tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Trip Ch. 02

The Trip Ch. 02


Tim was tired. His body had become numb. Being tied to the chair, unable to move with those nylon ropes having effectively restricted all his movements save for his wrists and his buttocks, had given him the cramps.

But what did bother him the most was the fact that his penis had become uncomfortably erect at the sight of the man having his way with Sam. True, he did feel sick with the whole affair and if given a chance, he would surely have killed the man. But he felt humiliated that he actually had an erection. Damn it, he thought, his wife was getting raped; though technically, the man had still not had actual intercourse with her. What the man had done so far, in Tim's opinion, was far more degrading than what could have been had he just performed the 'conventional' rape.

Tim had never identified with rape and whenever he read about it or saw such scenes being depicted in movies, he had felt sick. (It was okay, he thought, to use rape purely as a medium of fantasy when he was making it with his wife). And that was precisely why he felt so humiliated about the fact that he had erected when he witnessed the scene.

He consoled himself that the erection could have been as a result of having watched his wife, a truly beautiful, desirable and sexy woman so exposed. But he realized that he was kidding himself.

After the man had spurted his seed all over Sam's body, Tim, for the first time, felt strangely excited. For the first time in that room, he yearned to ejaculate. And that was what was making him feel so degrading and guilty.

When he saw the look in Sam's eyes, he understood that she had climaxed. Maybe she hadn't enjoyed the man doing it to her – right from the time that the man had put his mouth over her sex following it up with a finger, to the time he had finally inserted his organ between her breasts and spurted his sperm, Sam did not actually look like she was in any kind of pain. At least, that was what Tim thought. Hell, she must have enjoyed it.

Again, he imagined what would have been his condition if a gorgeous woman had forced him to have sex with her in the presence of Sam. He couldn't help but feel almost sorry for her.

The man had casually brought a handful of towels from the bathroom.

"Now, slut, I'm going to untie you, ok? But I want you to know that if you begin to get ideas of escaping, you are sunk. Forget just the acid, my pals outside are itching for you to try getting out of here. But first, let me have that shower."

The man walked back into the bathroom and stood under the spray of the four showers with the door wide open and the couple stared at him as he cleaned himself up.

"That was great, fucking great! We got to do it all over again. What do you think, Tim?" the man was grinning as he rubbed the soap all over his body, paying particular attention to his groin, maybe just to tease them, Tim thought.

Tim couldn't answer simply because the man had still not removed the tape off the shocked man's mouth. Sam, lying trussed up in the bed was staring into the bathroom, and this meant that Tim couldn't see her face as his chair was on the other side. He could see her breasts, large and proud, still heaving and the puddle of the man's sperm dribbling over her breasts and down to her belly. The place between her legs was wet too and her vagina was wide open.

"Poor Tim," the man mocked, standing under the shower to allow the water to wash the soap off his body. "Son of a bitch can't tell us how horny he is and how he can't wait to jack off!"

Tim dragged his eyes away from his wife's nude body and stared at the man.

Finished with his shower, the man stood beside the bed, near Sam and on the other side of Tim, now toweling his body. His much-abused penis had finally become limp and lay dangling between his legs. It looked much smaller now.

"Your turn for a shower, slut," he said to Sam. "I'm going to release the bonds and I would like to remind you what I had told you would happen if you were to try something funny, something I wouldn't like. Neither, I assure you would my friends like it, and yes, they must be just as eager to take a shot at your cunt!"

He tossed the towel over his shoulders and bent down over Sam, his hands working at the ropes that tied her wrists to the posts. "You be a good girl as you have been so far and I promise you better things. We need some food now, at least the two of us, considering that we have been having such strenuous exercises!"

When her hands were finally freed, she brought them together, rubbing her wrists to get the circulation going, still staring at the man.

"Next time, my pretty little whore, you are going to do the moving, see? I would like you to crouch over me and fuck my cock with your tits, okay?"

She glanced at Tim who was staring at the man.

"Okay?" the man repeated, pausing with his hands on the bonds that held her feet.

Hurriedly she tore her eyes away from her husband and nodded at the man. "Y-yes," she whispered.

"Speak up," he commanded. "And give me the entire answer!"

"Yes," she said more clearly now. "I'll do what you say."

