tagIncest/TabooThe Trials of Pauline Ch. 03

The Trials of Pauline Ch. 03


Chapter Three: Janine tells of her humiliation and punishment.

It was several weeks later that another pupil, called Janine, joined their dormitory. She showed an interest in Polly and Rita. She was a tall, slim, dark girl with long spindly legs in black stockings. As they became more friendly, their confidence in each other grew and they were soon exchanging thoughts on sex.

Polly and Rita kept their assignations with Miss Armitage a secret from Janine. When told that neither Rita nor Polly had actually examined a penis at close quarters, let alone handle one, Janine suggested that they should meet her brother. He would be only too willing for them to examine his penis for themselves.

'I meet him most Saturday afternoons in the old stable behind the swimming baths. He won't mind' she assured them. 'He's as horny as hell! And proud of his equipment.'

'Have you seen his cock, then, at close quarters?' Rita asked agog at the thought of such a forbidden sight.

'Sure!' she bragged, 'plenty of times. And felt it inside.' Rita gasped, partly in the idea of feeling a penis inside, and partly from embarrassment.

'Have you ... you know ... done it?'

Janine chuckled. 'Sure! Haven't you?'

'Certainly not!'

'Will you come with me?'

The young ladies were uncertain, looking at each other to seek some assurance and confidence.

'I'll go if you go, Polly.'

'Right! You're on.'

'First, shall I tell you about him, and how we came to share sex?

'Yes, yes!'

So, Janine told the two friends her experience of lust and flogging.

Janine's father was well built, always wore dark suits with a white shirt, collar and tie. He reminded Janine of the strict Mr Murdstone, David Copperfield's father they had read about in English class. Her slightest misdemeanour would result in her being heavily slippered or caned. The same applied to her mother! Both were bullied and humiliated by her stern father.

It had been with disbelief that Janine first heard her mother's cries as the sound of leather cracked over her bottom whilst her father kept up a stream of verbal admonishment. She was very apprehensive about him!

Janine's twin brother James was just as nervous of his harsh father, telling Janine that he really didn't mind being strapped but, sometimes, it could be more painful that he cared to admit. They did their homework together in the evenings each testing the other. Wrong answers resulted in mild punishment with a wooden ruler on their covered bottoms.

Questioned by James about her responses, Janine admitted to feeling aroused by the spanking. The two began exchanging confidences about their private thoughts. This naturally led them to doctors and nurses, with full examinations of male and female genitals. Spanking was the punishment for becoming aroused. When confidence in each other was complete, masturbation in front of each other followed.

They took up experimenting with the strap, spanking each other in punishment for their sexual thoughts, realising that it helped the intensity of their enjoyment during masturbation itself. James developed a liking for sadism particularly centred on Janine's nipples and labia. He would nip them and twist them painfully in between beating her buttocks with the strap or slipper.

He would pinch her sensitive flesh until she gasped and begged for mercy. Janine developed a liking for slavery, wanting to be mastered, so that she could blame her misdeeds on others, particularly if she wore her old school uniform.

It was after Janine had reached her eighteenth birthday, one evening when their parents were out, that they became careless. Preoccupied with the preliminaries of their private games, they didn't hear their parents return earlier than expected. Normally, they would not have come into the front parlour but, on this occasion, they were accompanied by two other couples. Guests were always shown into the front parlour.

That is where Janine and James were caught. She was draped over an arm of the settee, whilst James, trousers round his ankles, had just begun slapping her bottom with a leather strap. At the same time, both were in the very act of masturbating. When the mother and father recovered from the shock they were extremely angry. Janine stood quickly, whilst James dropped the strap. Both were red faced with embarrassment, scrambling to replace their clothes to cover their aroused genitals.

'Stand over there, where I can see you both,' barked James's father.

They were made to stand facing the settee. Their parents and four friends, all stern looking people in their early forties, sitting on upright chairs leaving the settee empty. The three couples were dressed formally. The men in dark suits, white shirts and sober ties. The women wore dark tweed suits, keeping their hats on. Sitting erect, hands on laps, they looked formidable, lips squeezed tight, staring at the young people. Janine and James stood with bowed heads. Neither dare look up at the accusing faces, cheekbones flushed.

