tagErotic CouplingsThe Trip Ch. 04

The Trip Ch. 04


Counting the days, Barry still had almost two weeks to get to San Francisco and he was about two thirds of the way across the country. That day, he caught a couple of rides, bringing his destination several hundred miles closer.

After spending the night in a cheap roadside motel, Barry walked out into a beautiful morning. He caught a ride to Denver, enjoying the warm sunshine and the beautiful view of the mountains. Barry had always tried to get through the large cities in order to avoid the local police. On the outskirts of town, he found a truck stop, just the place to catch a long ride. The western US was still wide open, lots of national parks, wilderness areas and empty spaces. He knew that he needed only a few more rides, but they might be few and far between.

The restaurant at the truck stop was crowded, most of the truckers already having delivered their loads and were starting their return trip. Barry sat in the last booth, a rocky table in the back that the regulars knew to avoid. Just as he was about to order lunch, he noticed two young women looking for a place to sit. Since Barry had the only booth with room, the waitress asked if he would mind if they sat with him. After just a quick glance, Barry quickly said that he didn't mind. He watched as the two women, both in their early twenties, walked to the back of the restaurant towards him. Barry stood, helping the women with their chairs.

"Thank you," the brunette said, in an accent that Barry wasn't too sure about. He knew it was British, but not sure where.

"Where are y'all from?" Barry asked, smiling at the two women. The long haired blonde giggled at Barry's expression.

"You aren't from here, either?" the brunette asked, saying "I-ther", rather than "E-ther".

"No, I'm from Alabama. I'm hitchhiking to San Francisco," Barry replied. The two women giggled at his accent, unfamiliar with the Southern twang. "I'm Barry, by the way," he added.

The blonde smiled, "My name is Jane and this is Shona. I'm from England and Shona's from Ireland. We're just traveling around your country, if you don't mind." The blonde smiled broadly, enjoying the company of Barry. Barry couldn't but help noticing her sparkling blue eyes and her nice smile. He also couldn't help notice her large breasts, hugged by a tight T-shirt. Barry felt his cock harden, adjusting himself in his seat. Shona, the brunette was just as large busted as her blonde friend. Her deep green eyes were more piecing than Jane's.

"Where are y'all going next," Barry asked, adding a little to his usually not so thick Southern accent. The girls laughed at his question, enthralled by the term "y'all". Barry knew it and was trying to use it to his advantage.

"We're not really sure, Barry," Shona answered, "We're just heading west right now. We hope to see some of the parks over the next week or so."

"We rented a camper and are seeing where the road takes us," Jane said, looking at Shona, then giggling.

"That's basically what I am doing too," Barry said. "I gave myself plenty of time to get to San Francisco, so I am just going where ever my rides take me." The waitress walked up, asking for their order. Everyone ordered and continued the conversation. It turned out that Jane and Shona had been room mates at a boarding school in England and that they were very close friends. Jane was in the country for something specific but was evasive about the reason. Barry told them that he was going to California to meet some friends before going on another trip.

After eating, Barry slipped his credit card to the waitress, paying for everyone's meal. Jane and Shona protested, but Barry said that he enjoyed the company. The two girls smiled, thanking him. "Well, we need to be off," Shona said, thanking Barry again. Barry watched as Jane and Shona walked out of the restaurant. Everyone else watched too, their tight, firm asses swayed back and forth in their tight jeans. Barry frowned; he had hoped that they would offer him a ride. He signed the tab, grabbing his backpack and made his way out to the road. He had been there only a couple of minutes when a 24' mobile home/camper pulled out of the truck stop. Barry watched as it drove past him, then slowed to a stop. The door opened and Jane leaned out, "Hurry or we'll leave you behind," she called playfully. Smiling, Barry trotted to the camper.

"Hey, this is really nice!" he said, looking around the inside. You have a couch, a table, kitchen, everything." The girls smiled at each other.

"Well," Shona said with a suggestive air, "it is missing one thing." She then turned around and began driving down the road. Barry did notice that there was only one bedroom, but he didn't ask about it.

They talked about their trips so far, Barry leaving out certain intimate details. Jane and Shona had been in the US for about a month and were staying for another, traveling across the entire country. Less than two hours later, they were pulling into Vail, County.

"This is so beautiful," Jane exclaimed, looking at the mountains. Their peaks snow covered, even in summer. Shona pulled the camper into a space and they hurried out, taking in the cool fresh air. "So you have been here before, Barry?" Jane asked, wrapping her arms around his. Barry felt her firm breasts pressing against his arm.

