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The Trial


My name is Michael. And I write for women. I write for those women that are bored or sadly underappreciated in their roles; especially their sexual roles. I write especially for those women who are frightfully inhibited but hiding a secret, insatiable, submissive fantasy side.

Do you yearn to be in the grasp of a man who is strong and masculine, magnetic, mysterious, successful, powerful, confident and dominant as well as sexually pleasing? I write for women who imagine themselves possessed by such a man...a man who is strong and confident enough to lead her, teach her, possess her, exhibit her and control her. If you yearn to be the exhibited trophy on the arm of a man that fits that description...If you wish to be totally submissive, yet fully satisfied emotionally and sexually...if you wish to be totally dominated, yet erotically secure and appreciated...I write for you and to you I say....

Ahhhh my little pet...so you want to play; do you? Let us now "play" with your imagination.

You first play rule is this... Recall the significance of the slave collar? Well, to hide your fantasy secrets, let us symbolically substitute a silk choker for the collar. Whenever you read my stories, wear a silk choker that signifies to us both my possession of you and that you agree to submit, (in your imagination), to whatever naughty, nasty schemes I've cooked up for you! Wear nothing, 'cept for your choker...and the highest, sexiest, sluttiest heels that you own.

Don't simply pretend to comply! That would only lessen your own excitement level...and the purpose of my writing is centered around raising your excitement level...around stimulating your mind as well as your body.

If you are timid or sexually bored and hiding secret fantasy desires, then I know you! You don't want to live day-to-day with that sameness...with that dullness...with that shyness...with that inhibition any longer. No, you are hiding too much woman for that boring existence. You want and need to live on the edge. Your psyche (which you hide), is erotic...uninhibited...and insatiable. I know that and so do you.

Oh Yes...you may play the prim and proper innocent in real life...but you and I know that two animals lurk within you. The one you display is a timid, kitten-like creature that meekly protects herself from hurt by covering her features, her emotions, her passions, cravings and desires from others. The second creature, hidden within, is a sleek, erotic panther that has an intense appetite for passion, excitement, pleasure and lust. You hide an uninhibited, insatiable, cock-craving, cum-seeking, submissive, owned and obedient slut seeking to escape. And I am the persuasive power...the sinister purpose that is your gateway to that end!

In my stories, I shall own your sweet ass and write only to you. There, your soaking wet, shivering pussy is no longer yours. In your imagination, it is my possession. .My pussy. You merely safe-keep it for me. And, you are mine to do with as I please. You may cavort with "sweet men" in real life...but I'll be the devil incarnate that you so desperately desire for your fantasy life...creating a livable balance!

Know this...I have no desire to hurt you but I have every desire to soothe, satisfy, stimulate and excite you. The choker and heels...be symbolically obedient...

The mind is an incredible sexual organ. Use it...let your imagination run wild my dear! Now, take a deep breath and read on if you dare.

God created you, but I discovered and converted you. I'll bet God considers you one of His greatest accomplishments; I know I consider the "converted you" one of mine. But, although I suspect creating you; and I know discovering you was relatively easy, "converting" you was not without tribulations.

We met when you were working at one of the many businesses I buy, develop, grow and trade. I won't discuss the position you held, (its irrelevant), but you generally dressed ultra-conservatively; in baggy sweaters and slacks or long bulky dresses and flat shoes that did nothing to accentuate your long, lithe legs. In general, you infrequently made eye contact and if you did, you did so shyly. You seldom shared any aspect of your life. I'm sure you'd had sex, but I overheard other girls in the office suggesting that they thought you might be at the very least, frigid and quite possibly a virgin.

But I saw something in you. Under the unflattering clothing, behind the shy, innocent demeanor, I saw a lean and potentially sultry physique and classic beauty. Your huge sparkling eyes, (clearly one of your best features), hinted at wildness and I was intrigued by the ultra feminine, shimmering flutter of your long delicate lashes and the craving desire that was so apparent. The few times we spoke, you showed intense nervousness, but I enjoyed your breathy voice and the naïve, but curious nature that you unconsciously showed.

