tagBDSMThe Trials of Pauline Ch. 13

The Trials of Pauline Ch. 13


Pauline has been brought up to practise and enjoy sexual thrills from sado-masochism and is on a quest to find her father, a secret agent, last seen at the Athens Hilton. Though still a virgin, in spite of many sexual experiences, Pauline's controller, Fagin, has 'sold' her to a new master, Ulysses. After passing tests of severe tolerance, Ulysses entrusts her with a secret mission to an island in the Aegean. After a series of sexual adventures, during which she rescued a young Eurasian, Marina, from the sadistic clutches of a sea captain, she and her colleague Lucy arrive at their destination.


Chapter Thirteen

Polly was impressed with the island. It was gorgeous. Rising from the sea with sheer cliffs at one end, sweeping down to a sandy shore-line at the other. The centre-piece of the island was a small, but perfect amphitheatre, with the ancient stone seating rising steeply in a semi-circle round the main arena. Polly thought of the many ritualistic beatings that must have taken place there in the past. The villa was superbly positioned half-way up the slope, tucked amongst groves of olive and citrus fruits.

In the hall of the villa, Polly, Marina and Lucy were met by a smiling butler. He expressed surprise at seeing three of them. After Polly explained briefly, saying she would tell the full story to Mr Cronos, the butler apologised for the nature of the transport, assuring them that they would find everything they required in their apartments.

'We will provide better clothes for your maid.'

They were to be escorted to their rooms by the severe-looking lady dressed in black, stood to one side.

'We have to take precautions against possible intruders, even here, on this remote island. There is much valuable property and information of special interest to the international criminal. So we issue all our guests with special alarms. It is a simple device to be worn round the neck. Besides being a high pitched whistle, it is also a CS gas spray.' And the butler demonstrated the workings of the security devices.

'Let us hope we don't need to use them.' Lucy shuddered at the thought.

'If there is anything at all you require, please phone the housekeeper. Mister Cronos is anxious that you should enjoy your stay with us.'

The matron led them to their luxury apartment. It was air-conditioned with its windows overlooking the sea through the trees. Polly noticed a large swimming pool at the centre of the large terrace, with ample sun-bathing facilities for sun-worshippers. It was agreed that Marina was to share the ample apartment, begging to be allowed to be their servant, to look after their every need.

Since there were three bedrooms, each with en-suite bathrooms, the women had no objection. In fact Lucy thought Marina a very pretty young lady and would provide excellent private entertainment. She looked on with growing interest as Polly attended to the young girl's bruises. Polly's hands were spreading soothing cream, squeezing Marina's cheeks more firmly, occasionally slapping them gently. Slender thighs were parted, the crevice dark and mysterious, the inner folds trying to push their way out of the bush. Trickles of honey were smeared on the soft flesh.

Polly allowed her fingers to probe the inner secrets of the folds, warm and slippery. Prodding upwards to the little hood, she sought the clitoris. To her surprise it was unusually large. Almost like a small penis. She looked up at Lucy with eyes wide, inviting her to share the surprise find. Lucy was impressed. A body to punish! Genitals asking to be slapped and nibbled!

'Ah,' Marina murmured with delight, 'you find my little prick. My pleasure button.'

'You are certainly well provided with an exciting clit, Marina. It stiffens just like a baby penis!' Polly laughed with delight. Marina pushed her buttocks out allowing better access to her genitals, now fully aroused. Polly's own vulva had already become excited, moistened with syrup. As Lucy watched with excited eyes, Polly toyed with the small protrusion, gently massaging the cream around the stem and into the hood.

Lucy was enchanted by Marina's reactions. Her pretty face was a picture of rapture, lips slightly apart, eyes closed, head rocking from side to side. The flat belly trembled, the narrow hips shook. Lucy traced her finger-nails over the dark buds, wrinkled peaks on the large swollen areolae of her small breasts. The small body began to convulse, to whimper. The orgasm delighted all three women, not least Lucy who was now determined to thrash the smooth, olive skin of the tight buttocks.

Whilst Marina took a cool shower, Lucy went to change out of her travelling clothes. Polly didn't waste any time before phoning Ulysses on his private mobile phone to explain about Leon. Ulysses listened in silence, then promised to ask the villa to make other transport arrangements for the future. It later appeared that there had been increasingly dissatisfied with Leon's work. Other complaints had been made. For emergencies and medical attention, there was a helicopter service available for the island.