"Oh yes, I have skied here several times, but I have never been here in the summer," he replied. It was about 3 PM and the sun was already beginning to hide behind the majestic mountains. "Let's walk around first, y'all really need to see the village in the sunlight."

Barry showed them around, alternately holding hands with each of the girls. Barry could hardly keep his eyes off the two foreign beauties. Shona was a little slimmer than the blonde, but Jane had a glow about her that made Barry smile. She was more playful, always smiling. At times, she seemed oblivious to her incredible sexiness, but at the next moment, she would give Barry or Shona a look that could melt steel. They shopped a little, going into the exclusive art and jewelers stores as well as the T-shirt and clothing stores. After a while, Barry suggested they get a drink.

Walking near the slopes, at the edge of the village, Barry took the two girls to The Red Lion, a popular bar and restaurant. They sat in a corner, able to watch everyone.

"This is such a cute little town," Jane said, leaning against Barry. Barry smiled, sandwiched between the two women. They talked for a while, then Jane and Shona excused themselves to go to the bathroom.

"Well, you seemed smitten by him," Shona said to Jane as they both freshened up. Jane laughed, "I've seen you looking at him too, hon."

"Yes, he is pretty cute," Shona answered, "and he does seem very nice." Jane agreed. "So I guess we will keep him," Shona said with a wicked grin.

After another drink, the trio went back to the camper, a girl on each of Barry's arms. Once there, they decide to fix their own drinks, listening to music. Barry sat on the sofa while Jane and Shona sat on the floor. Barry could not get over how sexy they looked, each wearing a tight top that showed off their curves and perfect fitting jeans that hugged their firm rear ends. They talked for a while longer, Barry could feel the tension in the air.

"Shona dear, could you rub my neck? Please?" Jane asked.

"Of course, dear," Shona agreed and spread her legs so that Jane could sit between them.

Shona slowly began to rub, her hands caressing Jane's neck and shoulders. She leaned forward, pressing her firm breasts against Jane's back. Barry heard Jane let out a soft moan and, feeling his cock growing harder in his jeans, he subtly readjusted himself, not wanting to show his bulge too much to the two women.

"That feels so good, Shona," Jane said softly. "You really do know what I like." Shona smiled, increasing her massaging. "Do my back please, baby," Jane cooed. Shona slid her hands under Jane's tight shirt, pulling it even tighter against her large full breasts. Barry took another sip of his drink, watching, not sure whether they were just teasing or what. Jane's shirt slid up her back, bucking under her breasts, showing off her flat tummy.

"Could you go a little higher, Shona?" Jane asked, her eyes closed, her chest heaving as her breathing deepened.

Shona smiled, "Your shirt can't go any higher... unless..." Jane smiled and quickly pulled the hem of her shirt over her tits until it hung around her neck. Shona slid her hands up and down Jane's firm body, her fingertips pressing hard into her flesh.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," Jane moaned. She took her shirt off her neck completely, revealing her bra encased breasts. She opened her eyes and looked straight at Barry, "You really need to let Shona massage you too, she is sooo good," she purred.

"I would like that," Barry answered, "but it looks like she has her hands full with you. Let me get your feet, Jane." Jane smiled broadly, pushing her shoes off her small feet. Barry slipped onto the floor in front of her, pulling her socks off then rubbing her feet, massaging the different pressure points. Barry held her feet between his legs, sometimes brushing against his hard cock. Jane moaned, extending her feet to rub against him. Shona leaned over, kissing Jane gently on the back of her neck. She slid the straps of Jane's bra off her shoulders then reached forward to cup Jane's large tits, pulling the stretched bra down, freeing her breasts.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," Jane groaned as Shona cupped her tits, rolling her erect nipples in her fingers. Barry watched intensely, wanting to join in. He extended Jane's foot, rubbing it hard against his thick cock. Jane slid her foot back and forth against him adding to his stimulation. Jane felt Shona's fingers sliding down her belly to the buckle of her jeans. She raised her bum, letting Shona slip her jeans down. Barry leaned forward, finishing the movement, leaving Jane dressed only in her knickers.

Shona took Jane's head in her hands, turning her face to hers. They kissed passionately, their tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths. Barry slid down between Jane's shapely legs, kissing his way up. Jane squirmed as he reached her inner thighs, kissing and sucking on her flesh. Her hips began rocking, trying to reach Barry's mouth. Shona leaned back, pulling Jane on top of her, groping her full breasts. Barry sucked on Jane's knickers, tasting her wetness.

