tagBDSMThe Trials of Pauline Ch. 12

The Trials of Pauline Ch. 12


Pauline has been brought up to practise and enjoy sexual thrills from sado-masochism and is on a quest to find her father, a secret agent, last seen at the Athens Hilton. Though still a virgin, in spite of many sexual experiences, Pauline's controller, Fagin, has 'sold' her to a new master, Ulysses. After passing tests of severe tolerance, Ulysses entrusts her with a secret mission to an island in the Aegean, with a trusted companion, Lucy.


Polly's lacerations took several days to repair, encouraged by twice-daily applications of soothing cream. Nevertheless, the interview with Ulysses had been successful. She had been chosen to deliver an important document to an eminent client and submit to his will. She bore no illusions what that would entail.

Ulysses had instructed her to shave her pubic region. No hair must remain on her body other than the hair on her head. It was a very private estate on a remote island in the Aegean sea. A playground for the rich magnate who would pay a substantial figure to satisfy his sadistic fantasies. He commanded the best throughout the world, of every colour and shape.

At the airport, Polly's name was announced on the speaker system. She was asked to go to the information desk. There she was met by a strange woman.

'Ulysses has sent me to wave you off. Let's have a coffee.'

But they turned into the ladies toilets instead where the woman bustled Polly into a cubicle.

'On the seat!' she whispered urgently, locking the door.

Polly did as she was told. The woman raised Polly's skirt and pulled down her panties.

Without any compunction, the woman pushed two ivory eggs, connected by a thin silver link, between Polly's labia, deep into her vagina. There was some delay in negotiating the maidenhead without damage to it. Once done, a nylon string was left in the vulva. After listening intently at the door for a few seconds, the woman suddenly went, leaving Polly still perched on the toilet seat.

The eggs rolled around in Polly's vagina as she walked to the departure lounge, filling her with an exquisite flutter of stimulation. For the first time in her life, Polly experienced a vaginal orgasm, though still a virgin.

Polly found Lucy waiting as arranged, by the perfume counter of the duty free area. They went through the usual preliminaries before going to the VIP desk. There they were met by two smiling men, with flashing eyes. They were wearing the uniform of flying officers.

'I'm your captain,' one explained, 'and this is my Chief Engineer.'

Polly smiled sweetly.

'Shall we go?'

Both felt a sense of great excitement, as though going on a holiday, but both realised that the success or failure of this expensive project relied heavily on their commitment to Ulysses. He placed complete trust in their loyalty to him and his enterprise.

They met in good time for boarding, and drank a black coffee in the cafeteria.

'I'm glad to be on the way,' Polly admitted. 'I've had no cock for a week. I'm getting desperate!'

'Oh, I've been getting a regular supply,' came the response. 'Even so, I'm always ready for more. An unlimited supply is my ideal!'

'Lucky you!'

Both were travelling light since they were assured that everything they could possibly need would be available at the villa. Dressed in summer blouses and full skirts of white crepe, sling-back white shoes and white briefs, their braless breasts swayed provocatively under the blouse, pockets hiding the nipples from view. Vanity cases were their only luggage of personal possessions.

They were booked in the rear seats of the first-class section of the aircraft. At the other side of the aisle, one row in front, were two young business men sitting in their shirt-sleeves, who looked the ladies up and down as they walked up the aisle, smiling at them in obvious appreciation. Lucy returned the smile with a lingering look into the nearest man's eyes with her best let's-fuck look. She could see his surprise - and disbelief. There was never any mistaking Lucy's message! Besides these two, there were only two other occupants, sitting towards the front of the cabin.

After they settled down for their four-hour flight to Athens, the steward offered them coffee.

As he bent over Polly to pour her coffee, his eyes strayed to her blouse hoping to catch a glimpse of her breasts. Polly eased her shoulders forward slightly so that the blouse would billow at the top, giving him a good view of her perfect rounded orbs, with nipples taught and stiff. The steward's eyes opened wider.

'Enjoying the sights?' she whispered hoarsely, smiling into his embarrassed face. 'Don't be shy, they're worth looking at.' She slowly unfastened the top two button with unconcern. 'Come back later for more.'

Whilst the two women sipped their coffees, the steward served the other passengers. When he had served them, he returned at her side. Polly looked up into his face, drawing her blouse to one side revealing the superb breast. As he ogled it, she placed the palm of her other hand on his groin, feeling the stiffening tenant, rubbing her palm slowly up and down. The steward gulped.