Feeling happier about her forthcoming trial, Polly examined her wardrobe of summer clothing. Light and simple casual wear. Some suitable clothes for Marina were ordered by phoning the housekeeper.

Lucy returned wearing a short tunic, tied by a simple cord round the waist, to join Polly in their lounge area just as the young Eurasian came out of her room from taking a shower. Standing in a shaft of late afternoon sunlight she looked elegant and beautiful. Like a young goddess! Raven hair hung over her slight shoulders. Her small breasts with their prominent areolae and nipples, were now stiff and puckered after the shower. A flat belly with narrow waist and hips; tight provocative buttocks; slender legs of perfect shape.

Lucy gazed with greedy admiration at the olive-skinned small beauty. She was itching to punish this waif-like figure, innocent and pure-looking. The bubbling in Lucy's groin, her clenching loins, was testimony of her interest in the girl's body. Her wrinkle free face and tight, smooth skin made her look several years younger than he real age.

Lucy spoke to her in a slightly husky voice. 'Turn round, Marina. I want to examine your stripes and bruises.'

The slender girl did as she was asked. The skin glowed with vitality. The swelling of her buttocks between the narrow hips were asking to be beaten. There was now very little evidence of the earlier thrashing on the boat. Polly also admired the small, petite cheeks, but perhaps for rather different reasons to Lucy.

'You have a truly exquisite bottom, Marina. So lovely!'

'And you have healing palms, mistress Polly,' she replied with a gay laugh. 'Leon, he beat me unmercifully with leather strap, but pain now gone. Only pleasure remain.'

'How often did you have to put up with that brute?'

'With luck, he too drunk to thrash me so often as he would like. So I might escape with only two, sometimes three thrashing in a week. Even then, he not always have the strength to flog me too much.'

'He seems a horrible man!' Lucy snorted.

'Yuck! His penis it is 'orrible! Foul smell and sticky! He sweat much. His come, it taste terrible. But he like me to swallow it. Leon no good at fucking. He too fat to get it in properly. But I have sensitive fingers! So I can pleasure myself a lot!'

'Were you with him for long?'

'I come to Greece eight months ago to work as a barmaid. He trick me to be his maid. He promise much pay. But I stay chained in his cabin. Robbo, he try to escape me. But Leon find out and half-murder him. I get thrashed until skin is nearly hanging from my bottom. Since then I no try again. Until you come to rescue me.'

Lucy could resist her urges no longer. 'Have you a strong hair-brush with you, Polly?'

'Yes, sure!' She went into her bedroom and returned with her long-handled hair brush. It had a wide, flat stock. She handed it to Lucy, who was still looking with desire at the young, smiling girl.

'Now, Marina,' Lucy said, 'it will be part of your duties to surrender to my command. You are familiar with the activity, I know. But here, you will be punished only by Polly and me. No nasty smelling brutes with dirty cocks.'

Polly saw the Eurasian girl stiffen. Her buttocks tightened, her shoulders hunched slightly.

'Yes, madam,' was all she said. But a look of apprehension fluttered in her eyes.

'Please lay over the edge of the bed.'

Marina felt the thrill of anticipation judder through her. Her loins trembled with desire, lubricating her pretty vulva with honey as she looked at the tall blonde. Here was a woman to obey, she thought. She holds her head high with pride and authority. She will protect me. I will obey her. Marina positioned herself, hips on the bed edge, knees wide apart, arms stretched to the corners of the head-board. Her head faced towards Polly. She smiled reassuringly.

'Please tie me to the bedpost,' Marina asked.

Polly took the cords from the dressing gowns, knotted them round the slim wrists and fastened them to the bed-posts. Lucy stood, legs apart, tapping the hairbrush in the palm of her left hand. Relishing the anticipation of the pleasure to come. Polly now stood to one side, her heart in her mouth. Marina was so slight and vulnerable. So innocent. The gleam in Lucy's eyes was malicious and cruel. Polly's own loins were starting to churn with yearning.

Lucy's hand came down heavily. The brush struck the soft flesh with a loud slap. Marina recoiled with an involuntary jerk, biting her lip to avoid yelling. The second blow came on the other cheek. As the skin reddened, a familiar glow spread through Marina's loins. The young girl never murmured, never flinched other than to recoil against the slaps. Taking the punishment silently, the girl thrilled at the sensation of burning surging through her middle. The arm raised and struck time after time.

