tagBDSMThe Training of a Young Submissive Ch. 20

The Training of a Young Submissive Ch. 20


I looked up into Faith's eyes. She had mounted my cock and was riding me hard. My hands were holding her breasts and her hands were holding mine. I bit my lower lip and then moaned loudly. My hands squeezed her tits a little harder and then I shifted my hands so that my fingers could grip her nipples. I pinched them. I twisted them. She groaned and rode me faster.

Without warning, I pulled her body down to mine. My hands shifted again to support her body, just under her breasts. And then I began to suck and bite her nipples, one by one. I switched every few seconds or so. It caught her so off guard that she screamed and climaxed. I continued to suck her nipples, my teeth clamping down on her sensitive and swollen little nubs. As she continued to cum, her cunt squeezed me hard. That was all it took. I shot my cum deeply into her as I cried out loudly in pleasure.

Faith finally collapsed on top of me. I was still inside of her. Her head was resting against my shoulder. I was breathing heavy. Both of our bodies rose and fell with each of my deep breaths.

"I love you", I said.

Faith responded by nibbling on my neck. After a bit, she whispered in my ear, "Master?"

"Yes, my love?"

"Are you going to teach Shannon some of the things you taught me?"

"Like what?"

"Like oral sex." Faith paused. "She needs some help in that department."

"Is that why we're whispering?" Shannon was in the guest bedroom and I was pretty sure she was wide awake and had heard every moan and groan coming from the master bedroom.

Faith giggled. "Yes."

"She doesn't satisfy you when she eats your cunt?"

"Well she does, but she doesn't really know what she is doing."

"And you can't tell her what you want her to do?"

"I don't want to hurt her feelings. Besides, you are a better teacher."

"Don't sell yourself short, Faith. If you are not being satisfied during sex, you need to be open and honest about such things. Even if it is me that is not satisfying you."

"Really?" Faith giggled. "I meant to tell you that I really hated it when you chewed on my nipples as we fucked."

I chuckled and slapped her ass. And then I got serious again. "Actually, I think it is time that I gave Shannon a lesson. She needs to know how to please a man or a woman orally."

Faith smiled. "She loves it when you touch her. She has not said it, but I know she craves to be intimate with you."

"I suppose I have let her be your slut for a little too long."

Faith giggled again. "And I thank you for that." She paused. "I hope you will take her to your bed soon. And I don't mean the three of us. I mean the two of you."

"Why is that so important to you, Faith?"

"Because I love you and I love her. I want to share you with her."

"Alright. Tomorrow, after Maggie's walk, you go downstairs to watch TV. Leave Shannon with me."

"Yes, my love. And thank you."

"You're welcome. Now where were we? Oh, yeah ... "

I rolled Faith over on her back with my body pinning her to the bed. There was a piece of rope hanging from the headboard. I stretched her arms above her head and tied her wrists together. I smiled as I listened to her whimper and felt her body squirm.

"I'm not done fucking you, my little slut."

When I woke up the next morning, I found Faith still wrapped in my arms. I enjoyed it when she stayed with me through the night, but I had to confess, I felt a little sorry for Shannon having to sleep alone. Observing Shannon over the past few days had been interesting. I wasn't sure what she thought after our session in the playroom the weekend before. But she and I had a closeness that we did not have before. I had not been intimate with her since then, if you could call using an electric wand on her cunt intimate. She was very obedient. No, that was the wrong word. She had a very real desire to serve. Not only to serve me, but to serve Faith as well. She really had become Faith's little slut. I started to chuckle when I thought of Faith as my little domme. My chuckle caused Faith to stir. I stroked her hair with my fingers and kissed her forehead.

Without opening her eyes and still half asleep, she asked, "What are you laughing at?"

"I'm thinking of you as my little domme."

"What? Me?" Faith was becoming more awake.

"Shannon has become your slut. She serves you as she serves me."

Faith giggled. "I suppose you're right."

I eased out from under Faith's body. She whimpered quietly as I got out of bed.

"I'm going to get dressed and go out for a walk. Fucking you requires me to stay in shape."

Faith giggled and pulled the covers up over her.

The fresh air early in the morning helped wake me up. I needed some time to think about my approach with Shannon. I did not want to sound like I was criticizing her sexual skills. But I wanted her to understand that honesty about what worked and what did not would make her a more desirable lover. Openness was always that way. If people could only understand how great sex could be by communicating their needs and desires, their love lives would be so much better. So would their relationships. Alright Dr. Phil, enough of that. Shannon was very real and very attractive. She wanted to please both Faith and I. So I was going to help her with that. The trick was to help her understand that she needed help, without it sounding like criticism..

Maggie was tugging at her leash pretty hard, She definitely wanted to move along a little faster than Faith and Shannon wanted to move. But the two young women were more involved in talking than realizing that Maggie was in a hurry to check out every scent.