'So, this is what you two get up to when we're out, is it?' father cried. 'How long as this been going on?'

'That is wicked and sinful! Dirty!' Janine's mother screamed without waiting for them to reply.

'You must be severely punished.'

'I shall whip the wickedness out of you if it's the last thing I do,' James's father ranted.

'I should think so!' commented the stouter of the other women. James' father stepped over to the tall bureau, took a cane from the drawer, then sitting down again in front of his son. The weapon was almost a metre long, thin and flexible. He tapped it in the palm of his other hand.

'You, James. Drop your trousers!'

James was already pale at the thought of submitting to the severe punishment. But he knew there was no escape. The only thing to do was to comply and get the beating over as soon as possible. With much apprehension, James let go the waist band of his slacks. There hadn't been time to properly fasten his slacks again after he had been caught with them open. They shuttered to the carpet.

The three women's eyes were glued to the contents of his underwear. They tried to pretend disinterest, but nothing could disguise the gleam of lust in their eyes, moist and shining. Heaving breasts added to the evidence of their carnal thoughts.

'Now your pants.' So, full of shame, James hooked his thumbs into the elasticated waist band and pushed them slowly down to his ankles. As he stood again, the women's jaws fell open. Their eyes feasted on the young shaft of flesh, thick and half filled, lolling between his thighs. His young belly was flat and his brown curly hair, short and sparse, showed the penis to advantage. No one noticed that his face had turned bright red with the embarrassment of six pairs of eyes glaring at his manhood. His mouth had turned dry.

'Step out of them.' As he did so, the distended phallus swung from side to side, like the hanging straps on the London tube trains. Eyes never left the sight in front of them.

'So, what is this, young man.' His father placed the cane under the swelling penis, lifting it up. It hung like a large pale sausage over the willow. 'Is it always in this half tumescent state?' James remained silent and fearful, swallowing hard. He didn't want to admit to anything.

'Nothing of the kind,' James mother spoke up contemptuously. 'We know how it fills to a hard rod of rock solid flesh, to do the work of the devil. To penetrate Eve's shrine.'

James was mortified. He knew that he would be unable to control his erection. At eighteen, such self control was difficult. And his earlier near ejaculation had been thwarted by the return of his parents. His seed was anxious to escape. One of the women reached forward, grasping the spongy tube in her hand.

'It is a considerable instrument of the devil. It will do him sterling service to be sure.' A look of surprise lit up her face. 'The impudent devil. It hardens even as I squeeze it! Feel!' And the other woman reached out to take his stiffening phallus in her hand. James wanted to scream with sheer mortification. He would gladly have cut it off to avoid the shame.

'My goodness,' she exclaimed. 'Filthy thoughts are the cause of this, Mary. Lewd fantasies.'

'See, Mary! It's leaking! It's disgusting! How can you condone such behaviour?' A large pearl of liquid had, indeed, escaped from the head of the phallus.

Janine's mother took up from the carpet the leather strap James had been wielding on their arrival.

'You will come with me into the other room to be punished', her eyes ablaze with anger. 'Insulting our guests with filthy obscenities of the flesh. Pumping up your cock to insult and shame us.'

James was pushed through the door into the next room, naked from the waist down, carrying his trousers in front of him to hide his half-filled penis. His mother followed, accompanied by the two eager ladies, eyes gleaming with lust and excitement at the prospect of watching the young man being beaten. The door closed behind them, leaving an uncomfortable silence in the room.

'Now to you, Janine!'

Janine's lustful thoughts of James being beaten were interrupted by her father. She had hoped to escape without further castigation. But she realised that this was to be far from the case.

'Stand where you are.'

There was no escaping the shame and humiliation she was to face. Her head hung with embarrassment, trying to hide the tears and the blushing cheeks. Yet there was a strange tingling excitement behind the fear as the three men, sitting stiffly in their formal attire, stared at her. Though terrified, she was also conscious of the extent of her power over their minds. Their eyes were filled with anticipation.

'Now, Janine, you will please show us what it is you find so fascinating about your body.

Perhaps you can share your interest with us. Remove your clothes.'

Janine recoiled with horror. This was unexpected. She couldn't believe it! Her eyes opened wide with fear. To bare her innocent body in front of strangers was unthinkable.