Loud slaps echoed round the apartment. The cheeks became suffused with a crimson glow, swelling in response to the assault. Her loins were ablaze with passion. They hungered for more. Sweet agony of the stinging hair-brush filled her with delight and joy until an involuntary orgasm swept through her, washing over the throbbing ache. It rippled on and on, like a wave soothing every part of her body. It seemed ages before Lucy stopped the beating. Marina turned to look appealingly to Polly, tears on her face, exhilaration in her loins.

There was a silence before Lucy spoke, her voice hoarse with emotion. 'Open your thighs really wide.' Marina did.

Lucy knelt between the beautiful inner thighs of the Eurasian girl. In the valley between the crimson, burning cheeks, Lucy scrutinised the secret gash, tucked in its nest of curls, pouting and wet. Her hands lightly massaged the inner hollows of her thighs with delicate fingers. She was mesmerised and enchanted by the swollen bud above the soft folds of glistening flesh, now exposed fully to her gaze.

Unable to resist the temptation any longer, Lucy leaned forward between the superb thighs, her own bottom uncovered by the short tunic. She flicker her stiffened tongue over the bud. Marina reacted with a little squirm and a murmur of delight at the touch. Lucy began to lick the clitoris and the crack in earnest, her flat tongue exploring every tiny fold, lapping, pushing deep into the crevices, tasting the juices of Marina's secret passage.

Polly picked up the hair-brush. Lucy's vulva was clearly roused, glistening with honey. Polly pushed the handle of the hairbrush between the wet lips, then thrust it deep into the dark secret of Lucy's loins. She quivered at the feel of it entering her. Marina's loins were now responding to Lucy's attention with trembling muscles and quivering buttocks. The gash was pressed back hard at Lucy's mouth, searching for more contact.

With stiffened lips gripping the clitoris, Lucy lashed her tongue backwards and forwards across the tip. Polly rammed the brush in and out of Lucy. The girl's moans became wilder until, with a cry of anguish, her loins bucked heavily. Choking sobs escaped her throat as the waves of her orgasm swept over her. Her brain was filled with an explosion of colour, like a giant firework. Her whole body was suffused with a glowing heat. Lucy's own orgasm was triggered by the vehemence of her slave's response.

After licking the turbulent vulva as best she could while the girl's spasms subsided, she smothered with kisses the soft flesh, swollen and sweet. When her own spasms had died down, Lucy sat on the bed and took Marina onto her lap, enveloping the slight frame her arms, kissing her face and neck with light touches of her lips.

Marina purred with happiness.

Watching the encounter, after the excitement of the punishment, Polly was highly aroused. She sat on the floor, knees up and wide apart. Her fingers pushed the handle of the brush between her own vulva lips, into her groin whilst her other hand searched for the clitoris. It took very few thrusts to bring her own internal flutters to the peak of delirium. The orgasm exploded in her belly. She cried out loud as her knees buckled beneath her, watched by the two satisfied young ladies on the bed.

It was already early evening. When she had recovered from the beating, Marina poured Polly and Lucy a Tio Pepe each to sip whilst Polly dressed, as instructed, in a simple white dress and silver sandals. Nothing else. It was a calm, balmy evening. The soft sun filtered through the trees, bathing the lawns and groves with speckled light.

Through the windows, they saw terraced lawns, which led down from the villa, were surrounded by shrubs and trees dripping with perfumed blossom. Gurgling waterfalls carried the water through a complex of pools to the lower levels. Finally, to the main pool itself. A system of lights and torches illuminated the whole area. There were many statues to be found, some of copulating couples, some of nude warriors sporting huge erections.

A tap on the door brought them back to reality. It was the severe-looking matron. She made it clear that Polly was to go with her. A carpeted corridor led to a large walnut door at the far end. After a discreet knock, the servant opened the door and motioned Polly to go through into the room. The door softly clicked as it closed behind her.

It was a large room, comfortably furnished and decorated with superb frescoes painted on each wall. They depicted classical scenes of mythology. Polly thought she recognised the rape of the Sabine women, Venus and Adonis, what looked like the pillaging of a brothel and a study of naked slave women being flogged by muscular brutes. A large window opened onto a balcony with an exquisite view beyond of the illuminated gardens.

