tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Transforming of Helen

The Transforming of Helen


This is Helen's story. Helen was 42, married with two children. She worked hard keeping her body in shape. Yoga, spin classes and a personal trainer at the gym meant she was well toned all over, her athletic and supple frame one that many women 20 years younger would envy. Despite her fantastic figure, Helen was pretty conservative in many ways. She was always anxious about revealing too much thigh or show to much of her ample 34B cleavage; her toned frame accentuated her firm pert breasts but tight clothing that showed off her figure was not something she sought out. Her sex life with her husband was routine. She liked being on top; in his words she gave an amazing blow job and would sometimes wear sexy lingerie in bed but Ann Summers was a no as were toys. Her husband's attempts to vary their bedroom antics were always rebuffed. A bit of light bondage, anal and suggestions of a fantasy involving a threesome had long been cast aside. Tonight things were going to change.

Helen and her family were in holiday. It was somewhere they always visited, a quiet town with an apartment on a secluded beach in southern France. It had been another fine summers day. It was her husband's turn to put the kids to bed. Helen showered rinsing the sun cream and sand from her body after a day spent on the beach. She towelled herself dry and massaged after sun into her skin. Her body glistened in the moisturising lotion and as Helen rubbed the cream over her breast, her nipples, always sensitive hardened immediately. She moved a hand between her thighs and then remembered herself and stopped. She grabbed a pair of bikini bottoms, they were white, high cut with two string ties on either side. Helen would never have worn them on the beach but in the apartment and with her husband they were fine. She eased the fabric up past high things and over her short cut pubic mound, which being a red head, gave the appearance of being almost clean shaven. Helen then grabbed a linen shawl and tied it in a halterneck covering her front but leaving her tanned and toned back exposed.

Her husband made a comment as she exited the bathroom; he clearly liked what he saw and Helen, as always felt a sense of mild embarrassment. She grabbed a glass of wine and stood out on the apartment balancing whilst her husband settled the children.

It was shot, humid night and the kids were taking ages to settle. A second glass of wine followed and Helen decided to walk down to the beach, literally 500m from the apartment itself. She could feel a slight breeze and the lure of fresher air and the chance to escape the prolonged bedtime routine was too hard to resist. Helen thought briefly about putting on something more conservative but it was nearing 10pm; the beach appeared empty from the balcony and having been here so often in the past, Helen knew how secluded and empty it tended to be.

She strolled down to the water's edge. The breeze was so welcome. She looked back at the apartment. The kids' bedroom light was still I'm so Helen decided to walk a few meters on. The cooler breeze saw her sensitive nipples stiffen under the linen covering her breasts. She could feel them harden but knew nobody was there to see.

Sat on the rocks were a group of four local men. Helen did not notice them. They noticed her. Her figure silhouetted in the moonlight and they were close enough to see the way the linen clung to her pert breasts and extended nipples. Aged 19-21, they begun to nudge each other. Here was a milf and for one of the young men a challenge was set. Pierre was 19 that day. Normally he would have been working in one of the bars in the nearby town but being his birthday, he had and three friends had the evening off. They rarely came to this particular stretch if beach but it's secluded nature gave them the chance to drink and smoke some weed out of sight. Mildly intoxicated by this combination, the boys decided to approach the woman before them and see if they could get Pierre a birthday kiss.

Helen had walked around 200m when she saw the movement out of the corner of her eye. She froze momentarily and glanced back at the apartment. She was still in the sight line of the balcony and knew that if she needed to, she would be able to get back or raise the alarm. As the men emerged from the shadows she noticed they were all at least 20 years her junior. They all clearly worked out, with toned muscular bodies. The darkest of the group however almost took her breath away, bulging muscles, a six pack like she had never seen and tight orange speedo trunks which left little to the imagination. In broken English, it was this man that spoke first. He explained that it one of them had a birthday and could he have a birthday kiss. Helen politely declined. The four men were around her and she suddenly felt her route of escape was gone. A hand went to her bikini bottoms and she pushed it away. The request for a kiss came again. Again, Helen refused. She pointed to her apartment and mentioned her husband but the group were undeterred. A hand went to her breast. She spun round and slapped the perpetrator on the cheek. It was the youngest member of the group, the birthday boy.

