tagBDSMThe Treachery of Black Ice

The Treachery of Black Ice


Do you remember that day? I think you do. You should remember it extremely well. In fact, it was a winter day in July. You had been over at my house just as a friend but when we woke up in the morning, we realised how could it had got overnight. Whenever we had a rainy day, followed by freezing cold, we ended up with black ice. Black ice is transparent and incredibly treacherous. Dangerous to walk on, you could slip over and injure yourself. Instead of venturing out, I said,

"Why don't we just stay back here and hang out?"

You agreed. Somehow we got talking about black ice and what it reminded of us. The conversation turned to a particular sex toy I owned. When we used to drink a lot when we were younger - not so much now we are older - you used to frequently open my drawers at home and make fun of my sex toys. You were always intimidated by this nine-inch black glossy dildo with the suction cup on the end. You used to say to me "are you brave enough to take this whole thing? Can your pussy swallow this whole cock?". You said it to me in the dopiest voice ever and it pissed me off. My response?

"Why would you say that? Why? Do you want to see me use it on myself? Do you want to see me fuck myself with it? Ooh, black shiny dildo, pink pussy, quite the winner..."

That used to shut you right up. Little did you know. You brazenly put the toy back and pretended as the whole situation had never happened. This morning, the heater was on and the house was a balmy 22C. A bit like being in the tropics really but enough to warrant wearing less clothing. Then we got talking about that dildo again for some reason. You asked...

"Do you still have that "black ice" dildo of yours?"

"It is funny you say that on a day like this, I do."

"Are you still able to take that whole thing?"

Something at that point made me snap.

"That is a dumb thing to say, Matthew. Or should I call you...Pet? I have never tried this femdom thing on you before, today's the day. We have never had sex. That is about to change. I am sick of you being dumb. You do it to be coy and cute but it isn't cute, it is irritating. For god's sake, you are almost forty and you are still joking about my sex toys, it is not on. Maybe it is not me who needs to take the dildo, it is you."

I got up and went to my bedroom. What should I do next? Oh yes, a strap-on harness in the cupboard which hasn't been used for quite some time. There was Black Ice, all nine inches of him, god he was so glorious. He made me so horny and he used to make me cum. I thought about those good times. He used to elicit a wonderful response from my pussy. I grew wetter at the thought of taking your ass. I pulled out Black Ice and set it up in the harness. I got my tits out. I didn't know how you would react.

You shouted out to me.

"Are you okay in there?"

"I think so, Pet"

"Pet? What are you calling me "Pet" for?"

I made my move and opened the door. Back in the living room, completely nude bar the harness and this huge dick. I swear to god I saw your pants drop real fast.

"Stiffening in your pants? Are you pleased to see me, I hope so. For years you have been asking me constantly, can I take Black Ice. A woman's pussy is...quite elastic especially when she is aroused, when she is horny and when she is wet...like I am now. But, we can take can cock of all sizes. How big is your dick?"

"I don't know if I want to answer that..."

"Answer me, Pet."

"Five and a half inches erect."

"Did you measure yourself?"


"Men overestimate their cock size, men also underestimate their cock size. I don't understand the obsession. Why are so many men obsessed with cock size? You were obsessed with this dildo for years. I think you want to have a taste of it."

"Do I?"

"Get on your knees, Pet. Please...now!"

You got on your knees like an obedient pet. Good boys bend at the knees, actually. Well, there you were, stunned at the sight of this erect black dick right in your face. So what did I do? I slapped you across the face, didn't I? I kept slapping you across the face and well...

"You are such an irritating little shit, Matthew, you really are. How I am still friends with you after all these years? You like a bit of cock in your face, don't you? Don't you wish it was the real thing? I wish it was the real thing but beggars can be choosers. I've had enough of your childish antics and immaturity and maybe you should take your pants off. I want to see your small cock. A small cock that is probably stiff and hard. But you are not the one who is getting a blow job today. Because actually, you have asked for, you know, a little sucky suck ever so often. It only ever happens when we are drunk. Did you ever think of returning the favour? No, because you are a selfish prick. So come on...drop the pants. I can't say I am impressed by what I've seen so far..."

You looked terrified. You slowly rolled down your track pants. There it was...well, it was not very big. Maybe big enough for my standards but for my femdom personality, nope, definitely not too small. I started laughing.

"Matthew with the little cock. Little hard cock. Little hard cock is leaking precum already. I am being too cute...well, I am going to cut the cuteness. Suck my dick."

You were rather compliant. Your hands shakily held the base of this penis. You took me in your mouth. I was impressed by your enthusiastic licking and sucking of this resonant rubber, which made weird squeaking noises as it was manipulated with tongue and saliva. How sloppy. I knew you had done this before.

"Do you like sucking cock, Matthew?"

You didn't say anything, you were too involved in this act of faux fellatio.

"Matthew likes to suck cock, I knew it. I knew it! You have had real dick before, haven't you?"

He stopped sucking. "I have, Miss. I am bisexual."