"He wants to talk to you. I think he has a lesson in mind."

Shannon felt a little anxious. "A lesson? What does that mean?"

"Trust me Shannon. Whatever it will be, you'll enjoy it. I know how much you crave touching him and him touching you."

Shannon wanted to cry out, "God yes!" But she kept it to herself.

Faith looked at Shannon. "You do want to be with him, don't you?"

Shannon hesitated and finally burst out. "I've never wanted anything more. I want to be his. I want to give myself to him. But I'm afraid he will say no."

"There is no rush to submit yourself to him. Take your time with that. But in the meantime, enjoy the lessons he has to give you. He does care about you."

"You are saying that just to make me feel better."

Faith shook her head. "No. He would be displeased with me if I was dishonest with you."

When the girls returned with Maggie, they removed their clothes as had become their habit. They joined me in the living room. I nodded to Faith.

She leaned into Shannon and whispered "Good luck."

Shannon had a surprised look on her face and began to feel anxious, when she realized she would be alone with me.

"Kneel for me, Shannon." I nodded to a spot on the floor in front of me. "We have never spent time alone. That is my fault. I've waited too long to spend more time with you. But to be honest. I have been comfortable with you becoming Faith's little slut. I want you to be comfortable here."

Shannon blushed at hearing me call her Faith's slut. And then she looked up at me. "I have a confession to make."

"Please tell me."

"The day we met, I said I could make your toes curl. I know better now. Faith is not the same girl I knew. She is a woman who makes me scream in pleasure."

I chuckled. "I know. I've heard you."

She giggled, but then continued. "Teach me to give good oral sex."


"Because I suck at it." Shannon realized what she said and started to laugh.

I chuckled with her. "Now why do you think that?"

"Because I can tell that she is not satisfied when I try to give her oral sex. She won't say anything, but I know it's true."

I smiled to myself thinking that this lesson would be easier than I had first thought. "Your first lesson is to be open and honest about sex. If Faith is not being satisfied by you, shame on her for not telling you."

Shannon got a worried look. "Please don't punish her. I'm sure she didn't want to hurt my feelings."

"I won't punish her, but I want you to learn from this." I paused for a moment. "What about giving oral sex to a man? Have you had that experience?"

Shannon bit her lip. "I used to think I knew what I was doing and that I knew how to please a man. Now, I'm not sure."

"Show me what you do." I stood up and approached her.

Shannon got wide-eyed, but then said, "Yes, Sir."

She seemed intimidated and I reached for her cheek and caressed it. "Shannon, I will not judge you. I want to teach you. I won't hurt you."

She reached for my hand and held it against her cheek as she looked into my eyes. Then she let go of my hand and unbuckled my belt. She unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. She looked up at me again and then pulled my cock out. I was beginning to get hard. She looked at my cock, but I stopped her and she looked up at me.

"Always look into my eyes, or at least as much as you can. There is nothing more erotic for a man than to look into his eyes as you make love to his cock."

"Yes, Sir."

Shannon kept her eyes on mine as she began to lick the underside of my shaft. She gripped my cock with one hand as she moved her tongue up and down my shaft. I was gritting my teeth. As with Faith, this looked like it would be hard for me to speak. She smiled up at me. She knew she was getting me aroused. Her other hand reached to squeeze my balls.

It was difficult, but I managed to speak. "I see nothing wrong with your technique so far .... Christ!"

She giggled and continued to tease my cock with her tongue. Then she placed her mouth over the head of my cock. I knew immediately what her problem was.

"You've done real well so far, Shannon. Now I want you to suck the head of my cock like it was a popsicle."

Her eyes had not left mine, but she started to giggle.

"I'm serious Shannon, Suck on it. Tighten your lips around it."

She did as she was told. The difference was significant. I groaned, which only encouraged her to suck harder.

I struggled to speak. "Now slide your lips down my shaft. Keep your lips tight. And keep your eyes on mine." I groaned loudly again. "God yes! Like that!"

Shannon kept it up. She moved her lips up and down my shaft as if she was fucking my cock with her mouth. I could feel my balls tingling.

I struggled to speak again, but failed. I cleared my throat and finally got my words out. "Now take my cock as deep as you can."

Shannon did so, but gagged. She tried again and gagged harder. So she stopped trying to take my cock head into her throat and continued to fuck my cock with her mouth. Her fingers squeezed my balls and then she lid one finger beyond my balls to probe my ass. I screamed out and shot a load of cum into her mouth. It also caught her off guard, but she managed to recover and continued to suck on my cock. Some of my cum escaped the sides of her mouth. She continued to suck until she had drained me.

When she pulled back from my cock, she looked down. Her face was filled with disappointment. "I'm sorry, Sir."

"Shannon, look at me." But she would not. I kneeled in front of her and lifted her face with my fingers under her chin. "It takes practice. And for the record, you made my toes curl."