"And what did I say just now?" the man leered, enjoying her discomfort.

"That you wanted me to be above you and do you with my breasts," she replied, this time, blushing. She had nothing against his type of language and in fact, she enjoyed dirty talk, as did Tim. But this man was after all a complete stranger.

"Did I say it like that, Tim?" the man mimicked her. "Say it like I asked you to." His voice was whip-like when he uttered the command.

"Yes, I will fuck your c-cock with my tits," she declared.

The man chuckled, and satisfied, he began undoing the bonds. "No closing the bathroom door. Did I? Next time around, I want you to do a lot of talking, my sweet whore. This time around, I guess I did most of the talking, huh? And while you get ready for round two, I guess maybe I'll have to talk with my pals waiting outside. Their cocks must be bursting inside their pants." He laughed and then glanced at Tim.

"Don't lose hope, pal. You are going to have a shower as well even if you did not have the kind of exercise that your wife and me had. But maybe, just maybe, I'll set you free to do that only after my pals have a piece of that swell pussy!"

For the first time, Sam ventured forth to ask him a question.

"Please, may I ask you a question?"

The man was delighted. "I was thinking I was talking to a computer. They answer only if they have been previously programmed. Way to go, honey pot! Fire away your question. Only, you know which ones cannot be answered."

"D-do y-you r-really mean t-that your friends are a-also g-going to..." her voice trailed off.

"Fuck with you?" he finished the question for her. "But of course, baby. Didn't I say you were going to be raped? Certainly, what we did just now wasn't exactly rape considering you so enjoyed it! And let me tell you, bitch, you will enjoy my pals too! You ever had more than one cock around you bitch? Just think of it. One up inside your hot little twat, another fucking your pretty little mouth, another maybe up your ass and we'll figure out how another could fuck those big tits of yours. If there's a problem, you could take turns blowing out one cock after the other while a pair jams both your holes down there. I'm sorry. I should have said gang-banged, not raped."

The son of a bitch was enjoying himself, Tim thought savagely. Strangely, though he had not climaxed, Tim too had lost his erection. He watched rather disconsolately, as Sam staggered to the bathroom, the juices dribbling down from her face and breasts to her abdomen.

When she got under the shower, she let out a sigh as the spray hit her. She did not bother about using a shower cap; rather, she let the water soak her hair and face first.

The man looked at her for a long time, and then turned to Tim. He winked. "Ummm. Looks sexy, that little sexy bitch!"

Did he have to address Sam in that way, Tim thought. He guessed that dirty talk was a big turn-on for this scrawny little bastard.

The man swaggered over to the door and Tim did not know from where he had pulled out the keys. The man had draped the towel over his waist and he now cracked the door open, sticking his head out of the opening.

Tim heard him muttering in the local language. He could make out four different voices – or was it five? It was difficult to tell and he glanced back into the bathroom to stare at his young, naked wife.

Sam opened her eyes and stared at her husband. There was a look of guilt and of course fear in them. Tim gestured wildly at her by nodding his head rapidly and she realized that the man wasn't watching.

Quietly, she slipped out of the bathroom, careful to stand on the doormat so that she wouldn't get the floor wetter than it already was with the water that had dripped off the man's body when he had stood there some time ago.

Glancing quickly at the door, she whispered, "Oh Tim, this is so dreadful! Are you okay?"

Strangely enough, Tim thought that there wasn't much remorse in her eyes. In fact, she had that glaze in her eyes – the one they called 'nicely fucked' look.

Brushing aside the bile that seemed to be rushing inside his mouth and the images of the man and his wife together, he managed to nod. And then he raised his eyebrows and shook his head questioningly.

"Oh, I guess I'm okay, under the circumstances, darling!" she answered, guessing rightly that he was enquiring about the state she was in. "You do understand, don't you Tim? We really have no choice in this matter. You saw what that acid could do. And I have that feeling that he wasn't fooling when he said he wouldn't hesitate to pour some of it over us. Plus, darling, we are trapped. He's got his friends outside, god knows how many and we are so far away from the main hotel. Maybe, he's got friends up there too and he has planned all of this."

They could hear the murmurs quite clearly, but couldn't understand what was being said. The language was completely foreign.

