tagGroup SexThe Trip Ch. 08

The Trip Ch. 08


Barry wanted to get to San Francisco as quickly as he could. He constantly thought about the two women from the UK he had been with for the past two weeks as well as Beth and Terri. It had been an experience that he would remember his entire life. The first ride he caught was all the way to Reno with a couple of college guys on vacation. The guys talked about all the "conquests" they planned to have with the waitresses and other workers in town. Barry just smiled to himself, knowing that they would never have the experience that he had had during the last several weeks. Barry was tempted to stay in Reno for a day but decided that he had better move on... it was getting close to the date that he needed to be in town. He then caught a shuttle to the edge of town and waited for his next ride.

The sun was beating down on him as the late afternoon sun began to fall. He took cover in what little shade he could find. There was a lot of traffic, this being the main road between Reno, Sacramento and San Francisco, but the cars were just passing by. He was beginning to get worried, knowing that it was too hot to walk far in the desert and there wasn't really anyplace to stay this far out. Finally a car slowed, a Honda Accord from Alabama. The car pulled to the side and a thin arm reached out the window, waving him forward. Barry was afraid that it might be a joke, but he walked quickly to the car, just the same. He saw in the rear windshield that the car was pretty loaded with clothes and suitcases. Once at the passenger side door, he leaned forward to look inside.

"Where ya headin' to?" the pretty young woman asked in a thick Southern accent.

Barry smiled broadly. "It's nice to hear someone talk without an accent," Barry replied. The girls giggled, looking at each other. "I'm headin’ to San Francisco," he said, adding a little extra to his accent. The girl in the passenger seat smiled at him coyly.

"Why ain't that a coincidence," she said, "so are we." She then turned to the other girl who was driving then a moment later she turned back to Barry, telling him to get into the back if he wanted a ride. Barry thanked them pushing the loose clothes to the side before slipping in.

Barry introduced himself, telling them that he was going there join a crew on a yacht.

"What takes y'all to San Francisco?" Barry asked.

"We're meeting some friends there," the passenger said. She introduced herself as Tammy and the driver was named Jamie. Barry noticed that they were twins. Tammy turned sideways so that she could talk to Barry and Jamie. They both had a dark, natural tan, the kind most Southern girls had during the summer. They looked fit and trim but he couldn't really tell in the car. Barry thought to himself that it was really nice hearing a familiar accent after being on the road so long. They made small talk for the first hour or so, then decided to stop for a bite to eat before finishing the drive, with about three hours left to go.

As they got out of the car, Barry could see them properly for the first time. They were both tall, about 5' 6" each, and built very similarly. In fact, it was hard for Barry to tell them apart except for their clothes. They were wearing cargo shorts and T-shirts. Tammy's was loose but Jamie's was tighter, showing off her well rounded breasts. Barry watched as the two walked into the diner, whispering and giggling, reminding him of Jane and Shona. They sat down in a booth, Barry sitting opposite the two girls. Barry could tell that they were concerned about the cost of the meal, so he offered to pay for it in appreciation for the ride. Tammy smiled at him, thanking him.

"We... eehhh... sort of spent more than we had planned to in Reno," Jamie said, embarrassed. Barry laughed softly, telling them that they weren't the first to do that.

"Don't worry about gas either. I'll get the next tank. Actually, I have spent less than I had planned. I spent a good bit of time with some people in a camper and I saved on hotel and food," Barry said, reassuring them. They thanked him again.

Back in the car, Barry tried to make himself more room to stretch out in, being somewhat cramped in the back of the small car. "Just push everything to the side, if you want," Jamie said, this time from the passenger side. As Barry pushed and moved the clothes, different pieces of lingerie fell onto the floor. Barry was a little embarrassed but Jamie just laughed.

"We ain't the most tidiest people around," Jamie laughed, "no telling what you will find in there." Barry smiled and gave one more strong push. His hands slipped into the pile and he fell into it, face first. Jamie burst out laughing from the sight. Pulling himself up, Barry felt something soft and satiny in his fingers. Knowing that it was probably something sexy, Barry pulled it out.

Jamie gabbed as Barry held up a stretchy black teddy with molded, lace cups for the breasts, with a thong for the bottom. Barry smiled, "Who's laughing now, Jamie?"

Jamie grabbed for the teddy, but Barry pulled it away just in time. "Give me that!" she screamed, almost angrily, but then smiling at Barry. "Give it here, Barry, if you know what's good for you," she said coyly.

Barry pulled the teddy behind his back, "What do you think you're gonna do about it?" Barry asked, smiling slyly at Jamie. Barry held it up once more, rocking it back and forth. "Who is it for, Jamie, who's the special man?"

