tagNonHumanThe Traveler Ch. 01

The Traveler Ch. 01


Day one: Afternoon

Police Captain Daniel Vega was driving through his old neighborhood. Some gang members were gathering in the alleys, smoking pot and drinking in plain view. It was only 5:30 pm.

How has it come to this? he thought.

Not many years ago, this had been a safe place to walk around. Now, anybody that passed through these streets, even in the middle of the day, was at risk of getting robbed or hurt by someone else. Only the gang members were safe as they relied on each other to stay alive. That was, of course, if there wasn't a gang fight which always seemed to end with one or two dead guys.

Vega's cell phone started vibrating in his jacket pocket, "Yes, Mike," he answered.

"Captain, I'm at the scene of the multiple homicide reported in Third Street... I think you should come over," Mike said.

"I can't go right now. I've been getting home pretty late these last few days and my wife will kick my ass if I do it one more time. Can't you handle it yourself?"

"I really think you have to see this, Captain," Mike responded with a strange tone of voice.

Damned! Vega thought. "Ok, I'm on my way," he finally said.

When Vega arrived at the scene, he saw one uniformed officer throwing up in a trashcan at the side of an old house. The TV stations hadn't arrived yet but they wouldn't take long. There were several police patrols parked outside the house.

Cap. Vega entered the house and it became pretty obvious that it had been a gathering place for drug addicts. There were syringes and other drug related devices spread around on the floor. He crossed the main hallway and when he reached the living room he could not believe his eyes. Six bodies were lying around; five men and one woman. Many bullet holes covered the walls and ceiling and there was blood everywhere. The bodies were severely damaged. One of them had been decapitated. Another one was missing an arm. It didn't look like they were ripped apart; it looked more as if they were cut up by some sharp blade like a knife or sword. The woman's body was almost untouched, except of course for the three bullet holes in her chest. It seemed like she was unarmed and caught in crossfire as she tried to reach the hallway. There were AK-47 rifles near the bodies and two pistols still in the dead guys' hands.

"Talk to me, Mike," the Captain said.

"We can't find the head," Mike responded, visibly shaken up by the gory scene.

"What?" Vega said.

"That guy's head is missing, Captain. They took it! ...I really have no idea what happened here. I can't see any bullet entries in the bodies, except for the girl. I'd like to say this was drug related... a territorial fight between gangs, but I have never seen a gang that used knives instead of guns for a fight, much less when the opposite group is heavily armed like this one. I'm honestly clueless right now. And why in the hell did they take the head?!"

"Ok, calm down Mike, let's wait for the CSI guys and see what they can find out," Vega said.

As he left the room, he almost stumbled over the dead woman and he couldn't avoid looking at her pale face and glassy blue eyes. She had clearly been a junkie but despite it all, she was a pretty girl. What a waste!, he thought coldly.

Day two: Morning

The following day, Captain Vega was talking in his office with Sgt. Goodman, the CSI lead man.

"I have never seen anything like this," Goodman said. "There is not a single indication that someone else was in that room. Whoever killed those people was pretty meticulous about cleaning his tracks."

"What else have you got?" Vega said harshly.

"We have identified the bodies, including the headless guy. He's a gang leader known as Billy 'The Butcher'. Do you know him?"

"Yeah," Vega answered, "He's been a pain in the ass for years. He is... well, he was a dangerous guy. His leadership was entirely based on fear. What else did you find out?"

"Well, I'm pretty sure that there was another woman in the room that day. We found a spot of female urine in one corner of the living room, and it doesn't belong to the dead woman. The shooting must have scared the hell out her. We also found a picture of the dead girl with another woman. She may be the one present at the moment of the killings," Goodman said.

"Good job. We may have a witness now. Let's find this girl," Vega said calmly.

* * *

Across town, a blonde girl was lying on a dusty floor inside a completely dark room. She could not remember anything after the shooting until she woke up in darkness. The sound of trucks in the distance indicated that she was still in the city. Her voice had faded a little since she had been screaming for help for a long while. Her hands were shaking, both from fear and drugs withdrawal. It had been several hours since she last ate or drank anything, and worst of all, she hadn't had her usual hit of heroin. She felt desperate and hungry.

