The Tree


"Well, you know me, I'm easy."


"You want to know if I've ever had my cock totally swallowed, or if a girl's swallowed when I come?"


I sighed.

"Yeah, I know, I know," she said. "But these are Jen's rules."

"Both," I said.

"Mmm. Who?"

"No. That really is a different question," I said.

Jen grumbled a bit, moving around some more, teasing me on purpose. We had hardly touched our drinks yet. I didn't know if that meant anything or nothing. She leaned out and picked up her glass and took a long swallow. I watched the way her throat moved.

"You're falling behind," she said. "Come on, slowcoach."

I leaned out and grabbed my own glass. As I did my right hand, still clutching Jen, brushed against the side of her breast, but she didn't say or do a thing.

I drank my glass down and refilled both of them, horny as all hell.

"Have you ever swallowed?" I said.

"Is that your question?" she said.

"I guess."

"Cock or cum?"

"Either. Both."

Jen nodded. "Sure. Both."

"Who was your first?"

I knew she was working out if the question was allowed. It obviously was.

"You remember Aden Jennson?"

"Tall kid. Well built. Played football and hockey?"

"That's the one."

"He was your first blowjob?"

"He had a nice cock, too. Circumcised, short but thick. You're not circumcised are you, Jack?"

"You know I'm not."

"I don't. How could I possibly know that?"

"Well I'm not," I said.

"I think I prefer my men uncut," Jen said, and I hadn't even had to ask her a question.

"Did you swallow?"

"Aden? A little, maybe, but just like you he was fast. Man, he was so fucking fast. We were behind the bleachers and we'd been petting pretty heavy for maybe a week. I let him touch my boobies, such as they are, and he kept trying to get inside my panties and I wouldn't let him. I guess I felt I owed him something for not putting out so one night I took him out and gave him a hand job. That was instant too." She trailed off, perhaps thinking back, and I stroked her skin through the dress as she laid a hand along my thigh, the heel of her palm inches from the end of my hardened cock. Neither of us meant much by the moves. It was comfort. Pleasure. I know I didn't intend anything more.

"I remember getting real excited when he came. I'd never seen a man shoot like that before and I liked it. Seeing him jet turned me on like you wouldn't believe. I think if he'd stayed hard he could have taken my cherry, but he went soft almost at once and got kind of embarrassed and I remember I had to walk home on my own. After jacking him off, too."

"It's tough being a senior," I said.

"Don't I know it."

"So this blow job?"

"Oh, yeah, sure. The blow job." She giggled. "I used my hand another couple times, the last one I took my top of and he came on my tits, but that was for me, not him. I just love-" She stopped fast. She was breathing hard under my hand and I pulled her tighter against me. She said, "Sorry, almost TMI then."

"No such thing, Jen," I said. "You can tell me anything at all." I stroked her belly, my other hand lying along her thigh, one finger draped inside where they didn't quite close together. "You liked it when he came on your tits, didn't you?"

She nodded, her head laid back against my chest, her entire body languid, soft against me.

"You still like that?" I said.

She nodded a second time.

"How much?"

"How much? Let's just say a lot. So..." she tensed a little as though coming back to herself, "he came on my tits and I rubbed it in and then lifted a finger and licked it, letting him see what I was doing. But of course he'd shot his load by then and lost interest."

"You walked home alone again," I said.

"You got it."

"He sounds like a pig."

"I guess. But remember, I was probably more into the idea than him. I wanted to suck his cock. I dreamed about how it would feel in my mouth, the thickness of it, the creaminess when he shot his load."

"You let him come in your mouth the first time?"

"I told you, I wanted him to."

She was definitely breathing hard now. I reached for my drink and took a swallow, needing something, not sure if I might not just fill my pants leg with my own cream if she kept going like this. As I put the tumbler back on the table my hand again found the edge of her breast and when I returned I left it there. I waited for Jen to slap me or away or make some comment, but nothing.

"And was it as good as you dreamed?"

Her head moved against my chest. "Better. Do you think I'm a slut, Jack, for liking the taste of cum so much?"

"You're not a slut," I said.

"I feel like it sometimes. I think about sex a lot, but I've never experienced really great sex. Not the kind of sex that makes me almost pass out."

"The earth's never moved for you," I said.

"Not even a tremble."

