tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Trials of Pauline Ch. 06

The Trials of Pauline Ch. 06


When the man's oozing weapon was withdrawn from Rita, it was already beginning to soften. With the feeling of a thick liquid trickling slowly down her thigh, she remained still, leaning against the partition, her loins burning and twitching. The tormentor bra was unbuckled and removed. The gag taken out of her mouth, the girdle removed.

Looking down, she saw the red blotches, like a nettle rash round her bloated areolae. But, miraculously, the skin was not broken. The nipples were now larger and stiffer than she had ever known them. Their sensitivity was incredible. They tingled with a fierce prickly heat

There was a lengthy pause. Rita's hurts were taking on a numbness; a throbbing smart in the flesh of her middle. A stirring ache in her loins. She was aware of scuffling sounds and footsteps. But she was not aware of the movement until hands gripped the strapped-on pony tail from behind, lifting her face as a warm stiff object was abruptly thrust into her rectum, moist and soft.

After the initial shock of horror at being penetrated in the wrong entrance, Rita realised that the sensation was not an unpleasant one. The tightness caused some hurt, but it was not disagreeable. Glancing over her shoulder she saw that it was Noah, his black curls bobbing up and down as his loins buffeted deep into her intimacy. But, to her dismay, Rita also realised that the others had gathered round to watch.

She had forgotten the gang, cowering in the darkness under the hay-loft. They must have seen every moment of her humiliation. Seen her virginity ravished, the seed oozing from the vaginal gash. Now they were watching, with openly lascivious looks, as her body was sacrificed to their lewdness; gloating over her pain-racked loins and sore-looking breasts.

She started to struggle. To try to escape the gleeful eyes of the onlookers as they fed their lewd appetite on her nakedness. But the noose was still round her neck and the sudden jerk pulled it tight round her throat. She dropped her head down again. More hands held her arms tightly as her head was twisted to the front.

Another penis, hard and thick, was offered to her mouth. It was Bill's. Unable to do anything about it, Rita was forced to take it in and suck on it, almost choking. She had no time to judge its size as its shaft stretched her lips, filling her cheeks with warm flesh. Rita panicked! No! This was not what she wanted.

It thrust hard, time after time, against the back of her throat, gagging her. She couldn't breath. It seemed to be penetrating her brain! She was crying out for air! But the head was held firm and the hard flesh being shoved in and out, harshly. She was aware of the hard rasping breathing of the two youths, putting every effort into stuffing her mouth and rectum with cock. Her widened eyes darted round the group bending over her tethered body. They were urging the youths on to greater effort of degradation.

'Go on, Noah! Split her open!'

'Fill her lungs with juicy come! Choke her with it!'

'Give it to her! Harder! Deeper!'

Cocks were ravishing Rita from front and rear. There was a roaring sound in her head. She felt to be fast losing consciousness. Then, the rhythm in her mouth broke. The penis jerked, filling her throat and mouth with hot starchy sperm. She choked and retched on the sticky mess. It dribbled from the corners of her mouth. She fought hard to avoid throwing up as she gulped the air into her starved lunges.

A few short stabs later, warm juices filled her anus as the young man's seed ejaculated deep into her rear passage. As he withdrew, his copious emission seeped from her rose-pink passage, trickling down the crack of her buttock to blend with the stains already there.

Rita had been filled in every orifice; her virginity taken in three places. Violent orgasms had shattered her innocence. She was a woman. An experienced woman. Rita now realised that she was also a slave; one of Fagin's slaves; a slave of the gang. There was no escape for her so long as they wanted her. She also knew that it would be necessary for her to learn the art of deep throat.

At that moment the most unexpected thing happened. As the gang stood watching Rita's final degradation, nothing but a sperm repository, a shadow fell across the barn door. Everyone turned. There, taking in the scene of debauchery with unbelieving eyes, was the forbidding figure of Miss Armitage

There was a long embarrassed silence. Everyone held their breath, uncertain what to do. The gang glanced round at each other. No-one spoke.

'Well!' Miss Armitage exploded at last. 'What on earth is going on here?' No-one responded. They looked from one to the other lost for a reply. Her eyes gleamed. 'Janine!'

Janine swallowed hard. 'Nothing, Miss Armitage'

'Nothing? Nothing? Then why has Rita a halter round her neck? Why is she naked and dishevelled? Why are those two young men exposed?'

Whilst Miss Armitage was firing these questions at Janine, Nipper and Jacko quietly released Rita from the halter and other fastenings. Nipper handed her the discarded clothes. She stood shame-faced, trying to hide her nakedness from Miss Armitage's harsh gaze.

