tagGroup SexThe Trick is in the Treat

The Trick is in the Treat


Victor hated the woeful timing that his Mother had exhibited by giving birth to him on the thirty first of October. His Birthday parties had always featured goblins, ghosts, mummies, zombies and jack-o-lanterns. He was thoroughly sick of it already, and that was why tonight, on the evening of his twentieth Birthday, he was sitting alone at home watching some of his brother's Mel Brooks DVD movies, and his friends were off at some Halloween party dressed up like the idiots he often thought they were.

Victor had been invited to the party too but, as usual, dressing up was a requirement and the 'spooky' Halloween theme would be everywhere. For just one time Victor wanted a normal Birthday party. He wanted beer and pizza, good music and sensuous giggles. Not horror movies, poor costumes and evil cackles. He wondered if his friends had even noticed that he wasn't there. They would already be smashed on the alcohol that someone's brother had got for them, and would be looking at the various costumes wondering vaguely which one hid Victor and why he hadn't said anything to them yet.

Victor laughed bleakly at the 'run with Mucus' line, and then the doorbell rang. He wondered if he should answer it. His parents were somewhere in Brazil saving a rainforest, or a tribe or something else. Bob, his brother, was on the other side of the country working on some major bridge building project. He hadn't had a Birthday call from any of them, and didn't expect to, as they all thought he would be at the party. The doorbell rang again and Victor reluctantly got up and went to answer it. Maybe his friends had actually noticed that he wasn't at the party and had decided to come and get him?

The bell rang for the third time as he opened the door and Victor's hopeful smile faded as he saw some costumed people on the doorstep.

"Trick or treat?" Said the girl who was ringing the doorbell. Victor was momentarily stunned. She was about his age and dressed as no trick or treater he had ever seen. She had a red leotard on, and that displayed a fit, firm and trim body. She had horns coming from her fiery red hair, and had a tail and pitchfork to complete her very sexy devil's costume. Victor gulped nervously. Her leotard was obviously challenged to hold in a very large set of tits. "Up here." The girl said, laughing and pointing at her face.

"Uh, sorry." Victor said, dragging his eyes away from her chest.

"Trick or treat?" Said another, and Victor turned to see another girl, this one was quite short, and was dressed in a black leotard and a cape. A pointy hat sat on her jet-black hair, and she looked just a little bit Asian. "Now," she said, smiling indulgently, "trick or treat? You know how it works don't you? You give us a treat or we play a trick on you." Victor thought hastily, wondering what he could give them. It had been a last minute decision to skip the party and he hadn't even considered this happening. He was annoyed with them for interrupting his movie, and himself for being caught checking the girl out. He wondered why he had bothered answering the door in the first place.

"I don't have anything." He said, his irritation coming through in his tone.

"How about the others in there, don't they have any treats for us?" Asked another female voice. Victor looked and saw another girl in a tight leotard, this one was green with rips in it and red ink or something applied to look like blood. She wore a ghoul mask. Victor carefully avoided looking at her chest, but was not comfortable talking to the mask either.

"There's no one else here." He stammered.

"When will they be back?" The ghoul asked.

"Not for weeks." He replied, hoping this would discourage them, but then the fourth and last turned to him.

"Then I'm afraid it will have to be a trick." She said in a high and 'sing song' sort of voice. Again Victor was stunned. She wore a white leotard and some sort of clear shimmering hood and cape. Her long Blonde hair was almost white and her ghost costume was very effective. She looked sort of unworldly.

"What's your name?" Asked the witch.

"Victor." Victor said nervously. They didn't say anything so he elaborated. "Victor T. Johnson."

"What does the 'T' stand for? Asked the devil with a giggle.

"Timothy." Victor said, immediately wondering why he had answered, he never told anyone his middle name.

"How's this for a trick? The devil asked. She turned around and looked to make sure they couldn't be seen and then pulled her leotard down exposing her tits to Victor. They were magnificent, at least a D cup, but firm with large areolas and big nipples pointing at Victor. He too looked around nervously, but the neighbors' houses were all in darkness. He gulped, but turned back to the magnificent tits.

"And this." The witch said, peeling her leotard down to and exposing her smaller, but still very respectable tits to Victor. They pointed up and had very small nipples.

"How exactly is this a trick?" Victor asked, as his cock started swelling in his pants. He was more than a little bit nervous, wondering why this was happening to him.

