tagGroup SexThe Trip Ch. 06

The Trip Ch. 06


Barry, Jane and Shona lay in the bed together, discussing their further adventures. All three were looking forward to spending the next few days with their new friends. They were just getting out of bed when they heard a knock on the camper door. Grabbing her short, silk gown, Jane opened the door to find John and Terri. She also heard a lot of noise coming from the tent. Terri was crying. Jane quickly invited the two of them inside.

"What is it, Terri?" Jane asked, tying her gown. By now, Barry had thrown on some shorts and a t-shirt and Shona had her dressing gown on.

"It's Mike and Beth. They have been fighting all morning, worse than I have ever heard them," Terri said, tears streaming down her face. John was holding her tenderly, trying to comfort her. Jane took Terri into her arms, holding her tightly, trying to settle her.

"Is it because of us?" Barry asked, glancing out the window to see if he could see anything.

John answered, "No, they have been fighting all trip, actually for the past year. You may have been the catalyst this time, but it's not about you or anyone else. It's them. Mike and I had planned a side trip to do some fly fishing but Beth wanted to delay it to spend a few more days with you all. Then Mike went ballistic. He called her all sorts of names, things I have never heard him call a woman before. Terri and I went walking to get away from them, but they were still at it when we came back. That's when we came here."

Terri was still crying, unable to control herself. She and Beth had been friends since Junior High School. Terri was had never really been fond of Mike but had remained friends with Beth even after she had married him.

"You don’t think he'll get physical, do you?" Shona asked, giving voice to the concern that everyone was wondering about.

"I don't think so, he has never in the past; but then, I have never seen him this riled up before," Terri somehow managed to say. "I've always feared that he might someday."

Barry offered to go and check on Beth but everyone, including him, knew that that would just make things worse. John nodded his head and left the camper to see if things were all right.

Stepping into the tent, John saw Beth on her knees in front of Mike, wearing only a teddy, tears running down her face. Her cheeks were red from where Mike had slapped her twice. He had her by her hair, pulling her face to him. His boxers were around his ankles.

"Suck my fucking cock, you fucking whore," Mike screamed at his wife, "Suck it like you did your boyfriend's. Or would you rather have a cunt to lick, you freakin' dyke?" Beth was crying uncontrollably, pleading with him to stop. She saw John at the door flap, her eyes pleading for help. Mike turned and saw John standing there, unable to move. "Or would you rather suck his cock? Go on, suck John's cock. It may not be Barry's but it's still a cock." Beth was pleading for Mike to stop as he stood with his cock rubbing against her face.

"Stop it Mike!!" John yelled, "What the hell are you doing?" John ran over to the couple, grabbing Mike by his arm, pushing him away from Beth. Beth fell onto the floor, sobbing. "Beth, go to the camper with Terri and the girls, I've got Mike," John said to her. Beth fled the tent, running to the camper and her friends.

In the camper, Terri hugged Beth, the two of them trembling with fear. Shona locked the door, just in case, while Jane poured some coffee for everyone. They sat and talked for a while, waiting to see what Mike would do next. About half an hour later, John came out of the tent alone. Shona opened the door for him then locked it again.

"Mike has calmed down, but he is really on edge and I don't know what he will do next," John said softly. After a brief discussion, it was agreed that Beth could not go back to Mike at that moment. It was decided that Terri and Beth would travel with Barry, Jane and Shona for several days and that John would try to get Mike under control. They would meet up in several days in Nevada. John would take Mike away from the camp so that Beth could pack some things.

Before leaving, John and Terri took a short walk to talk things over. Terri saw the pain in his eyes. "Will you be there for me when we meet back up?" he asked, thinking about all that had happened during the last twenty-four hours. "I know you will be with the other girls, I can live with that, but to think of you with another man... I... I don't know, it's hard."

Terri smiled at her boyfriend, "I love you John and even after all this, I still want to marry you. To be honest, I don't know what will happen. I don't plan on being with him, but... I don't know. I have never been or expected to be in this type of situation before. Let's let this trip be sort of our last fling. If a woman happens to land in your lap while we are apart, feel free to do whatever happens. Just know that I love you and will be with you when we see each other in Nevada."

John smiled, feeling better about everything he pulled Terri to him. They kissed passionately, expressing their love for one another. John's thin shirt rubbed against Terri's nipples, stimulating her more than she had expected under the circumstances. She felt John's cock become hard against her mound but then, it always did whenever they kissed.

