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The Trip


This story, as is all stories, isn't written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you're welcome, if not, thank you for visiting.


I think I shocked or confused all four of us. I don't know why I did that. It could have been a spur of the moment thing I suppose.

The kids were home from school. Summer time. Janet finished her second year and Nick his first. He was 19 and she was 20. I had an older sister. Everybody should have an older sister. Especially if the younger one is a sister instead of a brother. She can borrow clothes and steal makeup. Can't do that if you're a younger brother.

George needed to go out to the west coast for a couple of days for business and we had more than a month vacation time available so we decided to drive rather than him flying. We got with the kids and suggested they go and we could stop here and there and see whatever everyone wanted to see. Janet was immediately enthusiastic but Nick was a little reluctant but with a little finessing and begging he opted to join us.

We all packed a big bag and a little bag and us girls packed another littler bag. We had a big, almost new, SUV with lots of room and very comfortable so off we went. We gathered some nice travel stuff and figured we would work out where we would tour and stop for the night as we went. No reservations. We thought we might not know where we would stop so we opted to call for rooms when we knew.

We switched seats around at each stop, or not, and it was really going well. Even Nick was happyish and seemed to be having a good time. I did catch some wayward eyes now and then. I wondered what he was hiding until I fleeting saw him looking at Janet's bare legs. She liked to wear really short shorts. We were all familiar with it and enjoyed her figure and teasing. Except maybe Nick. Well, he was enjoying it, obviously.

On one of the stops I asked Janet how Nick was doing.

"He's fine, mom," she said. "Actually, I don't think he has a current girlfriend. I don't think he's hooked up with anyone yet. I think he's nervous and a little stressed out. He thinks he's getting left behind. I can't think of anything to say or do to give him some support that he won't notice me doing."

I nodded 'yes, I understand' at her and we went on to join the guys for lunch. I paid more attention to Nick, unobserved of course, and was pretty sure Janet was right. We really enjoyed the first day, seeing all the sites and stopping two or three times. We made reservations and checked in later that afternoon. Two rooms, two double beds in each.

I got a key and Janet got a key. The guys were carrying the four big bags. When we got to the floor I unlocked our door. That's when I did it.

"Nick and I'll take this room, you two take the other one. How about we meet downstairs in about a half hour and we can go to dinner." I picked up my bag and indicated to Nick to get his. He had his mouth open and looked far out confused.

"Come on Nick," I said, smiling. "George, carry Janet's bag. See you two later." I winked at George. He knew I was up to something but he didn't have a clue what it was. Ok, maybe I didn't either. Not yet.

I did know Janet wasn't a virgin and she had been teasing George for several years. I also know George enjoyed it very much and even egged it on now and then. They got a little of each other in a sporadic way and it was fun watching. He would accidentally show his hard on, albeit quickly, and she would grab her crotch and pull the center of her shorts down to get more room or pull the bottom of her top down so it would make her nipples poke out when she didn't have a bra on. That was mostly every evening.

The two of them together all night in a motel room wasn't a worry. If they wanted to they would. Ok by me. Have some fun.

I don't know of Nick doing any teasing things like they did. Maybe it's different with sons and their moms than it is with daughters and their dads. Well, heck, I'm as good a parent as George is and I deserve a little teasing myself. What's wrong with me? Of course I didn't tease him either. Maybe that was it.

Well I had him in a motel room for an entire night and that's quality teasing. Along with getting some of our clothes off the first thing I had to do was eliminate one of the beds.

Two beds, one near the window and one near the bathroom wall. I took my suitcase between the beds and put it on the bed towards the window, slid it more towards the middle leaving sitting room, and opened the lid. I got Nick's suitcase and put it beside mine and opened the lid.

"If you need to go, go ahead," I said. "I'll do a few things." He went. While he was in the bathroom I took off my top showing my bra. Then I got a really nice pair of panties and draped them over the top of the suitcase. I took off my shoes and put some things on the dresser top.

Nick came out and I acted normal while he took a look and breathed a little hard. I said, "Mind if I take a quick shower?"