"The trick is in the treat." The ghost said, smiling. Then the devil laughed.

"Victor Timothy?" She asked, stepping up to Victor through the open door and rubbing his chest, as his eyes were again drawn to hers.

"Yeah." He said sadly, knowing what was coming. He never told people his middle name for a very good reason.

"Vic Tim." She said to the others. "Victim Johnson." They smiled in appreciation.

"We'd better come in then." The witch said, her tits still out, and the four girls walked inside, pushing Victor in front of them.

"Hang on now." Victor suddenly thought that they must be trying to rob him, but wondered where they had hidden their weapons. There wasn't any room in their costumes for any of them to conceal anything. "I think you should leave." He said half heartedly, but he was still staring at the devil's huge tits, and this wasn't lost on the others.

"Really?" The ghost said. Then she took Victor's wrists and placed his hands on the devil's tits. The devil sighed contentedly. "We could stay and play. We do owe you a trick." Victor squeezed, and almost managed to cum in his pants. The devil smiled at Victor. "That's it Victim, firm but not too hard."

"He's hard." The ghoul said giggling, and she rubbed his cock through his pants. Victor jumped, but didn't let go of the tits he was squeezing. "And big too." The girl said appreciatively, rubbing harder. This time Victor moaned. He wasn't a virgin any more, but he wasn't all that sexually experienced either. He had had four girlfriends over the past two years. The first, Sandy, had never let him do any more than kissing and fondling her tits from the outside of her clothes. The second, Edith, had let him fuck her in the back seat of his father's Ford on their third date. They had done that again, at least twice a week, for about four months until her family moved out of town. Victor had been devastated for weeks. The third girlfriend, Nancy, had eventually let him play with her big and droopy tits, but wouldn't let him downstairs at all. She had given him a few hand jobs as he played with her tits, but eventually it wasn't enough for him and she broke up with Victor because he was insisting on more than she wanted to give. The last girlfriend, Denise, had kept it to petting for about two months, but finally relented and had let Victor fuck her a few times before he found out that she was also fucking the captain of the football team. He had stopped seeing her, and it was fortunately long enough later that he heard she was pregnant.

"Eat this." A sexy voice said, breaking into Victor's thoughts. A hand pushed something sweet into his mouth, and he sucked on it nervously as he caressed the devil's tits and the ghoul played with his cock through his pants. Victor had stopped functioning normally, his mind was numb and he felt like his cock was going to explode any moment. "Swallow it." The voice whispered in his ear, and a finger ran down his throat. Victor gulped the lolly down. "Good boy," the girl whispered, and then bit his earlobe gently, making him moan again.

"My turn." The witch said, and she took Victors hands and put them on her tits.

"OK Victim." The devil said firmly. He didn't like her calling him that, but he did not want to argue at the moment. He had four beautiful women who looked like they were interested in him sexually, this was a Birthday dream come true. "We can stay here with you, and we can let this go a lot further, but you have to know the rules,"

"Harder," The witch whispered, "hurt me." Victor squeezed her tits harder, and then pinched her stiffening nipples firmly. She moaned in pleasure.

"We will stay all night if we have to," the devil continued as if nothing else was happening, "but you have to fuck all four of us to orgasm." Victor's mouth opened in surprise.

"Hands and tongue can only be used to get us started." The ghost said. Victor felt the ghoul pulling down the zip on his pants.

"We have to cum just from you fucking us." The devil said huskily. The ghoul was pulling Victor's rock hard cock out, and he felt her breath on his shaft as she spoke next.

"What do you say Victim?" She said, and then licked his cock head. He knew she must have tasted his pre cum which had been dribbling for a while.

"I don't know if I can." He said desperately, never having cum more than once in a night and never having lasted any more than ten or fifteen minutes before cumming himself. Neither of the girls he had managed to fuck had cum while he fucked them. He instantly cursed his own honesty. Just fucking one of these beauties would have been the highlight of his life so far. He felt the ghoul's mouth wrap around his cock, and looked down to see brown wavy hair. The mask was gone.

"Believe me you can." The witch said breathlessly as he continued to twist her nipples hard. Victor was worried about hurting her, but she clearly liked it.

"Say yes." The ghost said, her voice oozing desire. The mouth on his cock moved down his shaft, until her lips reached the base. Victor gasped. He had never even had his cock sucked before, and deep throat was a remarkable introduction.