The mood of the group suddenly changed. She had been disrespectful to one of their own, the birthday boy no less and she had to say sorry. Helen apologised. A kiss on the cheek was requested. Reluctantly but fearing the worst was over Helen pecked Pierre on the cheek. She turned to go back to the apartment but the group continued to block her path. She was told to get on her knees. She refused. Again she was told to kneel in he sand in front of Pierre: again, Helen refused. She felt herself grabbed from behind and pushed onto the sand but before she could scream a hand covered her mouth. She saw a glint in the moonlight. One of the other two men and pulled a small pocket knife from the pocket of his shorts. Kneeling in front of Pierre, Helen knew what she had to do to get out of the situation as quickly and as unscathed as possible. She pulled Pierres shorts to his ankles and grabbed his semi erect penis. Taking it in her hand she stroked it until it became erect and then placed it between her lips. Instinct took over.

The cock was of similar size to her husband, slightly larger than average. Helen imagined it was her husband in front of her. This was her coping mechanism. It was also her undoing. Helen had been told many times by her husband that her blow jobs were sensational. For Pierre, as he was fully taken into Helens throat, the pleasure was obvious, much to his friends' envy. Helen was also forgetting herself and did not initially notice as the halterneck she had tied was loosened and the linen fell away from her body exposing her pert breasts and hard nipples to the cool air. She felt hands caressing her breasts and teasing her nipples and let out a soft moan as she arched her back pushing her breasts upward searching for more attention. The sensation of roaming hands across her body was too much. The man wife the knife chanced his arm and dropped his shorts. Without thinking, Helen took the fully erect cock in her hand and began jerking the man off. As she did so Pierre came in her mouth and, as always she swallowed everything much to the group's pleasure. She moved to the second cock and started to devour it. A third cock soon found its way to her hand.

To anyone on the beach, the sight of a mostly naked toned woman taking four guys was the stuff from a porn movie but no-one was on he beach but the five of them. A joint was placed between Helen's lips as she momentarily gasped for air. Not used to the effect of weed, the heaviness she experienced simply made Helen hornier. A second wave of cum went into her mouth and she moved into the third cock, her hand searching for the fourth. When she found it she gasped. Released from the orange speedo trunks of its own, it was larger than even she had imagined. She worked her hand around its thickness, it was throbbing and glistened with precum in the moonlight. Hands continued to massage her breasts. She felt the ties of her bikini bottoms being loosened and soon her athletic, toned body was on fully display. She felt fingers probing her pussy and her anus, a sensation she would normally have recoiled from but Helen was lost, intoxicated with weed and the adrenaline of the moment. She felt one of the men try to position his head under her and eased herself up so his tongue could reach her pissy which was begging for attention. The caresses of the man's tongue did not take long to make her cum. Her body in the humidity was glistening with the sweat from the intensity of the sexual workout she was getting and as the third man came simultaneously in her mouth, beads of cum dropped into her breasts and ran down her cleavage. Helen took the final cock in her mouth; almost every motion of taking this thick long member between her lips made her gag as the cock appeared to grow and harden constantly. All the time hands worked her breasts and pussy which was dripping wet. She felt what must have been a finger enter her anus and push in and out and as it did she whimpered with pleasure. As she continued to gag her way through sucking the enormous cock she felt another of the group position himself under her but this time, it was a cock and not a tongue. Without thinking she position herself over it, and began to ride the man. She felt cum splatter her breasts and opened her eyes to see that Pierre had not been able to contain himself and jerked off over her.

