargement. She came to us in pretty good shape. We enhanced the size of the G-spot and made it more accessible as well as increasing the amount of inervation in her channel for enhanced sensitivity. We increased the capacity and ducting of her Bartholin's glands for more efficient and rapid self-lubrication during arousal, and of course we supplied her with long term depot-based birth control to prevent pregnancy.

"Now up here we expanded her bust from a B cup to a C+. I didn't want to give her anything more at the moment. You know what they say, you can always go up, it's not that easy coming down, and personally, I thought a C+ was plenty for her frame. Anyhow, you can see that she now has a natural cleavage, and the angle of the upper slope is a very youthful one-ten degrees. Inner breasts pressure was increased accordingly to enhance her springiness without losing any of their natural jiggle. We expanded the nipple area proportionally to the breast augmentation, and increased the stiffness and size of the nipples during erection so that they are now capable of showing clearly through a fairly heavy sweatshirt or sweater."

The audience murmured appreciatively

"In her face we just smoothed out some wrinkles, enhanced her muscle tone and gave her lips a little collagen boost for that blow-job-ready look, nothing major."

He stopped and put down the pointer.

"And psychological?" James asked.

"Oh!" M yelped. "Forgot, heh-heh. Well, we were lucky with Alison. All we had to do was lower her inhibitory barriers. She already had all the zip she needed. She was just afraid to use it. And since she'll probably undergo more modification in the future, we just used hypnotherapy and drugs to lower her inhibitions. That way the changes are easily reversible.

"Any questions?" he asked.

Evans raised a hand. "You still have to have her styled, I take it?"

"Oh yes. Definitely. In fact, she's going to the salon this afternoon to have her hair done and find a look for her."

"Are you leaning towards anything?"

M shrugged, "Well, personally, I was thinking something along the lines of 1960's slut,. or some kind of slut. But slut, definitely."

There were murmurs of approval from the audience. You couldn't go wrong with a slut look

James stood up. "Well, Master M. I think you've done admirably for a first project. Very nicely done. In fact, when she's been polished I wouldn't mind you bringing her by my suite. I'd like to see how she performs."

The makeup turned out to be easier than the clothes. First of all, Master Maurice thought that a 60's retro look would be just fabulous, so he gave her a 1960's style hairdo, straightening the natural waves so that her long hair hung down to the middle of her back. Bangs made her look very young and innocent. Then Master Bruce did her makeup, heavy on the dark eyeliner and metallic blue eye shadow, pale lipstick with heavy gloss to give her what he referred to as "cum-smeared lips". When they finished she looked like teenager who'd just been orally raped.

In Wardrobe they had some difficulty. Maybe Master M was just being cautious with his first project, but he thought the fishnet stockings made her look just too cheap. Brother Joe who was in charge of the wardrobe that day shrugged.

"Too cheap?" he asked. "There ain't no such thing as too cheap in my book."

They settled on a knit mini-dress in taupe, with gray garterless seamed stockings, and black pumps with four-inch heels. The dress buttoned all the way up the front, and M found that he had to leave all the buttons undone down to the level of her nipples in order to keep the dress from puckering. Since she wasn't wearing a bra he had some worry that she might spill out of the dress, but it was tight enough that she was kept in place, and the stretchy knit fabric made her breasts look as if they couldn't wait to burst out. For modesty's sake he made her wear a black thong.

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