Jamie swiped at it again, "Certainly not you, Barry," she laughed, straining to grab the teddy from his hands. Her eyes began to burn. "I'll just have to take it from you, I guess." Jamie climbed over into the back of the car, falling onto Barry. Barry hid the teddy behind his back as Jamie lay on top of him, trying to reach around him. Jamie's firm breasts crushed against his chest as she wrapped her arms around him, grabbing at the flimsy teddy. Barry could feel his cock harden against her rocking mound, afraid that she might get angry if he tried anything too much.

Barry pulled one hand out from behind his back, pretending to hold the teddy against the other door. Jamie slid forward, rubbing her breasts against his face as she grabbed for his empty hand. Barry had to control himself from sucking on her firm tits right then and there, but he held off, letting her rub them against him herself. As she reached forward, Jamie had no support so her entire weight was on Barry. She felt his cock, hard against her pussy. Jamie continued squirming, pretending to reach for the teddy but was instead grinding her pussy against Barry. Barry sensed that she was rocking against him more than she needed. He slid one hand down her back, onto her squirming ass. Barry cupped her cheeks, sliding past her shorts, then back up, his hands on her bare ass. Jamie pushed herself up slightly and looked into his eyes, smiling. Barry slid his fingers between her cheeks, slipping the tips into her folds. Jamie lowered her face to him, kissing Barry on the lips. He opened his mouth as he slipped his tongue between her lips, exploring every part of her warm mouth. Jamie pressed her pussy hard against Barry's hips, feeling his hard cock against her. She sucked on his tongue as they kissed, feeling her passions building faster than she realized. She moaned softly, feeling Barry's long fingers probing between her moist lower lips as he teased her pussy. Her mind was spinning, trying to decide how far to take this when the moment was interrupted by her sister.

"Hey, what's going on back there? Its gotten awfully quiet in here," Tammy laughed. Jamie broke her kiss, leaning up as best she could in the cramped compartment of the back seat, adding more pressure to his cock against her pussy. Jamie bit her lower lips as she looked down at Barry. She wanted him, but she was nervous and Barry could tell that the time wasn't right. He slid her off of him, kissing Jamie on the cheek, handing her the teddy. Jamie smiled, thanking Barry, then crawled back into the front seat. Tammy was embarrassed by what she had said, but Jamie just brushed it aside.

"Don't worry, sis, we weren't doing anything," Jamie said, embarrassed by her wanton act with Barry. They talked a little more and the mood quickly returned to the lightness and pleasantness it had been before. By now they were only about half an hour away from San Francisco.

"Where are y'all staying?" Barry asked. "If need be, I can just get a ride to my house." Tammy meekly said that they didn't have a place yet.

"Actually, we got here a day early. We are meeting some friends tomorrow and staying with them, but tonight, we were just going to find some cheap place to stay. If you know of someplace close to town, that'd be a big help," Tammy said, almost embarrassed.

"Look, I have a house here that is plenty big for all of us. It has a second bedroom that y'all can stay in," Barry said, leaning forward from the back seat. "Y'all can stay there, its the least I can do for the ride." The girls protested but Barry insisted, knowing that they truly needed a place. Finally the girls agreed but insisted on making dinner for him that night. At a nearby grocery store, the girls picked the food for a nice dinner. Barry followed a few steps behind, watching the interaction between them. Jamie and Tammy whispered back and forth, giggling and laughing, their hands touching each other tenderly. Barry's mind began to imagine all sorts of things that he would love to happen, but quickly tossed them out of his mind. These were southern girls and southern girls just didn't act like... well... actually they do sometimes, Barry thought to himself, letting his mind wander. Barry went to pick up some things that he knew he needed. When he met the girls walking to the check-out line, one got either arm, smiling as they thanked him again for letting them stay at his house.

They drove into the driveway of a small but cute house on a quiet street. Inside the house, the girls were pleasantly surprised to see a well kept, neat house.

"This is really nice, Barry," Jamie said, looking around. "I was really expecting something a little... uummmm... more... aaahhh... guyish," she said laughing.

Barry smiled, knowing that he had impressed them. He took pride in his home, decorating it with decent artwork and items from his many trips. "Thank you, Jamie," he replied.

After getting everything ready for supper, the girls decided to take a bath and freshen up. Barry showed them the bathroom, then went to prepare a salad for everyone. When he walked past the bath, he could hear the girls laughing and talking softly. Barry started feeling his cock begin to twitch, imagining them in there together. He smiled to himself, then went back into the kitchen.

When Jamie and Tammy walked into the den, Barry already had everything ready and on the table. Tammy looked at Barry, protesting that they were supposed to fix everything.

"Y'all did everything, I just got it on the table," Barry said smiling. Catching Barry staring at Jamie, Tammy sultrily smiled at him, "Don't you just love that top, Barry?" Jamie had on one of those stretch tops that when off, looks like a doll's top, but stretches about 10 times it size. It hugged Jamie's torso, accentuating her firm, round breasts.

