tagIncest/TabooThe Tree House

The Tree House


The path was overgrown. What once was a clear trail was now weed choked. The forest had reclaimed it.

Chad sighed as he picked his way through the tangled mess. It had been eight years since he had last been here. He found it hard to believe that the path had disappeared so fast. Fleeting like his childhood had been.

From behind him came a crash and several curses. Shaking his head Chad turned to regard his twin sister Chrissie. He had hoped to sneak away to the old fort that him and an old friend, Jason, had built when they were eight. Well that their fathers had built for them. They had spent two years in that tree house fort, and Chad had wanted to relive his memories alone. Unfortunately his sister had other ideas.

"Why the hell did you guys have to have this thing built way out here in B.F.E. for, anyways?" Chrissie bitched. Chrissie was always bitching it seemed to Chad. She was developing into one of those type of girls.

As she worked her way out of the bramble patch she had blindly stepped into, he shook his head at her chose of clothing. Where he had worn blue jeans and an old t-shirt, she had on a thin baby blue halter top, white shorts that were way too short exposing most of her long legs to the brambles, and weeds of the path, and white tinnies shoes. She had a ball cap on her head with her hair pulled through the back of it in a pony tail.

He had to admit though, that she did look nice in that outfit. Though they were damn near identical, there were some differences. While they both had blond hair, his was shaggy and cut short, while hers was long and smooth as silk. His face was rough, and sharp as if cut from granite, while hers had smoother, and softer features. They were both tall, though he stood two inches higher the she did. All in all, she got the better deal he thought.

"You didn't have to come," Chad replied as he pushed a branch out of his way. "Hell, I didn't even want you to come anyways."

"Oh right, like I was going to hang around those two the whole afternoon," she spat back. "All they ever talk about is business anymore. My god it gets old," she griped as she pulled yet another branch that had gotten snagged on her shirt away. Their parents were software geniuses and were always discussing work.

"It may be boring to you, but you wouldn't have all those outfits you would die without, or that new car they are getting you tomorrow," Chad said over his shoulder to her.

"Thats true I suppose," Chrissie agreed. Their eighteenth birthday was today, and Chrissie was very exited about that, or at least she was exited about the car she was going to get tomorrow. Chad on the other hand wished that their birthday wouldn't come, for that was when he would be sent away. Away from his family, friends, his life, and his sister.

Chad's parents had decided to send him to an all boys privet school in England. Though he would be able to return for some holidays, he would be gone the greater part of four years. The school would train him to be an adult, to enter the world. Basically that meant his childhood was over. Thus the reason for this trip. He wanted to come visit the spot where his favorite childhood memories were. The tree house fort.

"Hey, is that it, Chad?" Chrissie asked.

Chad looked up in surprise. He had been so lost in thought that he hadn't realized how far they had gone. He recognized the spot right off. The tree was thicker and taller than the other trees near-by. Boards had been nailed onto the tree bark at two foot intervals. Up into the branches he could just make out the bottom of the old tree fort.

"Yeah, thats it alright," he smiled. He stood there just looking up into the branches as his memory replayed hours upon hours of war games, and pirate games Jason and he had played as kids. How he would give anything to go back to those days.

"Well, we going up?" Chrissie asked as she went to the tree.

"Hold up, Chris," Chad said. "Let me go first. I want to make sure it hasn't rotted through before you try it."

Chrissie gave him an odd look, but stepped back. "What ever you want, Chad."

Chad reached out both hands to grip the bottom board, and tugged experimentally on it. It seemed to be sound. "Well, here goes nothing," he said. Taking a deep breath, he started climbing the wooden steps, testing each one carefully. If they could hold his weight, then they would easily hold his sisters. He then reached the trap door at the bottom of the fort. He pushed it open and climbed inside.

He was disappointed in the discovery of how small it was now. It also wasn't nearly as grand as he remembered it to be. "I guess you really can't go back," he said to himself.

"Hey up there. Can I come up?" a voice drifted up through the trap door.

"One sec," he shouted back. He proceeded to walk the floor, stomping here and there to check for rot. He felt a sense of pride. The fort was still sound. "It's safe. Come on up"

Almost before the words were out of his mouth, Chrissie's head popped into view. He hated to say it, but damn that girl could climb.