I couldn't believe that. Here she lay against me as loose limbed as a sleeping cat. I knew a good man could make her scream in ecstasy.

"Why not?"

She snuffled. "You think if I knew the answer to that I wouldn't have done something about it?"

I reached over and retrieved her glass, handed it to her, reached for mine and sipped.

"So, the other type of swallowing," I said. "You done that too?"

"Uh-huh," she said.

"All the way?"

"Well—I could manage Aden without even having to open my throat, but sure, I've taken bigger men than him."

"No gagging?"

"Not much, no. I just seem to be able to take it all."

"Wow," I said.

Jen pulled my arms against her. "Isn't this kinda weird, Jack, me and you talking about blowjobs and swallowing and cum?"

"It is kind of," I said.

"You don't mind?"

"What's to mind?"

"There's no payoff," she said. She moved her ass against my cock, letting me know it was there and she knew it was there.

"I don't need a payoff," I said.

"You can use your hand later on," she said.


"I think I might," she said.

"Be my guest."

"You're too kind. Is it my turn again yet?"


"I think it is. What's your favorite kind of sex?"

"Um, I'm not sure I get you. Isn't there only one kind of sex?" I put my empty glass on the table and pulled Jen against me. She started up some kind of loose swaying movement with her ass, lifting away, coming back, each time she came back the ridge of my cock slid along the crack of her ass. I wondered how long she might do this before I erupted. I guess not too long.

"Do you like fucking a mouth, a pussy or an ass? Which is your favorite?"

I was too shocked to say anything.

After a moment Jen said, "Oh, sorry, I should have checked first. Have you done all of those things? Of course you can't answer if you haven't tried them all. But I know you've had a blowjob, and I assume you've fucked a woman. Even if your first wife was a lesbian, your second wasn't."

"I've... yeah, I've fucked plenty of women," I said.

"In all those places?" she said.

"Um... in most of them."

Jen giggled. "You telling me you've never done anal? Oh my God, Jack, that's priceless." She was breaking up in a big way but I didn't mind because of how she moved against me when she laughed. I even copped a full handful of left boob before pulling away.

"So have you been fucked in your ass?" I said, a little embarrassed, a little angry with her.

"Uh-uh, not your question," she said.

"Well you got warning what my question's gonna be, then," I said.

"Later. OK, in that case, which do you prefer, mouth or pussy?"

"I couldn't say. Each has its own attraction, but I honestly couldn't choose one over the other."

"Ah, just wait until you taste the pleasure of a tight asshole. I bet I know what your answer will be then. So I guess that question's a bust. I get another one."

"No way."

"My rules."

I tickled her, knowing she hated it, and she squirmed against me like an eel. This was getting beyond playful now.

Finally she stopped wriggling and settled back against me. The heel of her palm had found the head of my cock and I knew it wasn't accidental, but wondered how far she was going to go with this.

"Favorite position, then," Jen said. "Missionary, cowboy, on top, underneath, from behind, side on."

"That's an easy one. Doggy."

"I knew it!" she said, laughing. "I just knew you were going to say that."

"So what's yours?"

"Is that your question? Think before you say yes."

"No, I'm going to put the earlier one on the table."

"Which one was that, Jack?"

"You know which one."

"I'm only a simple girl who's had too much wine and bourbon. I forget things."

"Have you been fucked in your ass?" I said.

Jen sighed like I had asked for the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Maybe I had.

"I have," she said.

"And... was it your choice? Did you like it? How does it feel? Does it make you come?"

"Oh my, that's a whole raft of questions right there, ain't it?"

"As I recall the rules they're all subsidiary."

"Now he's the lawyer."


Jen lifted her hands and counted off on her fingers. My fingers on her stomach measured each breath as she spoke.

"One—yes, it was my choice. I asked for it the first time."


"I'm only at one," she said.

"Still why."

"Because I was curious. Because I wanted to try something that wicked and taboo."

"Weren't you scared it would hurt?"

"I'd practiced some with my fingers, so I knew I could take a cock in there. Can I go on now?"


"Two—yes, I liked it. Loved it, in fact. And before you throw my own question back at me, my favorite type of sex is anal. Not all the time, because, like, you know it can get a bit sensitive back there after a couple of bouts, especially if the guy is nicely hung. But given the choice of the three it would always be my ass."