'Isn't that young man Noah, our gardener's assistant?'

'Yes, Miss Armitage,' he replied guiltily.

'And Jack Dawkins!'

Jacko hung his head in respect. 'Yes, Miss.'

'Who are the other young men?'

'Friends of ours, Miss,' Noah responded.

'And what are you doing here, Polly? Are you part of this conspiracy?'

Polly was pale. What could she say?

'Please, Miss, we're slaves.'

Miss Armitage's eyes glowed with fervour. 'Slaves! Good! Then, as slaves, you shall be punished.' Turning to the gang, she pointed to Janine. 'You two, bend that young lady over. She seems to be the gang leader here. I want to see her bottom. Steady her against that post.'

Miss Armitage pointed to the central post in the barn. Her voice of authority demanded obedience. Noah and Bill edged away to fasten up their trousers whilst Jacko and Nipper grabbed Janine, dragging her to the centre of the barn. Facing the post, Janine's arms were wrapped round it and tied at the wrists.

'Lift her skirt for me, please, Polly.'

Though reluctant to become involved, Polly did as she was asked. The hem was raised to Janine's waist. Her small panties did little to conceal her well stimulated gash, the gusset darkened wet with her hot honey. The sun having moved round in the sky, a shaft of sunlight caught the cheeks of her buttocks. There were faint signs of previous punishment across her creamy cheeks. The punishment given to her the previous evening by the mistress herself.

Miss Armitage was taken aback. She gaped with wonder. Such defenceless young buttocks. Perfectly rounded cheeks. She remembered the way she herself had been thrashed unmercifully years ago by her uncle and his friends as her mother watched. Thrashed for being discovered spying on their punishment. Revenge for that humiliating episode, though years ago, stared her in the face, stirring her memory.

This young lady had been thrashed as she had once been. Miss Armitage would take her mother's place. Beating her pupils was a joy for Miss Armitage - and she knew for many of the pupils a sexual thrill born of parental correction - but this time, it would be a real thrashing.

She walked up to the girl, cupped the cheeks of her bottom in each palm, feeling the fleshy peach-like softness. The breath caught in Miss Armitage's throat, her loins stirred. If only her own buttocks were as rounded and firm. Her hand stroked the spherical slopes, pressing into the pliant skin.

Fingers strayed into the cleft, thumbs onto the outer flesh of the vulva, caressing the fine downy fleece. The pads of her thumbs rubbed against the slippery flesh, intruding into the dark opening to probe the warm folds, wet and swollen. Janine's dark secret lay within that slippery entrance. Miss Armitage licked her lips. She was strangely jealous. She had never thought to be sharing her pupils with young men.

'Hmmm! Those panties are against the rules of the school, young lady. Forbidden! However, you are fortunate to have such a delightful set of womanly folds of flesh, protected by such silky curls.'

She looked at the straw-covered floor. 'You young men, take up the instruments. Are those split willow canes with the whip?'

'Yes, Miss Armitage.' It was Jacko who responded.

'Ten strokes each,' she commanded, moving back to Janine's side. Janine almost fainted at the prospect of twenty lashes.

She cried out for mercy. 'No, please! That's too many, Miss.'

Miss Armitage's smile had a cruel twist. 'No!' Janine wailed. 'Please!'

But Miss Armitage remained silent. The youths' eyes lit up. Fagin had taught them the joy of punishing female flesh. Tender and soft. They took up a willow cane each, eagerly testing the flexibility by swishing them up and down; getting to know the canes. Both had split ends to the first joint, with sharp edges making a faint rattling sound. They moved to either side of the victim. Janine looked over her shoulder.

'No! Please, Miss Armitage. Not the canes!' Her voice was strained with fear and apprehension. Her body went rigid. Oh! God! She was getting wet! It was so humiliating. Her knickers would darken with the seepage. Everyone would know that she was lubricating. On heat!

'No, please!'

'You have broken every rule in the book, Janine. You must be punished for all of them. Hard!' She nodded at the two young men, straining to whip the tender buttocks.

Both men twisted at the waist, raising their arms. Then they brought the limbs down hard. Janine yelped and jerked like a rag doll as the first blow bit her right cheek in a diagonal stripe. A second followed almost simultaneously on her left cheek with a vicious crack! The pale loins leapt and winced as the sudden searing pain jolted Janine's groin.

