tagFetishThe Transfer

The Transfer


In the year 3128, humankind has managed to survive (barely), but there have been major societal changes. Due to a terrible plague that has affected only the male of the species, the number of men in the overall population is a little less than 1%. The patriarchy has been upended and religion has changed completely, all the old religions are gone and they have been replaced with matriarchal based belief system.


Katrine walked into the Mother Superior's office on the top floor of the colony temple at the exact time she was due to meet her leader. She found the Mother Superior working at her desk as she looked up and smiled at Katrine.

"Hello Kat, I see you are here for your new assignment, have you read the dossier on the new Temple disciple that is arriving today?" said the older woman.

"Yes Mother Superior, I have. And I found it quite interesting, he is the son of a Sister Priestess and was raised on a CFNM colony and had Temple schooling from his earliest years. Tall, high IQ, musical ability, trained in massage therapy, he's a foot fetishist, bondage enthusiast, and a BDSM true switch. But, I wondered why you have traded some of our younger disciples for this one. He is older than our Temple's average age for a Goddess disciple." replied Katrine.

"Yes, he is older but he has a record of proven fertility and his biological offspring are predominately male and all are healthy and free of any genetic mutations or markers for the plague. He has been loaned out to three other colonies and they are all very satisfied with his performance, and I had to compete with two of them in order to have him transferred here to Mining Resource 1. I know that you identify as completely lesbian, but not all of our church members do, there are those that are bisexual and about one third of the colonists are completely heterosexual. The newcomer will be a welcome addition to our disciples and I think he will be very popular among some of our fellow believers here on the colony." The Mother Superior smiled as she spoke, she was proud of the horse-trading she had done to acquire this new disciple.

"Will I be his Prayer Leader for his stay here, Mother Superior?" the tone of Kat's voice indicated this was a duty that she was not exactly thrilled to have.

"Yes Katrine, as you know lesbians are assigned as Leaders for hetero disciples and our hetero identified Sisters are assigned to the gay identified disciples. If you wish to be promoted within the Temple you will need to be a Prayer Leader for a disciple, this has been the policy for quite some time." The Mother Superior's tone was firm. "Now go to the Landing Bay and meet the new disciple and bring him to my office."

When the doors opened at the Landing Bay, Katrine saw a woman dressed in white robes and slightly behind her and on her right was a tall man, a little over 6'3", a slim but well-muscled build, toned and tanned. His hair was brown but flecked with gray at the temples, conventionally good-looking to be sure. He was completely naked except for the sandals, and padded metal wrist and ankle bands that he was wearing As the Sister Priestess stepped out the of the docking station she held the disciple's semi-erect penis in her hand as she led him forward to meet Katrine and make the transfer of the disciple to the new colony.

"Hello, you must be Sister Katrine. I am Sister Diana from Nova Terra colony and this is 'Jason' from our Temple." The woman smiled as she spoke to Katrine. She handed over a chip-card with Jason's information on it and gave it to Katrine. Then she turned to the disciple and said, "I leave you under the care of Sister Priestess Katrine, I hope that you serve her and the colony well and I hope that we will pray together again in the future."

"Thank you Goddess Diana, may I kneel and pray for your safe journey before you leave?" said Jason.

"Of course you can." Diana quickly slipped off her open toed flat sandal and placed one bare foot on Jayson's knee as he knelt. He murmured a soft prayer as he gently kissed each red polished toe of Diana's left foot and then he kissed the top of her foot and slowly rose to bid her goodbye. He turned to Katrine and said "Hello Goddess, I hope that we can have a mutually positive and productive relationship while I serve at your Temple." He smiled as he spoke to Katrine. The two women exchanged pleasantries and then Diana gathered up her new charges and took them to the shuttle to return to her colony.

Katrine turned to Jason and said "Come with me, I will take you to meet my Mother Superior at the Temple and you can get settled in." She took his cock in her hand and she heard him inhale sharply as his member grew to a full 8-inch erection in her hand. Katrine smiled at him and said, "Is my hand cold? Or are you just happy to be with a new Prayer Leader?"

