tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Transformation Device Ch. 02

The Transformation Device Ch. 02


Authors Note: Apologies for the major Delay in the second chapter, your messages of support and love of the story have been overwhelming so thank you so much for that. Unfortunately I work in retail and I have just finished working the busiest period of the year so when you're tired after work your imagination switch's off so I have been unable to write. Now I'm rested and here is the anticipated 2nd chapter I hope you enjoy it as much as the first one.


Candy is just finishing applying her make-up, a big evening for her Master tonight. They are holding a party in his home for clients, board members and friends and Gregory wanted to show Candy off to everyone as his Girlfriend. When Candy was told she felt so overwhelmed, he has accepted her as a part of his life, even as a Sex Slave she felt proud to be displayed for him.

She finishes and stands up to go to her full length mirror, she stands in a beautiful silver dress with a slit up to her thigh to show off her leg and the top of the dress shows off her cleavage. She is wearing silver eye shadow to match the dress with Silver lipstick. She also checks her finger nail polish looks good, also silver, matching high heeled shoes look good. Candy is ready to woo the party.

Candy steps out her door as Gregory steps out his room wearing a tuxedo, Candy smiles as she smells her favorite after shave coming off of Gregory. He spots her and his mouth opens agape. "Wow, you look stunning."

Candy blushes and walks over to Gregory and straitens his bow tie. "Thank you, and you look so handsome tonight."

"I try my best." He smiles and kisses her on the lips. "Are you wearing clean panties tonight?"

"Yes I am, and they are tight to hide my little friend as requested."

"Good girl, when the guests leave we can make them dirty again, just how you like them!"

Candy smiles at Gregory. "Oh yes sir."

Gregory had bought her the dress she is wearing and he is pleased with the results, he looks down and you cannot tell she has a raging hard on at all, the tight underwear is doing the trick. He wants his friends who know her to be shemale to be impressed on how female she appears. His clients have no idea and he wants them to think she is female.

They head downstairs into the huge main hall where the hired staff are getting the last preparations done, they then enter the huge living room where all furniture has been put away to make the room more spacious for the guests, tables lined the edges with food and drink but waiters will be on hand with champagne. As they admire the way the room looks the door bell sounds, the guests have arrived.

Several hours later the room is full of guests enjoying themselves with food and drinks. Gregory is talking to some of his board while Candy is playing the governess talking to various people, some of Gregory's friends look down to between her legs to try and see if she has a dick but they can't see it, while others envied him with the stunning beauty he is dating. Walsh turns back to Philips, a man on his board as they spoke privately. "She is amazing Greg, so this man Sanderson made her like that?"

"Yes, with his Device. Did you get what we need?"

"It was difficult but after some infiltration we have the plans of his Transformation device, and we have the location of the Auction."

Gregory smiles. "Excellent, how did you find it?"

"It was difficult, but the man who told me won't be a threat, it's hard to talk when your lungs are full of water." He laughs at his joke.

Gregory smiles and pats Phillips on the shoulder. "When is the Auction?"

"Five days from now, here, I have your ticket and a Hotel is ready. You leave tomorrow. I have set up meetings with various sources for you to get ahead of Sanderson." He hands Gregory an envelope.

"Good work. Soon I'll not only be competing with Sanderson, I'll be in a position where I'll put him out of Business. Now, I must get back to my guests." Gregory walks away from Philips.

Candy is standing at the end of the room sipping Champagne trying to get a brief break from playing the hostess, especially now Gregory is back as host after talking to that Philips man she spoke to earlier.

"You look stunning tonight." Says a Female voice.

Candy turns to see a beautiful brunette with lovely Green eyes wearing a black dress showing off a nice Cleavage. Despite her Transformation Candy still admires the Female form, she feels a slight twitch from her cock seeing this vision of Beauty. "Thank you, you also look lovely."

The girl smiles. "Thank you, it's nice to be complemented. My name is Duncan by the way, Sara Duncan."

She holds out her hand and Candy shakes it back. She recognizes the name but can't put her finger on where she has heard it. She shakes it off and introduces herself back. "Hi Sara, I'm Candy."

"Oh you're the famous Candy I have heard so much about."

"Yes I am."

Sara seemed more interested now. "So tell me, this Gregory Walsh, what is he like?"

"He's lovely. He is the only man who could ever love me for who I am. We both have a lot on common."