Then it started. Secretly, you sent me flirty e-mail messages, signing innocently, anonymous only as "Kat." Your secret messages suggested wild fantasies and desires for erotic play and let it be known that I had a secret admirer who'd do just about anything to spend a night in my company. But as I spare no expense in employing the finest MIS experts, it wasn't difficult to secretly track you down. I suspected it was you all along, but I had an interest before. Anyways, it didn't take much effort for me to uncover what you tried to hide. You were secretly willing and eager but hiding your passionate desires. Boldly, I'd cupped your ass in a crowded elevator to test your resolve even as I kept secret the fact that I was onto you. You barely resisted.

Me? Although I wish to be modest, I would be remiss if I didn't describe myself in honest terms. I was wealthy of course, but both appealing and unappealing men can be wealthy. No, I was not only wealthy, but powerful, seductive, masculine and bold. Tall, dark, and lean, I dressed in the finest Italian tailored suits and kept my athletic body in toned, supple shape by working out everyday. The cologne I wore was the most alluring, appealing scent you'd ever inhaled. My hair; jet black was always well-kept, but kept just long and thick enough to cover my collar and tickle my ears, and just wild and enough to suggest an untamed, unpredictable side. And my sparkling, sapphire-blue eyes penetrated and mesmerized and I always; ALWAYS maintained direct and powerful eye-contact. I worked hard, but spent ample free time on the Riviera or in the Bahamas, where I had time to; and cultivated and kept a near-perfect tan.

But it was the powerful, dominant, confident attitude that most appealed to you. That, and the rumors that suggested I had a secret side. One rumor monger in the office insisted that I was a member of a secret Dominance and Submission Realm. Maybe true; maybe not. But it made for good drama and grew my reputation. Another rumor suggested I had a twelve inch long cock and knew how to use it. The first rumor was supported by the beautiful, exotic and mysterious women that came-and-went when I was in attendance. The second rumor was often supported by the massive bulge in my trousers that you occasionally caught a glimpse of.

Both rumors certainly appealed to, and heightened your secret desires and those of the others. Yes, the others...your suggestive hints of attraction were not the only ones I received from a female employee...just the most currently appealing to me. Your innocence and potential (and yours alone), truly excited me.

Anyways, there came a point where I acted upon the signals you were sending and invited you to my mansion. (see my 1st story, "Sweetness, This One's for You.") But when I did ask you, I set the terms; terms which drew you out of your shell, tested your confidence, satisfied your secret cravings and validated my suspicions about you and yours about me and the rumors about my dominant side and my "endowment."

Before the first time we shared a night, I tested your potential worthiness. In no uncertain terms I defined your "required" attire and talked you through two masturbation sessions over your cell phone; once where you exposed yourself in a cab and once to an earth-shattering orgasm in the dressing room at a well-known department store.

For our first date, I left no doubts about my intentions and you left no doubts as to your hidden charms and secret, unfulfilled cravings. For that date, I boldly ordered you to shave your pussy, dress in your shortest skirt, your choker and your highest heels, and to arrive otherwise pantyless. Regarding the panties; you let me down. Otherwise you obeyed. I tied you, and lightly paddled your ass for the indiscretion, before I fucked you in every hole and in every imaginable position, and covered you in cum. You had no control, and loved every minute of it. You were everything I suspected and I satisfied every sense in your body for being that. In general, I don't have any great desire to spank a Submissive, but it aroused you more than I anticipated, and you gave every hint of totally enjoying it and lightly hinted for another such session.

Later that night, I explained the boundaries and the rules. My number one expectation of you was that you never wear panties and always wear your choker signifying my possession and the shortest skirts and highest heels in my presence. I explained that those rules were designed to provide easy and swift access at a moment's notice, to arouse desire in other men and envy in other women, to enliven your experiences, to heighten your own arousal as a prelude to foreplay and to grow your confidence. I insisted upon abstinence at your own hand, (no masturbation), unless I gave my permission or unless I demanded you do so to entertain me. I also explained that total obedience regarding any additional deed was expected.

In turn, I committed to make your pleasure my ultimate goal...to strive to heighten your arousal by extending your anticipation, activating all your senses and heightening your excitement, growing your experiences and your imagination...objectives leading to the ultimate goal...your total, sexual satisfaction and fulfillment and sense of possessed security. You would be my fuck-toy, and Sweetness....I take VERY GOOD CARE of my toys!

