tagInterracial LoveThe Trip Ch. 03

The Trip Ch. 03


He watched her from the bed, smoking a cigarette and lying on his back, his head cradled in one arm.

She was tired of the showers. It was a fetish with these guys, she thought. It was like they wanted to just cover her body up with their semen and then watch her standing under the shower and then begin all over again.

The room was the same -- she already had seen it when they were checking in. There was an addition, though. She hadn't noticed it before and thought that perhaps the man had arranged for a plasma TV that sat on a trolley with a VCD player below it. God, had this man recorded what had happened to her? And now he wanted to talk to her. She wondered what the man wanted to ask and why. She also wondered what he was going to do with her now.

Finally, she had shut off the taps and grabbed the towels.

She was toweling her body as fast as possible, impatient to get over with this. She yearned to be back with Tim and maybe they could pretend that this had never happened, though she knew that it was impossible. This trip was going to change their lives.

She wondered whether any other woman in her position would do something different. Fight back? Scream and yell? Spit at the man or try to kick him when she thought his defenses would be down?

No shit, she told herself. The man had made elaborate arrangements and the only way out for her and for that matter for Tim, was to do what the man told her to.

She had to admit that the man and his buddies had given her great orgasms. But that was because she was a healthy woman with needs and she couldn't ignore the way he had handled her. Rape had always repulsed her and she had never understood how a man could possibly attain satisfaction by forcing himself on a woman. Well, she thought, if the man was anything like this one, she now knew.

She remembered the novel that she had read a long time ago. It was about three men who kidnap a well-known actress and rape her for days together. But that novel did not feature gang rape. In the novel, the actress uses her sexual expertise and eventually controls the three men before making her escape.

Perhaps, Sam thought, she would try that. She would think about that if this man really...

"You are dry enough, slut! Come, sit down here." He patted the bed, sitting up and swinging his legs off the edge and she obeyed him, one towel still draped around her waist. It was not a very big towel and it managed to cover her from the top of her hips to just about the top of her breasts.

He grabbed the other towel before she could use it to drape across her shoulders and dropped it in his lap. "Lest I get tempted to tell you to give me head before I get your story," he grinned, covering his penis with the towel.

She sat on the edge of the bed beside him and instead of pulling her towards him, the man shifted closer to her, draping one arm casually across her shoulder.

"You know, Dave has been my cyber pal for well over an year now. He has told me a lot about himself and a lot about whom he considers are very close to him. Of course you and Tim figure in that list as well. Naturally, he gave me a good background about the two of you since you were going to come down here. I am impressed."

She looked into his eyes. He was looking at her mysteriously, a smile on his lips. What is this, she thought? What could Dave have possibly told this man about her and Tim? A part of her froze.

"D-Dave I-is my brother-in-law," she said timidly.

"Stop stuttering like a amateurish whore, Sam," he laughed, sliding his arm down her shoulder and cupping her left breast, which was half covered by the towel. She was seated to his left and he now slid his right hand across her lap and began to draw gentle circles on her exposed thighs. "I want to ask you a few questions. Maybe I'll repeat them to Tim and if the answers are any different, you will regret it. I may ask other questions that may not be common to both of you. It all depends, you know."

"Why do you want to ask questions? Isn't it enough that you have got what you wanted?" she managed to ask him this time without stammering.

"Let's just say I'm interested in knowing the true you," he chuckled, kneading her breast. 'Or better still, maybe, like I said, I want to write about this thing in my memoirs."

She stared at a spot on the ragged carpet and did not speak. He cleared his throat and finally his voice rapped out, "How did you meet Tim?"

She was surprised at this question.

"Let's say I want the history," he told her.

"Well, I met him first when I was freshman at the university. We went to the same college. He was into baseball real big and Dave introduced him to me."

"Dave was married to your sister at that time?" the man asked, pushing the towel down her chest to expose her left breast which he began fondling.

"Yes. I was attracted to Tim from the very first time I had seen him, but he hadn't noticed me before until after Dave introduced us."

"Did you'll fuck immediately thereafter?" the man asked.

She blushed, but wasn't surprised that he had asked the question without any preliminaries. She had understood that part of his psyche.

"N-no," she replied.

"No? Well, I thought that Americans get right to the basics right away. So, what happened?"