Jane pulled her legs up under her, lifter her hips to his hungry mouth. Barry ripped her knickers off, grabbed her ass, squeezing her firm cheeks, his tongue plunging deep into her wet pussy.

"Oooohhhhhh God, yesssss! " Jane moaned aloud, her pussy aching for his tongue. Shona watched Barry, admiring his skills. She groped Jane's tits, pulling on her hard nipples. Jane loved having four hands on her body, taking her hard. She moaned louder, her body trembling with anticipation of what was to come.

Barry rocked his face hard into Jane's quivering pussy, sucking and eating her hard.

"Ooohhh ffuuuccckkk, yyeeeeessssss... eat me Barry... eat my wet muffin!!" Jane screamed, her hips bucking hard against his flailing tongue. Barry loved hearing her talk like that, his cock becoming even harder under him. He squeezed her cheeks hard, pulling her pussy hard against his gnawing mouth. He sucked on her swollen clit, his teeth scraping across the bulbous tissue.

Jane could feel her orgasm building inside her, her hips bucking wildly, fucking his talented mouth. Shona was trying to hold her steady, her hands grabbing at her bouncing tits. "Oooohhhhh God!!!!! Ohhhh shit" Jane screamed, grabbing Barry's head, holding it hard to her wet cunt. Shona sucked on Jane's neck, adding to her immense pleasure. Jane's body began shaking uncontrollably, her hips fucking Barry's strong tongue.

"Yyyyeeeeeeesssssss, yyeeeeeeesssssssss," Jane screamed, holding Barry hard to her thrashing hips. She came hard, flooding his mouth with her sweet juices. Barry licked and sucked her cum, taking all he could. Jane fell back onto Shona, her body heaving from her breathing. She came again and again as Barry kept at her pussy, tonguing and fingering her wet muffin. She collapsed back, her head resting between Shona's breasts. Jane turned her head, licking and sucking on her tits through her top. Shona pressed her tits into Jane's face, pulling her friend's head into her cleavage. Barry looked up, cum running down his face, watching Jane suck on Shona's tits.

"We have to get you undressed now Shona," Jane said softly. "I hope Barry's mouth isn't too tired for you. He is wonderful."

"I know, Jane," Shona said softly, "I was watching. I am so wet now. Come here, Barry," Shona demanded. Barry had always prided himself on satisfying the woman he was with and this just made him want to please Shona even more. He grabbed her legs, pulling her hard to him. Shona let out a squeal as she fell onto her back and slid, pussy first to Barry. His fingers tore at her jeans, unzipping them quickly and harshly. Her eyes lit up as Barry jerked her jeans off her body, pulling her knickers with them. Jane lay next to her, taking her top off, kissing and sucking on her neck and face.

Jane kissed Shona deeply, their tongues whirling together. Shona moaned as Barry flicked his tongue over her lips, teasing her. She squirmed her hips, trying to force his mouth harder against her pussy, wanting to feel his tongue deep inside. Jane brought her tits to Shona's mouth, feeling her friend's mouth taking her sensitive nipple. Jane rubbed her firm tits on Shona's face, feeding her.

Lifting her hips to Barry's mouth, Shona felt his tongue plunge deep into her wet pussy, lapping at her lips and juices. "Oooohhhhh God, Barry... eat me, eat my wet pussy!!" Shona screamed, on edge already from watching him take her lover earlier. Shona could not believe how quickly she was about to cum.

Barry knew that she was ready to explode. He spread her lips wider, sucked and bit on her clit, driving her into a frenzy. He rammed two fingers deep into her cunt, twisting and pumping into her, his teeth pulling at her overly sensitive clitoris. Jane sucked on her hard nipple, taking it into her hot mouth, groping and squeezing the other breast. Shona's hips bucked, fucking Barry's long thick fingers, She felt her body tense, then shudder, as her orgasm exploded inside her, flooding her tunnel with her juices.

"Yeeeesssss, yeeeesssssss, I'm ccuuummmmingggggggg!!!!!!" Shona screamed, her hips bucking wildly against Barry's fingers and mouth. She came hard, flooding his mouth with her cum. She could feel his mouth and tongue sucking and licking her juices, sucking on her lips and clit. Her body jerked and shook, her orgasm overtaking her. She held Jane's head in her breasts, loving the feel of her friend's mouth on her nipples.