"Yes," he moaned, "oh, please yes." The witch smiled, almost triumphantly.

"OK," she said, "but first we need to make proper introductions."

"Description test?" The ghost asked excitedly.

"Yes." The witch said. She tapped the ghoul on the shoulder, and she reluctantly took her mouth off Victor's throbbing cock, and stood up. "What you have to do Victim," the witch said, "is describe each of us in turn to the others. We will tell you our name but then you have to be as explicit as possible, OK?" He nodded. "I'll show you, on you." The witch said, and then all four girls were suddenly undressing him at once. His shirt, pants, underwear, shoes and socks came off quickly with eight hands attending to the task, and in moments he was standing naked in front of them. "This is Victim." The witch said, before he had time to get embarrassed by being naked in front of the women. "He is about six foot tall?" He nodded. "Weighs about one eighty?

"One seventy-five" He said, and she smiled.

"He has quite short brown hair and a strong chin. His eyes are brown and he looks very nice when he smiles." Victor smiled, without thinking about it. "See?" The witch said. Her tits were still out and Victor didn't know where to look. "He has a bit of hair on his chest and has a six pack, do you work out Victim?" Her hand rubbed his chest.

"No, I study during the week and I am a laborer on the dock at the weekend."

"You look fit, and I hope for our sakes that you are." She smiled, but the smile was almost predatory. Victor shivered. All night they had said, he hoped they didn't really mean it. But his cock was hard in anticipation, these girls were all very beautiful and they all wanted him. He just wondered why. "Very strong arms," the witch said, stroking his muscles, "and a nice flat tummy." Both of her hands were thoroughly exploring what she was describing, and Victor's body was burning at her touch. The witch turned him around, got down on her knees, and ran her hands up the back of his legs. "Very strong calf muscles," She said, "and not too hairy." Her hands went up. "Good thighs too, and a great butt." Victor shuddered as her thumbs dug in to his buttocks. She turned him around again, and her hands cupped his balls. Victor groaned. "Wow," the witch said, "these are nice and heavy, how long is it since you had a fuck?" Victor looked down.

"Two months." He mumbled, embarrassed.

"How long since you have cum?" She asked. Victor grinned ruefully.

"Two months." He only masturbated when he was desperate, and he had been desperate for a couple of weeks now but he was saving that 'treat' for his Birthday. There were other movies for that purpose.

"Girls, we are in for a very good night." The witch said, and the other girls, who had been watching intently, smiled in anticipation. Then the witch grabbed Victor's cock firmly, and he jumped again. "Magnificent cock," she said happily. "Circumcised and very long. About nine inches?" She asked.

"Seven and a half." Victor groaned.

"It looks longer than that." The witch said, and Victor looked down. It did look much bigger now than it ever had before. "And thick too." She said, trying without success to encircle it with her small hand. Victor felt her mouth slip over his cock head. He closed his eyes and groaned again as her tongue licked the end of his cock.

"She can only just get her mouth around it." The ghost said in awe. "It's huge." With a pop the witch pulled her mouth off Victor's swollen cock head, and stood up.

"And that, ladies, is the introduction to Victim." The girls all smiled at Victor, but somehow they looked hungry. He just hoped he wasn't going to disappoint them. "Now me." The witch said, and she dropped her cape and peeled off the remaining part of her leotard and stood facing the other girls just wearing her pointy hat and a pair of black high-heeled shoes with long straps twisting up her calves.

"Uh." Victor was unsure of how to start. The girls waited for a moment. "This is...?"

"Evamene, the very wicked witch of the East." The witch said, and giggled. Wickedly. "Just call me Eva."

"Eva, short for Evamene." Victor said. Eva smiled. "She would be about five foot nothing without those wicked heels?" He looked at her questioningly and she nodded. "Eva would weigh about one hundred fifteen pounds?" She smiled and looked down.

"Actually it's one hundred ten." She said. Victor nodded, and then on impulse he put his hands around her and lifted her off the ground. His cock rubbed against her legs and she wriggled against it.

"Yes, one hundred ten." He said, and the other girls giggled appreciatively. "She has straight black hair, in a pageboy cut and quite delicate facial features. Her eyes are..." He looked. "Very dark, almost black. I'd say there was some Asian heritage there, but not a lot." He put her back down.