She hesitated. From where, she wondered, should she pick up the story? It was obvious what the man wanted to hear. At the same time, she was feeling apprehensive as well. Would he disapprove if she left out something important?

She took the decision abruptly.

"We went around for a week before we -- uh -- we..."


"W-well, yes."

"Tell me how it happened. I want it in detail, okay?" he asked, rubbing her nipples and caressing the inside of her thighs. His voice had dropped an octave and was now hoarse. So, she had been right, she thought. This dirty man wanted to hear the sex stuff and that too, she guessed, in graphic details.

"Well, that day we had dinner and he asked me if I could manage a cup of coffee for him when he drove me over to my house."

"You lived alone, then?"

"No. I shared my sister's apartment."

"Sister, meaning Carolyn?"

"So Dave told you about her, I see. Yes. Carolyn's my elder sister and she offered to put me up in her apartment. In fact, Dave insisted that I occupy the guest room, a small pad at the rear of the house. It wasn't much: just a small den. There was a tiny sitting room, a bedroom, a mini-kitchenette and a bathroom. Most times, I spent at Dave and Carolyn's place...I mean, the lunch and dinner. Only when I had to cram for exams that I had to use the pad extensively."

The man had managed to pull the towel completely off her body and she was naked now, the towel lying on the bed behind her. The man leaned across and bent down, kissing her breasts, alternately licking her nipples tentatively. His fingers on her thighs crept up till the tips would almost touch her pubis, but he would lower them again to caress her thighs.

"Okay. So you asked Tim in?"

"Yes. It was pretty late and there were no lights on in Carol's place. I guess they were asleep."

"Did you really make the coffee?" he laughed, still licking her nipples.

"Yes. We sat in the tiny sit-out and drank our coffees."

"He made the first move, naturally?"

She had decided to do away with all pretenses. "Well, no actually. I was hopelessly in love with him and wanted him more than he wanted me, I guess."

"What did you do? Grab his cock?" he had drawn back from her breast and looked at her in her eyes.

"Not that fast," she answered with a straight face. "I just sort of leaned toward him and kissed his mouth. And he kissed right back."

"Give me the details," he urged her.

Yes, she had guessed right. This was what he wanted. This was turning him on. He was that sort of man who got turned on by gory details. Well, she was prepared for that.

"I was wearing a one-piece skirt and as we kissed, he pulled up the skirt and put his hands inside it. By the time he was cupping me -- uh -- there..."

"I think its useless to be so polite, what? Come on, slut; call a spade, a spade. So, he was cupping your cunt?"

"Well, I was wearing panties and he was cupping my -- er -- crotch, okay, okay," she hurriedly added when he roughly slapped her thigh, "my p-pussy."

"I think I like it better when a girl calls it cunt," he remarked.

"Oh, well, uh, h-he was, er, his hands were on m-my c-cunt," she blurted and he laughed.

"And what were you doing?"

Sam recalled similar conversations that she often had with Tim at times when their lovemaking demanded the additional impetus. She remembered how the two of them had agreed that talking about fantasies would improve the quality of their lovemaking; and, she had agreed that it indeed had.

So it was, that Sam knew exactly what this man wanted to hear. The man casually moved the towel that had been covering his groin. His penis, as Sam had rightly guessed, had erected considerably, though not as much as it had an hour or so ago.

"Touch my cock with your hands," he whispered and then chuckled. "I did give you plenty of chances for you to do that, huh? Well, I just love to watch and feel my colored cock fondled by your white hands."

She did hesitate, but only for a couple of seconds. She reached out with her right hand and slid it across his thigh to take hold of his penis.

"Ah, fuck!" he exclaimed, his hands automatically tightening on her left breast and her right hip. "Just play with it, yes, like that. Up and down, up and down, ah yes that feels great! And look at the contrast! Colored dick, super-white fingers! Use your fingers, slut, cover the head of my cock with all those five fingers and move the skin up and down, yes, yes, like that. You learn pretty fast, my white bitch. Cradle my balls with your other hand now, go on, ah, oh yes, jiggle them while you jerk my cock!"

She did exactly as told; she didn't have much choice anyway because she heard noises coming from the other room, a babble of voices and realized that the man's friends were with Tim beyond the door.