Sitting with his back to her, admiring the view, was the dapper figure of a man dressed in a white suit. Polly stood silent in the centre of the room. Eventually, the man stood and turned to face her. He was ordinary looking. Clean shaven with neatly arranged hair, parted down the middle. The only remarkable feature was the large staring eyes, unblinking behind rimless spectacles.

He examined Polly without a word. She was breathing hard. It was unnerving being scrutinised in complete silence. She tried not to look afraid. Her clear blue eyes kept focussed on him. He was immaculately dressed. White shirt and tie - silk satin. Perfectly fitting white suit of silk and mohair; shirt cuffs fastened by ruby studded gold cuff-links. A white silk tie protruded from his top pocket. He was scrubbed clean. Not a mark besmirched any part of him. Their eyes finally met. When he spoke, Polly noticed the pure white, gleaming teeth.

'Let me introduce myself. My name is Cronos, Lord and master.' He made no attempt to touch her. 'It is told to me that you are an English virgin. For one so beautiful, that is hard to believe. I shall satisfy my curiosity. Please remove your dress.'

There was the briefest of hesitations before Polly opened her dress, shrugging it from her shoulders. The perfect shape of Polly's smooth body affected her host. A small intake of breath and widening of his staring eyes registered his appreciation of her loveliness.

'You are truly beautiful, Polly. Pale flesh shows the signs of the whip to best advantage. But first, I wish to examine you.' He crossed to the dining table in the centre of the room. It was covered by a pure white linen cloth.

'Please lay on the table.' Polly did as he asked, laying full length on her back, arms at her side. Cronos stood beside her, gently running his open palms over her breasts, her flat belly and smooth mound. His fingers pushed gently into the flesh of her thighs, moving down to her knees. Gripping the legs at each knee, Cronos opened her legs, drawing them up to her chest, to expose the hairless genitals.

From a nearby table he took a surgical cap, set with a small lamp in the centre. After switching the lamp on, he pulled on transparent gloves of thin plastic. As he smoothed the glove over each finger, his eyes remained fixed on the beauty of Polly's genitals, now spotlighted. The pink folds of her vulva pushed the outer labia aside. The small hood only half concealed the clitoris, now erect with anticipation and a little fear. All the creases and folds of her secret shrine were displayed before his blank, wide-eyed gaze.

Polly felt her lips eased apart, the orifice opened out like petals of a flower. Her honey was glistening on the folds of flesh, preparing her virgin vulva for penetration. Was this to be the end of her virginity, she wondered? The nylon thread was carefully pulled to draw the two ivory eggs from Polly's vagina.

Suddenly, Cronos stood, removing the gloves and cap.

'Amazing! A beautiful English virgin rose.' He returned the implements to the side table, swilling the eggs into a bowl of water before placing them on a hand towel. Polly remained in her position, knees up and wide apart, displaying her feminine charms, now wet with desire.

'Before you are punished, Polly, I have something I wish to show you.'

He helped her to come down from the table. Polly was uncertain what it was she was to be shown. Some apprehension made her shiver slightly. Cronos walked her to face one of the large paintings on the wall. There they sat on a couch facing it. At the touch of a button on a hand set, the wall slid up into the ceiling. Revealed behind it was a glass screen overlooking a small room.

Polly's eyes widened with horror. There, before her, was a blonde woman strapped to a table. It was circular, with her ankles and wrists secured to four legs. At her side was a heavily built man wielding a tawse. A long leather weapon. He was already engaged in the act of punishing the woman, for stripes of crimson crossed her buttocks. As Polly took in the scene, Cronos explained.

'They cannot hear us, nor see us. It is one-way glass and the room is sound proofed. However, it is wired up with microphones. I can listen to the sound of the woman being punished.' And, at the touch of a switch, the harsh sobbing of the woman was clearly audible. The table was positioned so that Cronos and Polly were facing the female genitals. The vulva was well covered by blonde curls, now matted and darkened with her juices, oozing freely from the unfolded orifice. Her flesh was of a coral colour, the inner lips a wrinkled brown shade. The cheeks of her buttocks trembled and shook as the leather strap slapped heavily into her flesh. A loud cry of pain escaped the victim.

The tormentor was covered with hair. Everywhere except his head, which was polished, was covered in a forest of black hair. Arms, the back of his hands, chest and belly, thighs and legs. The hair spread over his back, thinning over the heavy buttocks. He was completely naked. From his belly protruded a thick stiff penis. Not very long, but thick and swarthy looking. It was already aroused with a thick starchy dribble from the top of the foreskin.

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