tagFetishThe Training of Sissy Paula

The Training of Sissy Paula


The Training of sissy slave Paula...

Hello everyone I would love to share a story with you.

I had just recently told a slave to leave me and never come back.

He was not up to my standards, so I no longer had any use in him being my slave.

There for I began a search for one that would be obedient and serve all my desires and needs.

It began with me placing an ad over the internet.

My ad went like this:

Dominant female iso a very submissive and obedient sex slave.

You must be willing to try new things, otherwise do not waste my time.

Age 38 white female 5'2" 271 pounds, brown eyes, long Brown hair that goes midway down my back.

If you are a true submissive that will do as told then reply at once on your knees.

I received many replies, yet they were not convincing enough, one day I receive a very well written reply from a male named John Paul.

He went on and on about how he would serve me in anyway I desired and not ask questions, or disobey any commands.

Here is what I wrote to him

Hello Joanna Paula.

This will be your slave name if you become my submissive pet.

Here is what I want you to do for today.

First go out and buy 3 bottles of nair, 2 large cucumbers, a couple of pair of pink panties, and a large jar of Vaseline.

After this is done, give me a call at the following # (Number withheld for discretion)

A few hours later I receive a phone call from Joanna.

Hello Mistress Carolyn, I have done all the things requested.

Good you will now come to my home, here is the address (address withheld)

Once inside you will get on your knees and await my command.

Yes Mistress Carolyn as You wish.

Hurry up now Paula.

The door bell rang and it was my new pet at the front door waiting with his bag of items he will wish he had not purchased.

Come in slave.

As you wish Mistress Carolyn.

Good slave your doing good, now lets see what is in the bag.

All the. No words slave, not until I say to speak.

Good You got everything.

stand and strip naked.

He got up and was naked in no time.

Good slave.

First things first all that body hair has to go, I can't stand a slave with a hairy body and wearing my panties.

Follow me slave.

Yes. No words slave.

raise your arms slave.

After his arms were raised I put the cuffs on his wrist, hooked them to the chain hanging from the

ceiling, then put a spreader bar on his ankles and secured the Velcro straps.

O, K, Paula first we will use the nair on you, and while it is working I may do some other things to you.

Yes. I said no words slave. I see now the inflatable penis gag is in order.

My penis gag was near by on a night stand, soon it was in my slaves mouth.

I begin pumping it up, slave this will help to train you to be quite and also how to deep throat, if I choose to allow you to suck cocks.

Slave when it begins to feel your mouth up, wiggle your left index finger.

He did as told and I gave it 3 more pumps then begin the hair removing process.

The nair was applied thick to his cock and balls, on his asshole, with lots of attention.

He sprung to attention as my hands rubbed the lotion on his hairy balls.

If that erection stays like that till I remove the lotion I will not put you in a chastity belt.

Now to get that body covered in this lotion so that I can proceed onto other things.

Slave 3 grunts will indicate you want to stop, then I will releash you and send you on your way.

I was serious with this too, I was not intended to get to harsh with him at the time, but he did not know that.

After the nair had taken affect, I got a tube of warm water and washed all the nair away.

He was so smooth like a baby, which I had planned to do some things in that area as well.

Reaching into the bag I pulled out a cucumber inserted it into his virgin hole, and told him that since he did not stay erect he would be in a chastity belt for a week.

I placed the belt on him, leaving the cucumber in his hole, Putting 3 locks on the belt.

I releashed him, and told him to come back next week.

He begged me to remove the cucumber, I told him no, I wanted him to be on a liquid diet for the week and the cucumber would help insure that he did as told are be in some pain.

I sent him an e-mail the next day.

slave paula;

today I have an assignment for you to carry out.

Go to the mall.

Here is what you will do.

First print out the list below:

I am slave Paula and I need your help in getting some feminine items to wear for my Mistress Carolyn.

please help me with the following item.

bras. panties, a corset, a few slutty looking mini dresses, and some heels.

Thanks for your help.

Thank you for helping out my slave You are invited to come to my place and help with his training.

Mistress Carolyn...

Give me a call (phone number withheld)

Now slave do all this and after you return give me a ring.

Mistress Carolyn.

I got dressed and went to the mall after making a copy of the list. I was afraid of what would happen.

However I wanted to serve her, and therefore I knew I had to do as she had requested.

I went into the store and nervously handed the paper to a sales lady.

She had a big smile as she read the note.

Come with me Paula, I will help you out, by the way I am Rachael a friend of Carolyn's.

She helped me try on a lot of things.

First she had me slip into some black satin panties.

the chastity belt made it a little difficult to put them on.

i was fitted into a bra and pads were added.

Then a red silk blouse was put on me, a black rubber mini was picked out, She helped me put on the garter belt and red stockings.

then came the part I was dreading the 5 inch heels.

After she had me dressed she told another girl to take over she had some were she had to carry me.

i got many stares as we went out of the store down to a beauty shop.

Hello Kris how are you today?

I am fine thanks Rachael.

Who do we have here?

This is Paula, Carolyn's new slave.

Give him the full treatment, and that long hair of his is not to be touched other than a treatment of blonde dye and clipping the dead ends.

Sure Racheal, I will enjoy this very much.

After 2 hours I looked in the mirror at a new me, I was so feminine looking, I could not believe what was staring back at me.

Paula I just talked with Carolyn You are to go to her place now.

Yes Racheal, I will do that.

Mistress Racheal to you slave paula.

Yes Mistress Racheal.

I got in the car and headed to her place.

A knock at my door who could it be?

Ah it is my pet, he, she looks so lovely now.

Hello my pet, I have some things in store for you tonight.

Get on your knees slave kiss my feet.

Yes Mistress Carolyn was all he said before getting on his knees.

Another knock at the door.

I hope it is Tim.

paula I have a surprise for you, you remember telling me about having fantasies of serving a man?

Yes Mistress Carolyn.

There only fantasies I don't think I am ready to try them yet.

Oh but my pet you are ready.

Who would let someone do all this to them and not be a sissy that craves a hard man in his mouth?

Mistress Carolyn I only like the dressing I have never been with a man.

Well that will change today.

crawl to the door

Yes Mistress.

After opening the door I told paula to unzip his pants and kiss his manhood.

paula looks at me with a please no Mistress look.

Blackmail time came in to my thopughts.

paula would you like that chastity belt to stay on for a month?

You want be able to remove it, it is the strongest material availible, nothing will cut it.

(lying to slave)

Slowly he unzipped his pants and pulled out his long thick member.

This excited me, and I rubbed my swollen clit.

Suck his penis slave, make him hard for me, I want to give you a cream pie later.

Paula begin sucking his big muscle into his throat.

Yes paula suck me make me hard for Carolyn, I want to give her a load of this sweet cum just for you.

i sucked on his stiff member until he pulled out and went over to Mistress Carolyn.

Here you go Honey I got a load just for you to share with your pet.

Ummmmmm Tim ram it in me fill me up with that sweet load.

Tim pushed in and out of Mistress Carolyn for about ten minutes.

he moaned and soon he had his spent member up to my lips.

Clean it off slave.

i licked the tip of his spent organ.

Good slave now go to your Mistress.

Yes sir.

That is Master to You slave.

Yes Master.

Kneeling before my Mistress.

Good slave now clean out your Mistresses wet honey pot and don't let any hit the carpet.

i licked and sucked her until she was drained of her juices as well as Master Tims.

To Be Continued...

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