Jason smiled and said "Perhaps a little of both, Goddess."

As Katrine walked down the corridors toward the Temple with Jason in tow, the pair attracted considerable attention. The women of the colony immediately noticed the tall, new disciple and there were whistles and smiles at Jason as he walked, he had a slight smile on his face as he looked straight ahead as his cock began to throb in Kat's hand during the walk to the Temple. Finally at the Mother Superior's office Katrine opened the door and led Jason into the room as the Mother Superior looked up and smiled at them both, she got out of her chair and walked to Jason, when she got to him she reached out her hand and cupped Jason's balls in her palm as she looked at him and said, "Well, they were right about you being tall. I don't think we have had a disciple of your height at our Temple during my time here." She turned toward Katrine and said, "Thank you Sister Katrine, you may leave us for now. I want to talk with the disciple and get acquainted for a bit."

As the door closed behind Katrine, the Mother Superior looked up at Jason and said "I understand you enjoy serving as a footstool, so let's start there shall we?" As she took Jason by his cock and led him to a low padded table, Jason laid down on his back and placed his wrists and ankles next to the table legs as the Mother Superior touched the control to activate the electro-magnets to pin his arms and legs to the table, making it impossible for him to use his hands. She drew up her office chair and her reading tablet and sat down and placed her legs on Jason's chest, her toes near his mouth and turned to the tablet and began to read. Jason kissed each one of her toes slowly, as his cock grew rock hard and began to pulse. He kissed the soles of her feet as she read her tablet and smiled at the disciple's attentions to her feet. After a few minutes, her free hand reached down and she loosely grasped Jason's shaft and felt it throb, as he moaned softly and licked the soles of her feet as the Mother Superior smiled and spread her toes for him to suck. She began to slowly stroke his cock as she read, and from time to time she would close her eyes for a bit as Jason sucked her toes, and when she looked at him she could see pre-cum form at the tip of his shaft.

Finally she put her tablet aside and opened her robes and stood over Jason, she put her legs on either side of his head and while facing his cock she lowered herself onto his already extended and eager tongue. She leaned forward and grasped his cock as Jason licked her pussy and flicked the tip of his tongue along her clit, making her wriggle and gasp as she felt his shaft pulse in her hand as she ground into his mouth, giving a long gasp as she felt herself begin to climax. Jason licked and toyed with her clit, relentlessly swirling his tongue around her button as she moaned with ecstasy and ground herself into his mouth as she cried out with pleasure.

Succumbing to the desire of feeling his rock hard cock deep inside of her, she got up and straddled his waist and slowly lowered herself onto his rock hard cock. She smiled and gasped as he penetrated her, feeling him pulsing inside her as she took all eight inches and rubbed her nipples as she began to ride his cock. Thrusting faster and harder, she closed her eyes and leaned forward so Jason could take a nipple in his mouth and begin to nibble and suck it as her moans grew louder and her thrusting against him grew more urgent. She tapped the table to release only his arms and he quickly reached for her breasts, playing with her nipples as he thrust deep inside her wet pussy. She moaned and gasped and threw her head back as her orgasm washed over her, Jason was triggered by her climax to one of his own and he arched his back high as the Mother Superior laughed with joy as she felt his cock spurt deep and hard inside her, clenching her pussy as she rode him to completion.

The Mother Superior laid on Jason's chest for a while, coming down from the high of sexual ecstasy as Jason's still hard cock throbbed deep inside her. "Well, the report was certainly right about your stamina. I'm sure you will be quite popular and a valued addition to our Temple and our community." The Mother Superior looked in Jason's blue-green eyes as she spoke. "I have to get back to my work, you can clean up and then go out to the lobby and Katrine will take you to your quarters." She stood up and took a few tissues and wiped herself off and touched the controls to release the electro-magnets binding Jason to the table. He stood and said "Thank you Goddess, for your kind welcome to your servant. I look forward to showing my devotion to the Supreme Goddess every day." He took a clean-wipe and tidied up, then he knelt in front of the Mother Superior and kissed her feet in thanks, then he stood up and walked to the door to begin his new life at the colony Temple.

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