"It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be," she said.

Chad suppressed the urge to cuss her and replied "Well, it was built when I was a lot smaller, but yeah. It is small in here."

Chad went to the far corner of the fort, and pressed up on a section of the ceiling exposing another opening to the roof. Holding onto the sides he pulled himself up through the opening. He then felt relief. The view was just as spectacular as he remembered it to be. The branches where thinner up here allowing for quite the view.

"A hand please," Chrissie's voice came from below.

Chad turned and helped pull her through the opening. Chrissie's face was filled with awe. She looked this way and that and finally said "WOW!" Chad agreed with her there.

"Jason and I use to lay for hours up here when we weren't playing war games or what not. Sometimes we pretended to be spies, or we would just look at the clouds. Once there was a bird's nest on that branch there," Chad pointed to a branch off to the side. "We loved watching the young birds trying to fly."

Chad stood looking around for a moment letting the memories cover him, then he took off his shirt and laid down on the roof using the shirt as a pillow. As he looked up at the clouds above, Chrissie sat down beside him.

"It is so peaceful up here," she said quietly. "Thank you for showing it to me."

"Your welcome," he replied glossing over the fact he didn't have a choice in the matter. If the truth be told, he was glad she came. They had very little time left before he would leave and he did want to spend as much of it with her as he could. Lately it has almost been painful when he was away from her. "I am going to miss you sis," he finally said.

He heard her inhale sharply. "You mean that?" she asked. "I thought you hated me following you around."

Chad closed his eyes and smiled. "Sometime it bugs me, but I do want to spend some time with you before I go. I have never been that far from you before, and I guess it scares me a little."

He heard her lie down beside him. "Yeah, it scares me a little too," she said. Then with a cry she threw herself on him hugging him close. "I am going to miss you also. It isn't fair, separating us like this."

Chad put his arms around her holding her close as he felt her sobbing. It took him a minute to realize that something was odd. He opened his eyes to see that she had removed her top, and was wearing only her bra.

Quickly sitting up, he pulled himself away from his sister. "Where the hell's your shirt?" he yelled.

Startled by his reaction, Chrissie stopped crying. "What the hell is your problem. You took you shirt off, and I wanted to feel the breeze, and sun up here also."

"But your a girl," Chad stammered. He had seen his sister in a bra before, but it had been awhile, and there was a lot more in that bra now then there had been back then. He couldn't seem to take his eyes off of those rising mounds that the bra barley seemed to contain. How had he never noticed how big those things were. They looked so smooth, and perky. He started wondering what they felt like, and felt a movement in his pants. "She is you sister, you pervert!" he thought to himself.

"So what," she replied back. "I am wearing a bra, and that is basically what a bikini is."

"There is a huge difference between a bikini top, and a bra," Chad answered. "A bra is way sexier for one." Suddenly realizing what he said he started blushing, and the twitching in his pants became stronger. He was shocked that he could become aroused by his own sister.

"Oh, so you think I am sexy now?" she asked.

"Thats not what I meant," Chad hastily replied. "I just meant that you shouldn't be around boys in your bra."

Chrissie got a sly gleam in her eyes that Chad recognized. Since they were children, they have always been competitive with each other. Always trying to out do, or embarrass the other. Chrissie reached behind her and quickly unclasped her bra allowing it to fall free from her chest.

Chad felt his heart start pounding as he looked at the first real live boobs he had ever seen. They were more than his hands could cover and each had a little nipple that seemed to be begging to be suckled. Feeling a full blown erection in his pants, Chad quickly turned his back to his sister.

"Stop it, Chrissie," he demanded. "This is so wrong."

"Why?" she asked. "Are you afraid of me?" she teased.

Chad had to fight hard to suppress the urge to answer that challenge, and said "It's not that. It's just wrong for me to have thoughts like that about you."

Chrissie blinked. "What thoughts?" she asked. Then as if realizing what was going on in his head she started blushing. Quickly covering her boobs with an arm she spat out at him "Thats sick. Don't you dare think shit like that."

"Like I can help it. When I see someone beautiful, and sexy, my body just reacts." he spat right back. "It's not like I want to think of you like that. I mean hell, we are siblings, and more then that we are twins. Hell, we are one person. We share the same soul."