Initially, I tested you with simple deeds. There was the time I sent you, dressed provocatively in your shortest skirt and highest heels, (and panty-less) to the oil-change garage while leaving your panties lying on the floor in front of the passenger seat. The mechanics loved that show; (although they stole your panties), and you uncontrollably flowed cream down the insides of your thighs even as you trembled while there. And there was the time I ordered you to pick-out and apply temporary tattoos of a symbolic nature to test your imagination. You passed that test. You choose to apply them over, around and to your pussy lips...images of wild, erotic flowers that made your pussy look like a widely opened bloom. What fuck and suck sessions we had after.

And, lastly, I explained that from that point forward, your sweet pussy was mine and mine alone! Not yours; but mine...to do with as I pleased...both you and it!

There were other deeds I required you to perform in order to earn your "rewards." Each got progressively more erotic and more testing. Most of the time you pleased me and I rewarded you. Alone together, or walked through a task, you complied and we fucked and sucked the night away. And your public dress and demeanor grew progressively more alluring, (which I approved of.) You became more confident, sultry and slinky, naughty and bold with each deed; each session. And I began to call you, "Kat" as a compliment to those features and as a play on the two animals that lurk within you...the kitten and the tigress!

But, as your confidence grew, you did begin to display a slightly rebellious, (or authority challenging) proclivity for light disobedience. And on those rare, but disconcerting occasions, you'd sing, "Why don't you spank me, Master?"

"Master!" You started using the word. I'de never felt the need or desire to before. Which brings us to the present...

...My house Kat...it is to my house in your imagination that I now take you. You've gotten a glimpse of it from my first posted story...the tall, erotic, gothic mansion behind a wrought iron fence...a large dark and foreboding entry way, with a long, winding staircase...my house has ten rooms....only one of which you've seen before, (the Master bedroom). Tonight you visit the parlor. Perhaps we should call it my "lair" instead, for it and the rest of the house are massive, dark and foreboding...in some ways terrifying and dungeon-like and in other ways, seductively stimulating...especially to one with your fantasy desires.

And you? Well I have you in my grasp and under my power, like a fly in the spider's web.

You approach my "lair" from the hallway, having walked slowly and deliberately from the main entrance of my home, while removing and dropping your long, covering coat and while nearly hypnotized by the loud echoing click of your hot-red, six-inch stiletto heels on the hard-wood floors. That click, the pounding of your heart and the sound of your own lust-craved voice I your head are the only noises you hear.

Dressed only in your hottest lingerie and my sexy choker, you teeter on the heights of those nasty-girl heels. Timid fear floods your face, your hands shake uncontrollably and your lips tremble until you bite down upon the lower one. You slowly open the heavy, wide door, peer around the corner and timidly step inside. The door loudly slams shut behind you making you nearly jump into the room.

Once you've regained your composure, you slowly scan the castle-like enclave. Above your head you see a very high, cathedral ceiling with an overlooking balcony and behind the balcony, more doors to still other rooms you've not yet visited. This "lair;" this parlor contains wide oaken cross-beams high above your head, and from one centrally-located beam, a set of long, silk cords hangs nearly to the floor below.

The walls are adorned with warm tapestries...the floors, are made of rich, red oak planks that are lacquered to a slick, shiny, glass-like consistency. The huge, wide windows are covered by crimson-red velvet curtains with gold, rope sashes. All the curtains are closed, making all the heat in the room feel as if it is focused upon you...or is the heat you feel merely rising from your tepid body. Your nipples torturously ache with desire and your pussy, (my possession), is damp, betraying your hopes and cravings.

What seems like a mile away, in the farthest stretches across the room...I sit. I sit in a large, deep-cushioned chair just to the side of a huge, roaring fireplace. A thick and foreboding bearskin rug lies at my feet. The bear's eyes stare hungrily back at you. The room is lit only by the warm glow of the fireplace and sweetly scented candles. The fireplace, and to a lesser extent, the candles, flicker violently and cast a swelteringly warm, and fierce-orange flicker around the room that only occasionally and unpredictably lights your delicate features.