"Japanese grandmother on my mother's side." Eva confirmed. Victor nodded, and wondered how to proceed. He bent down and kissed Eva hard on the lips. It was immediately a passionate and demanding kiss, her tongue was in his mouth exploring and her arms pulling him to her tightly. They kissed for a while, and then he reluctantly pulled away. "She tastes good and kisses aggressively." Victor said smiling. He ran his hands down her throat and Eva tilted her head back. Her eyes closed as he reached her tits and took them into his hands. "Thirty four C?" He asked, and her eyes opened in surprise. Eva nodded and then Victor knelt down and sucked one of her small nipples into his mouth. It grew rapidly and he bit down on it firmly, making her shudder. He moved to the other nipple, giving it the same treatment and getting the same reaction. Pulling his head away Victor spoke again. "Eva has very long nipples that point slightly up." He squeezed them hard between his thumbs and forefingers, and then twisted. She groaned. "Eva likes pain." Victor observed, and she nodded.

"A lot." She moaned. Then his hands moved down.

"Very small waist," Victor observed, putting his hands around it, but not quite getting his thumbs to meet on her hard, flat belly. "But definitely feminine hips." He turned her around and ran his hands down the back of her legs. "Firm muscles," he said, "definitely some gym time here." She nodded again as his hands traced their way back up to her buttocks. He squeezed and then pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her pussy from behind. Eva bent forward, and they could all see the moisture glistening on her lips. Victor put his face close and inhaled. "She is already very horny." He said, wondering just how much bigger his cock could get. "Turn around." He instructed, and she moved a bit, but then suddenly stopped.

"Make me." Her voice was husky with passion, but she was challenging him. Victor leant back and slapped her hard on the ass, his hand leaving an angry red imprint on her creamy skin. Eva moaned again, and turned around obediently.

"Her pubic hair is black, and trimmed into a 'landing strip'." Victor said. "Her pussy lips are full and hang down a bit." He firmly grabbed Eva's ankle and moved it sideways, opening her legs. She stood there smiling as he ran his hand up the inside of the leg and then thrust a finger almost viciously into her pussy. Eva moaned in surprise and pain as he forced his dry finger into her. After a few movments it became a bit easier due to her wetness. "Tight," he said smiling, "very tight, but also very ready." He buried his finger as deep as it would go and then took it out and sniffed it. "Mmmm, smells good." Victor said, and then he sucked on his finger. "And tastes sweet too." He stood up, turned to the other girls and smiled. "And that, ladies, is the introduction to Eva." Victor was surprised when they clapped. Eva squeezed his cock firmly, and then walked back to the others.

"Perfect." Eva said. "Who do want to introduce next? Victor looked at the others. There was the red-haired devil, with her huge tits already displayed, the brown haired ghoul and the willowy blonde ghost all standing there waiting. He thought, but could not come up with a reason to pick any of them first. He wondered if there would be any jealousy because of the order he chose them in.

"Well Victim?" The devil said after a while.

"I think," Victor said, "I will just go down the line, so you're next." The devil smiled and peeled her leotard off. Victor returned the smile as she walked over to him. She was a genuine redhead. Both of the girlfriends he had sex with were brown haired, so now it looked like he could add a redhead and black haired girl to his list. He momentarily looked at the blonde, wondering, before turning to the devil who was standing, facing her friends, in just her red heels and the horns. The tail had come off with the leotard. Victor turned to other girls and spoke.

"The devil's name is...?"

"Lucy." She said with a giggle. Victor thought for a moment.

"Short for Lucifer." He said and she giggled again, nodding. "Lucy is about five four?" He lifted his eyebrow and she smiled and nodded. "Weight." He said, contemplating, and then he turned and put his arms out to pick her up. Lucy slipped a hand down and pushed his cock down as he pulled her in and lifted. He moaned as his cock slipped between her legs and along her slit. Victor gulped. "Lucy weighs in at one forty five." He said, and she looked at him sharply.

"How do you know that? She asked. Victor smiled and let her slip down, feeling her pubic hair rub across the top of his cock. Lucy shuddered and Victor closed his eyes for a moment, trying to calm down. It wouldn't do to cum before he actually got inside any of them. Victor waited for a moment, and then he kissed her. Lucy's tongue reacted, but it wasn't as demanding as Eva's had been, it was more playful. They kissed for a long time, their eyes open and watching each other.

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