"I have known that for years, Pet. We don't keep secrets between one another...most of the time. Keep sucking my dick, keep imagining it's a real cock. You remember what a real cock feels like don't you, Pet? Nice and warm silky skin. Hard. Tastes salty from all that precum. Veiny textures of cock that roll over your tongue and you would look up at Master like a good little pet should. Dog obeying Master, Pet obeying Master, same diff, same shit, you are quite the little shit sometimes. You keep sucking dick, remember what it was like to suck a man's cock. You used to keep sucking his cock and you kept looking at Master until he ejaculated. I hope you swallowed. I really hope you swallowed because if you didn't, I would deeply disappointed in you, pet. Deeply disappointed. I am disappointed right now because that is not going to happen with me because this is not a real dick. Stop sucking me off. I want you to bend over, come on. Not touching your dick, fuck off."

You turned around and exposed your ass to me. There it was in all its glory, this small, pasty, hairy butt. Nothing that special about it. I was well aware of your sexuality, of course. You had had sex with men before. We had many serious talks about your trouble fitting into a society that didn't readily accept bisexuals and that made me sad. It was not a laughing matter. But you also told me how the shame you sometimes felt could be put to good use, because here you were, getting off on me humiliating you about your sexual proclivities. I couldn't believe I had you bent over like that in front of me.

"I am going to spread your ass cheeks, Pet. Oh, look what we have, a little pink asshole. Maybe I should get some lube, we don't want to be fucking ass without lube as that would be very painful and I am not into doing pain.


I spanked your ass, as you let out a whimper.

"Yes, Miss!"

Hmm, I wished I had had a whip or belt. I imagined your ass covered in little pink and purple bruises. Getting off on each strike. I felt like I was imparting myself there. I like being spanked too. Squirt, squirt, squirt went the lube. I started fingering your rather tight virgin asshole.

"Can you feel that, Pet? Hmm, you like that don't you, Pet. Every time you wank, you put toys in your ass. You told me this. Hmm, where is that cock of yours...oh there it is. Oh, your little cock is still hard. Is this turning you on, Pet? You better stay hard for me. Stay hard for me...oh, you are getting a bit excited by this. You like me jerking you off, don't you? Nice slow strokes up and down your cock. Squeezing a bit. That precum massaging your head. Fondling your balls...ooh, ticklish are we?"


"Hmm, I think I am rather going to enjoy fucking your ass."

I lubed up the dildo, as I was about to insert cock into you. You were panting with anticipation. Just as I slipped in, your ass gave way and swallowed the whole thing. I tried not to laugh given the nature of our intimate conversations. Your stupid questions. It was your stupid questions that led to this situation.

"Ooh, hmm, Pet. Do you like me fucking you, Pet? Your ass swallowed that cock real good. Good boy, good boy. Hmmm. You like taking it up the ass don't you, Pet. I wish I had done this before. Do you like feeling my cock in you? You like it when I am pumping it in and out of you, don't you?

Stupid little boy. Stupid little man. Stupid man, little dick, it is all the same really..."

I continued to fondle your cock. You were still hard. Now I was amazed. You were sporting a right little hard on as you oozed precum and moaned loudly. I was not about to be cruel and deny you the orgasm you so sorely wanted. Maybe it was the experience you had wanted all your life and you just didn't know it.

"Come on, Pet, cum for me." You started to groan loudly, bathed in sweat.

"Cum for me, Pet, come on and ejaculate for me. Squirt all over my hands. Hmm, you like that, don't you. You like it when your ass swallows cock."

That was the push you needed. You let out a guttural moan as this thick white rope of sloppy semen was expunged from your dick. You drenched my hands and even the living room wall. I couldn't believe what had happened. For a moment, I wondered what I would do next.

"Good Pet. Good pet, turn around and come here. I'll take this off."

As you turned around, I unbuckled the harness. "Ideas. So many ideas. I am actually lost for words for once." Taking in this spent little guy whose cock was not yet soft. I did the unthinkable.

I shoved pussy in your face.

"It's not over yet, Pet. I think I should punish you further. Do you feel how warm that is? Well, I am going to piss all over your face. Drink it up. Dirty little boy."

Yes, I was there with a hairy bush and pink pussy shoved in your face. Your nostrils were buried as this gentle stream of yellow piss rained down on you. You happily drunk it up even though you coughed a bit because I was peeing too fast for your mouth to cope. I was enjoying it a lot and so was you. Not one to waste an opportunity, you dove straight in and licked my stiffened clit. You were lost to this alluring mixture of pussy juice and piss as you continue to suckle on my clit until I shuddered and came, dumping even more liquor on your face. Afterwards, there you were - messy face, a spent dick covered in cum and you stank to high heaven of sexual favours but who gives a shit. We showered afterwards and you went home.

We do not speak much about that morning these days but ever so often, I see a sparkle in your eyes on any winter day where there is mention of black ice. I know you look back on it fondly. So do I.

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