"I will miss you, Terri," John said softly. Terri smiled, nodding, her forehead resting against his.

"Will you miss me or Jane and Shona?" she asked coyly. John smiled back.

"Yes, I will miss them, too, baby, but I will miss you most," he answered. Terri nuzzled her head against his chest, kissing him softly. She felt a stir within her, a comfort and a love for the man holding her. She looked up at him, smiling.

"Maybe this will help you forget about the other two," she said, kissing his chest. Terri looked around, then slid to her knees in front of John. He felt her fingers tugging at his shorts, unzipping them then sliding them down his legs. His cock sprung out, hitting Terri in the face. "Oh my, you do miss me, don't you babe?" Terri asked seductively. Terri had only rarely gone down on John before and then, only as a brief part of their foreplay. This time though, she wanted to take him totally, to have him cum in her mouth. She was surprised by her own actions, even more so than John, but she wanted to please him as never before.

Terri stroked John's cock slowly, feeling it grow hard in her fingers. She moaned softly as the head grew thick. She licked her lips, anticipating the feeling of his cock in her mouth. Terri flicked her tongue over the tip and around the head. John moaned with pleasure as her hot mouth encased the head of his cock.

"Oh God baby, that feels sooo good," John groaned, grabbing her head. Terri dropped her head all the way, taking him deep into her mouth. The head of her boyfriend's cock rubbed against the back of her throat, almost gagging her. She swallowed, allowing her throat to tighten around him, adding to his sensations.

Terri bobbed her head back and forth, sucking on his ever growing tool. She felt John begin to shake as she increased the tempo. Slipping his cock from between her lips, she gripped his shaft in her fingers, rubbing the head over her face and cheeks, looking up at him with her dark brown eyes. John almost came then, seeing the sensual look on his girlfriend's face.

With a single motion, Terri engulfed his manhood once more, grinding her face against his belly. Tightening her lips around him, she rocked her head back and forth, sucking him hard.

"Ooohhh ffuuuucckkk, Terri, that is sooo wonderful," John moaned, thrusting his hips. Terri's pussy began aching, wanting to be filled by John's hard cock but she wanted to taste him this time. There would be plenty of time with her new friends to have her needs taken care of. She pulled up her shirt, rubbing the hard cock in her cleavage, loving the feel of his cock throbbing in her fingers. She could tell he was about to lose his load.

Terri opened her mouth, swallowing his thick shaft. John felt his cum about to burst forth. "I'mmm cuuummminngg," he cried, warning Terri. She had only swallowed his cum a couple of times before, doing so only to please him, never really enjoying the experience, so John expected her to pull him out of her wonderful mouth. Instead, Terri increased her sucking, bobbing her head back and forth. "I'm cumming, Terri," he moaned.

She slipped his cock out of her mouth and looked up at him, "I know, babe," she purred seductively, "and I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste you."

She flicked her tongue over the purple head, making it jump and twitch then engulfed him entirely. She felt him jerk and throb in her mouth, then felt a warm stream of goo splash against the back of her throat. John grabbed her hair, holding her head against him as he came hard, shooting his seed into her waiting mouth.

"Oooohhhh Ggdddddd," he screamed, his hips thrusting uncontrollably. Terri squeezed his ass, her nails digging into his cheeks, swallowing all that she could. Not used to the experience, Terri let some of the cum drool out of her mouth and it trickled down her chin. The feel of John's cum on her face made her feel naughty and bad, but strangely alive. Her heart was pounding in her chest and fire raced along every nerve fiber.

Terri licked John clean, loving the taste of him on her tongue. She kissed his withering cock then pulled his shorts back up. John could hardly stand, his legs were wobbly and weak. He pulled his lover up, kissing her deeply, not caring that she had just swallowed his cum. He felt more in love with her than ever before, and she felt the same way. They held each other for several minutes, feeling their hearts beating inside their chests.

"You will be there when we meet up with you?" John asked seriously. Terri smiled lovingly, nodding her head.

"Yes, John, I will. No matter what happens until then, I will be waiting for you," she answered. Suddenly they heard Shona calling for Terri. John and Terri walked back to the camper, her head resting on his shoulder. They kissed each other gently, not wanting to make a scene in front of Beth and Mike as Barry loaded up the camper. Mike and Beth hardly said a word as she got ready to leave with Barry and the girls.