"I guess I better get back, Tim. I hope you will forgive me, but believe me, this is the best way we can get rid of him. I'm afraid that if we resist, we are going to get really hurt. Oh god, I wish we hadn't taken up on Dave's offer for guides. I ..."

They realized that the man had finished talking and was about to retreat back to the cottage. She hurriedly skipped back into the bathroom and picked up the bar of soap, beginning to rub it furiously over her body, as if she wanted to get rid of the man's odor and his juices.

"Ah, what do we have here?" the man said, walking leisurely back into the bedroom and pulling off his towel again. He was smoking a cigarette and seemed to be in a good mood and Tim was amazed when he noticed that the man's penis had stiffened once again. Oh my god, he thought. Was this bastard for real? Perhaps his little tête-à-tête with his pals had something to do with his re-born erection.

The man pulled a chair between the bathroom door and the chair on which Tim was tied to and flopped down on it. He gazed at Sam, who at this time was rubbing the bar of soap over her belly.

"Do your tits again, baby? I want to watch," the man said.

Sam peered at him through the sharp spray of the shower.

"Soap those big tits again, slut," he repeated.

Tim watched his wife submitting to the man's order meekly. The bar of soap slid up and down her large breasts, lathering them thoroughly. She had already soaped them once and Tim suddenly realized that the very action of Sam rubbing the soap over her breasts was quite erotic.

"Ah, yes, get them all soapy. Now, slide that bar down your legs and rub it over your cunt."

She did this without any hesitation and the men watched her.

The man puffed on his cigarette and turned to Tim. "This sure is sexy, isn't it Tim boy? Look at that soap sliding all over that smooth, sexy body of that whore! That's it, honey pot, faster, faster! Does that get you all hot again? It sure makes me hot watching you lather yourself like that. I bet you are also playing with your clit, huh baby?"

The man dropped his cigarette to the floor and turned to Tim. "Sorry boy, I can't offer you a fag, unless you can inhale through your ass hole!" He laughed hilariously at his joke and then turned his attention back to Sam.

"Hey slut, you are getting me all hot and bothered again, see?" he asked in a jocularly husky voice, fondling his penis.

Sam stared at his rapidly hardening penis and slid the soap bar back to its stand. She allowed the water to spray over her, using her hands to rub off the lather. The man was getting hard! It was incredible, she thought. He couldn't possibly get hard so soon!

"Ah, yes, slut, that's good! Rub all over your body! Doesn't she look really sexy when she showers, Tim? Of course you must have watched this several times, huh? Hell, I bet you must have had several showers together. You ever fucked under a shower, Tim?"

The man was leering at him and Tim had long ago given up struggling with the ropes. The man knew how to tie the knots and the harder Tim had tried, the tighter his bonds had become. Besides, what in hell was he going to achieve even if he had managed to set himself free? That deadly acid and the man's thugs were there after all.

"I keep forgetting that you can't speak," the man chuckled. "I reckon I should take off the tape, huh?"

Tim switched his glance from Sam to the man and stared at him anxiously. He managed to nod.

"Yes? Take off the tape? Want to talk?"

Tim nodded again.

The man pretended to think about it for a while. "Well, there's really no problem about that, you know Tim. Even if you shout, no one can hear you and I guess you know that. But if you do one of three things could happen: one, I pull out the acid. Two, my friend's will rush in. And three, I shut your kisser back. The only thing I don't want is to listen to your whining. You won't whine and plead, huh Tim?"

Tim shook his head furiously, desperately wanting the man to believe him. Of course he wouldn't scream. And of course he wouldn't whine! All he wanted at this moment was for the man to get that awful tape off his mouth.

The man turned to watch Sam who was rubbing her body vigorously. It was almost as if by so doing, she would get everything off, wipe out the memories. But, she thought, did she want to?

She admitted to herself that he had brought her to orgasm; and not just once either. Even when he was doing her breasts, he had managed to bring her to a climax. Usually, when she had her breasts being made love to, she would realize that it was the man who enjoyed the sensation more than she did. But this man had changed all that.

Part of her mind still made her shiver with fear. How many friends did he have? Was he really going to let them have their way with her simultaneously? Or would they take turns? Would they ignore her and cause her pain, unlike this man who had somehow managed to give her pleasure even when he was having his way with her without her consent?

