tagInterracial LoveThe Trip Ch. 03

The Trip Ch. 03


I sat by the pool wondering what had just happened, my wife was flying out of town with her lover and didn't even say goodnight as she retired to his bedroom. Then a light clicked on at the corner of the house, it was Roy's bedroom. I put on my robe and walked over to the large screened in door. A light on the night table by the bed was on. Roy was on the bed, head propped up on pillows, nude. Susan stood before him in the white terry cloth robe.

"Take it off, I want my woman naked." Susan untied the sash and let the robe fall to the floor. She looked like a golden goddess. Roy played with his cock as he admired her body. Susan looked fabulous, tanned, her body was tight and fit, her nipples thick and stiff. I could see the effect she was having on Roy as his fat cock grew. Mine too.

"God you're a beautiful woman, come here, I want you again."

"My god you are insatiable." Susan said, as she crawled into bed with him. Susan wrapped her long tanned leg over Roy's muscular thigh. I could see Susan hips undulating as she rubbed her pussy on his leg. I couldn't help but think how much of a slut she had become for Roy. She reached down and caressed his cock. Roy's cock looked huge in Susan's hand. It was easy to see her attraction to Roy, and why physically I was no match for him.

"You have to be more forceful with him." Roy told Susan.

"I know but this is new to me." Susan responded. I knew they were talking about me and it made my dick harder instantly as my cuck lust took charge.

"That's because you are giving him options. He wants you to take charge, trust me. Susan he is a cuck, like I explained he wants you in charge. He's a submissive personality. Before you leave here he will be doing what ever we tell him to do." Susan continued playing with Roy's cock which was very hard again. I wondered how Roy could be so right about me. Stranger, he was saying humiliating things about me to my wife and somehow it excited me.

"I bet his little dick is rock hard just thinking about us having sex. Hell he wants me to get you pregnant cause he's probably afraid he can't give you the baby boy you want. Even you are afraid he can't give you a boy. Admit it, you want my baby, a real man's baby." I thought to myself, stand up Steve, don't listen to this, go in there and stop this, be a man. Susan must have confided in him that she really wanted a little brother for our girls. I was actually mustering the courage to go in there when Susan answered him.

"You know I really need to take a morning after pill, I am right in the middle of my fertile time and the way you fill me up, I might get pregnant with your baby and that can't happen no matter how much I love sex with you. Still I can't get over how hard your cock gets, you are incredible." Susan whispered as she glanced down at his stiff manhood.

"I thought you told me you wanted my baby."

"You are so bad, yes, I said that when I was in the middle of an orgasm, you make me so crazy and you know it. Roy stop filling my head up with all these idea's. A baby is crazy, there would be so much to explain, my parents, and there is Steve, I don't know if he could handle it." Susan continued stroking Roy's cock. I could see her thinking as she gazed down at Roy's black cock. Was she thinking Roy was right, that I couldn't give her what she wanted. Roy was relentless.

"Hell your little cuck wants a black baby more than you do, he is the least of your worries. Don't forget what I told you. I want you and I'm here for you. Look I don't want to keep pressing you, but think girl, he can't give you what you want, what you need. You know we were meant for each other. Stay with me, divorce the pervert." Listening it was clear Roy wanted to steal my wife and yet I couldn't stop stroking myself.

"Stop talking that way Roy, I told you I love Steve and I won't leave him. Never, got it, he is the love of my life." She stated forcefully. Hearing my wife say that allayed many of my fears, however I knew now that Roy was pursuing my wife. Roy didn't just want sex with Susan, he wanted her.

I watched him take her in his arms and give her a deep passionate kiss. Roy mauled her breast and pinched her dark nipple hard between his big fingers." Susan almost instantly responded by stroking his cock harder. Stroking my penis, I came to grips with the idea that part of my cuckold fantasy was the danger of losing my wife to a superior lover.

"Oh fuck you make me so crazy mister." Susan purred.

"I want you Susan and I want you to want me."

"God I get so confused when I'm with you, I feel I'm out of control."

"Let it happen Susan forget about your little cuck, tell me you love me, you know it's true. Susan why are you fighting me on this."

Susan was silent, I could see her thinking as she caressed his cock. "Dam you Roy, I wasn't suppose to fall in love with you." Alarm bells went off in my head, but I felt myself coming closer to climax.

"You love me Susan, just like I love you."

"I still love Steve, you know that. You are constantly pushing me to decide, I can't leave Steve. I'm married to Steve, I'm just confused, don't you see that."