'Come, quickly!' he spat out.

Three pairs of eyes stared at her tense body, waiting with impatience to witness the beauty of a young figure. The girl's shame and her fear filled eyes went unnoticed. The two guests put on priggish looks, but nothing could hide their dry lips and gleaming eyes. Although she knew she would have to do as they told her, it was the sight of their excitement that began to arouse Janine's sense of power.

Her body was her strength. It would taunt them.

But Janine didn't yet have the experience, or confidence in herself. Although she had come to realise that her body was power, she hadn't yet learned how to use it; wasn't sure what she could do. Meantime, paralysed with embarrassment Janine looked at the men with their mouths agape. Her father stood up with impatience, ripping open Janine's blouse before dragging it off her shoulders.

Her bra was torn away, allowing her full breasts to fall forward, tipped with ripening nipples now stiffening. There was a gasp from one of the men. Janine's cheeks turned bright scarlet. The three men stared openly at her soft breasts, studying their shape and fullness, unable to hide the lechery in their eyes. Her father unzipped the side fasteners of Janine's navy blue skirt, allowing it drop to the floor.

She was defenceless in her blue cotton knickers. Standing there awkwardly, her body was open to any outrage her father might expose her to. The degradation she felt was horrifying. Her sense of power had left her.

'Take your knickers off,' her father ordered.

To avoid the humiliation of him removing them for her, Janine swiftly bent over to push them down. She stepped out of them. As she did, her swinging breasts, with hardening nipples. They continued to tremble as she stood upright again, until their weight stilled them. Her knickers hung from her right hand.

'Give me!' he commanded.

Janine was reluctant to hand over her warm, damp underwear, the cotton gusset heavily stained by the honey of her earlier activities. She looked round nervously, vainly seeking an escape route.

'Give them to me when I ask,' he snapped.

It was with great reluctance that Janine stretched out her hand, the knickers hanging from the fingers. Her father snatched them from her, opened them out, and examined the gusset with great care.

'My God!' he cried. 'You squalid bitch. Soaking your knickers with your filthy juices.'

Janine's jaw dropped in horror and shame as he lifted the wet gusset to his nose, sniffing at it. Her most intimate, private scent to be sniffed with such disdain. Her father grimaced with mock revulsion, passing the garment to his friend on his left.

He, too, inhaled deeply the musky odour of Janine's genitals whilst she hung her head at this violation of her ultimate privacy, wishing the ground would open up and swallow her. The third man also sampled her scent, but with a certain approval at what he found there.

Their attention then turned to her naked loins. Her dark fleece, fine and downy, did little to hide the fresh pouting lips pushing through her vulva set between narrow thighs. Janine tried to cover the nakedness of her waif-like and vulnerable body with her hands.

Her father opened the top drawer of his desk and took out a pair of handcuffs. 'Manacle her!' he ordered, handing the cuffs to one of his guests. Janine's wrists were eagerly twisted behind her back and the metal cuffs snapped together. Sitting in front of her, her father looked at her with a cynical grin. He placed the end of his cane beneath the nipple of the right breast, raising it up.

'Is this one of your little play things, Janine? Do you press and rub these nipples for enjoyment?'

With a quick flick of his wrist, he struck the cane over the soft flesh. Not too hard, but sufficient to sink a furrow into it which quickly discoloured the creamy skin. Janine winced and gasped at the thrill. James had never caned her breasts, only tweaked the nipples. The breast trembled. The stripe coloured a soft pink.

'And this?' he asked, flicking the top of the left nipple with the cane. Harder than the first one.

She yelped, but more in joy than pain. Nevertheless, tears welled up in her eyes.

'No,' she blubbered.

'Then what?' he asked with mock innocence. 'Ah, I see,' he added, pushing the end of the cane under the hood of her clitoris. The touch made Janine's hips jerk spontaneously. Her loins shook. More honey seeped slowly and inexorably from her virginal gash, hanging from the lips like a drop of thick white honey. She couldn't do anything to prevent it.

'There!' he cried, 'that reaction tells us all we need to know. Turn sideways young lady.' There was no other choice for her. 'Since you enjoy the slap of the strap, let's see how you like the sting of the cane.'