'Are you interested?' she asked, 'or is it just a passing fancy?'

'You are stunning. Who could not possibly be interested in your beauty.'

'When your duties are done, let's suck,' she whispered to him. 'I'm sure you can find the time. Meantime perhaps you can find us a bottle of champagne.'

Lucy laughed quietly. 'You never give up trying, do you Polly? Do you seriously expect to have him during the flight?'

'Of course. I might have that dishy man in front as well. I'm pretty sure his friend will be interested too. How are you fixed, Lucy?'

'I'll try anything once!'

After a few minutes, the steward returned with the champagne in an ice bucket and two glasses. He was a young fresh-faced man of average build, wearing regulation shirt and dark-blue trousers. As he approached, Lucy studied his crotch before looking up at him with her let's-fuck look. When he got to Polly's seat she once again felt his crotch. It was already stiffening in anticipation.

'How well are you hung?' she asked. He was setting the ice bucket beside the arm of her seat. The cork was already drawn.

'Well,' he hesitated, 'why not take a look for yourself?' So, Polly unzipped the flies, groped inside to search for a way through the boxer shorts, finding the quickly stiffening tube of warm flesh. Lucy watched the act with a light smile in the corners of her mouth as Polly cupped the genitals in her hand, drawing out the full set. The penis was swelling quickly. Polly leaned forward to take the expanding cock in her mouth. There was a faint whiff of lavender talc.

Polly always enjoyed the sensation of cock growing in her mouth, running her tongue over the knob, teeth gently biting into the shaft, sliding it in and out. The steward gasped and jerked at the contact, but concentrated on pouring two glasses of bubbly as Polly concentrated on bringing him to full stretch. Looking down at her with a glazed look, a glass in one hand, he watched his penis thrust into the beautiful mouth of the elegant lady. To increase his excitement, Lucy opened her blouse to show him her breasts, cradle them in her hands, lifting them for his better inspection.

His eyes nearly popped out of his head. Polly took her head away for a few seconds as he put the glass down in front of her. She peeled back the foreskin to examine the weapon, its shaft hard and smooth, knob pale mauve. Fondling his testicles she took the head once again into her mouth, setting about working it up into a frenzy. This was great!

Having been cock-starved for a week she was relishing the sensation of having control over a wonder-weapon. Polly felt the steward's loins clench, his buttocks jerk. He was pouring the other glass of bubbly, passing the point of no return. His spasms began to increase until with a muffled grunt he splattered his semen into her cheeks.

She withdrew her face, holding his emission in her mouth, as he handed the glass to Lucy. Polly quietly replaced his genitals into the trousers, zipping it up. She sat back in her seat, lifted the glass to her lips and took a long sip, rolling the bubbling liquid round her mouth.

'Is that to your satisfaction, Madam?' he asked.

Polly smiled as she swallowed. 'That's a superb cocktail. Not too dry,' she mused. 'Thank you!'

'Thank YOU madam,' he replied. 'It isn't often I have the pleasure!'

'Nor me!' she assured him.

'Any time!' The steward adjusted his trousers before returning to the galley.

Lucy laughed, adjusting her blouse to cover her breasts. 'That was cool, Polly! Cool!'

'Always expect the unexpected,' she smiled. 'After seven days of chastity, that felt absolutely wonderful!'

'Cheers!' Lucy lifted her glass.

Some time passed whilst the ladies read their magazines. A shadow fell across the page. Polly looked up to see the captain facing her. Her innocent look won him over immediately.

'Good morning, Madam. I hope everything is to your liking.'

'Thank you, yes. You have a very obliging staff, Captain. A little stiff, but very forthcoming.'

'Thank you. We do our best to please. The steward mentioned your request. Were you fully satisfied, or can I be of assistance in completing your pleasure? I have a little time to spare.'

Polly placed the forefinger of one hand on the captain's groin and pressed.

'Hmmm! Feels promising!' She slowly unzipped the flies, pushed a hand delicately into the gap. Her fingers immediately curled round the stem. He had clearly removed his underwear in advance.

'You seem to have been cock-sure of my interest,' she added.

'Well, one cocktail is rarely enough for a lady of obvious discernment. Two are always better, and sometimes three are best!' Whilst the Captain spoke he leaned on the head rest of the seat in front, obscuring his bared genitals from other passengers. Polly took his circumcised shaft, which was stiffening quickly.

'We shall see,' Polly replied. 'You'll forgive me if I refrain from speaking to you with me mouth full.'