"Yes, really. You didn't give up, you were determined to make me cum. Your finger probing my ass made me lose it." I smiled and wiped away the cum from her chin.

"So how did Faith learn to take your cock so deep."

"She practiced. And that included taking a dildo and practicing with that. She worked on trying to swallow the head of the dildo to fight past the gag reflex."

"Oh my god! She did that?"

"She did that for me. That was how determined she was to serve and please me."

"I don't know if I will ever do as well as she does."

"Don't be so hard on yourself. And don't give up." I pulled her into my arms and held her. I kissed the tip of her nose and then her lips. I kissed her lips a little harder and then sucked on her lower lip. She moaned against my lips and then moaned louder when she felt my hand stroke her cunt. Her mouth opened as she groaned and I slide my tongue past her lips. She pressed her hips against me, pushing her cunt against my hand. I rubbed harder and then slide two fingers inside of her. I began to finger fuck her. Her tongue was wild against mine. Her arms tightened around my neck.

Her cunt had been wet when I first began to rub her. Now she was soaked. My hand moved harder and faster. Shannon could not hold still. And then she screamed as we continued to kiss passionately, her cum flooding my hand. I continued to finger fuck her until her orgasm had passed. And then my strokes were gentle and slow. I pulled back from our kiss and looked into her eyes.

"When will you fuck me, Sir?"

"In due time, slut. Your lesson is not quite over. You're going to eat Faith's cunt. I want you to do to her what you did to me. Tease her with your tongue. Fuck her with your tongue. Suck on her skin. Make her squirm. But then work on her clit. Once you start sucking it, do not leave it until she cums. You want to suck hard, You want to make it swell. You might even consider letting her feel your teeth. If you wish, you can finger fuck her too."

Shannon listened patiently. And then she asked, "Will you be there?"

I smiled, "Yes, my little slut."

Shannon gave me a smile that warmed my heart. She kissed me again. And then I helped her stand as I stood.

"Now go into the master bedroom. I'll get Faith." I swatted her butt as she headed for the bedroom. I chuckled as she giggled.

I called to Faith when I got to the stairs. She appeared almost immediately with a grin on her face.

"Shannon did well and made you cum."

"Eavesdropping, were we? She needs practice, but yes, she did well. Now she's going to make you cum and I'm going to help her."

"Mmmmm, I think I'm going to like you giving her lessons."

I laughed as we walked to the bedroom. I took my clothes off and crawled onto the bed. I sat down with my back against the headboard.

"Come here Faith. Sit between my legs with your back to me."

She did as she was told. I wrapped my arms around her body, leaving her arms free. And then I looked at Shannon and nodded to her. Shannon crawled into bed, facing Faith. She kissed Faith gently as her fingers teased Faith's nipples. Faith whimpered and squirmed in my arms. Shannon moved down Faith's body, her face in Faith's cunt. She did exactly as I had instructed. She teased Faith with her tongue. She used her tongue to explore. I could feel Faith tremble against my body.

I whispered into Faith's ear, "Stroke her hair, my love. Let her know you enjoy this." Faith began to run her fingers through Shannon's hair.

Shannon pushed her tongue into Faith's cunt and I spoke up. "Use your fingers to pull her cunt open, my little slut. Then shove your tongue in as deep as you can."

She did as I had told her. Faith was squirming badly. Shannon buried her tongue inside of Faith and slowly fucked her cunt. She explored as much as the tip of her tongue could reach. I was tempted to pinch her nipples, but I wanted Shannon to be the one to pleasure her, so I held back. I simply held her tightly.

Instead, I encouraged Shannon. "Perfect, my little slut. You are doing very well."

Shannon must have taken my words as a hint. She moved to Faith's clit. Faith began to moan as Shannon's tongue circled her clit roughly. Faith's hands were slowly and gradually tightening their grip in Shannon's hair. When Shannon began to suck on Faith's clit, Faith cried out. Despite my arms being tightly around Faith, she could not hold still. She held Shannon's face tightly against her cunt. Shannon was perfect. She sucked and gently nibbled on Faith's clit. She was not going to quit until Faith climaxed. She sucked and tugged at Faith's clit. When Faith lost control, she screamed. Her body shuddered violently. She continued to hold Shannon's head tightly. And then her orgasm began to subside and her hands relaxed. Shannon licked and sucked until she was sure Faith was satisfied.

My arms relaxed around Faith as Shannon moved back up to kiss her gently. Faith rested her head against my shoulder. I patted the spot on the bed, just to the right of me. Shannon quickly moved to that spot as I held my arm up to pull her close.

"Master is a good teacher, isn't he?" said Faith. And then she giggled. "I can't wait to practice more of that."

I looked to Shannon and caught her staring at me. "Perfect", I whispered.

"He's a wonderful teacher, Faith. You were right." And then she whispered to me, "Thank you."

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