"We'll see y'all in a few days... we have each other's numbers for our phones in case something happens," Barry said to John, then glanced quickly at Mike. Mike just stood there, his eyes peering off into space.

John smiled "OK," he said, "and be sure to take care of your new guests." Barry nodded and closed the door. He slowly drove away as Mike continued looking at the lake in the opposite direction.

Beth broke down and began crying again, holding it in until Mike was unable to see her. Beth and Terri went into the bedroom alone to try to calm down. It was an hour and a half later before they came out again.

When Beth emerged from the bedroom her eyes were still puffy from her crying. At the same time, however, she had a look of resolve on her face, as well as fresh make-up.

"Are you all right?" Jane asked, sliding over on the couch to let Beth sit. Terri sat on the floor behind Shona who was in the passenger seat next to Barry.

"Yes, I am. I'm doing much better. And I want to thank you all for taking care of me like this. I hardly know you yet you all have been so nice," Beth said softly. "This was a long time coming and I don't want you to feel that any of it was your fault." Jane took Beth's hand, holding it on her lap. Beth smiled, kissing Jane gently on her cheek.

They drove for the rest of the day to another campsite on the top of a mountain. By this time, everyone was ready to put yesterday behind them, especially Beth. She had decided that she and Mike were through and that this was the start of her new life. So much had happened in the last day and a half that her life would never be the same again.

They found a secluded spot to park the camper, away from everyone else. Beth and Terri were thrilled that they didn't have all the camping gear that they had before. There was no tent to pitch, no cooking utensils to get out and no bags or sleeping gear to unravel. Once parked, they decided to stretch by walking up to the summit, about a half hour hike. Surprisingly, there weren't many people at the campground for the time of year. Once at the top, there were only a few other people there.

The sun was just beginning to set, slightly to the side as they looked over the valleys for hundreds of miles. The dust caused a reddish glow in the sky. The five friends sat there, looking at the beauty and wonder of nature, saying very little.

"You have such a beautiful and grand country here," Jane said, finally breaking the silence. "England is like one small state compared to here."

"Of all the times we have gone camping, Mike never took me someplace like this. We always went to a river or lake to fish... never just to look at nature. And we were so close to so many places and he would never go to them," Beth replied. A cool breeze blew across the summit, sending a chill over Beth. Jane and Shona were used to colder air. Shona offered Beth her jacket, but she refused. "I would rather have Barry's arms keep me warm," she said shyly. Everyone smiled, knowing that Beth was in better spirits.

Standing behind her, Barry wrapped his arms around Beth. She snuggled into him, gently pressing her ass against him. Barry felt her breasts pressing against his arms. Beth moaned softly, leaning her head back, exposing her neck to Barry. He kissed her neck gently, inhaling her perfume. Feeling a hardness against her backside, Beth pressed back against him more, feeling the stiffness of his cock between her cheeks.

Looking around, Beth saw that, apart from themselves, all the other people had begun the hike down to their cars or the campsite, leaving only the five of them on the summit. The sun was settling behind a far off mountain and a full moon was already out in the sky behind them. Beth saw Shona hugging Terri, then kiss her full on her lips. Beth closed her eyes and accepted that her life was now starting anew. She rubbed her rear end against Barry's cock, feeling his hardness between her firm cheeks. Barry moaned softly, sliding his hands up and down her body, cupping her large breasts.

"Oooohhhh Gggddd, Barry," Beth whispered, " I want you so badly." Barry caressed her breasts, feeling their firmness in his hands. sliding one hand under her top, he slid his fingertips into her cleavage and over her bra, rubbing her nipples. Beth moaned with pleasure, letting herself free of her past life.

Shona reached for the bottom of Terri’s top, lifting it over her head. Jane, standing behind her, unhooked Terri's bra, sliding the straps off her shoulders, freeing her breasts. Shona slid her tongue down Terri's neck and onto her large globes of flesh.

