tagBDSMThe Treat Ch. 01

The Treat Ch. 01


It has been a long day and I'm tired as I sit on the sofa pretending to watch TV.

Tristan sits next to me. While inspecting my face his hand moves over my thigh to slowly fondle the naked skin. The message is rather clear, and to encourage him I lean forward to wrap my arms around him. With closed eyes I rub my lips against his.

He smiles, then he ends the kiss while his hand reaches my panties to slowly lift them and sneak his hand in.

My body responds to this right away; heart beating faster, cunt getting wet, nipples hardening. Licking my lips, I start exploring his body with my hands.

"I want to play a game", he says same time as he starts rubbing my clit gently.

I groan, move my hips against him and nod.

"Of course." I look at him through my eyelashes and give him a soft smile. "Want me to get the whip and collar?"

"As much as I enjoy that, that was not what I had in mind."

I feel a bit puzzled, uncertain what he does have in mind.

"What do you wish me to do?"

"We need to work at your vocabulary. For each letter I say, you shall give me word which represents what you are. There is a very special treat for you if you are good. But if you fail you can apologize to your clitoris for giving it two weeks vacation." When he sees me blinking a few times he laughs. "Oh come on, I know how to really punish you when you need it."

I have no answer; I try to prepare myself and get ready, since in the worst case it could end with two orgasm free weeks. Just the thought makes me shiver in discomfort.

"Well, we can start from the beginning. My A..."

"My..." My head is spinning, I can't come up with a single word on a. It is not easier when his hand is moving faster over my clitoris, rubbing me straight towards an orgasm. "Eh...aaah..."

"Time's up. Four more of these and you loose. My B..."

"Your bitch!" I scream out in relieve the word I could come up with. With wide open, begging eyes I stare at him. "Please let me be your bitch."

"My C."

"I'm your cumslut...your cocksucker...your cunt!", I answer giving him a big, happy smile.

"You don't get more points because you say several on the same letter. D"

"Uhm...your little doll?

"E" His voice is low and he is rubbing me faster. My head is spinning with all focus on the sensitive spot between my legs, and his skilled fingers over it. I swallow hard and stare out in the air. "Answer now." The finger gently lifts the little hood and gently presses it back. "F. You better manage this one."

"Fuck...fuckslave?" Sobbing and squirming I rock my hips against him, forcing myself to hold back the orgasm.

We continue and I'm doing well all the way to Q, by mention words like house pet, minx and property. But the orgasm is getting closer and I simply can't think anymore. When I fail on both Q and R, he glares at me and slaps me hard over my thigh. His eyes stop me from squirming, and submissively I look into his eyes.


"Slut" I whisper with a low voice, drained of all power. A slut, that I am for sure; without any doubts.

"T" His hand starts moving and the orgasm hits me. While lifting up my hips against him, I throw my head back and scream out my orgasm. I'm licking my lips and trying to clear my throat enough to speak, sobbing hard from the cramps.


Dizzy from the orgasm I fail U, but manages V. When we are out of letters I wrinkle my eyebrows.

"Did I make it?" Worried I look up at him, waiting. His hand is still touching me, but carefully and tender now. I'm dripping from the orgasm and wondering if it was my last for a long while.

"How many did you fail?" The question is just to tease me as he knows I have no idea. Then he laughs and lifts up his hand to my mouth. While watching me sucking it clean with great pleasure, he nods to give his approval. "You did well, my lady"

"Thank you...oh, thank you so much" Grateful to him and grateful regarding my future sex life.

Then the thought hits me. "What did I win?"

"Now that...that is a surprise. You will see. Now it's time for you to serve me."

Eager to please, I sink down between his knees to unbutton the already hard cock. I love this part so much, to watch it grow slightly harder just under my eyes; then breath in the smell and let my mouth get wet with saliva like thinking of a favorite meal.

He buries his hands in my hair to pull me closer.