She continued to ride the cock beneath her breasts bouncing and glistening in the moonlight as she gasped for air whilst continuing to deep throat the massive cock in front of her. Suddenly, she could breathe; the dark man in front of her had withdrawn his cock and she felt a tinge of disappointment before the motion of the cock beneath her saw her cum for the second time. The sensation of her orgasm was hen suddenly replaced by a pain she had always dreaded. Not just any cock but the biggest cock she had ever seen was thrust into her anus. Helen winced in pain as her virgin arsehole was penetrated by the massive member moving deeper and deeper inside her and then began to rhythmically pound her arse as the guy beneath her continued to fill her aching pussy. Hands continued to pull her breasts, she continued to grab the cocks not currently filling her two holes and passionate kisses soon saw the pain subside. She felt the man beneath her cum and withdraw. The ravishing of her anus continued, the pain replaced with pleasure as a third orgasm followed just as her arsehole was filled with the huge amount of cum from the huge dark cock. The man withdrew from her anus and Helen collapsed panting on the sand; hands continued to caress her strained breasts and nipples and fingers roamed in and around her spent pussy.

She rolled into her front to try and escape the attention her body continued to receive and with that, there was a slap of her butt cheek and the men had gone. Helen did not know how long she lay panting on the sand; she had lost all sense of time. She eventually rolled over into her back. Sand covered her body, sticking to the moisture and precum that had previously made it glisten in the moonlight. She moved to the water and cleaned herself down, found her bikini bottoms and retied the sides before pulling them up and over her knees, finally covering her tender pubic area. She retied the linen into a halterneck and placed it over her top but the dampness of her skin immediate rendered it see through and left nothing to he imagination. Previously Helen would have been horrified by this but looking down and seeing her areola and nipples clearly visible through the sheer cloth, she let out a soft moan and tweaked her nipples between her fingers. Perhaps the weed hadn't worn off but Helen wasn't ready to walk home.

Rather than walk back the apartment, she decided to go back the long route through the local town. Bars were still open and she was a stunning sight, her athletic frame essentially on display as she walked barefoot through the main bar area. Groups of men drinking wolf whistled and cat called; those with partners were given a stern look by their girlfriends and wives as they could not help but stare. Helen walked close enough to some of those watching to allow them a stroke of the leg, a caress of the butt and one or two wandering hands found their way to her firm breasts. At this point, Helen was risking a repeat of the beach incident but so stunned were the men she approached they did not react further.

Helen made her way to the apartment. Her husband was bound to ask where she had been, probably smell the weed and then what. She decided to remove the linen halterneck and surprise him with something that was so out of character for her that he wouldn't pursue any line of enquiry. Her pert, firm breasts bounced in he moonlight as she ascended the steps to the apartment and went in. The kids were asleep, her husband was asleep. There would be no questions to answer, not tonight anyway but Helen's life had irrevocably changed and she wanted sex now, despite the group antics on the beach still less than an hour old. As her husband lay on the bed, she slid down his boxer shorts, began sucking his balls and stroked his all too familiar cock. As far as sex was concerned however, nothing else would be quite as familiar again.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/18/17

Loved it.

A decently crafted first story and fun to read. Too short to be a "stroker" though. A little more character build up and a slower transformation from "conservative" to "HOT WIFE" would have lengthenedmore...

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by Anonymous08/02/17

Cum one cum all !

Short , hot and dirty ! Just a story to all you square headed people who want a blood test and a priest to confess her sinfully actions.Get a life ! This site is about sex , not anything else.You dimwitsmore...

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by cockcritic07/20/17


From a conservative wife to a "HOT WIFE" in one hour I'm sure her husband would wake up and realise she had been fucked she would smell cum and her pussy would have been leaking cum as well, and as shemore...

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by Anonymous07/18/17

Try turning off autocorrect. It looks like maybe you had it on and it changed alot of words on ya

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by Anonymous07/17/17

So she's a slut?

And ANYONE is supposed to be happy about that? I wonder how many diseases she has? UGH!

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