There was a sound in front of her and suddenly a door high up on the wall in front of her opened. Bright light poured into the room, blinding her blue eyes for a moment. She realized that she was in some sort of basement and the door that just opened was at the top of a wooden stairway. She could discern a figure walking though the door. It was a large man... or was it? She could only distinguish a wide bulk moving in a strange way into the room. Then, everything went dark again as the door was closed.

The girl could hear heavy footsteps walking down the stairs. Her chest was heaving with panicked breathing. There was a weird smell in the room. Like humidity or mud. The footsteps approached her.

She screamed in panic, "Nooo!!! Get away from me!!"

The blonde felt something cold touching her hand, like glass. She moved it away but not before a few drops of water fell on her fingers. She was so thirsty. She carefully smelled and then licked her hand, realizing that it was fresh water. She searched with shaking hands around her and found the glass again. She grabbed it, but it was held firmly by the man. She accidentally touched the man's fingers and they felt cold. She pulled harder and the glass was released. She drank the water desperately, finishing it in a matter of seconds. She put the glass on the floor and then listened carefully. Not a sound. She knew the man was very close to her.

She asked with trembling voice, "Who are you? What do you want from me?"

In response, she felt a strong hand grabbing her right wrist, then her left wrist and she was forced to stand up brusquely. Her hands were pinned high above her head against the wall behind her, but her feet were still on the ground. She could hear his breathing near her face.

She was terrified. "No, please... let me go!" she pleaded.

Then a strong hand ripped off her blouse and bra from her body, leaving her naked from the waist up and exposing her firm, rounded breasts. She was grateful that the room was in darkness and he couldn't see her. The cool air enveloped her delicate nipples as the girl started crying quietly, knowing that she was going to be raped.

The woman shuddered when she felt his hand touch her flat belly. His skin was roughed. It moved upward, until he reached her breasts and she gasped. He started massaging them, squeezing and distorting their natural shapeliness. His fingers moved to stimulate her nipples, twisting and pulling, tweaking harder, abusing her.

Much to her disgust, she felt her nipples react to the rough handling. She mentally recoiled from each touch, yet each touch felt less disgusting than the previous one. Already her firm nipples were swelling larger, almost painful, as he fondled insistently. She hated herself as the little bud of her clitoris stood proud, seemingly peeking from between her pink cunt lips.

Gasping, she felt a tongue slide around, circling her left breast. Then, she realized that something was wrong. The wet limb was too large. She felt it almost all around her tit, squeezing it. Despite this, the blonde's nipples swelled more than she thought possible, hard and fully erect. Then, without losing its merciless rhythm for an instant, the tip of that weird tongue lashed lightly over her aching nub. Her body betrayed her as her back arched by reflex, thrusting her chest forward against the slick, tormenting tool.

While her left breast continued to receive attention from his hand, his tongue moved to her right tit, circling it, squeezing and pulling. The feeling of both her nipples being manipulated at once excited her even more, her mind blanking out briefly with the intensity of sensations. She couldn't believe she was getting excited by this, by being rape.

He released her hands as he continued licking her. Her arms fell slowly to her sides. She didn't know what to do. Her brain ordered her to push him away but her body refused to obey. At that moment, he pulled back, leaving the girl standing helpless against the wall. She was confused. The cool air circled her wet nipples and kept them hard as rocks.

Then, with one sudden move, he ripped off her skirt and then her panties flew away too. She sighed loudly but stood still. The darkness in the basement sheltered her slim body. The slender hips, her flat belly, glistening now with sweat, leading to her scarce blonde pubic hair that did little to hide her pouting pussy lips.

Next, the woman felt his hands grab her hips and push her back against the wall. The cold wall rubbed against her buttocks. The long tongue extended again, sliding over her inner thighs and moving slowly but purposefully upwards. She could picture the man kneeling in front of her with his head between her legs.