All the time I know he is watching me, wanting to see my mouth around his length. While I loose myself in his eyes, I lean forward and breathe hot air over the head. Then I reach with my tongue to lick off pre-cum, making us both groan with pleasure. When I believe every inch, both cock and balls, is covered and wet with saliva, I slowly suck him in. With lips tightly around him I start blowing, and the pace is increasing along with my passion for it. I'm giving him my tongue and mouth the way I know he wants, loving to please him. So when I feel his balls tighten and his body tense, I lock my lips carefully while a finger goes back to play over his muscle. I don't have to wait long before I get my reward, and he starts thrusting into my mouth to give me his seed. He has a firm grip of my head while he cums between my lips and as he expects I suck him clean.

But I'm proved wrong when I thought we were aiming for a second round like we usually are.

Instead he gives me a deep kiss, rises up to put on his pants without bothering to unbutton them and moves over to the phone.

Surprised and with my mouth still open, I watch him talking quietly on the phone. With a mystic smile on his lips, he studies me and my confused face. As soon as he has hung up, he comes back to stroke my cheek.

"Your present is on his way." he says, looking down at me.


"I know you fantasy about two cocks filling you at the same time. The thought turns you on more than anything."

I gasp, missing words. Tristan is taking advantage of the situation and leads me to the bathroom. "I want you to be on your best behavior tonight, so we have to make you clean first." He pushes me into the shower, still with the rests of my clothes on. Then he steps out of his jeans and joins me in the shower.

The water is hot on my skin, and I shiver, because of the heat but mainly because of what is waiting.

He wraps his arms around me and I can feel the hard on poking my belly. Softly he grabs my chin and lifts it up so I look up at him.

Water is pouring down our faces and I try to wink it away from my eyes to see him clearly. The expression in his face is loving and serious. I open my mouth to say something, but he stops me by placing his thumb over my lips.

"I love you. I want you to enjoy this, as I know you will, if you just trust me...and yourself. You don't have to do anything you don't want to."

Quietly I nod, lifting my arms to place them behind his neck and kiss him. I notice his hands moving over my body, rubbing it with soap.

The feeling of water running over our bodies, making them slippery, turns me on. I start rocking my hips against him, and it doesn't take long for him to react.

While holding one of my legs up by the knee, he spreads my cunt lips with his cock. I sob when he presses me against the cold wall to enter me. He does it slowly even though I try to pull him deeper in.

My mouth is open and water is finding its way in before it falls down from the corners.

He grabs my knee tighter and I reach up to lock it around his waist as he starts thrusting.

The pace is still slow, but it feels intimate and exciting. With his other hand he finds my nipple and starts twisting it till I squirm in pain. I beg him to take me faster, begging him to consume me and let me cum. With shivering lips I find his lower lip and dig my teeth into it while my eyes pray for relief.

Then finally, he increases the speed and starts rubbing his pelvic bone against my clit.

It doesn't take long for me to feel the orgasm hit me and I start squeezing tight around the length buried in me. He lets out a deep groan as he starts cumming in me the same time my cramps takes control over my cunt and the orgasm control over my mind.

Afterwards there is only the sound of water hitting the shower walls. I don't know how long we stand there, but enough for all the soap and delicious juices to end by our feet in the pool of water. We meet in a passionate kiss; my knees are still shaky when we get out from the shower to dry each other with the towels.

"I..." Interrupted by the doorbell, I swing around to face the direction of the hallway. My heart starts beating in a furious speed and my mouth feels

"Easy. Do you want to go and get dressed while I get it? Victor is here."

I know who Victor is. I had met him before; he's a colleague of Tristan who seemly shares his interest in BDSM. The thought made me worried, but more than anything else it made me insanely turned on.

When I walked out from the bedroom Tristan was serving something to drink while Victor sat on the couch.

They both turned around to look at me and I gave a nervous smile back while pulling at the skirt of my black dress to make it cover more of my thighs.

Uncertain on what to do next, I turn to Tristan and he wraps his arms around me and looks down at me. He has never been a man making this more complicated than they are, so he simply looks at me and asks:

"Would you like to suck him?" He nods at the cock throbbing in the open jeans.

Because of my own arousal I had not noticed that Victor was sitting with his pants opened and with his cock pointing out from the boxers. I swallow air a few times, thinking that they for sure didn't waste time on cold talk, before I move from Tristan's arms to sink down between Victor's knees. My cheeks are blushing and I look up at him; the confident and relaxed expression in his face makes me shy.