"Say it, say you love me. "

"Fuck you Roy, okay yes I have fallen for you, and yes I am in love with you, but I won't leave Steve, he is my soul mate." I came hard as she uttered those words.

"Keep telling yourself that, with every passing day you will learn it is me you love. Now my baby girl where do you want it?" Roy asked.

" Dam you Roy I can't say no to you. I think I want to try it in back again."

"Really I thought you didn't think you would like me fucking your ass." Roy laughed.

"Don't be so crude Roy." Susan answered playfully slapping his chest. I watched as he rolled her over on to her knees and got behind Susan. Roy rubbed his cock several times against her cum soaked slit. Then holding his cock he began pressing his manhood into her little rose bud. Slowly he worked his cock into my wife's ass. I was shocked. Susan and I had never done anything like this, even though my dick was much smaller than Roy's. Roy took his time as he pumped his cock in and out of her ass, with each stroke more of his cock penetrated my wife's ass.

"Dam girl you are a natural fit for me. I never met a girl that could handle my cock like you. Fuck you feel so fucking good. I want you to cum for me. Are you going to cum for me?" Soon his entire manhood was balls deep in my beautiful wife's ass. Susan was moaning uncontrollably as she rolled from one orgasm to the next.

"I love your cock in my ass, oh my god that feels so so good. I'm cumming again Roy, oh my god you make me feel sooo, sooo good." Susan cried, as she began cumming on his cock. I had never even finger fucked Susan's ass and now she was taking a huge black cock deep in her ass. Susan's orgasm was incredible. Roy fucked her for several minutes until she was whimpering uncontrollably. Roy reached around crushing both of her tits. Then pulling her to his chest as he pinched her nipples hard, sending her over the top again. His cock embedded in her ass, he began taunting Susan again.

"Your little cuck can't do this for you, he can't make you feel this way. He can't come close to making you cum like this, say it." Roy brutally pinched and pulled on her nipples, causing Susan to cry out as she was rocked with another orgasm.

"Tell me."

"He can't, he can't, oh my god, I love your cock in me. Fuck I'm cummmmming, so good, what are you doing to me. Fuck me Roy, fuck me, oh god, oh god, fuck me. God I love you." I knew Susan was in the throws of an immense orgasm, but her words stung.

"You are my woman, tell me you are my woman."

"OH fuck you make me so fucking crazy, aaaaah yes, yes fuck me Roy. I love you, cum in me baby, cum, I'm your woman, oh god, oh god."

Roy began to tense up, his ass muscles clinched as he shot his load deep into Susan's ass. I could only watch as the two lovers collapsed onto the bed, Roy's cock still lodged in Susan's beautiful ass. My dick was hard again the cuckold feeling in me was overwhelming, but I was sore to the point I couldn't wank myself anymore. I returned to the guest room, got dressed and walked back to the hotel.

I woke up late the next morning to the phone ringing, it was Susan.

"Where were you this morning, I went by the room to say goodbye."

"I couldn't sleep, where are you?" I asked, looking at the clock it was afternoon.

"We landed an hour ago, I called to tell you we made it but there is a problem with the plane. It needs a part so we will be spending a couple of nights."

"Dam Susan I was looking forward to spending some alone time with you. You can't come back today?" I shouted into the phone.

"Look, you need to calm down, this problem is not my doing, got it." Susan was short and sounded irritated with me.

"Yes it's just that, I'm feeling insecure."

"You have nothing to worry about, I love you and I will see you in a couple of days."

Where are you staying, I said into the phone as she hung up. I was going to tell her I was cutting the trip short, but never had the chance. Susan was and I had spent a wild week and I didn't think three more weeks of this craziness was good for us.

I called room service and ordered a pitcher of Bloody Mary's. I took a quick shower and was drying off when I heard the door. I threw on a robe and was greeted by room service. He brought the tray in and as he was leaving Tanya appeared at the door. Tanya was wearing, short white shorts and a crisp white shirt tied above her navel that showed plenty of cleavage. Tanya looked sensational.

Walking up to me she slipped her hand into my robe and gently caressed my balls. Then she gave me a deep tongue kiss. When she finished kissing me she gave me a huge grin.

"What's the smile all about."

"Nothing it's just I like you, I like you a lot. Can I have one." She asked pointing at the pitcher. We spent the next couple of hours drinking and talking. surprisingly there was no sex. Tanya was very intelligent and I enjoyed the conversation. When we finished the pitcher, I got dressed and we left to get something to eat.

