tagLoving WivesThe Trap

The Trap


Henry sat in his car and watched as his carefully arranged trap slowly closed around his wife, Danielle and a Mr. Jack McDonald, a man she had been corresponding with in email recently. It had only taken a bit of snooping for Henry to discover the planned meeting was to be at the man's house, in a neighborhood only about a mile or so from home. The best Henry could tell, although this wasn't his wife's first meeting with this man, this was the first private meeting between the two.

The meeting had been arranged for over a week, which gave Henry plenty of time to scope out the guys house, a nice single story building with a fenced in back yard. The fence had a side gate that wasn't locked, so when he saw his wife's car pull into the driveway and watched her enter the house, he was able to quickly move from his car and slip into the man's back yard. Moving quietly along the side of the house, he got into position just outside the master bedroom window before the couple entered the room. Crouching behind a tall bush, he could get a complete view of the king size bed with very little chance of getting spotted.

As his wife and the strange man moved into the bedroom, Henry noticed that one of the windows was cracked open. Not only was he going to be able to record his wife's cheating on his camera, he might even get to record some of the sound effects. His original plan was to get enough on camera to divorce her ass and then barge in and kick Mr. Jack McDonald's ass while he was at it.

Jack had apparently met Henry's wife at the door wearing only a towel and once in the bedroom, Henry watched the man drop his towel and sit on the bed while Danielle stood in front of him. The man's cock was already hard and he stroked it slowly as Henry's wife pulled off her blouse and then reached behind her and let her bra fall to the floor. The beautiful, full breasts that Henry had caressed, had kissed, sucked and cum on for nearly twenty years were now something for this strange man to stroke his cock at.

Calming himself some, Henry silently photographed the couple as his wife continued undressing, stepping out of her shoes and then stepping out of her skirt. She then paused, slowly undulating her body as she worked her panties over her hips, down over her knees and then down to her ankles. "Damn," Henry thought, "just like she used to do to turn me on years ago."

Through the camera viewfinder he watched as his wife kneeled down and slowly wrapped her fingers around the strange cock as the man leaned back, resting on his elbows behind him. She slid her fingers over the cock and then said, "It's so nice and long."

"Longer than your husband's?"

"Longer, but not quite as thick I don't think," she said looking up at the man's face. She then looked back down to the cock and said, "Here, let me check for sure," as she opened her mouth and slid it slowly down over the head of his cock. Henry watched as her head slowly bobbed up and down, as she slurped loudly.

After a few moments she pulled her head back and let the cock slip from her mouth and she said, "Yes, definitely longer." The purple head of the cock soon glistened with her saliva and Henry could see it twitching in his wife's hand.

"But not as thick?"

"No, not as thick. But I think it will do," she replied, leaning forward and brushing her breasts over him. She grabbed his cock in her hand and slid it over her nipples as Henry had to remind himself to keep taking pictures instead of just watching. He pressed the button several times as he watched her dark, hard nipples rubbing over the light skin of the cock. Henry could even see the dark vein in the cock throbbing in response to his wife's teasing.

The man then gently pushed Danielle back as he stood up. Kneeling before him, she stroked his cock as Henry continued watching through the camera lens. He zoomed in and saw a mixture of pre-cum and his wife's saliva slowly dangle in a droplet from the tip of his cock. He watched as the droplet grew and stretched until it finally fell from the cock onto his wife's hungry tongue. Her mouth then closed on the hard cock and slid up and down as the man's hips moved in unison, fucking her mouth.

Remembering seeing his wife suck his own cock, Henry felt something odd now, seeing it all from this perspective. Over the years things between him and his wife had cooled a bit, but now seeing her head move back and forth on this cock he realized how incredibly sexy a woman she was. Henry then zoomed the camera back just in time to see the man reach down and help Danielle up off her knees. He then guided her onto the bed and as he kneeled at her feet he gently spread her legs apart.

Henry watched in amazement as the man slowly kissed her knees, then slowly worked his way up her thighs as she began to moan and writhe on the bed. Fuck, Henry remembered how his wife would move for him as he went down on her, but once again seeing this man move his face to her pussy and seeing her pump her hips against him was something very odd for him. Henry realized he had an erection and seeing his wife move and hearing her moan as her pussy was being eaten he couldn't help but reach down and give himself a squeeze.

He set the camera on the window sill and pushed the button for it to begin videotaping and then he moved his gaze from the viewfinder so he could see them better. His wife had reached down and was running her fingers though the man's hair as she arched her back. It was Henry's wife there, but he had never seen how her ass moves when she is being eaten, he had never seen how it looked when she wrapped her legs around his head. Seeing it here, seeing how her ass dimpled as she moved, how her thighs seemed to flutter against the man's ears was driving him nuts. All too soon he heard her moan loudly, "Ah, I'm coming, I'm coming."

Henry watched his wife's body relax for a moment as the man rested his head on her thigh, his fingers running gently through her pubic hair. Danielle then reached down and pulled the man up on top of her. As the man crawled up over her, she wrapped her fingers around his long, thin cock and rubbed the head a few times over her wet lips until Henry could see the head glistening again. Reaching one hand down to open herself, she guided the man's cock into her pussy, lifting her hips to meet his first thrust.