Almost before she had stopped moving, the cane struck her buttocks hard. The pain tore at her nerves. She flinched with a yelp, making her breasts sway provocatively. All eyes were glued to her tall, slender frame. A second thwack struck her, even before her body had stilled from the first blow.

As the yelp reached her throat the third blow struck her before she had time to brace herself against it. The sudden sting flooded her loins with a burning pain. She almost wet herself with excitement. Her young breasts were swinging wildly, watched avidly by the onlookers, revelling in her humiliation.

A lull in the beating allowed the full effect of the blows to permeate through her loins, the swell of heat washing through her. The weals throbbed and stung. The three men stared open mouthed at her soft flesh, discoloured with scarlet stripes. Janine stood there, biting her lips, eyes closed tight as tears of disgrace, mixed with a private thrill , trickled down her cheeks.

Alone and unprotected, breasts heaving, her frail figure stood in silent supplication, waiting for the next humiliating act. She could not escape. There was nowhere to run. She was their slave. Only submission to their vile actions was open to her.

'Now! Bend over,' her father commanded.

One of the men had stood, eyes staring at her rounded buttocks, his trouser front bulging with desire. He pushed its contents around crudely, adjusting his genitals without thinking, as he roughly bent Janine forward. Her head rested on one arm of the settee. She examined the detail of the texture of his well-pressed trousers, pin striped navy blue, its flies hiding the object of her interest.

Behind it, the impatient penis stirred and swelled. Janine tried to visualise it, trying to take her mind from her situation. Would it end up buried deep inside her? She longed to examine it, to feel it's strength and hardness.

Janine's father handed the cane to the man. For a few moments he studied the crevice between the cheeks of her bottom, relishing the sight. Her pink lips, softly folded, were clearly puffed and thrusting from her vulva. It was an exquisite display; the perfect folds of young flesh waiting patiently, ready to be penetrated. He had never seen anything to compare with this sight. His wife's genitals were fat and hairy; set between enormous cheeks and fat thighs profuse with thick blue veins. Unwholesome and vulgar.

But the sight of this perfectly proportioned pocket of warm, young flesh, set between pale smooth valleys, topped with flawless buttocks, though now sullied with stinging weals, aroused his deep-seated lust. He suddenly became enraged that he could not enjoy such delights in his own home.

Taking careful aim he swiped the willow across her buttocks, the blow clipping the ends of her vulva. It was a fierce blow. Janine yelled, her hips recoiled. The pain scorched through her loins. An unexpected orgasm exploded inside her.

'Please! No more!' she begged. But the onlookers merely stared at her with pursed lips and gleaming eyes.

'No more? We haven't started yet!'

'Whip the bitch!' the other guest snarled softly.

'Lewd, lecherous wanton! Eve's daughter! Temptress! The wickedness must be whipped from your body.' The man was beside himself now, giving Janine a quick succession of slashes as he raved at her. The willow bit deep into her innocent cheeks, slashing her with sickening whacks. The maniac had a crazy thought of despoiling Janine's genitals for ever, tearing them beyond recognition. No one else should enjoy that young orifice.

Jealousy raged within him; his phallus taught with lust and desire. Her groin was ablaze with stinging heat. It permeated her whole loins and womb. Then she toppled over to the carpet to escape further beating, pretending insensibility.

After a short stillness, the silence broken only by the rasping breath of the tormentor, the third man stepped forward and rolled Janine onto her belly. They all looked down on her still figure. Her rear showed discoloured swollen flesh. The man pushed the legs apart roughly for him to peer closely at both her private openings.

Bending over her, he scooped between the folds of her vulva with his second finger, confirming that the bubbling lava of fire was oozing from her vagina. The punishment had filled Janine with a feeling of uncontrollable blazing excitement. As she lay there, eyes closed, as the glow spread deeper and deeper into her womb, the stimulation in the loins increased. She was poised on the crest of an agonising orgasm.

'No more punishment yet,' her father commanded. 'Get her to her knees!'

The third man took her shoulders and brought her to a kneeling position her facing him. Janine had thought him the kindest of the three. His trousers were bursting with their stiffened contents. Janine stared, mesmerised by this weapon of man's domination. The man unhooked the waist band fastening, to reveal the grip of the zip fastener.

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