"What do you say, whore?" she heard the man shouting out to her. "Tim here wants that I pull off the tape. You think that's a good idea?"

Nervously, she nodded, pulling her wet hair behind her ears and glancing furtively at her husband.

"Sorry. I didn't hear you."

"Y-yes, p-please do," she had to raise her voice above the sound of the water.

"Your wife loves you, Tim," the man laughed and slowly walked up to the chair. Tim held his breath as the man loosened one end of the tape and pulled it off.

Tim let out his breath and made a sound that was much like a strangled cry of despair.

"Careful boy," the man said. "You do realize that you aren't allowed much dialogue here, don't you?"

"Y-yeah," Tim gasped.

"Good. Now, I was asking you if you ever fucked Sam under the shower."

Tim nodded nervously.

"Why the fuck do you think I pulled out the fucking tape, Tim? You disappoint me. You are supposed to answer my questions."

"Y-yes, I – uh – we did," Tim answered, staring at Sam who had finished the shower and was making her way back into the room.

Sam stood uncertainly beside the bed, using the towel to dry her body.

The man walked up to her and took her large breasts in his hands. "Hmm. Beautiful tits. Feel better, slut?"


"Look, you two. I want to tell you something again. I have pulled off those fucking gags so that you can talk like human beings. Not like a pair of dimwitted lunatics, you understand? So, lets talk like good human beings." He laughed.

"W-when are you going to let us go?" Tim asked hoarsely.

"Hey man, where's the fucking fire? I haven't even fucked your wife properly, you know. Besides, those pals of mine are waiting anxiously. A couple of them told me that they had to jerk off, you know, they can hardly wait to get their brown cocks serviced by this beautiful white trash! What do you say, bitch?"

He tweaked her nipples and stepped aside.

"All set?" he announced dramatically.

Sam felt faint. Tim was sweating profusely.

"Would it make things any different if I promise to make you really happy and you ask your friends not to..." her voice trailed off.

The man laughed, stroking his penis. "Hey baby, that's not fair. I can't do that. Those pals are going to make you real happy, you know and you just might end up begging for more. As a matter of fact, let me tell you something about my pals. The more you struggle, the more they will want to continue fucking with you. Believe me. They like it when a bitch screams, wriggles and tries to get away. They love sluts who are dry down there so they can fuck the cunt till there's blood all over. I'll give you a tip, baby. Maybe, just maybe if you pretend you want more and that you are really loving the way they are playing around with you, they might get tired and call it a day. Struggle, or if in any way you don't cooperate, and you are history. Let's not even think of changing the script, okay," the man walked up to the door.

"P-please!" Tim implored.

"I thought I told you not to whine and beg and shout, okay? That was the first time you did that, so I'm going to let that slide. Next time, remember that I won't ignore you."

Tim and Sam looked at each other and she frowned at him, indicating to him that he silence and cooperation was the key word.

The man unlocked the door, speaking rapidly in the local lingo.

And then, in walked the four men.

Sam's eyes widened with fear and Tim choked in vain.

The first man to enter was around fifty, a hundred and seventy pounds of muscle and as dark as coal. Why, Tim thought dully, but for the somewhat sharper features and the straight hair, this guy could pass off as a black! His black eyes widened when his glance took in the naked Sam and he flicked a pink tongue over his lips. He was dressed in a cotton half-sleeved shirt and dark, brown trousers.

"This is Sonny. Isn't he black? You see that he's blacker than the average Indian that you will see. We call him nigger!" smirked the man who had violated Sam already, and then grinning grotesquely, he introduced the next man as 'Jam'

Jam was quite young, maybe, Tim guessed, in his late twenties. He was attired in t-shirt and jeans, was slimly built, around six feet and a hundred and thirty pounds. He looked quite nervous and kept pushing his rather long hair off his forehead.

The third guy, introduced as 'Lucky', was short and rotund. Again, Tim guessed that this one would be in his mid-forties. He was quite bald, had widely spaced brown eyes, aquiline chin and a hooked nose.

The last man was quite similar to the man who had just had Sam. Tall, around six-one, very lean, intense black eyes and long hair, he wore a pair of shorts and a skimpy t-shirt. This guy was called 'Jay'.

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