Avoiding her moist slit for the moment, his tongue slithered across her pubic mound, tickling her lower abdomen before retreating downwards, straight down the center of her pussy, pressing lightly over her erect clit. She gasped. Then it moved down until it almost lost contact, then back up, pressing stronger now, easily spreading her nether lips and sliding between. The tongue rubbed the entire length of her pussy, to flicker over her now fully exposed clitoris, almost frictionless between its own slime and the blonde's copious juices. It moved back and forth, stimulating her until she was more than confused as conflicting emotions crammed her brain.

The tongue slid away from her vagina and she was dimly aware of the man rising in front of her, his broad chest almost caressing her tits, strong hands gripping her waist and fingers digging into the soft cheeks of her ass. The blonde felt something huge pushing at the tight entrance to her pussy. Visions of a huge member invaded her brain.

She screamed in helpless fear, "No, please, ple...."

Pushing insistently, the big phallus forced her pussy lips apart until, inch by inch, it penetrated into the depths of her vaginal cavity. Stretching her inner walls wider than ever before, she felt it moving slowly, pushing right into the very center of her body and stopping only when it reached her cervix.

Despite the horror that dominated her mind, the girl started to lose control of herself, her eyes fluttering and her mouth gasping to cope with the overpowering feelings.

The man took the opportunity to slide his tongue between her full red lips. She felt it slipping down her throat and beyond. She almost gagged but the feeling in her pussy faded out everything else. She was getting close to an orgasm... an unwanted orgasm. Her mind was torn between hatred and lust, wanting it to stop, wanting it to go on forever.

The huge phallus moved faster within her, buried almost to the hilt every time, thrusting into her tight pussy without mercy. Unbearable pleasure shot again and again through her entire body, joy and pain inextricably mixed together in one indescribable feeling. Her legs were shaking, threatening to cave and let her fall to the floor.

But that would never happen, even if she lifted her feet from the ground, she would remain there, pinned to the wall by his huge shaft. Cock pumping and mouth gasping in perfect rhythm. Every hard stroke almost lifted her in the air, just to recede and come back again with equal force.

"Ahhh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhhhhh, aaaghhhhh, Aaannngggghhhh..."

A tremendous orgasm crashed through the beautiful girl as she completely lost control, writhing helplessly in the bonds of his hands and his hard cock that held her erect. Incoherent sounds tumbling from her gaping mouth partially muffled as the alien tongue slipped deeper inside.

Her cunt contracted hard several times, clasping down on his member.

* * *

A pleasing thought formed in the intruder's brain, This species is so easy to manipulate... much better than the previous one. But this is not a good time for impregnation... yet.

* * *

Her legs were shaking uncontrollably beneath her as her orgasm slowly faded away. Her body relaxed little by little while he pulled his cock out of her slick cavity. He released her and the feeble woman slid to the floor, landing on her rounded buttocks.

His still erect cock was just inches away from the woman's face. She was unaware of this because of the total absence of light but the man could see everything perfectly. He aligned his dick to her mouth and moved forward.

The blonde felt the large phallus poking at her lips and she didn't understand what was going on. The overwhelming orgasm was still lingering in her brain and she couldn't think straight. He pushed harder and she was forced to open her mouth, allowing access to his fat cock. The blonde opened her eyes wide when her brain finally processed what was happening and she tried to move her head away from his dick.

Immediately he grabbed her head and kept her firmly in place, then he started to move slowly in and out of her oral cavity. Some sort of creamy substance was leaking from the tip of the phallus. The taste was sweet. She liked it. As more of the fluid spilled inside, she started to swallow. She was so hungry. The blonde began to suck eagerly, trying to get more of it.

He concurred with her efforts and started to fuck her face harder and faster. The man smashed the back of her throat with every thrust but it was evident that she didn't care. A few minutes later, he felt his balls tingle and he slowed down a little. The blonde was grabbing his dick with both hands and was massaging him as if he was a long time lover.

Finally, he climaxed! He blasted a huge amount of semen into her mouth, making her cheeks bulge. As much as she tried to swallow, more sperm was pumped in. The creamy substance began to leak in great quantities from the corners of her stretched lips. It kept spilling down her naked breasts, stomach, pussy, creating a puddle on the floor beneath her legs.

At last, he withdrew, creating a momentary strand of cum hanging from the tip of his cock to her lower lip. Then he turned away and walked up the stairs, leaving the girl kneeling on the floor, leaning back against the wall.