Now was the time to burst into the room and catch her in the middle of the act, but Henry remained motionless, his hard cock throbbing in his pants as he watched his wife get fucked. She didn't just get fucked though, she fucked the man back like Henry remembered she always fucked him, except once again, seeing it like this was so fucking incredible. He watched as the man thrust again and again, his ass muscles flexing as Danielle raised herself to meet his thrusts. He could even hear their bodies slapping together, but all too quickly Henry watched the man arch his back and moan loudly as he came, spurting his come deep into Danielle's pussy.

Standing at the window he was breathless himself so as the man slowly pulled his cock out of her pussy, letting a last droplet of cum roll drip into her pubic hair he was surprised. Damn, Henry remembered how much he loved leaving his cock inside his wife after he came, this guy was missing out on something. The man whispered, "I hate to rush you, but I have to meet my wife for lunch."

Henry watched as his wife sat up and replied, "No problem, I need to get home too. My husband will be getting home soon." She then got up and as Henry stared at her wet pubic hair and pussy, she pulled her panties up as the glob of cum disappeared only to make a wet spot in the soft fabric.

Finally getting a hold of himself, Henry grabbed the camera, turned it off and then moved quickly away from the window. He hurried down the side of the house, ran out to his car and quickly drove home, playing the scenes he witnessed over and over in his mind, somewhat disappointed it all happened so fast. Once at home he parked his car, took the camera into his room and hid it in one of his clothes drawers.

He sat on the bed, waiting to confront his wife, wondering how he was going to approach what he saw, what he was going to say, to do to her. He considered playing the video he took on the computer, to have it on as she walked in, but he didn't think he had time to set it up. Sure enough, just a few moments later he heard her unlock the door.

"Henry, you home already?"

"I'm in the bedroom," he replied.

She walked to the bedroom and peeked in, "You're home early from work."

Henry looked up at the woman he had just watched fuck another man and gritted his teeth. He then said, feeling his voice crack a bit, "We need to talk, right now."

She paused at the door and "Okay, what about."

Feeling his fingers fold into a fist, Henry stood up feeling his cock still bulging in his pants. He slowly walked over to her and then reached out, grabbed each arm and pulled her against him. He pressed his lips to hers and forced his tongue into her mouth, searching for the very spot on her tongue where he saw that drop of Jack McDonald's pre-cum fall. Before she could pull away, Henry had her blouse unbuttoned and was trying to unfasten her bra.

Finally pulling away from his kiss, she said, "Oh my Henry, but let me take a shower first, I've been sweating and I stink."

Henry unfastened the bra and jerked it off of her. He then tucked his thumbs into the waistband of her skirt and panties and pulled them both off. Leaning against her he pushed her toward the bed as she quickly kicked off her shoes.

Naked now, Danielle tried to pull away saying, "Okay, now you undress while I go clean up."

"No, I want you like this... Now!" Henry growled, pulling off his shirt while he leaned hard against her, knocking her onto the bed. As she sat down, he kneeled and clamped his arms over her legs, opening them. Looking at her pussy he could see it was still wet from her and Jack McDonald's cum. Moving forward, he pressed his face onto her lips and pubic hair, turning his head side to side, soaking it.

Danielle had stopped resisting him by that time and simply opened her legs as her husband pressed his tongue into her pussy. He lapped her juices knowing he was tasting her as well as Jack McDonald's cum. Continuing pushing his tongue in and out of her cunt, when he satisfied himself he had sucked out the last of her lover's sperm, he moved to her clit, circling it with his tongue before sucking it between his lips.

Henry could feel her hands run through his hair and he let himself remember the image of how she ran her fingers through the other man's hair, how she ground herself onto his face like she was now doing to Henry. He felt her legs wrap around his head and noticed her thighs lightly touching his ears. He continued licking and sucking her clit while looking up at her between her breasts. He watched as she closed her eyes and her face winced with pleasure as she arched her back, lifted her hips and came, moaning, "Ah, I'm coming, I'm coming."

Hearing her speak the exact words she used with Jack McDonald, Henry lifted his head from her lap and, with trembling hands, unfastened his pants just enough to get his cock out. Without even removing the pants, he dove onto his wife, plunging his cock into soaking pussy while it still convulsed from her orgasm.

Pushing deep into her, he pulled back and then plunged just once more into the wet warmth of her and came, spurting his cum where he knew it mingled with another man's cum, deep inside his wife. He collapsed on top of her, pressing himself hard against her, trying to keep his cock burrowed deep in her for as long as possible. Only after several minutes did he feel himself fall from her.

He then rolled over onto her side, kicked his pants off and leaned against her, letting his soft, wet cock rest idly on her thigh. Moving his hand down to her pussy, he cupped her lips with his palm, feeling the wetness of her, himself and Jack McDonald ooze down his fingers. Lifting his hand to his mouth, he licked his fingers and palm and then held them to her mouth as she licked them too.

He leaned to her ear and whispered, "You are so fucking sexy, you know that?"

"But Henry, I need to tell you something, something I did, something..."

"Shh, shh," he hushed her, "I don't want to know," he whispered, wondering, hoping she would have the courage to visit Jack McDonald again. Henry could then set his trap again. He moved his hand back down between her legs gently sliding a finger inside as he felt his cock tingle as it started to grow a bit.

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