tagMind ControlThe Transformation of Sofia Ch. 05

The Transformation of Sofia Ch. 05



Sofia was aroused by her hand resting against an unfamiliar object and she startled awake. Her hand rested against a tile wall and it was cold to the touch, although she was warm and sweating. As she realized where she was the events of the last day became clearer. She threw the blanket and sheet off her naked body, the under sheet was wet and clung to her hairless skin. She had experienced the same dream, although the details were less clear than they had been before.

The room was typically clinical, with white tile walls all around. There was no window which disturbed her somewhat, only a faint overhead light that barely illuminated her glistening body. She began to cool down slowly as the air dried her skin. She reached up to feel her head and there were no electrodes this time, although someone had shaved her as her head was once again as smooth as glass. Not only had they shaved her head, but her sex as well, as where there had been a slight stubble there was none.

Sofia slowly drew herself upright and sat on the edge of the small hospital bed, her bare feet touching the cold tile floor. She recoiled for a moment but then allowed them to rest flat against its surface, the coolness feeling good against her soles. She of time, which there was none. It was four walls and a door, and that was all. She hoped she wouldn't have to spend much time in here as it gave her claustrophobia. She her a key in door being worked and then the dim light that shone from above, got ten times as bright. Sofia shielded her eyes, as it was too bright for a moment.

"Good morning Sofia." She recognized the voice as the woman that had first greeted her on the exam table. This time she was without the white coat and the mask, and was dressed in a well tailored suit, something Sofia might have worn to the law office, before. "How are you feeling?" Sofia shrugged, with a so-so expression on her face. "Well, my name is Dr. Wheeling and I am your psychologist." Sofia nodded and then shook her head, discouraged. "No, no nothing like that. You are perfectly sane my dear. As a matter of fact, your level thoughts and steady demeanor is one of the reasons you were chosen for this project." The doctor smiled and sat next to her on her bed. Suddenly Sofia felt a little uncomfortable being naked next to this well dressed woman.

"Why am I always naked?" Even though she was in like company, she covered her sex out of reflex.

"It's part of your conditioning. You see you must and will always remain naked while you are here." Something there caught Sofia off guard and her one hand crept down to the top of her clitoris, finding the statement arousing. "Good, you see, now that is a normal response to what I have told you." Dr. Wheeling was very gentle and looked down at Sofia's hands. "You want to masturbate, don't you?" She asked softly. Sofia didn't answer but moved her hand further down over her lips allowing her middle finger to slip inside. "Sofia, it's perfectly fine, we expect this right now." The doctor nodded to her as if giving her permission to continue. "Go ahead dear."

As if guided by an unknown force Sofia's legs opened wide exposing her bare pussy to the doctor and she began to masturbate more frantically. The doctor smiled as she watched the bliss spread over Sofia's face and heard the sloshing of her fingers as they interacted with the folds of her hairless sex. Very quickly, she came to a shuddering orgasm, allowing her hand to fall back to her side.

"My, that was fast young lady." She pulled a small Dictaphone out of her pocket and raised it to her mouth. "Subject appeared in reasonable spirits, well rested and alert. Showed appropriate response to verbal stimuli and was able to reach a scale 4 orgasm within eight seconds of full manual contact." Sofia stared blankly at the doctor as she dictated her notes. "Sorry dear, not as good at remembering things as I once was." She raised the recording device up and then placed it back into her pocket. "Now the nurses will be down to take you back to the programming room in a moment, so I would love for you to be a good girl and let them help you, okay?" Sofia nodded, there was no use in fighting this. Her body was happy, and her mind was not unhappy, so things could be worse.

As the doctor opened the door, two female nurses entered the room and asked Sofia to follow them. "Naked at all times?" she thought. "jeez!" As she was escorted down the corridor, one nurse in front the other behind, she could feel a dribble of her juices running down the inside of her right leg. A slight residual from her orgasm a few minutes before. Once again they entered the bright white room and she was helped onto the exam table in the center of the room. Thankfully the bright exam light was pointed at the wall above her head, and not directly into her eyes this time. As the nurses strapped her wrists and ankles to the corners of the table again, one of them noticed the moisture on the inside of her leg. Instead of grabbing a tissue or gauze or something, the nurse ran her finger over the dribble from her knee to the source, quickly dipping inside. Sofia felt a shock of excitement course through her as the nurse brought her finger to her nose, and then into her mouth, sucking in the musty fluid lustily. She smiled at Sofia now helplessly strapped in and very excited all over again.