The faint smell of male sex filled her nostrils as she leaned forward to run her lips over the shaft before sinking it into her mouth. Another swelling shaft filled her cheeks until it reached its limit. Longer than the steward's, but not quite so thick, Polly worked on it ravenously, fondling the testicles, heavy and warm.

Lucy took over the conversation. 'You have a useful piece of apparatus, there, Captain. Does you use it often?'

'Whenever I can, madam. Occasionally it gets overworked, but most of the time I'm able to regulate its use to suit my requirements.'

Polly could never get enough cock. She just adored the organ. Its nobility, its arrogance, its servility in front of woman. Her teeth nibbled the knob, her lips caressed the shaft, her tongue rolled around the proud stiffness. There was a soft slurping sound as her mouth bobbed up and down swiftly on the member.

'I suppose it requires plenty of lubrication, Captain.'

'That certainly helps, madam.'

Thighs began to tremble. The Captain tried to suppress jerks in his hips.

'Are you sure there's an adequate supply of cream?' Lucy asked.

Polly increased the pressure of her lips, teeth scraping the skin. With a twitch, the swollen penis exploded into her warm mouth. Several spurts of hot sperm overflowed the corners of her lips, dribbling thickly down her chin.

'Copious, madam! Copious!' he gasped through his discharge.

Polly carefully ran her lips along the entire shaft before taking her head away, replacing the wet penis and zipping up the trousers.

'Good health,' he saluted her as Polly took a sip of champagne, swallowing the cocktail. Lucy turned to Polly, scooped the dribbles from her chin and transferred them between her own lips.

'That was enough to send me into orbit, Captain. Thank you for showing us your gadget. It operates very well and is well stocked.'

'Well, that was only a quick demonstration. It works better when fully submerged in the channels designed for it. Even so, it's always a pleasure to help satisfy the ladies' curiosity.'

As lunch time approached, the two business-men invited Polly and Lucy to join them in a cocktail. Polly transferred to the seats opposite, one of the men sitting beside her, whilst the other joined Lucy. The Steward served their Martini's without any tell-tale expression. He was totally professional in his attitude.

They all ate their food with enjoyment, finishing with coffees and brandies. Both men were Greek and good conversationalists with perfect English. Polly's companion turned the conversation tentatively to sex, to see how Polly would respond to his overtures. Feeling a bit more confident, he confided in Polly.

'Women seem to enjoy my company.'

'Why?' Polly asked him. 'Have you got a large cock?' His jaw dropped with astonishment at the unexpected question.

'I like to think so,' he eventually spluttered.

'Ah, but do the ladies like to think so?'

'Is size important to you?'

'Absolutely! She's a liar who says otherwise. Small cocks are no use to me. Let me feel!' And she turned to face him. Without further ado, using both hands to undo the waist fastening and the zip of his trousers, she pushed her hand into his groin.

His face showed astonishment as her hand buried its way into the opening, fumbling for his cock. It was there, thickened but not fully swollen. Polly lifted it out to look at its swarthy appearance jutting out of the black curls.

'Hmmm! Not bad!' she cooed. Her fingers trailed lightly up and down the shaft, rousing it to greater heights until it stood thick and proud.

Her Greek gentleman looked round with apprehension as she calmly peeled back the foreskin, wrapping her slender hand around it to masturbate it. Her male partner grunted with instinctive arousal!

Following her lead, Lucy was similarly engaged across the aisle with an equally startled companion. The stewarding staff were busy in the galley and the two forward passengers were dozing. There was no one around to see their carnal activities.

'Yes! It's quite a good size!' Polly watched the fully engorged shaft thrusting impatiently in her pumping hand. She leaned across the aisle, opened her mouth, pressing it to the portals of her wet orifice. Cock at last! A long heart-felt sigh escaped her as she slid onto her knees in the aisle. The man closed his eyes and smiled.

As Polly's enthusiasm grew inside her, she manipulated her clitoris with relish. The spring of lust inside her was winding tenser and tighter. Preparing herself for the joy of orgasm, she felt the cock inside her splash its riches into her cheeks. Just then she lost awareness as her own exhilaration swept to a climax, the orgasm slamming into her belly like an electric shock. With an intense whimper, her loins jerked wildly until the spasms finally subside.

Kneeling at the side of the other seat, Lucy was also trembling with orgastic jerks, muffling her cries of joy, her partner having filled her mouth with sperm.