"You want another drink?" I asked.

"Not tonight," Jen said. "I don't want to pass out like I did last night." She raised her fingers again. "Three—it feels absolutely wonderful, like my body has been made complete. Like I am filled. And four—duh—of course I come. My turn. Have you ever fucked another man?"


"Didn't you understand the question, brother dearest?"

"Have you ever had sex with another woman?"

"Now you're doing it again. Me first. Me, me, me."

"Then the answer's no."

"Ever wondered what it would be like?"

"Another question," I said.

"Subsidiary, your honor."

"No, never wondered."

"Liar. Everyone's wondered."

"Then never taken it beyond wondering."

"Not even a tiny little fantasy?"

I shook my head, realized she couldn't see me and said, "No. Not even an atom sized one. Finished?"

Jen sighed like I was a huge disappointment, and I wondered exactly how wild my sister might be.

"I guess," she said. "In that case I need a pee and then I need another drink. And yes, I do remember what your question was. And my answer is yes." With that she got up and went inside.

I poured us both fresh drinks. The bottle was almost empty and I toyed with going to the car and bringing in another, but the truth was I was so hard I wasn't sure I could walk without something breaking. I drank off half my bourbon and topped the glass just as Jen came back, swinging her hips so her skirt flared.

"Take the position," she said.

I lay back and she settled against me.

"You want to ease that thing inside your pants so you're more comfortable?"

"I'm fine," I said.

"You want me to ease it for you?"


"I can if you want. It likely only needs pushing upward so there's more space for it to grow."

"I think it's grown pretty much all it can, thank you."

"Oh, there's always room for a little more growth with the right encouragement." She reached around and laid her hand over the ridge in my pants, laughing.

"I'll do it," I said. "I need a pee too. I'll fix it then."

"Spoilsport." Jen pouted, but spoiled it with a grin.

It took me a while to pee because I was so hard, but eventually the floodgates opened. After I did as Jen suggested and re-arranged myself so my cock lay flat against my stomach. I did think I might have a problem if the top extended above the waist of my jeans, but Jen had made the suggestion and she could live with the consequences.

It was only as I turned back to the door I saw them on the side of the bath.

Jen's panties.

They hadn't been there after my shower, but now there they were.

Small, with lacy edges.

I hesitated, but knew I couldn't resist. I lifted them to my face and breathed in deeply.

Her scent filled my head and I breathed again, feeling the damp cotton against my cheek. I wasn't the only one getting aroused out there on the couch. And now she was sitting naked under her dress and I wondered what that meant. I went back to find out.

We took our positions. This time when Jen lay against me it felt different. It might have been my imagination and the knowledge she wore nothing under her dress, but I was sure the feel of her pressing against me was silkier, softer.

Jen's glass was full but I noticed the bottle was now empty.

"Other women," I said.



"Often enough."

"What's it like?"

"You know what women are like," Jen said. She moved, lifting up then settling back down and my cock had escaped above my jeans and her ass cheeks trapped the head between them.

"I want to hear what you do, get done to you. Whether you like women more than men. They couldn't fuck your ass, could they."

"But they can lick it. And I can lick them. You ever had your ass licked, Jack?"

"Oddly enough, no."

"Nothing odd about it."

"Don't tell me—you love that too?"

"What's not to like? Only after you've had a stiff little tongue invade you back there can you be truly satisfied."

"What do you do? You and the other woman?"

"What d'you think? You know, don't you? You've been down on a girl. You have, haven't you? Don't tell me you've never-"

"Yes, I've been down on a girl."

"You like giving head?"

"Sure." I threw her phrase back at her. "What's not to like?"

"How much?"

I stretched my arms out.

"That much, huh?" Jen said. "Well I like having my pussy licked this much." She stretched her legs out, one each side. The movement lifted her dress almost to her waist and yes, she had discarded her panties. I clearly saw the dark tuft of her bush, and she must have known I could see, but we were beyond that now.

"And doing the licking?" I said as she settled back down, making no effort to cover herself.

"Mm-hmm. What's good for the gander's good for the goose."

I laughed. "You make is sound so appealing."

"I'm glad."

She was rotating her ass against the head of my cock now like she was trying to unscrew it and I knew I was going to have to do something or it would all be over any second. So I lifted her a little and put my hand flat between her legs.