She was resting her cheek against the post, trying to stifle her cries, stiffening her whole body against the next attack. The blow caught her between the open cleft of the cheeks, adding further weals to the rapidly reddening flesh. The fourth bit into her . She yelped in utter agony, recoiling from the multiple sting. The next two lashes, almost together, reduced Janine to jelly! Her thighs trembled and shook. Tears were pouring down her face, eyes squeezed tight.

She remembered little of the remaining lashes. Her mind was a blur of confusion and pain. Of all the thrashing she had endured, this was the most thorough. Her flesh was bruised and reddened, interlaced with scarlet ridges. Miss Armitage noticed with scornful satisfaction that the gusset of Janine's panties had darkened with a spreading stain. She too was prone to wetting herself with sexual arousal during punishment; sometimes to orgasm, though it usually required clitoral stimulation as well.

Her eyes moved to the trousers of the young men. Both were now bursting with stiffened cocks as their imaginations worked on the reason for the stain between the naked young woman's thighs.

'Yes!' Miss Armitage cried out in triumph. 'The stew of hell is boiling over from her furnace. Look!' And everyone's eyes turned on Janine's genitals. The gusset of the flimsy knickers had worked part way between her inner labia. They were soaked with juices. Janine was scarlet, choking with embarrassment, totally humiliated. Her secret gash was under the gaze of them all.

'Quench her fire with that stiff devil of yours,' Miss Armitage instructed Jacko, holding out her hand to take his willow from him. Without hesitation, he dropped his trousers. He positioned himself between the cheeks of her badly bruised buttocks, slumped low. After tearing down the panties he pulled open the soft lips with his rough fingers. The soft folds were wet with desire. The hard shaft was pushed deep into the vulnerable opening, sliding easily into the slippery folds.

'Now, fuck her! Hard! Hurt her with it! Punish her!'

The others watched while Jacko pounded against the stinging cheeks of Janine's bottom. But her sobbing did nothing to lessen the supreme bliss she felt as the cock rammed deep into her aching tube. Miss Armitage stood close to the side of Janine's lurching hips, watching intently as the baton of hard flesh plunged in and out of the clutching folds of flesh. Then with a bellow, he withdrew his penis, spraying erratically over Janine's burning cheeks.

'The fire's not yet extinguished,' Miss Armitage growled. 'Now you!' pointing at Nipper. Miss Armitage watched this new shaft violate the tender lips with cruel thrusts.

Far from extinguishing her fire, the furnace of Janine's hell blazed deep within her with greater intensity! Soon, she reached her own pinnacle of rapture, screams of agonised delight rending the air, Miss Armitage's presence forgotten. Her head thrashed from side to side, loins shuddering, legs of jelly as the orgasm racked her frame.

'Oh, my God! Punish me! Flog me! Arrrrgh!' The liberation was an awesome experience. Miss Armitage was impressed by the sheer intensity of it. The shaft slipped out of the orifice, squirting its streams of sperm into Miss Armitage's outstretched palm.

As the young man backed off, Miss Armitage took his place facing Janine, tenderly spreading the men's copious sticky fluid into her weals, kneeling down to press her cheek to the burning flesh, kissing her pouting lips, tasting the sweet honey.

No one noticed the newcomers.

'Very nice, my dear. Very touching scene!'

Miss Armitage swung round to be confronted by Fagin, smiling down at her fondly. 'Miss Armitage I presume. I've always wanted to meet you, my dear. I've heard so much about you and your beatings from Bill, here.'

Miss Armitage saw the look of surprise on William's face. The college gardener!

Fagin went on. 'I see you enjoy our little games. Perhaps you'd like to join in?' And he nodded to Towser.

With a grin splitting his face, the young man crossed to behind Miss Armitage. Towser preferred plump women. There was more flesh to beat. Miss Armitage's eyes widened with surprise and terror. Her throat was too dry to utter a sound.

She swallowed hard. Towser grabbed her by the shoulders of her tweed jacket, pulling it down her arms, holding them firmly together.

'Please stand, Miss Armitage, my dear.'

Janine, now released from the binding on her wrists, came to the front of her mistress with a wicked smirk on her lips.

'You have told us many times that we must all be punished for our sins. Well, Miss Armitage, you have tasted the honey of hell. You called it that yourself. Hell's hot juices! You too must be beaten before the demons claim your soul. They already have mine!'

And without any warning, Janine slapped her mistress hard across the face, jerking the head in a stinging blow. The cheek coloured quickly to a bright red. Miss Armitage was very frightened!

Janine and Towser hoisted her abruptly to her feet.

'There you are, my dear. Punishment and slavery. That's my business, my dear. And yours, I have no doubt. But yours is legitimate. You will not escape the devil, though, my dear. I am he! Here before you. You will be my follower; my disciple. Together we can do wonderful things, my dear. Exciting things! Remunerative things!''

