tagBDSMThe Treat Ch. 02

The Treat Ch. 02


I can’t think of anything else than his head between my thighs. The breath fondles my cunt and makes the juices run faster. Then he leans forward to rub his cheeks over my right thigh. He hasn’t shaved for two days and the start to a beard almost pricks the sensitive skin. Slowly he moves his head and I try to lift myself closer but suspended as I am, I can only feel it happening.

“Please don’t tease me more…” I beg, my voice is sore and hoarse. Tears of pain and frustration makes my eyes wet and quietly rolls down over my face.

“Aaww, princess. Is that tears I see? Was starting to wonder how much more it would take.” Tristan’s voice is soft and he is mumbling, but I can sense the smile in his voice. I feel his hand resting on my lower belly before it moves up with the knuckles caressing my hot skin, all the way to my face. With a tender finger he stops my lips from shivering by holding the fingertip against my lower lip. While taking a sobbing breathes I close my eyes hard and try to retain control of myself. It feels like I’m shattered to small pieces, drained and vulnerable.

“Please Tristan…” I start sobbing harder again, the frustration almost breaking me. I have never claimed to be very patient, but right now it is like balancing in a thin line and knowing I will fall any second.

The finger slowly leaves my lips and wanders the same way as it came, down over my collar bone, between my breasts and passing my bellybutton on the way to the pulsing center where my legs meet. He spreads the already opened cuntlips and then finally I feel hear him move closer the second before I feel his tongue press against the entrance.

“Ah…up up up up…please!” I surprise myself when I hear the screaming, desperate voice and realize how loud I am. “Please...” I repeat, lower this time.

A laugh from my side reminds me of a presence I had almost forgotten, and with big, dark eyes I stare at Victor. Meanwhile Tristan changes from playing over the wet opening, to flick softly over my clitoris. I fist my hands and let out a long groan of pleasure. The tongue is firm but wet, playing and teasing to make the most wonderful things with my body. This was what I was waiting for, and it was worth every second.

“No, you little minx.” I hear Tristan’s voice far, far away. “It’s not time for you to cum yet”, he adds and pulls back to watch me. I stare at him, angry, no furious.

“Tristan…” I say with a low, warning tone. “I’ll kill you if you stop now!”

“It doesn’t look like you are in the position to give any threats, does it?” He looks down at me, nodding at the restraints I’m tied up to. Then he let the eyes moving over my naked body speak its own language. His look is owning, as he is awarded of my surrender of control and power. I am his pet, obedient under my sexuality and devoted under my love. I start to wonder if I’ve fallen in love with the devil, but then my cunt starts aching so bad I can’t think of anything else.

I hear Victor moving to rest his weight on the other foot, and with low voices they mumble to each other. I feel dizzy and my body tenses each time my cunt contracts in a cramp of frustration.

Then I feel Tristan between my thighs again, and I’m holding my breath. He leans forward and places his thumb just over my clit and gently rubbing against the little hood covering it. I gasp for air, but then I totally forget about trivial things as breathing when his finger slowly enters me the same time he keeps playing with my clit. The knuckle sends shivers through my spine, as it teases just the entrance of the inner cunt lips while moving in and out. The pleasure is consuming me, and is even intensified when he replaces the thumb with his tongue and starts fingering me with two firm fingers.

“Cum for me, Lilith.”

It goes black before my eyes and the only word going through my mind is “finally”, and then the orgasm hits me with the strength of banging your head into a brick wall. The cramps take control of my cunt and the muscles tense tight around the fingers still moving inside of me.

Tristan doesn’t stop playing for a moment; instead he managed to give me new waves of the orgasm over and over till I don’t have energy left to open my eyes. Like a weak, beaten booty I lay there.

“Darling, you have made a mess here! The table is covered with your delicious juices; we can’t let those go wasted. When we are done with you here I think you will have to lick all of it up. Maybe I should get that collar from the pet shop and attach to you meanwhile, and take some pictures of it before I fuck you doggy style.”

I only manage to give a poor excuse for a sigh as answer.

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