She was unbelievably wet.

She went still for a moment, then began to move against my hand.

"Are you actually feeling up my pussy?" she said.

"Is that a main or a subsidiary?"

"Oh, a main I think, don't you?"

"Then the answer is yes."


"You like it?"

"What's not to like?"

"Even though it's me doing it?"

She half turned. "Sorry, you are? Oh, yeah... my brother."


"Gone beyond that now, don't you think?" she said.

"You gonna come?"

"If you keep doing that I am. You wanna slip a couple'a fingers inside?"

"Sure." It seemed impolite to refuse. She was tight, hot, welcoming.

She shifted position, lifting her dress higher, and when she came down her naked ass pressed around the head of my cock.

"You know, we really ought to let the boy out," she said.

"Be my guest."

"We're only playing, right?" she said.

"Only playing," I confirmed.

"No fucking. Definitely no fucking."

"Of course."

"Good. Just so we both know the rules."

"Your rules," I said.

She fumbled behind her, fingers finding then loosening the brass buttons on my jeans until they were all free. She lifted up and I followed, letting her tug my jeans down, my shorts going along with them until both stuck half way down my thighs.

"I guess that'll have to do," Jen said, settling the crack of her ass around my now exposed cock.

I groaned.

"Don't go coming all of a sudden on my ass yet, will you? You gotta bring me off first."

"I'll try, but no promises."

"Oh, don't worry, I'm not gonna be long at all. No, not long at all."

She settled against me and I used the hand that wasn't plunging between her thighs to unbutton her dress and tugged so it draped down over me, exposing her completely at the front. I stroked her gorgeous small breasts, pulled on her pretty pink nipples, and Jen ground against my hand and cock, breathing like she had just run a sprint.

"This is only because of today," she said, making no sense to me at all.

"Of course it is."

"Doesn't mean you got privileges."

"I know."

"Oh sweet Jesus, Jack, I think I'm gonna come hard."

"Good." I kissed her neck. Licked inside her ear.

"Oh fuck, that's doing it."

She was jerking on top of me, her steady ass rhythm totally gone but I didn't care. I was lost in the wonder of making my sister come.

"Uhn, shooo... more fingers, Jack, I come already but I'm ready for seconds."

I plunged another finger inside, then a fourth, pushing hard into her, feeling Jen start to shake again. She reached around underneath and found my cock, began to rub me fast.

"Now you, baby... splash on my ass... like that, Jack, come on my ass for me..."

She was shuddering again and I couldn't hold back a moment longer. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I felt as though my entire being was emptying through the head of my cock, pumping over and over and over again, streaking her delicious cheeks with cum and she rubbed the head of my cock all over her ass as I emptied onto it.

Afterward she was quiet. I slipped my fingers out of her and laid my hand on her bare belly. Jen laid her hand over mine, and I knew it was going to be all right.

Some time later she stood and re-buttoned her dress, not seeming to care about the mess I had made underneath it.

I went out to the car and brought the other two bottles of bourbon inside, but only opened the one.

We sat and drank in silence until, eventually, Jen said, "You can't sleep with me, Jack, you know that."

I nodded.

"So long as we understand what just happened here."

I suppressed a laugh. "I'm glad one of us does.

She kissed me, that non-sister kiss I was getting to like a lot.

"I need to think some things through," she said, got up and walked away.

Just what the fuck did that mean?


Jen was late rising the following morning. I sat in the kitchen wreathed in the smell of coffee and bacon, listening for her. When she hadn't shown by ten I gave up and started in on the work still left. It was hard to believe just how much junk our parents had managed to accumulate over forty years of marriage.

She emerged a couple of minutes after eleven, hair unbrushed, dark smudges beneath her eyes, and I still thought she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

"I thought you'd gone into hibernation," I said.

Jen only grunted as she went past me into the kitchen. I heard a bowl going down, cereal being poured, the gurgle of milk and juice. I carried on working.

When she can back she carried two mugs of coffee, handed one to me.

She stood in front of me, looking up, her face serious and I knew I didn't want to hear what she was about to say.

"I've been awake most of the night. Thinking."


"You know what about, don't you?"


She sighed like all the air was coming out of her body. "You know last night was a mistake? A big mistake. I don't blame you. If anything I blame myself. But it took two of us. You can see that, can't you?"

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