"Sure, I mean go ahead," he said.

"Great." I said. I slipped my pants off leaving me with just a bra and little panties on and padded off to the bathroom. I was slim and little panties and it was a match. They were sexy and I enjoyed the feeling. I could see Nick getting in some looks. He was enjoying the feeling too. My breasts weren't huge but not tiny either. I kept them from sagging as much as I could and with their size there wasn't a large tug downward. There was a neat little overhang at the bottoms and nipple out perky up above. Nice size to mess with.

I showered quickly and saying a little loudly, "Nude women walking," came out of the bathroom still drying off. I could see him getting in more good looks. I went over to my suitcase and put on the fresh panties and put a bra on the front and went over to Nick and said, "Hook me up fella." I turned and he fumbled a bit but got it done.

I turned around, hugged him fully on and said, "Thanks stud." He got a really good look at my crotch and butt several times. Nude and covered. I had a really nice tuff if I say so myself. He was up but didn't seem to notice he was. I put short shorts on and a loose top and we were off to meet up. When we got back I still needed to get us in the same bed. I was doing this on the fly, whatever I was doing.

When we got to the restaurant the kids went ahead and George and I delayed just a little. He was staring at me. I said, "George, you know all that teasing you and Janet have been doing to each other. Well it's my time. I'm going to tease Nick and hopefully he's going to tease me. So there."

He said, "What about me and Janet? What do I do about that?"

"George, she's not a virgin. Neither are you. If you two do it it's just fine with me. Have some fun. When you two get back in the room just remember all the teasing all those years. You know how to neck. I've seen you in action."

"What are you and Nick doing?"

"We're doing the normal stuff you and I do almost every day."

"Joan." My name is Joan. Then he stopped talking. George was almost six feet tall and slim. He had a very free body. Janet was about the same only a little shorter. They would fit very well together and besides he has a package on him. She might not know just how big.

"George, we're on vacation. What happens on vacation stays on vacation. Let's eat." I had decided I would let Nick have all he wanted. I wasn't going to push him but I was going to entice him.

We got a nice booth with a hanging tablecloth, a little more than lap level. The table was nicely set. Nick was to my right, against the wall and George was right across from me. We all conversed constantly. Always have all the time. I mostly always kept my hands in my lap, on my napkin. Nick and I were pressing bare thighs and I knew George and Janet were too.

About half way through dinner I slipped a hand over on Nick's thigh, high up so I wouldn't have to reach. He didn't tense up but I saw him take the fork out of his mouth slower. I let my fingers move up and back just a little bumping into the bottom of his shorts. I did that off and on between eating and gabbing away with everybody else.

A couple of times I bumped into him, he was dressed left. And he was up. Just before desert I ran a finger slowly over him, first one side then the other. After the second bite of desert I fingered up to the head and he coughed. I pulled back reluctantly. I didn't want him to orgasm in the restaurant. I think he sighed a little. He also smiled at me. We were connecting.

When we got back to the motel Janet gave me one of those grins and big eyes and followed George down the hall. It was a long day and we were all going to get right to bed, probably.

Nick was taking off his shoes and shirt and I went over between the beds and turned down that side then went around and turned down the other side. I said, "I'll take this side if it's ok with you."

A short pause and he said, "Ok. The other one is my normal side."

I went around to the suitcase and slipped off my top then my shorts. Going over to Nick I turned around and said, "You can undo it this time." He did. I turned and looking in his eyes took off my bra and dropped it on the dresser top. Then I started undoing his pants. I said, "Your time for a shower."

He was looking at me undoing his pants and said, "I usually shower in the mornings."

Smiling really nicely and showing a little shyness, I said, "Nick, when you get in bed with a woman always shower before. She will always appreciate your thoughtfulness."

I got his pants undone and zipper down. I pulled them down and off his feet. He was still dressed left and sticking out. Standing up I took off his t-shirt and put my arms around his neck. Dick in valley, and I mean there was a George size dick filling my valley, he put his arms around my waist and I bore in with my breasts, nipples erect, on his chest. He didn't hold back or hesitate on a solid sexy kiss. I think we both almost orgasmed before we backed off. He went to get a shower. I hoped he relieved himself in the shower. He would be better in bed.