"My goodness, you are a horny thing aren't you." The nurse giggled as she helped the other place the electrodes on her naked scalp. As the two were leaving Sofia lifted her head off the table.

"Did you shave me again?" Sofia questioned. "Because I am so much smoother than I was when I got here." The nurses stopped and looked at each other. "You are going to let me grow it back eventually, right?" She tried to keep her head up but was being lulled back to the table.

As her mind drifted she thought she heard them answer. "No one shaved you, it's so much more than that." She tried to reason with what she had heard but she was being pulled into unconsciousness and then all faded to black.

"Oh god, the same dream again!" She thought as she was once again on all fours, but this time the images were so much more powerful, so vivid and there was sensation as well. Once again it was raining and her skin was wet. Her eyesight was poor even though everything was more real and she found this annoying. She could feel herself moving over the wet grass again and knew that soon it would turn to mud. She was aware that it seemed to take a lot of effort to move herself forward and she thought she could feel her breasts grazing the tops of the grass. Strangely it also felt like her belly was dragging too but was unable to look down underneath herself.

Soon she was back in the mud wading, becoming lighter and more buoyant as it got deeper. She felt the urge to roll around in it but resisted. The urge got stronger and stronger until her she couldn't fight it any longer. As she laid on her side and the mud slowly enveloped her she could feel a tremendous relief as her arms and legs were freed from keeping her upright. For some reason she could only see what was directly in front of her and could only turn her head slightly. As she rolled onto her back she could feel the mud on her back as her limbs flailed about. "Why can't I see my hands?" she thought as she attempted to bring them up to her face, but to no avail. The movement of her arms felt abbreviated, like they were much shorter, almost stubby. Her legs too felt small and short, their movements quick and ineffective.

Once again the sensation of being dragged through the mud, only it wasn't by her hair. A dark figure of a man had her by the wrist and was dragging her face first through the mud. She could see his arm by the side of her face, and could feel his hand on her wrist. She could feel the cool mud sliding across her breasts and belly as she was dragged. There were lights up ahead, a building of some sort and she was being dragged towards it. Something inside wanted not to go there but she was powerless to stop the man. He was speaking to me but it sounded unintelligible, like animal noises, only more


The building was a large barn and as he dragged me through the opening, another man closed the door behind us. The pressure on my wrist was gone and he had let go of me. The two men stood over me. I felt naked and exposed to them as I tried to get back on all fours again but I couldn't do it. "Why can't I get off my back?" I said and realized that I was once again awake on the table. This time the nurses were there with me when I woke up and immediately began unstrapping me and removing the electrodes from my head.

"Welcome back Sofia." The nurse ran her hand over my sex eliciting an exaggerated response. "So responsive, aren't we?"

"How long was I under that thing?" She asked, as the nurses helped her to a sitting position. She felt sore and she could smell that she had been sweating.

"This session was just over eighteen hours." The other nurse offered. Sofia was in shock that so much time had passed. Surely the simple dream that she had could not have lasted more than a few minutes. "We feed you through a naso-gastric tube during the session so you remain nourished and hydrated." Sofia could feel the scratchiness of her throat and realized that the tube must have been put in after she was asleep and taken out before she awoke. A wheelchair was brought in and she was helped into it by the two and once again wheeled into Dr. Parton's office again. This time he was waiting for her and was seated behind his desk. Sofia, still naked of course, remained in the wheelchair while the two nurses excused themselves, closing the door as they left.

"How are you holding up Sofia?" He sounded genuine.

"Quite honestly I am exhausted, sore and I smell." She was more animated than she intended but didn't regret it.