The candles smell so sweet that you can almost taste their essence...but what you really taste on your sexy tongue is your hungry lust...MY pussy that you safe keep for me aches for release...and your mind is numb from the urgent desire that floods your imagination. In your mind's eye, you see me overpowering you and you see Cock...my cock invading your mouth and your cunt! Penetrating, punishing, pleasing. You also see you...pleading insatiably for more!

Soft, erotic music plays in the background, so sensual, that your body and mind flow in subtle unity with the sweet harmonies you hear and the acoustics in the room are superb. The rhythm of the music swirls in soothing circles around your head and into your ears, and resonates and vibrates over and across your torrid flesh. It seems to seep into your pores and makes the intensity that you feel and the desire you currently possess almost unbearable. Intoxicating, inebriating, invigorating!

Your huge, baby-doe eyes, framed by the luscious, fluttering lashes scan the huge parlor, glaring deep into the shadows searching for that which you crave, that which you anticipate...the object of your lust. Then you see me!

I am shirtless; the dark hair on my virile chest bristling in masculine grandeur. I am barefoot, and I am pant-less. My huge cock bulges, straining hard and standing rigidly at attention. The tool clearly evident,, thick and fierce, makes you shiver in eager greed. You've had the massive member between your pussy lips before and you crave it's filling, talented impact on your flesh and on your senses once again. Your delicate, lipstick-covered mouth opens in wide wonder and you slowly lick your lips with a nervous, yet conscious and so obvious desire to taste my cock. Your eyes fixate on it and your hands drop to your side and tug at the hem on your bustier. Unconsciously that act signals submission; surrender. You take one quick step towards me then stop suddenly; seemingly waiting for permission...such a submissive little slut!

I lean back confidently in my chair, grasping a long, cool bottle of corked champagne in one hand, and a riding crop in the other. The crop carries a small leather tip approximately 2 inches wide, by two inches long...and the handle appears to be whippet fresh and pliable...the type of crop that bends easily and snaps back viciously with each flick of a masculine wrist and forearm.

Each of my wrists rest on a widely spaced knee...the path to your treasure; (my cock), widely open to your view, like a hot dessert canyon! My dark countenance is shadowed by the flickering light of the nearby fireplace, but my deep penetrating blue eyes sparkle radiantly and dance devilishly in that light.

Above the fireplace, upon the marble mantle rests a long clock, ticking loud and incessant in your ears. In rhythm with the ticking of the erotic timepiece, I tap the crop lightly down my shin and to the floor.

Mounted above the time clock is a long painting of a naked girl, lying on her stomach...her head down, ass high and legs spread. Focusing on her image through the dim of this castle-like room, you suddenly realize that the choker adorning her neck matches yours, and the face; tilted towards the side, her eyes closed and mouth open...the face is you Kat! And then you notice! In the painting, your ass is red-welted, and with your ass high in the air and your legs spread, you probe your dripping snatch and caress your rigid pink nipples...with long, lithe fingers tipped with blue, nail-polished nails!

You gasp, and your mouth falls open. Swiftly, you hold out your own, real hands and extend your fingers! "He knew all along. How could he be so certain?" you whisper to yourself as you gaze upon the blue nail polish adorning your real fingers. Shocked, you stand motionless and your mind flashes back...flashes back to a session nearly three months ago..........

...Yes, nearly three months ago...You'd been mildly, but annoyingly disobedient on some occasions...you were often too nervous, too inhibited, and yes, perhaps even too strong-willed to comply fully. Based on your early promise, I had taken you as my Slave...a sexual fuck-toy; a possession you truly desired, but each incident of disobedience raised doubt as to your worthiness and your commitment to that end and served to push the contest of wills toward an impending climactic release. And it happened thus:

I had ordered you to dress in a naughty black tube-dress I provided, (an exceedingly short, tight, form-fitting, curve-hugging tiny slip of cloth) and to wear no bra or panties underneath. Under that dress, a bra would be unfashionable; and on my Submissive, panties would be unconscionable! I'd also ordered you to wear exceedingly high-heels, tiny, white-frilly ankle socks and your "submission-signaling" black choker...and nothing else.

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