He came back, shorts on, drying himself and my time in the bathroom. Coming back I turned the heat up. It would be more comfortable with just a sheet. I got in my side, just my little panties on. He got in his side, just his boxers on. We cut the lights out.

After a few minutes I said, "Nick. I really enjoyed kissing you earlier. I was surprised at how much. Would it be ok if we kissed like that for a little while? I know it'll be a bit erotic but that's ok with me. Besides, kissing in bed is more fun. You can twist this way and that way easier."

He turned over towards me, settled down and said, "I enjoyed it too and it was pretty hot. It surprised me how much. I think I got turned on."

"Great," I said. "Girls like to turn guys on. I liked the other part we did too, if you don't mind. Do whatever you feel like. No hurry and take as much time as you want. I'll follow your lead. If it's not comfortable just change positions. I'll adjust. We've got all night."

I was slipping my arms around his neck so he would have the rest of me when he said, 'ok', and I felt his hands going over and under my waist. My tits pressed into his chest and our lips met and he moved right into me. He was hungry but not hurried, a gentleman.

When his dick pressed in I got a good impression of the size. It was a bit like George's. He pushed and I did too. It really was good. I moved my hips around his dick and he moved his dick around my clit and vagina. It was to die for. We kept at it for several minutes before we came up for air.

"Wow does that feel good. I could do that for days," I said. "Would you like to try something a little more erotic? You seem to be enjoying yourself."

"Ok," he said, breathing a little ragged. "Whatever you'd like to do."

"Here goes. Don't let me startle you." I slipped my hand down and found his dick and reached in and pulled him out. He really was very large. I got him fully out of his boxers through the opening and put the head right against my panties at my pussy and let go. I pushed a little and we got back into a really good kissing session. Tongues occasionally and he even reached up and tweaked my nipples.

We were impression fucking and it was great. I had to be wetting myself. We kept this up for some time. Then he slipped his hand down inside the back of my panties. No wimp Nick. He got below my buns and plied the bottom of my folds with his fingertips. He slid down the bed ever so slightly and got enough reach to finger me a little. He was playing with my vagina entrance, right on. With him lower it also gave him a better up angle on my pussy with his dick.

I put my leg over his hips and he moaned so very nicely. I think he could feel his dick outside my panties with his fingertips inside. Helped him get the right place. He was fixated on my vagina of course. I let him range and thrust and get his fill as much and as long as he wanted. I think he had been holding a lot in. I didn't think he had been making out much. This should help.

We absolutely saturated each other and slowed down again. After resting a little more than before I said, "You're a really good lover. Thank you. It really feels good. I love it. Just so you know if you happen to have an orgasm you won't get me pregnant." I giggled a little.

"I may do that. You're very sexy," he said. "I was wondering about Janet and dad. I don't want to cause a problem."

"You won't. I told your dad that what happens on vacation stays on vacation. They'll never know what we do and we'll probably never know what they do. Just enjoy yourself." We unwound a little while.

I said, "There's something your dad and I use to do before we jumped each other. It's a serious turn on. We use to bet each other on who would have the first orgasm. You want to try it?"

"I'm game if you are," Nick said. He was going with it even tho he didn't know what it was. Good for him.

"Ok. Well, you're already sticking out of your shorts so you might as well take them off." He did. "Ok, over between and get comfortable." He did and I moved my knees up, not fully, and legs out. "Lift up your hips. I'm going to slip my panties down under my buns." He did and I did. He was so cooperative.

"Nick, the way this goes is ladies first then the gentlemen. You pull your foreskin down and put the head right against the bottom of my clit. You can have a great thrusting orgy until I can't stand it. Then you open me up and push my panties down inside. Then you go against the panties, inside, right at my vagina and it's your turn. Have fun."

George and I used to do this a lot. The bare head is smoother on the clit. We orgasmed a lot too. It would get Nick familiar with the missionary position and how it feels. Besides, I always loved it.