He crossed to Rita, stood silent but with a new air of confidence. He handed her two ten-pound notes.

'There, my dear. For you. For services rendered. Your rider was very pleased with your performance.' He turned back to face the mistress.

Miss Armitage looked at him, then at the others with fear and apprehension. Her loins were tingling with anticipation.

'No, please! I got carried away! Janine had a spiritual orgasm! It was an act of worship! Such a divine crevice! I was paying homage!'

But Janine was removing her mistress's blouse, tossing it aside. Miss Armitage was now stood in her skirt and corset. A quick movement behind her back and the bra fell forward to be pushed from the shoulder. Her large breasts, released from their support, flopped heavily. Only in her fantasies had her breasts been exposed to men's eyes since that first humiliating experience in her uncle's home. Her cheeks flushed hot with shame at their unexpected display.

Janine stroked her own hot rear cheeks, her eyes glaring wickedly at the over-sized breasts of her earlier tormentor. Fagin was studying Miss Armitage in the flesh! Sloping shoulders, unattractive meaty breasts resting on the rib-cage. Thick blue veins besmirching the skin and long distended nipples surrounded by large saucer-like areolae, dark and roughened with goose-pimples. Sparse short stands of hair grew from the areolae, surrounding the teat.

'Do you call those over-sized chunks of meat, breasts?' Janine mocked. She lifted them rudely in her palms, jolting them up and down before allowing them to fall back ponderously. She sneered. 'With hairy nipples! Repulsive!'

Miss Armitage hung her head to hide her embarrassment. Although secretly proud of her nipple hairs, she realised they were unsightly. Fagin nodded again. Jacko and Nipper came forward. They quickly removed the victim's skirt and slip, struggled with the corset until it fell from the thick waist, hips and pink buttocks. Her plentiful rounded flesh.

She was left only in white cotton briefs, the gusset already heavily stained. From either side of the gusset sprouted thick tufts of black wiry curls, spreading down the inner sides of the plump thighs. The mat of hair also escaped from the elastic waist band, reaching up to the navel and across to the thigh bones. A lush growth.

Miss Armitage was mortified. Her body trembled, her face was drained of colour. She was not proud of her figure but to have it openly stared at was debasing.

'What are you going to do?' she whined.

'Janine, my dear,' Fagin's voice was soft, 'there's a rope hanging from the rafters up there. Can you lower it?'

'It will be a pleasure!'

As she did, the young men grabbed a wrist each, pulling it behind Miss Armitage's back. She grunted in pain. Fagin tossed them a length of old rope hanging over a stall.

'Bind her!'

Nipper lowered the strong rope from the rafters. Taking the end of it, Rita fastened it to the bound wrists. Then she hoisted it over the rafter until Miss Armitage was bent forward by the strain on her arms pulled upwards behind her back. Her heavy breasts dangled obscenely, her buttocks thrust backwards, She cried out for mercy.

Clumps of thick black hair now showed in each armpit. The mistress was a woman of nature - as God made her. No razor or depilation cream had been allowed to remove what God had given her. And He had given her plenty!

Fagin came up behind her, kicking the thick ankles apart to display the fleshy join between her thighs encased in soaked briefs, stretched tight across the fulsome cheeks. His face wrinkled with distaste. His voice was mocking.

'Who is the mistress now? Gentlemen, take your pleasure! Beat the demons from this lecherous woman!'

Miss Armitage squeezed her eyes closed, tensing her body against the buffeting she expected. In spite of her fear, the anticipation of that first delicious bite into the flesh was rousing her lust. Her loins fluttered with agitation. To cry out would be in vain.

She waited with eager frustration as the two young men behind her took up the wicked instruments and positioned themselves facing Miss Armitage's buttocks. Her loins were bubbling over with arousal. Her heart was in her mouth, dry, apprehensive of the pain and ecstasy to follow. She heard the swish of the trial flexes of the cane as the young men took aim at their chosen spot.

The first lash of the willow sank with a dull thwack! deep into the pliant flesh, sending up a scream of anguish from the mistress. Her body convulsed, swaying from the rope, dragging on her strained arms. Another thwack! as the supple split willow bit cruelly into both cheeks. A howl of agony rent the air! Juddering buttocks heaved and twisted. The body convulsed. Miss Armitage had little time to register the ripple of white heat spreading through her loins before a second blow from each weapon made her squeal once more. The pain throbbed in her loins, the heat bubbled in her groin.

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