"Oooohhh Ggdddddd, Shona," Terri moaned as Shona sucked and bit on her hard nipples. Terri held Shona's head to her chest, feeling her tongue whipping her nipples. Jane rubbed her large tits on Terri's back, then slid down onto her knees, her fingers working the buttons on Terri's hiking shorts. Biting her bottom lip, Terri felt Jane's fingers sliding over her panties, already wet. Jane tugged at the wet panties, pulling them to the side as she slipped a finger sensually into Terri's moist tunnel. "Ooohh fffuuuucckkkkk, Jane," Terri cried, "oooohhhh Gggdddd, yyyeeeessssssss!!"

Thrusting her hips against Jane's hand, Terri fucked the long thin finger, wishing she had more inside her. Jane plunged a second, then a third finger deep into Terri's pussy, fucking her hard. Shona sucked and bit the erect tissue on Terri's breasts, her face buried in her cleavage. Terri could hardly stand, her knees were giving way as bolts of electricity raced through her body.

Moving round, Jane ground her face against Terri’s pussy, her tongue, replacing her fingers, stabbing deep into her cunt. Shona slid onto the ground behind Terri, kissing and sucking on her firm ass while Jane ate her cunt. Shona slid her tongue between Terri's legs, then back, sliding the tip over Terri's sphincter. Terri jumped at the touch. She had never had, nor even considered anything anal before. She thought that maybe Shona had accidentally touched her there.

Terri could barely stand, steadying herself on Jane's head. Shona slid her tongue over Terri's hole again and then again. Wave after wave of electricity exploded through Terri's body.

"Ooohhh Gggddddd, Shona!!!" she screamed, feeling her asshole licked for the first time. Jane ground her face harder against Terri's mound, eating her wet pussy.

"Do you like it, luv?" Jane asked. Terri thought for a moment before answering, feeling Jane's talented tongue on her cunt.

"I, I don't know," she giggled. "It's sooo different." Shona's fingers gripped Terri's bum as she plunged her tongue onto the tight hole. Terri screamed with glee as she felt both Shona and Jane taking her. Shona wiggled her tongue in a circle, teasing her asshole.

Even though it was now night, the full moon cast a brilliant light on everyone, making the scene even more erotic and sensual. Terri was shaking and trembling as the two women took control of her senses. Terri was about to explode. Unlike the other night, where she had not let herself totally go free, tonight she was uninhibited. She let herself be taken freely, willingly and totally.

"Ooohhhh Ggdddddd," Terri screamed, grabbing Jane's head for support. Terri's body shuddered violently as a massive orgasm erupted inside her. She almost fell over as her juices exploded from her aching pussy. Jane lapped all she could, much of her face being covered with Terri's sweet nectar. "Ooooohhhhh fffuuuucckkkkk," Terri cried as she came again and again, waves of climaxes rippling over her body. She fell to the ground, breathing heavily, her heart racing in her chest. Jane and Shona smiled at each other, knowing that they had just given Terri her most incredible orgasm. Shona winked at Jane, then both went back to pleasing Terri. Terri fell onto her back, letting herself be taken by the two incredibly sexy young women.

Still behind Beth, Barry had taken her shirt off. His hands were caressing her beautiful breasts, rolling her hard nipples between his fingers. Beth moaned softly. She, too, was giving herself freely to her friend, more so than she had ever before. Barry nibbled on her neck, sending shock waves through Beth's body. He slid his hands down her flat belly, unsnapping her shorts, pushing them down forcefully. Beth hurriedly kicked her shorts off her long, shapely legs, ready to feel Barry against her bare body. He slipped a hand under the front of her panties, teasing her lips with his fingers.

Beth began shaking and quivering as Barry slid his finger into her wet pussy. "Ooohhh Gggdddd, Barry, that feels sooo good," she moaned as her hips rocked back and forth against his plunging fingers. "God, I can't remember ever wanting to fuck someone as badly as I do now," she whispered, reaching behind to grab his cock through his shorts. She felt the thick rod grow even harder in her fingers. Barry plunged his fingers deeper and deeper into her wet cunt, rubbing against her clit as he did. Beth bit her lower lip as she felt her first orgasm of the night erupt deep inside her belly. Her cum flowed out of her cunt and onto Barry's fingers. She grabbed his hand, rubbing it harder against her cunt.

Beth rocked her hips back and forth against his hand, fucking his fingers. As the orgasm subsided, she pulled his fingers out of her pussy, bringing them to her mouth. She seductively sucked his fingers, tasting her juices. Barry moaned as he watched his fingers disappear between her sensual lips.

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