He lifts his eyes to Tristan and smiles at him, while his hand reaches my jaw to stroke it.

"Quite a treasure you got here. Nice of you to share."

Then he moves his attention back to me, and tenderly he starts stroking my jawbone while looking at me.

Tristan comes up behind me and grabs my hair to jerk my head back. Then he buries his teeth in my neck, making me scream aloud. With his mouth and teeth playing at my neck, I start to feel comfortable with the situation. The scene feels more familiar when he plays with his tongue under my ear, making my blood pulse faster.

I lean forward to get more intimate with the stone hard cock before me. A groan comes from above when my breath covers his sex; I lean forward to close my hand around the root.

It feels different than Tristan's, and slowly I start to discover the shaft with my thumb. I am absorbed with the new toy in my hand, and I play with my fingers to explore every inch of it. While licking my lips wet, I lean my head down to taste the head with the tip of the tongue.

All three of us groan when my mouth starts moving over his cock; tasting and licking. It grows harder and bigger when I take him into my mouth and let the glans rest on my tongue.

Tristan is squeezing my ass cheeks through the dress, and then he pushes it up to expose my pale ass. The same time as I start sucking the cock in passionate moves, he pulls my underwear's higher so the fabric cuts in between my cunt lips and ass crack.

I hear Victor breathing harder and he lifts his hips to meet me when I suck, forcing me to take him deeper on each suck.

"Having fun yet?"

I hear the dark voice behind me and I nod with another mans cock filling my mouth the same time as Tristan's hand lands on my ass. The pain is intense and burning, the slaps coming like a smooth river one after another till I know the skin is dark pink.

Then he stops and starts fondle the skin with his fingertips. His touch is almost owning, and when he reaches down to rub my clit I tense my whole body as response.

Victor takes the opportunity to thrust his whole length between my lips and down my throat. I gag reflexively, but force myself to swallow the cock and take it over the reflex.

As if that wasn't enough, I'm already dizzy from horniness. Then Tristan presses in two of his wonderful fingers inside of me and starts to finger me brutally just like I love it. My body starts shivering with pleasure, and then with pain as he combines the fingering with one hand with flogging me with his other hand.

I suck harder on the cock, taking him so deep my nose buries in his pubic hair, but when he is getting close to the edge, he roughly pulls himself out of me and looks over my shoulder.

"She likes to be fed when she is hungry" is the answer on his unspoken question. The answering is coming from behind, and I groan and tense my body. I turn my head over my shoulder and stare at Tristan with begging eyes.

"Please, may I feel your cock?"

Victor pulls me back and drags my head over his hard shaft.

Obediently I start sucking him, devoted to my task to make him cum. My tongue is playing and teasing each area it can reach, and my lips are locked around him each time he slams himself deep in.

My happiness is complete when I feel the head of my lovers cock rubbing against my clitoris. Hopefully I start rolling my hips against him, the stings of pain hit me each time his hips comes in contact with my ass.

Then finally I feel his cock spreading the dripping wet lips. I shiver, but the moving cock in my mouth reminds me. With my eyes watching Victor and with my lips stretched to the limit around his shaft, I feel Tristan press his tool to open me up.

"Damn, she is so tight. Ah..."

His grip on my hips is firm and he pulls me back over his erection to fill me up. Then they both start fucking me in tandem, arranging their pace so I fly deep over Victors cock each time Tristan hammers himself inside of me.

My own orgasm is getting rapidly closer when I notice how Victor's body has tensed. I lift a hand to start massaging his balls and one of his hands digs into my arm when he starts cumming hard in my mouth. Still cumming he pulls out and orders me to lick him, so his juices hit my face instead. I do as he says and lick over his cock while he comes hard over me. My mouth is sticky with juices and I try to lick it up before it drips down, but with Tristan fucking me almost savagely from behind, it is getting hard for me to focus.

When his hand finds my clit and he starts to rub it the same speed as he is piercing me with his cock, I loose control and scream out my orgasm. I cramp over and over, milking him with my tight muscles.

My body is focused on making him come the same time as I do, and for a moment I forget about the sperm drying in my face, and about the cock I had sucked clean. I meet his moves and squeeze around him till I hear him groan and make a final deep thrust so hard that I scream with pain.