'I hope your wives don't notice the stains,' Polly mused.

The two ladies, satisfied and relaxed, visited the wash-room to replace their soaking panties.

'How was yours?' Polly asked Lucy.

'Not bad, but too embarrassed to get fully involved. And yours?'

'OK. I was really desperate for cock, so what he did didn't matter. At least, he kept stiff as long as necessary.'

Before long they were dozing contentedly for the rest of the flight.

Because Polly was travelling with the minimum of luggage - she was assured that everything she could possibly want would be provided on the island - Polly checked quickly through customs and passport control. No-one showed the slightest interest in her, apart from appreciative looks at her superb figure. After a refreshing black coffee in the lounge to allow the passengers to clear, they slipped into the ladies powder-room. It was empty. The two women dodged into a cubicle where Polly once again stood on the seat whilst Lucy removed the ivory eggs with great care. A slight tug on the nylon cord was all that Lucy required for the first egg to appear. The other followed without undue pain or difficulty for Polly.

A quick swill under the running tap in the wash-bowl and the eggs were dropped into a special velvet container Lucy carried in her hand-bag. Polly was sorry to lose the eggs!

They took a cab to the harbour where they were to take a boat to the remote island. Having found the boat, Polly introduced herself and Lucy to the captain. Polly didn't like Leon at all. He was the captain of the boat which would take them on a three hour journey to their island. The boat was more of a tug, really. Paint was peeling from the timbers and the deck needed a good scrub down.

Captain Leon was a huge brute of a man, wearing only a filthy singlet over the fat bosom and flabby belly bulging over dirty white ducks. Rope-soled plimsolls and a peaked captain's hat completed his dress. His hair and beard were matted, his yellow teeth chipped; his skin was leathery and weather-beaten, his finger-nails ingrained with dirt, hands with engine-oil. He reminded Polly of the crude fairground man in Disney's Pinocchio. Altogether coarse and disgusting. He stank of stale sweat and squalor.

There was a crew of three others. The so-called Chief Engineer, another gross-bellied man who spoke no English and smoked cheroots all the time, the First Officer who looked more like an escaped convict, and a dirty deck-hand. Polly and Lucy were the only passengers. The four men leered at the two gorgeous women with obvious relish, rubbing their damp palms down the side of their soiled shorts.

The boat was also engaged to take a large consignment of supplies to the island and Polly was expected to take charge of them.

'You come, sign for cargo,' Leon explained in slurred speech. 'When we get away from harbour. After my siesta. Eh?' He was almost always drunk to a greater or lesser degree. A bottle of whisky was constantly in his large fist. Polly had been asked by Ulysses to make sure that she gave him a litre from her tax-free allowance. Perhaps after his siesta he may be lesser drunk. The First Officer took the boat out of harbour.

Of course, Polly would wait until the goods were unloaded before signing for any of them. She and Lucy leaned over the starboard rail watching the hive activity along the harbour wall and the wealth of activity slip by as they slowly steamed down the channel towards the open sea. It as a busy small harbour with pleasure boats mingling with fishing smacks and cargo vessels.

The sea was calm, the sky pale blue, almost white, and the stench of diesel fumes filled the air. Lucy became conscious of the deck-hand with nothing to do, sitting against the wheel-house, staring at them, drooling with lecherous thoughts. He was about twenty, unshaven and grimy, wearing a T shirt which was so faded and filthy that the legend on it was illegible. The jeans he wore were threadbare, torn at the knees and ragged round the legs. Lucy lifted her sun-glasses onto her forehead to look down at the urchin. She decided to tease him. Almost casually, she lifted the hem of her dress to expose her plain white panties.

'Don't turn round, Polly,' she said quietly, 'but were being admired by that little runt of a deck-hand. Let's get him worked up and encourage him to toss himself off. Pull your skirt up and show him your bum.'

Polly did as she was asked. She made the gesture as though rubbing her bottom to soothe an itch. The perfect cheeks radiated softly in the bright sunlight. The rough youth's eyes nearly popped out of his head. Here was a classy lady with a beautiful body, showing her buttocks, teasing him. Seeing the stirring in the crotch of his jeans, Lucy pushed the second finger of the hand holding up her dress against the top of her secret crevice. This moulded the nylon against the contours of her mound showing the curls beneath the fabric. She fingered her clitoris whilst the other hand unbuttoned her top, pulling it to one side to show the youth one of her lovely breasts, nipple perking up stiffly.

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