During lunch we had a couple more drinks during which time I poured out my feelings to Tanya. Tanya was easy to talk to and I mentioned she reminded me of a woman I met in Jamaica 10 years ago during spring break. Her name was Rain, I had met her the first day of our trip. All my fraternity brother spent 10 days drinking and partying, while I spent it with Rain.

I was 18 years old and fell in love with Rain who was 17. I explained to Tanya how I even returned that summer to discover Rain was three months pregnant with my child. Rain's parents were furious and insisted I marry Rain at least to give the child my name and citizenship in the US. I was told the marriage would be annulled after the baby was born and that I would never see Rain or the child again. I returned to the US. I called Rain several times, but the number had changed. I reached her parents but they told me she had met someone else and moved on. When I asked about the baby I was told that Rain had miscarried. I was heart broken for some time. Then I met Susan the following year and fell in love with her. We married after we graduated two years later.

Tanya asked a few question and seemed very interested in my story about Rain. She also warned me about my situation with Roy. Tanya said the same thing as Jay, relax, that I should not worry, that Susan's infatuation with Roy would end with the vacation. I listened and hoped she was right.

After a late lunch we went for a walk on the beach. We had walked just a short distance when we came upon Jay, Karen and Gordon. They were sitting outside of Jay's house. I was puzzled because I thought Gordon and Karen had gone with Susan.

"Hey, what gives, I thought you were suppose to go with Roy." I asked Gordon.

"Last minute change." Jay answered. I started getting angry as I realized this whole trip thing was probably Roy's plan to get my wife alone.

"Morning sickness." Karen chimed in. I guess it was plausible I thought. Tanya squeezed my hand. Jay gave me a knowing look.

"Well I'm glad you came by Steve, I was thinking about having a dinner party tomorrow night and wanted to invite you and Susan." Jay said, smiling

"Susan won't be coming back tonight or tomorrow."

"Oh I see, well good then bring Tanya." Tanya squeezed my hand again.

"Steve and I can't wait. What time mon." Tanya asked.

"Make it about 7ish."

"Sounds good." I said, still pissed with Susan.

"Why don't we start a party now." Jay passed me a large joint and asked us to follow him to the house. We lounged by the pool and I saw Tanya nude for the first time. Tanya was a black version of Susan. Long legs with beautiful boobs and very thick and black nipples. Jay kept the pot and booze coming, then Jay gave me some X and that really got things going.

It was later by the pool that we were joined by Tanya's friend Ronnie. Tanya immediately donned a wrap when Ronnie walked up. Ronnie was wearing knee length baggie shorts and an over sized tank top. Ronnie was a little taller than me, but husky and she had numerous piercings and tats. When Tanya introduced us, Ronnie rather ominously said, "So this is the guy you sure." I didn't know what to make of Ronnie. I was pretty sure Ronnie was a lesbian stud and after a few minute around Tanya and Ronnie it became clear they were a couple and Ronnie was in charge.

As the evening progressed I walked into the house to use the rest room. Tanya was waiting out side when I finished and pulled me into one of the bedrooms. Up to this point I had never fucked Tanya and was seriously turned on when she closed the door behind her, crossed the room and kissed me..

"I have a favor to ask of you Steve, it's a big favor. You know I like you, I like you a lot, you are a gentle man, intelligent and well Ronnie and I want to start a family and I was wondering if you would be the father. No strings attached. I know this is a lot to spring on you, but I am at my peak time now." Tanya said as she walked up to me and slid her hand between my legs.

To say I was speechless was understatement. Then the bedroom door opened and Ronnie walked in, she was not smiling.

"Did you tell him." Ronnie asked, all the while glaring at me.

"You barely gave me a chance Ronnie, please be nice, Steve is different."

"Look mon, this is not my idea, I don't want no baby white or black, but I love Tanya, it's what she wants, so lets get this over with. My dick which had initially stiffened had shriveled up under Ronnie's scrutiny.

"Hey ladies I haven't agreed to anything okay." I lied, feeling my dick get hard as Tanya took my hand and led me to the bed. Glancing over my shoulder I saw Ronnie following.

"Come here Steve let me help you with your shorts." Tanya purred as she reached into my shorts and gripped my penis. I watched Ronnie pull off her tank top. Ronnie had on a sports bra that flattened pretty big tits, she kept the baggy shorts on. Tanya dropped her rap and laid down on the bed as I stepped out of my shorts. Ronnie slipped into the bed next to Tanya and began nibbling on her neck and ear. I sat on the bed as Ronnie began squeezing Tanya's tit's, my dick throbbed. Tanya began breathing harder as Ronnie Frenched kissed her, pinching and pulling hard on her nipples. I marveled at how quickly Ronnie was bringing Tanya to orgasm.