"Well, we'll get you into a nice hot bath in a moment, but I have a few questions for you if that's okay?" He sat forward in his chair examining some forms and charts.

"If it's okay, I also have some questions, doctor." Sofia chimed in.

"Sure, but if you don't mind I'll ask mine first and perhaps some of your questions will be answered along the way. How's that?" He seemed upbeat and eager to start. Sofia shrugged her shoulders and motioned for him to go ahead.

"Do you remember the dream you had while you were under program?" He asked tentatively as if he wasn't sure of the answer.

"Yes, the same dream I have been having over and over." Sofia then began to relay the details of the dream to Dr. Parton. "This time things were so much more real, almost too vivid, and I could feel things." Sofia was describing the feeling of heaviness and the mud, and then being dragged into the barn.

"So...what do you suppose this dream is about?" He smiled which quickly turned into a smirk. "Do you feel like you are yourself?" He sat back into his chair rocking backwards to listen.

"Not really, I can't see very well...and my arms and legs feel weird, like short or something." Sofia fought to regain all the details of the dream before they faded.

"Do you think you're human?" The doctor once again leaned forward in the chair waiting for her response. Suddenly everything in Sofia's mind fell into place and she realized what the dreams were. A look of shock and horror fell over her as she placed her hand over her gaping mouth.

"I'm a pig!" Sofia was panicked. "Why?...Why are you programming me to be a pig?" She sobbed, and her tears welled up in her eyes and rolled unfettered down her reddened cheeks. Sofia attempted to stand but the doctor rested his hand on her shoulder as he came to sit next to her.

"We aren't Sofia." Dr. Parton handed her a tissue from the table, and she dried her tears. "This dream you are having of being a pig, is merely a mask for a much deeper programming that is taking place underneath it."

"What deeper programming?" She sobbed as she tried to regained her composure. "Why such a horrible dream? Why do I need to dream I'm a pig?"

"We will discuss the deeper programming later, but the pig dream serves as a base for the true nature of the process." He smiled and ran a hand over her face, the wetness of her tears moistening his fingers. "Now, let's see if I can answer your questions for you." He sat back in the chair listening.

"I know with all this going on, it may seem a little uperficial, but when can I grow my hair back?" Still sniffling with the tissue in hand. "Someone must have shaved me again since I got here. I asked the nurse but can't remember what she said." Sofia turned to look at the doctor as he opened his mouth to speak, but then hesitated.

"I would normally not discuss this with you now, but you are not going to let it go so it may as well some out." The doctor seemed terse suddenly, clinical. "When you woke up this morning Sofia, you had already had five sessions over a weeks time. You just hadn't woken up between them." Haltingly he continued with Sofia glued to every word. "I'm telling you this because you will be made aware of it soon, in any case." He placed his hand on her glass like head. "We removed your hair during the three previous sessions Sofia."

"Removed, what do you mean removed?" She started to feel sick "Removed, you mean permanently removed?" She instinctively ran her hands over her head.

"Yes, Sofia, permanently, and not just the hair on your head. Everything, even your eyelashes have been permanently removed.." The doctor watched for her reaction but Sofia seemed quite calm.

"Like Cindy" she thought, her mind drifting back to the sexually charged encounter with the luscious girl.

The doctor stood over her in the chair and said it directly to her. "Sofia, you will be bald, forever." Sofia exploded, but not out of rage but from an incredible spontaneous orgasm. An orgasm without touch, without stimulation, from a simple thought. Anyone watching the scene would swear that she was having a seizure, but the doctor knew that this trigger was an important step in her sexualization. Sofia's mouth hung open and a line of drool overflowed onto her breast as she tensed every muscle in her body. Eventually the spasms subsided as the doctor steadied her in her wheelchair. Her heady aroma filled the room as her juices formed a puddle below her sex, a tiny spindle of them finding their way to the carpeted floor below her.

Sofia was beaded in sweat and steeped in the perfume of her arousal, as the two nurses wheeled her to the bath. They each made comments over her orgasm which they had witnessed through the window of an adjacent room. In a way they envied her, but they both knew that this was only the beginning.

To be Continued

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