Barry continued finger fucking Shona, his hand pounding against her thighs and pussy. Shona came again and again, a rapid series of orgasms bursting inside her trembling body. Shona fell into Jane's loving arms, both girls lying on the floor exhausted but happy. They seemed to ignore Barry for a few minutes, kissing and cuddling each other, caressing the other's firm breasts. Barry leaned back against the foot of the couch, watching the two beautiful women kiss and fondle each other. He stroked his thick cock through his trousers.

"Well, I'm ready for a shower," Shona said, sitting up, her large tits swaying back and forth.

"Me too," replied Jane, kissing Shona on her neck. Barry's eyes widened... were they going to leave him to his own devices? Jane turned to Barry, "But not until after fucking you first," she said with a smile. Barry smiled back, caught by their teasing. Jane moved quickly over to him, pushing him onto the floor, straddling his chest, her tits hanging in his face. Barry tried to suck on her long hard nipples, his mouth straining to reach them. Jane grabbed his arms, holding them over his head, leaning over him, letting him take her nipples. Barry moaned, sucking and biting the hard fleshy knobs. Shona reached for his jeans, sliding them off his taught ass and hips. His cock sprung out, already hard and thick.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, look at that thing Jane," purred Shona. "This was the only thing this camper was missing... a nice hard cock."

Barry sucked on Jane's succulent breasts, groping the large fleshy globes. All day he had fantasized about them, wanting to feel their nipples in his mouth, their weight in his hands. Just as he was living this fantasy, he felt Shona's mouth engulfing his thick cock, swallowing him whole. His hips bucked on of their own volition, thrusting slowly, fucking her hot mouth. Shona slowed her sucking, wanting him to last. She used her expertise to bring him to the edge, then let him relax, adding to his pleasure. No one had sucked him like her, as good or as talented as the Irish lass.

Shona loved the feel of a thick, hard cock in her mouth, the feel of the head rubbing against the roof of her mouth, the feel of the man's body shaking. The taste of his pre-cum filled her mouth, pushing her to take him totally. She wanted him to cum in her mouth, to fill her with his seed, but she held back knowing that Jane would want some of him, too. Jane looked over her shoulder at Shona, watching her swallow the cock that she now wanted. Shona smiled at her friend, inviting her to share Barry's wonderful cock. Jane slid down his belly, kissing him as she reached her goal. She kissed his shaft, sucking on the skin. Shona took his balls into her mouth, letting her tongue flick over the sac. Barry groaned loudly, doing everything he could not to cum. He looked down at the two hot girls, sharing his manhood. He was in heaven.

To his surprise and pleasure, Jane was every bit as good as Shona in the art of sucking. They were the best he had ever had. He watched as their heads bobbed up and down on his long thick shaft, engulfing him whole.

"Ooohhhh fffuuucckkk, I'm about to cum!" he screamed. Jane and Shona looked at each other, trying to decide how to take his load.

"Hell, he can fuck us later, baby," Shona told Jane, "I want him to cum all over us and in my mouth." Jane agreed, increasing her sucking, bringing Barry to the very edge. The girls sat on their knees in front of Barry, who knelt in front of them. They took turns sucking his thick cock, their mouths tight around his shaft.

"Oooohhhhhhh gggdddddd!!!" Barry screamed. Jane felt his cock throb inside her mouth, shooting its first stream of hot cum into her hungry mouth. Jane held his cum in her mouth, pulling her mouth away from his twitching cock. Barry grabbed his rod, aiming his cum at the faces of these two hot naked young women. All day, since he first saw them in the restaurant, he had felt his cum building, filling his testicles. Stream after stream of hot jism shot from the tip, hitting Jane and Shona in their faces. Shona wrapped her fingers around his hand, stroking his cock harder. Barry kept cumming, shooting more than he had ever before. Jane batted her sexy blue eyes as she opened her mouth, trying to catch the flying goo. The cum falling on their tits, sent waves of electricity through their nipples. First Jane, then Shona took his throbbing cock into her mouth, cleaning him of his cum. Barry fell onto the floor, totally spent. He leaned against the couch, looking at the two young women, their bodies glistening with sweat and his cum.

Shona pulled Jane to her, kissing her deeply, sharing Barry's cum with her. They held each other tightly, their large breasts pressed nipple against nipple. Barry wanted to join then, wanting to take them again, but he couldn't. He watched as the two friends shared his cum, their hands smearing his hot fluid over their tits and onto their nipples. A few minutes later, they crawled to Barry, lying on either side of him while his hands gently caressed their soft skin.

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