"Wow, not what I expected to hear. Which is nice, it's good to see a good relationship."

Candy put on a comical insult face. "You thought I was a gold digger didn't you?"

Sara laughed at the face, she couldn't help it, and it reminded her of someone else who put that kind of face on. "I must apologize for ever thinking that."

"Well, as payment, I insist I dance with you."

Sara looked a bit taken back now. "Really, you're..."

"Bi? Yes, you?"

"I am." Sara replies smiling.

Candy takes her hand and drags her to the dance floor. It's a slow number and they move slowly to the music. They get stares and winks but Candy doesn't care, neither does Sara for that matter. "It's strange how people think this is weird." Candy says seeing stares.

"Let them think it. I have to say you are easily the most beautiful woman here tonight Candy, I can see why Walsh likes you."

"Well I have to disagree, you are the most beautiful woman here tonight."

Sara looks into Candy's eyes and smiles. Candy feels Sara's hands begin to caress her body on the floor, Candy can feel her Cock get really tight in her panties, Sara is sending her over the edge. "Well, let me give you something to remember me by." Sara leans in and kisses Candy. Candy closes her eyes and returns the kiss. Her arousal is going through the roof and as Sara forces a tongue into Candy's mouth, Candy can't help but have an orgasm and she cums into her Panties. She quickly tries to stop it and pulls Sara off.

"Sorry, got to go freshen up."

Candy walks off to the Bathroom which is unoccupied and goes straight in and bolts the door. She pulls her dress up and pulls out her Cock from her now stained panties and masturbates. She bites her lips thinking about Sara's touch and she cums onto the floor trying to calm her senses. She hasn't kissed a woman before and it has sent her over the edge. She stops masturbating and breaths hard, she knows about her constant arousal and it means she could literally masturbate non-stop. She has been trained to stop after she cums once. She still feels so aroused but knows she can't do much else about it for now. She puts her cock away, and cleans the cum off the floor with a tissue and flushes it away.

Candy comes out of the Bathroom and sees Sara talking to a couple of girls. Candy quickly walks to the bag room up the stairs and pulls out her cell phone from her bag and goes to the balcony at the top of the stairs overlooking the party, she spots Sara and takes her photo as she talks to these girls. Candy wishes she could hear what they are saying.

"You made an impression on Walsh's girl." Says Michelle, the blond girl of the group.

Sara shrugs. "I know, she is clearly from Sanderson's place, I wonder who she was before that creep altered her."

The red haired girl named Nicole shrugs. "Who knows, we should leave before they realize we aren't guests."

Sara agrees and they leave the party. Sara looks up at Candy and sees she is looking at her, Sara waves and Candy waves back. They go down the street to a parked van and climb in. Michelle is at the Drivers wheel while Nicole and Sara sit in the back at various surveillance equipment. Sara types some stuff on a computer looking though the Sanderson files trying to find Candy, nothing found. "Can't find anything on her."

"Anything on Carl yet?" Nicole asks.

Sara looks sad and wipes a tear away. "Nothing, we went through all the Gay clients, none of them have Carl."

"We'll find him Sara." Nicole says.

"Let's get back to headquarters."

Michelle starts the van and it drives off into the night. While they are getting away, Sara can't keep her thoughts off of Candy.

* * *

The guests are gone; the hired staff has gone home, only Gregory and Candy are left in the house. He is sitting on the sofa with a drink in hand while Candy stands before him. "What is your wish master?"

Gregory smiles. "Striptease please."

Candy smiles as she slowly moves her body, twisting her hips and rubbing her body, showing her femininity. She reaches behind her and un-zips her dress. She slowly lets it fall to the ground leaving her with only her tight panties on; she slowly dances while rubbing her DD breasts. She reaches down and stokes her cock through the panties. "Are you ready for me Master?"

Gregory un-zips his fly and his Cock pops out and he indicates it to Candy, she goes to her knees before him and starts to suck his cock. He groans as she uses her tongue on his tip to tease him. He pulls her face up and smiles. "I'm going to do something for you."

Candy looks confused as Gregory makes her sit and he goes to his knees between her legs. "Oh Master!" She says and he pulls her stained panties down freeing her cock. He then puts it in his mouth and starts to suck her off. Candy starts to groan and rub her breasts as Gregory gives her a blow job. "Master, I'm going to cum, you better stop!" He doesn't stop. "Master, I'm going to CUM!" Candy screams as she cums into Gregory's mouth and he swallows every drop. She stops herself from Cumming some more as he pulls off. "Master, you never usually..."