He starts filling me with his juices and I sob with pleasure. Our mixed juices escape my cunt and runs down my thigh. He catches it with his fingers and holds them before me.


I open my lips and stick out my tongue to suck his fingers in.

While he continues thrusting slowly inside of me and I milk all cum out of him, he fucks my mouth with his sticky fingers. Then he pulls out and comes in front of me. With a firm grip in my hair he pulls me up so I stand on my knees, and after opening my mouth with his thumbs he presses his cock in for me to clean as well.

Victor is sitting in the sofa catching his breath, watching me serve my love. He reaches for his drink and takes a few sips while his eyes move over to my cunt. The look in his eyes shows that he would like a piece of that one as well, and is expecting it before the night is over.

When Tristan thinks I am done, he pulls me up on my feet and kisses me hard.

I smile at him, grateful and dizzy from the orgasm. I am already in the mood for a new round and he knows me well enough to read that in my face.

He pushes me, knocking me back into Victors lap. That is enough, and right away his hands start groping my body.

I lifted my head just to see Tristan grinning down at me.

"Let's bring the cunt to the kitchen and tie her up, shall we?"

He grabs my arm and pulls me up from Victors lap, and drags me over to the kitchen. Once there he smoothly undresses me naked and points to the table.

Without objections I jump up and sit on the table.

Soon Victor's hands are there again, and he pushes me down forcing me onto my back. Quietly I watch them arrange chains to the roof and tie leather straps around my thighs just over my knees.

They attach the chains to them so I end up with my legs in the air and my cunt well exposed. My ass and the lower part of my back are in the air when they give my hands attention instead. With routine they lock my arms above my head, and I shiver as my nipples grows harder. While groaning softly I close my eyes for a moment and enjoy the feeling of complete helplessness and knowing I've surrendered all power and control. I love to be their toy, being their little cum slut to use and abuse.

Victor is getting more eager, but Tristan tells him to be patient and back off. Then he holds two nipple clamps before my eyes.

"Do these belong to you?"


"Beg for it."

"Please may I have the clamps in my nipples?"

"You can do better than that..."

"Please may I have the clamps in my nipples so my body will spasm and squirm in pain? So the slut can feel the blood rush to them and the pain shine out from them through my entire body. Please, I promise to be a good fucktoy."

I get a cruel laugh as answer, and I turn my face to Victor. He is almost drooling over me. It looks like he is about to throw himself over me any second.

It makes me feel like an animal being hunted, but with nowhere to run. Yet, I can't help being turned on by that very feeling.

Tristan closes the first clamp around my nipple. He has mixed with them. They dig into my nipples much harder than they use to, and it goes black before my eyes. I can't breathe; I gasp for air but can't suck it down my throat. Giving out a long painful cry, I feel him close the other one around the other nipple.

"Hehe, guess you liked that, love."

Dizzy I blink over and over, and Tristan's face is coming closer as he leans forward to kiss my open mouth. Meanwhile his hand moves down to my tortured nipples, and a masculine finger is fondling the underside of my breasts.

I groan and sob as my body is vibrating with pain and pleasure.

His erection is poking my shoulder, and I give it a hungry glance.

"May I please suck you?" Licking my lips, I look up at him.

He gives me a pleased chuckle but shakes his head. "There will be enough time for you to suck cocks, more than plenty. When we are done your jaw will ache, just like the rest of your delicious body. But right now I'm going to taste my little slutty cunt."

Just the words are enough to bring me to heaven. I gasp for air, imagining his touch even though he hasn't done anything yet.

Meanwhile Victor stands by my side, slowly wanking his rock hard shaft. His eyes move over my body to inspect everything exposed on the table.

Tristan walks around to stand on the other end of the table, and I can see him between my spread legs. He grabs a chair and sits down to lean his elbows over the table and breaths over my thighs. The air is hot and damp. I sob softly, mumbling a prayer but the words don't come out correctly. Slowly he moves forward so his lips almost touch my cunt lips.

"Please!" The eco of my scream vibrates between the walls. He laughs as answer, amused by my frustration and my willingness.

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