"Don't worry about Tim, honey pot. My friends are sex maniacs, but they aren't criminally inclined. As long as you and Tim do what you are told, there will be no rough play, I promise. Now, I asked you what were you doing when Tim was groping your cunt, didn't I?'

She decided to go all the way, partly out of concern for Tim and partly because she wanted to see if she could satiate this man quickly.

It was a part of the plan.

"I didn't have much choice and didn't want to lose opportunity. When I raised my buttocks to help him peel my panties down my leg, I had unbuckled and unzipped his jeans and had pushed his t-shirt up his chest. When I felt his hand cupping my c-cunt, I had his p-p-uh-cock in my hands and we had yet to stop kissing."

"Were you sucking on his tongue, or was he?" he muttered, back to pinching her nipple. He had yet to directly touch her vagina and kept caressing her thighs. "Not so fast, baby. Jerk me off, but slowly, ah yes. Like that, run those fingers over my balls."

"Well, uh, yes. He kind of went crazy when I began to stroke his cock. It got bigger and bigger and he shoved his tongue into my mouth. He pulled my straps off my shoulders and pushed my bra up."

"You were wearing a bra? What kind?"

"It was a lacy black half-bra and he kind of pulled my breasts out..."

"That should be tits, baby, or jugs," he interrupted.

"Uh, yes, my tits. He began to maul them and at the same time he began to press and rub my clitoris."

"Ah, that must have made you real hot. I noticed that your tits and clit are super sensitive, not to forget the way you go crazy when you have a finger fucking your cunt!"

"Well, yes, he began to do exactly that and had me naked on the small couch. When he began to suck on my t-tits, he shucked off his t-shirt as well and we were both naked."

He spread his legs apart and thrust his hips up and down once, to remind her not to stop the movements of her hand on his penis. She also stroked his testicles simultaneously.

He had withdrawn his left arm off her shoulder and was now fondling her right breast. His other hand slid up her thighs and he began to make small circular movements with his finger over her belly.

"Well?" he prompted when she had fallen silent. "Go on, honey pot, like I said, I want the details."

She cleared her throat once again. "Tim sprawled on his back on the couch. It wasn't large, the couch I mean," she added in case the man would think she was referring to the size of Tim's penis. "So he had to sort of curl up, one leg down one edge of the couch and the other bent at the knees against the back rest of the couch. I desperately wanted to taste him and had to pull my mouth off his. I began to trail my lips down his chest and his belly till I was finally aligned opposite his cock. He held my cheeks and asked me if I really wanted to suck on him and I said yes."

"You'd ever sucked on cocks before that?"

"Y-yes, quite a lot." She was silent, as though she was reflecting upon something that she had recalled, which she had. She put off all the other thoughts out of her mind and continued.

"Tim began to groan and grunt and rock his hips up and down when I took him in my mouth. Somehow, I managed to crawl on the couch at his feet without letting his cock out of my mouth. He had grabbed my br-uh-tits in his hands and was now squeezing them. He warned me that he was going to eja...I mean going to come and I began to suck his cock harder and faster."

"You took it all the way in your throat?"

"Not that time. I contended by having about half of it inside my mouth and jerked on the length that was still remaining outside. He began to thrust his hips and maul my tits and suddenly, crying out, he came in one powerful burst."

"Wow," the man said, now bringing both his hands to her swollen breasts and kneading them together. "Take it easy down there."

She flushed when she realized that she had unconsciously increased the pace of the up and down movements of her hand, and immediately she slowed down.

It was beginning to get her too. She could vividly recall every thing that had occurred that night and to the next afternoon when they had finally separated.

"Tim tried to pull his cock out of my mouth. He later told me that no girl had ever swallowed his sperm and that I was the first to do so. He just stared at me with bulging eyes as I concentrated on swallowing down all his come and though I drank most of it, there was still some dribbling down my mouth."

The man had turned to one side so that he was facing her and suddenly he grabbed her ears, twisted her face towards him and kissed her brutally on her lips.

She found herself accepting his tongue and sucking on it. She was definitely turned on, though a part of her mind was still apprehensive about the forthcoming sessions he had planned with his friends. Maybe, she hoped, just maybe, if she could satiate him beyond his expectations, he would still change the script he had planned.