From behind him, Chad heard a gasp, and suddenly Chrissie was hugging him. He could feel her breast pressed into his back, and her nipples, hard as rocks, digging into him. He started to struggle to get away when he realized she was crying.

"Chrissie, whats the matter?" he asked in shock. He felt her just shake her head, and keep crying.

"It's just that I didn't realize that you felt the same way I did," she sobbed.

Turning around in her arms, Chad held her against his chest, while his hands massaged her back. He knew now that he cared for his sister a great deal. He concentrated, and made his hard on deflate.

After a few moments Chrissie's sobs lessened. Pulling back from him, she rose to her knees, bringing her breast to eye level. Then with a smirk asked, "Still scared of me, bro?"

This time Chad decided to answer that challenge. With a smirk mimicking hers, he reached out his hand with his index finger bent into his thumb, and gently, flicked her nipple.

With wide eyes, Chrissie pulled back, moaning an "Ouch, that hurt." Then with a naughty look she challenged him again. "Kiss it and make it better." Then to add insult, said, "Or do you not have the balls?"

Chad could never resist a direct dare, so just as she had intended, he instantly moved his head forward, and pressed his lips to her nipple. His lips had never felt anything like that before. His penis went back to full mast as his lips parted in the kiss, and his tongue flicked out to brush over her nipple. As he pulled back he felt her shudder.

He stared at her breast in wonderment. Then his eyes turned upward to stare into hers. In her eyes he saw pure love. She had her hands on either side of his head, caressing his face, then she firmly pulled him back to her breast. He went willingly.

As his lips covered he nipple again, and his tongue played over the hard nubbin, his hands slid up her smooth legs. Reaching her loose shorts, he slid his hands through the leg holes to cup her butt cheeks. She pressed her body against him with her legs on either side, rubbing her crotch on him.

Encouraged by her moans of pleasure, Chad moved his mouth to show her other nipple some attention, while he brought one hand up to cup the breast his mouth had just left.

Chrissie finally pulled his head back from her breast, and looked down into his eyes. Chad noted that she had removed her ball cap at some point, and her golden hair hung down around her face, framing it like a halo. She then lowered her lips to his. Their lips meeting sent shock wave through both the young siblings. As one they parted their lips, and their tongues danced with each other.

Chad had one hand on the back of Chrissie's head, and his other on took hold of her waist, and pulled her into his lap. As her crotch came into contact with his erection she tensed, then relaxed, and pressed herself more firmly onto him.

Their kiss which started out as gently, light caresses, soon became more passionate, more desperate. As one of Chad's hands kneaded Chrissie's back, his other one had firm hold on her ass, rocking her against his cock. Suddenly Chrissie pulled back, and climbed out of Chads lap.

Chad started to ask what was wrong, when Chrissie, with a smile, put a finger to his lips. The she reached for her shorts and started to pull them off. Chad, taking the hint, quickly kicked off his shoes, and pulled off his pants. Soon they were both naked.

Chads eyes were fixed on Chrissie's mound. She had kept most of it shaved, leaving only a small triangle of golden hair above her slit. Chrissie's eyes were glued to Chads penis, her eyes wide at the size of it. It was a good seven inches long, and thick enough that she knew her hand wouldn't fit around it.

As Chrissie started to climb back into Chads lap, he stopped her. "Lie down on you back," he told her.

She looked at him with a raised eyebrow, but did as he asked. She laid down on her back with her legs bent at the knee.

Chad got down in front of her and was stunned by her. Her hair displayed her angel face like a frame, her firm breast pointing proudly into the air, and her smooth flat stomach. He pulled her legs apart and gazed at her woman hood. Her pussy lips were swollen and spread open like a flower. He slowly caressed her thighs, then slid a finger down her slit. Chrissie arched her back and mewed in pleasure. Chad pushed one of his fingers in to her, feeling her vaginal walls engulfing it. When he got to the first knuckle, he pulled it out. He brought the finger to his nose and sniffed her husky odor. He then stuck the finger in his mouth, tasting he for the first time. His penis felt like it was going to explode.

He then cupped her cunt with his hand and squeezed it. Then he brought his face closer and slid his tongue up, and down her slit.