I could feel his fingers getting him in position. When he started I did a 'little up, little over, to get him perfect. Then I wrapped my legs over his and he started thrusting. That was some erotic clit work. I moaned in his ear about every seven or eight thrusts. He was doing some very nice kissing and got his tongue in a lot. I started an upward thrust and we were clit fucking for a long time.

I really hated to but I said, "Your time. Open me up wide. You're pretty big." It was only a few seconds and I could feel his fingers pushing my panties fully in and then his dick head. It was very hot. My panties were pretty loose with them down and my legs still over his. There was an even chance he may push in a little. I hoped so. Everything was very wet. I was getting him use to being where he was and what he was doing.

I immediately knew the effect it had. He was letting out a little grunt almost every time he thrust. Sometimes he thrust a little hard. He couldn't help it and probably didn't know it. I said, "How's that. Enjoying yourself?"

"Wow," he said. "That feels good. I love this. I'm not hurting you am I?"

"No, not at all. It feels just as good to me. I'm going to do some with you." I slipped my hands down on his hips and started thrusting upward and rode with him. I think he sank inside a little. Hard to tell. After some serious hip work I thought it was time so I slowed us down. He rolled off and we both got our breathing back to normal. Talking and touching and enjoying each other's company.

We were nicely relaxed and the sexual atmosphere was right so, holding his dick up around the head, I got near his ear and softly said, "Nick, if you would like to play around in the nude slip my panties off."

Pausing ever so slightly he took off my panties and tossed them on the other bed with his boxers. I wanted to get him more familiar with everything so I turned onto my back and pulled him over half on me.

We kissed some more and I got his hand and moved it down between my legs and let him go. Then I moved my hand down between us and got his dick again. He gave me a little room. A few minutes and he was finding every little nook and crack I had and even worked my nipples with his lips. I reached down and put one of his fingers in my vagina and we did a most satisfying finger fuck for a while.

I said, " You can be on top or I can be on top. Your choice, I like both."

"You go on top first. Surprise me," he said.

He turned on his back and slipped over nearer the center and I lifted over on top and straddled him on his thighs. The sheet was pretty much down by then. There was just the smallest amount of light coming in and I could see his dick standing tall. It might have been bigger than George's. Large head. He had been holding an orgasm back for a few hours so I thought I would get that out of the way first.

I slipped a finger down to check and I was wildly wet. Playing with his dick I slowly moved up on top and got a good position and started sliding. Sometimes I reached down and pulled him up into me and fucked up the length. This should do it in no time. Besides it was damn fine fun. Two men in my life with dicks like this, what more can a girl want.

"Nick, you're going to have one of the best orgasms you've ever had. Just go with it and have fun. I'll stay right with it all the way." He nodded 'yes' several times. Actually I wasn't in a hurry. I slowed down now and then and just worked it lightly. When it was right I bore down on the slide up and back and went past the head so it was well back near my vagina entrance. That's a long slide and would feel like he was bottoming out in my vagina.

I picked up the pace and he got out an 'uuhhhhhh' and I saw the first stream of semen go up his stomach and then another and another until he was done. He didn't thrust any just went with it. I kept going softly and finally stopped. I was off to the bathroom for things and had it cleaned up and washed and dried quickly.

We snuggled in and talked for fifteen or twenty minutes. I kissed his chest and stomach and played with his pubic hair and balls and finally his shaft. I touched the head lightly until it wasn't that sensitive then bent down and played with it with my tongue.

Soon I was sucking on it lightly and soon after that it was fully hard and jumping again. I went back up but continued playing with it. I put a leg over between his and planted myself against his hip and moved around just a little. When he was breathing a little raspy I said, "Would you like to tease me like I did you? Do the same thing I did or experiment for a while."

I could see he was trying to figure out exactly what to do. Not because he didn't know but because I was his mom. He moved over and I got where he was while he was thinking. I got my arms around his waist and guided him over and lifted my legs up and outward so he could settle in. Then I put my arms around his neck again so he had the field.

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