The blonde followed the noise of his footsteps as he moved up. He reached the top of the stairway and opened the door. When the light rushed inside, she was able to see a little more of the man that had just ravished her.

It startled her. He was very tall and muscular and he was wearing some sort of gray suit that covered his entire body. Even his hands were covered with gray gloves that ended with long, sharp claws.

He closed the door leaving the girl surrounded by total darkness again. Her chin, her breasts and thighs were covered with cum. At least she wasn't hungry anymore. Strangely, she felt no need to satisfy her addiction to heroin either. Her body was calmed and fulfilled but not her mind. She thought about her precarious situation and started to cry.

* * *

Back at police headquarters, Sergeant Goodman was leaving the Captain's office. A tall man stood just outside the door. Vega saw him with apathy. The man was wearing a black loose-fitting jacket, jeans and mountain boots. "Can I help you?" the Captain asked.

"Yes... I think so," the man said as he walked into the office.

"Who are you? How did you get in here?" Vega asked.

"I just asked where your office was and they told me," the man said.

"Shit! Some security we have here... This is a restricted area."

"I'm not sure if you're the person I have to see," the man interrupted.

"Why are you here Mr....?" Vega asked patiently, looking down at the papers on his desk.

"I have some information about the murders on Third Street," the man said.

This sentence captured Vega's attention and he turned his head to the man, looking at him intently. "What kind of information?" he asked.

"I have a pretty good idea of who killed those people," the man said.

"You haven't told me your name," Vega said.

"Kurt. You can call me Kurt," he responded. He'd seen the name on a nametag over one of the desks on his way in.

"Ok, Kurt. Tell me who killed those men and how you got that information."

"Can we go to a more private place?" Kurt said looking at the windows all around the office. The Captain thought about it for a moment and said, "Ok. Follow me".

Both men walked down the hall toward one of the interrogation rooms. The first one was busy so they moved on to the next. As they walked beside the window in the first room, they saw a young woman interrogating a crying teenager. The teen's clothes were torn and dirty and she was describing some painful events to the woman. Kurt stopped at the window and observed them for a moment.

"Are you coming?" Vega asked looking back.

"That young girl is lying," Kurt said.

Vega walked back and looked through the window too. Officer Karen O'Malley was consoling the sobbing teen. "Oh, yeah? How do you know that?" Vega asked.

"The mind may not always tell the truth, but the body never lies," Kurt answered.

Vega grabbed Kurt's arm and said, "Come on, let's go".

Sergeant Jameson was coming out of her office in front of the interrogation rooms and passed by Vega and Kurt. The beautiful brunette displayed a discreet smile, leaving behind a trail of her perfume. Kurt stopped abruptly. That scent was instantly recognizable. He looked back at the woman as Vega pulled his arm, urging him to walk into the private room.

"OK, talk to me Kurt, what do you know about the killings?" Vega asked.

"This case is nothing like you have ever seen before. I am sure that it will change your life forever," Kurt said.

The Captain was intrigued by the man's words, but wondered what the hell he was talking about. "How is that?" he asked trying to remain tolerant.

"Answer me this, Captain. Do you believe it's possible that there's intelligent life outside this planet?"

Captain Vega was getting upset now. He couldn't believe he was wasting his time with this idiot. "What does that have to do with anything?" he asked impatiently.

At that moment, Sergeant Jameson opened the door and asked "Captain, are you busy?"

Vega considered finishing the interview with Kurt 'the crazy man' and attend to the attractive Sergeant, but then he had an idea. This was a good opportunity to have a break from the day's tensions and have some fun with the situation; share a good time with his friend Claudia and this harmless lunatic.

"Claudia! Come in! I think this might be interesting for you," Vega said to his partner.

The elegant woman walked in and approached the table were the men where sitting. "What is it?" she asked puzzled.

"This is Kurt" the Captain said, "and he says that he knows who's responsible for the multiple homicide in Third Street, but he has a question for us first," Vega told his partner.

Kurt immediately knew that the Captain was trying to make fun of him and he decided to play along. He had to contact that gorgeous woman anyway so this was convenient for him.

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