She stroked his organ in a slow tantalizing rhythm, fondling his scrotum gently. She occasionally brushed her thumb over the top of his penis, feeling strangely triumphant when he shuddered at this action of hers.

She was aware that he was still not completely hard; at least, not yet as hard as he had been earlier before he had climaxed for the first time. But she could definitely feel him expanding and knew that he would soon attain those proportions yet again.

And then, she thought, she would make him putty! She was desperate to make him ejaculate as early as possible. And, she realized the more she excited him with her talk, the more was the possibility of her making him orgasm a short time.

He came up for air, panting and pushed his head back between her breasts, licking her abundant flesh there.

"Go on," he urged her, his voice muffled and hoarse. "Was he finished or did he get hard again?"

"After he was fully expended, I kissed him on his mouth, and he didn't hesitate to taste his own come. Eventually, I led him to the bedroom. I lay down on my bed and spread my legs wide apart and asked him if he could eat me as well. He didn't hesitate and immediately joined me on the bed, crouching between my legs, fastening his legs on my pussy. I pulled the back of his head deeper to me and pushed my pussy -- er --cunt against his face. I encouraged him to lick my clit and then finally to push his tongue inside. As he said later, it was the first time he had ever gone down on a woman and his amateurish efforts seemed to be more exciting to me."

"Was it the first time you had your cunt eaten?"

She shook her head looking at the top of his head as it went from one breast to the other, licking and sucking.

"No. I mean I'd had been eaten several times before, but somehow this seemed so special. I kept telling him where I wanted it, how I wanted it and he seemed eager to obey. He had slid his hands under my buttocks and had yanked me up the bed to bury his face deeper between my legs. I was crying out and moaning, begging him to do it faster and faster until finally I screamed out to him to push his finger inside my cunt."

"The way I fucked your cunt?" he asked, drawing back and staring at her, smirking.

"Y-yes, I guess. He pushed his finger inside me and I kept telling him to suck my cunt at the same time and rub my clit. And eventually, I think within a space of a couple of minutes I had my orgasm."

"Ah! And when did you actually fuck?"

She remembered how Tim and she had fallen asleep in that position for almost an hour before she had wakened up. "Tim's face was still between my legs, resting on my thighs. I managed to extricate myself without disturbing him and went to the kitchenette to make more coffee. It was almost four in the morning and I knew I didn't want to go anywhere the next day. I wanted to feel him inside me."


"Yes. I longed to have his cock inside my pussy and feel him pounding me till I would come. And I wanted it soon. I sat on a chair in the bedroom, sipping my coffee and staring at his naked body."

"Was his cock hard?" the man asked, cupping her breasts in his hands, weighing them and jiggling them.

"It was semi-hard, not exactly limp, if you know what I mean." She was aware that the change she had forced in her attitude was getting to him, and she hoped that he would relax even more, trust her and consider her as being totally conquered. Which, in a strange way, she found to be exciting.

For a moment, she reflected on her own past and her adventures. Didn't she always want to experience this?

"Give me a quick suck, will you?" he said, giving a short, crude laugh, pushing slightly away from her and putting one hand to the back of her head.

She willingly bent down, sideways, and took his organ deep in her mouth; no sliding inch-by-inch she had decided. She thought she had the method that would make him explode whenever she wanted him to. The tip of his organ hit the back of her throat and she clamped her lips around the thick base, her nose buried in his sparse pubic hair.

"Uggghhhh!" he cried out, reaching out for her dangling breasts and squeezing them till it hurt her. "Ah, oh, uh, ugghhh, you s-suck mean, baby, ahhh..."

She paused for a while, managing to dilate her throat muscles to let the tip in and then very slowly, she drew back, her lips gliding up the length of his organ, leaving a trail of her saliva. She held him at the tip with her lips and paused yet again, letting him savor the moment, and then, just as abruptly, she slid her head down all the way till her nose was buried in his crotch.

He allowed her to repeat her up-pause-down-pause for a few times and then yanked her head off his penis by grabbing her hair. His open mouth covered hers and this time she was the one who pushed her tongue into his mouth. He sucked on it avidly, continuing to maul one breast, transferring his saliva into her mouth.

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