Chrissie, going mad with pleasure, reached down to clutch at his head, and force his face into her mound. Chad thrust his tongue into her cleft, and tongue fucked her.

Chrissie had her legs over his shoulders holding him in place, and was kneading her breast. She squeezed and twisted her nipples, as moans escaped her. She felt something building up inside her.

Chad found a swollen little button, and though he had never seen one, or knew what it was called, he instinctively knew that this was her joy button. He ran his tongue in circles around her clitoris, then thrust it back into her pussy, as his finger started massaging her clitoris.

Chrissie arched her back so that only her ass and the back of her head was still touching the roof of the fort, and came. She came again, and again, before feeling it subside. Chad lapped it all up.

"Okay, thats enough," Chrissie moaned to Chad. Chad pulled back, and looked at his sister. Her entire body was flushed, and sweat covered. She was lovely.

Chrisse got to he knees, and crawled to Chad. Her eyes were locked on his penis, and they looked hungry. As her hand closed around his shaft, Chad felt an electric shock though out his body. Her hands felt wonderful.

She started rubbing her hand up, and down his shaft, giving it a light squeeze every now, and then. She brought her face closer to it, as if she was studying it, and the flicked out her tongue to graze the head. Chad leaned back, gripping the rail hard with one hand, while the other held him steady.

Chrissie gave him a naughty smile and said, "If that cause you a shock, then this will blow your mind." Saying that she then lowered her head, bringing her lips to his crown, and wrapped her lips around his cock. She took several inches of him into her mouth, as one hand stroked his shaft, and her other played with his balls.

"Fuck sis, but that feels great," Chad exclaimed. He had never felt anything like this before. He was so excited he could already feel that he was about to explode. "Chris, you need to stop. I'm about to cum," he shouted.

She ignored him, and firmly wrapped her mouth around the head of his cock. As one hand stroked his shaft faster, her other started squeezing his balls.

Chad fell back as his first wad exploded into his sister's mouth. As she swallowed it, he fell back onto the roof, and came a second time. Chrissie manage to swallow the first two wads, but chocked on the third. Pulling back she wiped the little bit that had escaped off her face with her fingers, then licked them clean.

Chad was on his back in a daze, and Chrissie crawled on top of him, and laid flat on him. For a time they just hugged each other.

Chad rose up into a sitting position, and cradled Chrissie in his lap. Wrapping his arms around his sister he said, "That was amazing sis. You were amazing." Then he chuckled. "You made my head spin, and it is still spinning."

Chrissie smiled, reached up to plant a kiss on his lips, and said, "That was pay back for what you did to me. I about had an out of body experience." She looked at him in the eyes. "I love you."

Chad returned her look and replied, "I love you too." He lifted her chin up to meet him as he lent down to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around his head, and kissed him tenderly. His hands had reached down to Caresse her ass checks. Slowly their kiss turned more passionate, and they started feeling stirrings again.

Feeling his cock starting to harden against her, Chrissie shifted position so that her legs were wrapped around him, and his cock was nestled against her slit. As they started moving against each other, she felt her pussy lips spread around his shaft.

They continued to kiss, and move against each other. Chrissie then put her hands on Chad's shoulders, and lifted herself higher. She then reached between them to grip his cock. As she brought it to her slit, she started rubbing it back, and forth against it.

"Are you sure about this?" Chad asked her. "What we have done so far is just play. There's no turning back if we do this."

Chrissie looked into Chad's eyes and asked, "Did you mean it when you said you loved me?"

Chad returned her gaze, and nodded. "I love you more than I have ever loved anyone, or anything."

Chrissie smiled and then pressed down on his cock. He felt the tightness resist him, and then finally give way, as his penis head slid between her lips. He was fucking his sister.

Chrissie felt like she was being stuffed. She paused to adjust, then pressed down some more. Chad then felt her maiden head. Chrissie locked her lips onto his, and held him tight. Then she rose up slightly, sat down hard, riping her maiden head. Through the pain she thought, "I just gave my cherry to my brother." As the pain subsided she started to move gradually.

Chad watched her face intently. He let her set the pace, and he waited for her to be ready to continue. As she started moving faster, and her face seemed lost in pleasure, Chad took command.

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