I had never been with two women at once and I found it incredibly exciting.

"Ronnie, wait let Steve get in here, please." Ronnie ignored Tanya as her fingers began to rub Tanya's clit. Tanya's hips and ass undulating off the bed in response to Ronnie's touch. I felt Tanya reach out and pull me down next to her. Tanya looked at me glassy eyed as she was overwhelmed by a massive orgasm.

"Aaaaah, god, now Steve, put it in me, please." Tanya begged. Ronnie backed away eyes smoldering, I thought if looks could kill.

I saw Ronnie looking at my penis as I positioned my dick head between Tanya's wet pussy lips.

"Here let me help you Steve." Ronnie said as she smiled and grabbed my penis. Her heavy brown hand engulfed my dick. Ronnie then began rubbing the head of my penis on Tanya clit.

"Well you didn't lie girl, his dick is small, I hope he's up to giving you this baby you want." Ronnie chuckled. I should have been upset but found her humiliating statement exciting.

"Put it in Ronnie please, don't make him cum yet." Tanya moaned. Ronnie released my dick and I slid it all the way into Tanya and began to slowly fuck her.

"Go slow Steve, I want you to cum hard for me." Tanya commanded. I felt a liquid being poured down the crack of my ass. Ronnie had poured oil over my ass and began working a thick finger into my hole.

"Don't move my little bitch." Ronnie told me as she worked a second finger into my ass.

"Go slow Ronnie or he will cum right away." Tanya pleaded. Ronnie began slowly stroking my ass with her fat fingers. Ronnie massaged my gland expertly. Repeatedly she would take me right to the point of cumming then she would stop the message. Tanya had her long legs wrapped around me keeping my penis firmly in place. I was in as deep as I could go. As I pumped in and out of Tanya, my mind wandered back to Susan and Roy and the mind blowing orgasm he had given my wife. I couldn't get my cuckold fantasy out of my mind.

This went on for a long time, my balls were screaming to cum, but these women continued to torture me. Tanya seemed almost business like as I fucked her. I did my best to turn her on, but I could tell Tanya was not really excited by me, still my dick strained to cum. I closed my eyes and could see Roy fucking my wife.

"My little bitch wants to cum doesn't he." Ronnie chuckled as I tried to pump my way to orgasm. Ronnie increased the pressure on my gland and I started to cum. The pleasure was extreme, I felt as if she had me cum for an hour when I finally rolled off Tanya. I realized as I rolled off Tanya that while she excited me, it wasn't what I got with Susan. I thought I needed to fuck someone else, but the truth be told I could only think about Susan.

Ronnie quickly traded places with me. That's when I noticed she had removed her shorts and was wearing a strap on cock which was easily twice as big as my penis.

Tanya almost instantly changed her sexual demeanor as Ronnie pushed the black dong into her pussy. Tanya began to moan as her legs came up giving Ronnie better access to her pussy. Ronnie for her part began thrusting harder and harder. Tanya placed her hands on Ronnie's big ass encouraging Ronnie to fuck her deep. They fucked like that for a long time. Suddenly Ronnie started talking to Tanya who was clearly in the troughs of orgasm.

"That's it my baby girl, cum for me bae, awh look at you squirting on my cock." Ronnie proudly stated, as Tanya started gushing cum from her womanhood.

My dick remained soft for awhile but Tanya got up made us drinks and returned to bed. Tanya handed me a pill telling me it would help with an erection. I'm not sure I needed it but twenty minutes later I was sporting another woody. Ronnie noticed my hard on.

"Okay Steve get between my bae's legs and lick that pussy." Ronnie reached over Tanya and pulled me by the arm down between Tanya's legs. Ronnie surprised me with her strength. Moment's later I was staring at Tanya's rich pink slit. the contrast between her skin and pussy was astonishing. I felt Ronnie push my face forward until my mouth was lapping at Tanya's cunt. I felt Tanya begin to squirm when all of a sudden Ronnie grabbed me by the neck and pulled up to Tanya's tits.

"Put it in Tanya, I want to fuck my little bitch too." Tanya grabbed my dick and guided it into her wet pussy. Tanya was sloppy wet and stretched out after Ronnie's fucking. My penis seemed to slide in with out the least bit of friction. I start pumping in and out of Tanya and felt Ronnie's roughly part my legs and kneel between them. Ronnie then began working on my anus. This time I too was stretched out.

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