"I know, I got curious. I'm also curious about another thing." He says.

"What's that?" Candy asks.

Gregory smiles. "What if, this one time, I let you fuck me up my ass?"

Candy smiles. "Really?"

"Just this once, I have been curious for a while and as I am drunk, I feel ready to try."

"Let's do it."

Gregory strips naked and goes on all fours on the floor. "The KY is in my jacket pocket."

Candy excitedly pulls it out and starts to put it on her cock, she then goes to Gregory and starts to rub it gently and slowly around his asshole. He groans as she does this. "You will feel a pressure sensation in your midriff Master, but that's normal and can be quite pleasurable."

He groans some more as Candy is putting the lubricant on. "Do it now before I change my mind Candy."

"Yes Master." Candy then slowly puts her Cock into position. "Breath in Master, and breath out as I slide it in." He breathed in and holds his breath, and then Candy slowly pushed her Cock into Gregory's ass. He breaths out and groans at the same time.

"Oh god Candy."

Candy groans as she feels his tight Ass surround her Cock, she then slowly starts to pump into her master. "Oh my Master, you like this don't you?"

Gregory is groaning as Candy's cock pumps in and out of his Ass, he feels the pressure in his midriff as she described and it seemed to add pressure to his aching erect Cock, it feels fuller and it feels like the cum is building up as she thrusts and thrusts. "Oh god, I can't hold on much longer."

Candy can't either, her cock feels ready to burst as she thrusts away, the walls of his ass rubbing and milking her, she is so close. "Together Master, let's go together."

"Yes please, I can't take it much longer."

"On three, one, two, THREE!" Candy let her load go right up Gregory's ass as he cums onto his belly as the cum shot out of his cock, he screamed as he did, it was an amazing experience.

It is later and they are snuggled up on the floor. "How was it Master?"

Gregory kisses her on the head. "It was different, but I prefer it the other way."

"It was a treat but I also prefer it when you fuck me." Candy says.

They laugh and kiss some more, happy to be together.

* * *

"Where are you going?" Candy asks Gregory upset.

Gregory closes his suitcase and goes over to Candy and kisses her. "Chicago, there is very important business there and I will be gone a week."

Candy cry's a little. "I'll be so lonely; it's hard enough that I can't share a bed with you..."

"It's because I can never sleep with someone next to me, it's nothing to do with you." His heart melts at the sight of her upset. "I was going to do this when I have something sorted at the office but it could be awhile till that's up and running. I have set up an appointment with Dr. Sanderson for you today."

Candy looked confused. "Why?"

"Well, you know what he does, well I am giving you a ten million dollar budget to spend with Dr. Sanderson, with that you can buy yourself your own girl to share a bed with you and to keep you company when I can't."

Candy now smiles at him. "You mean, I can get my own girl friend?"

"I saw you checking out them girls last night, you like both men and girls, I am the only man in your life but that doesn't mean you can't have your own Girl to play with."

Candy feels excited, she could finally share a bed with someone and have someone she could fuck to help her with her arousal when Gregory isn't around. "Oh thank you!" She says as she hugs him.

"Here is the cheque, it just needs dating." He hands it to her. "Only ten million though, discuss what you want with him."

"I will." As Gregory leaves with an upset Candy to wave goodbye to, she looks as the photo of the Sara girl she met at the party on her phone. "I have just the person in mind."

* * *

Dr Sanderson is in his office with Shelly his secretary as he looks over various pieces of paper work, he is smiling as Shelly just looks confused. "What is it?"

He holds up a photo of some kind of machine, it is small and had various glass tubes on it with chemicals inside. "For years I have been trying to develop something like this but I have been unsuccessful Shelly. Some Japanese man has done it and is auctioning it off in Chicago in five days to the highest bidder. He knows he can make more money selling it to people like me than he can anywhere else."

"Ok, but what is it?" Shelly asks.

"This device puts chemicals into the human body, these chemicals cause Age Regression!"

Shelly looks shocked. "So it can make people younger?"

"Yes, just think. My main problem with this business is that I can't kidnap an 18 year old Girl, it causes too much media attention but I have clients who want girls that young. Adults come and go all the time, so kidnapping an Adult doesn't make that much of a blip on the media radar, but now I can kidnap an older woman and use this add on device in my Transformation Device to make them sexy barley legal 18 year old slaves, or make 18 year old studs for clients like you."

Shelly now looked impressed. "Wow, why is this guy just selling it?"

"He made this but he doesn't want to get his hands dirty in my kind of world, but he is willing to sell it to my kind of world. The problem is people are now trying to compete with me, so I have to out bid other potential buyers. If someone else gets hold of this then I can kiss my ass goodbye. I must have this device or I am out of business, also if anyone else gets this device some sick fuck might use it to make people younger than 18 to sell, I know morals don't belong in my kind of business but I won't cater to that market and I feel I must stop someone in that market from using this device and put them out of business. I have a rep in Chicago ready to bid for me."

"Well speaking of business, your Two o'clock should be here soon."

"Good go and meet her. So you know, this client used to be Carl Duncan, go and see what my device did to him."

Shelly left his office and sat at her desk in front of the Elevator ready to welcome the two o'clock appointment. As she went through the paperwork, the lift doors opened and Shelly's jaw nearly dropped to the floor as the person whom was previously Carl Duncan walked out. A gorgeous blond bombshell wearing a sexy business suit and skirt walked up to Shelly who still looks shocked. "Hi I'm Candy, here is see Dr. Sanderson."

Shelly shook herself out of the shock. "Yes, just a second." She presses down on a button on an intercom. "Candy here to see you sir."

"Send her in." Dr. Sanderson replies over the intercom.

"Door at the end Miss." Shelly tells her. Candy smiles and walks towards the door. Shelly turns and sees that she has a better figure than she does. She turns back to her desk. "Remind me never to piss of Dr. Sanderson!" She says to herself.

Candy enters the office and Dr Sanderson stands and walks to her. "Candy so good to see you again."

He kisses both her cheeks and she in return. "Thank you Doctor. Good to see you too."

"Any problems arisen since you last saw us?"

Candy shakes her head. "No, the constant arousal is a bit difficult at times but otherwise fine."

"Excellent, now can I get you anything?"

"No I'm fine thank you."

Dr. Sanderson indicates for her to sit and he sits opposite. "So Candy, what can I do for you today?"

Candy clears her throat. "I want a female love slave. "

Dr. Sanderson looks taken back; he has never had a slave come in asking for a slave before. "I see, does Mr. Walsh know about this?"

"Of course. He doesn't share a bed with me and he knows I get lonely. So he said I could get a love slave to keep me company. I want a Girl Dr. Sanderson, who loves a cuddle, loves making love and is bi sexual so that she will love a girl like me."

Dr. Sanderson nods and starts typing on his computer. "Ok, do you have a budget?"

"Ten Million Dollars."

He types some more and smiles. "We should be able to do that, any idea what kind of girl you want?"

Candy then pulls out her phone and puts the picture of Sara on it. "I want her."

She hands it to Dr. Sanderson, she watches as he face goes from smiling to concern. "Where did you take this?"

"At my Masters party."

"You met her?" He asks urgently.

"Yes, we danced and she made me feel so, good! Is there a problem?" Candy asks.

He hands the phone back looking seriously at her. "She is too high a profile of a target I'm afraid. She will be tough to get and get secretly. So the ten million won't be enough."

"What?" Candy asks with disappointment.

"I'm sorry, I can get you a standard girl no problem. But she is too hot to handle I'm afraid."

Candy feels really upset. "I kind of had my heart set on her, how much extra?"

"You said you had a budget so..."

"How much extra Doctor?"

Dr. Sanderson typed some info into his computer than answered. "Total cost of $17,000,000.00"


"Sorry, if you want to go away and think about it go ahead. Ten million for a girl taken off the streets, think about it. Come back tomorrow around two to discuss it."

Candy leaves the office dejected; she goes home upset and immediately calls Gregory on the phone.

"He said it would cost Seventeen million." She told him.

"Well, you are going to have to persuade him to give you a discount." He replies

Candy seems confused by that comment. "How?"

Gregory laughs. "Seduce him, he created you he will surely be attracted to you, but I think I have something that will help. Go to my room." Candy gets up and goes to Gregory's room. "In the bedside table you will find a small red box." Candy opens the draw and pulls it out. She opens it to find a pair of ear rings. "My company have been developing these for a secret project. Anyone who wears them will go into a programmable trance. Use them on his secretary and program her to help you, then make him give you a Discount, I wish I could watch you do things to him."

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