"I do like it," Barry answered, "its a very sexy shirt." Jamie smiled, lowering her eyes, almost embarrassed. Both girls were wearing cargo shorts that fitted tight around their butts but were loose at the thighs.

The girls had fixed a traditional southern meal with okra and tomatoes, cooked with bacon strips, turnip greens, cooked with pork pieces and over baked "fried" chicken. Everything was delicious and was quickly eaten by all three. After cleaning everything, everyone decided that they were too tired to go out and would just stay home and watch TV.

Barry say on the couch while Tammy sat on the floor, leaning against a chair. Jamie lay on the floor, her head in her sister's lap. Tammy played with Jamie's hair, running her fingers through the long brown tresses. Sometimes Barry could hear Jamie moan softly as Tammy slid her hand down her side, onto her hips.

After a while, Barry saw Tammy slipping her hand onto Jamie's bare thigh, sliding it under her shorts. He felt a rush through his loins, his cock jumping in his shorts. Tammy slid the legs of Jamie's shorts high up her thighs, running her nails over the exposed portion of her cheeks. Jamie moaned louder, this time it was very obvious to Barry. Jamie began kissing Tammy's lap, slowly grinding her head into her. Tammy saw Barry squirm in his seat, adjusting his cock.

"Do you like what you see, Barry?" she asked. Barry nodded, letting his hand rest on top of his hard cock.

"Yes, its very hot, Tammy. Do y'all do that often?" Barry asked, rubbing the palm of his hand over his hardening cock. Tammy smiled at Barry, licking her red lips.

"We do it a lot. Whenever we want to have some fun," she answered, cupping her sister's firm breasts in her hands. Jamie began squirming, ignoring the conversation, as she ground her face, between Tammy's legs. Tammy threw her head back, feeling a rush of electricity through her body. "Come here, Barry, I want to suck your cock," she ordered, her hands holding Jamie's head firm against her aching pussy.

Barry slipped off the couch, pulling his shorts off. He knelt in front of Tammy, his cock already hard from the brief but erotic show. Tammy lifted her ass, allowing Jamie to slide her shorts off. She then slid between Tammy's legs, licking and sucking her wet pussy. Tammy moaned as she grabbed Barry hard cock, rubbing the thick head over her face.

"God Barry, you have a thick cock. I can't wait to feel it in me," Tammy said, just before engulfing his hard cock deep into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down the thick shaft. Barry groaned as she sucked on the head, flicking her tongue over the hole. Tammy loved the feel of a thick cock in her mouth, feeling the head rubbing against the back of her throat. She moaned, humming as the tip reached her lips, sending vibrations down Barry's cock and throughout his body. Her head bobbed faster, her lips sucking tight around the hard shaft. Barry grabbed her long hair, wrapping his fingers in her braids. Cupping her firm breasts, Barry squeezed and groped her globes, pulling at her hard nipples.

Tammy's body was shaking, trembling as her orgasm was building deep within her. Barry's cock in her mouth, his hands grabbing at her tits and Jamie's mouth at her pussy was too much for her. She grabbed her sister's head, pulling it harder against her quaking cunt. Jamie spread her lips, taking Tammy's swollen clit between her teeth.

"Ooohhh fffuuuucckkkkk," she cried, releasing the thick cock from her mouth. She rocked her hips against Jamie's mouth, wanting to feel her sister's wonderful tongue deeper in her wet cunt. "Ooohhhh Gggddd, yesssss, Jamie, right there!!!! YYYEEEESSSSSSSS," she screamed, pulling Jamie harder against her quivering cunt. Tammy arched her back as the orgasm exploded from deep inside her, sending a torrent of juices into Jamie's waiting mouth. Tammy grabbed Barry's cock, sucking it hard as she came again and again. Barry felt himself getting close to the edge so he pulled out of her mouth and began sucking on her tits, his teeth pulling at her nipples. Tammy fell back, her body writhing with pleasure from Jamie's and Barry's mouths.

"Ooooohhhhh Gggddd, that was great," she said, laughing as her orgasm began to subside. She kissed Barry, then Jamie, tasting her juices on her sister's lips and tongue. "You have to have some of his cock, sis," Tammy said to Jamie, "I can't wait to feel him inside me." Barry looked a the two young women, both wet with sweat and cum, their hands caressing each other's beautiful bodies. "Fuck us both, Barry, we want you to do us both together."

The two girls crawled over to the couch, resting their arms on the cushions as they kneeled on the floor, their asses wiggling at Barry. Barry bit his lower lip, looking at the firm, round cheeks before him. He scooted up to them, rubbing his cock against their cheeks. Moaning, the girls began kissing each other, their tongues darting in and out of their mouths. Barry pressed the head of his hard cock against Jamie's pussy, working it into her tight tunnel.

"Ooohhhh shit, Tammy, it is thick!" Jamie cried as Barry grabbed her ass, pulling her back, hard against his thrusting hips. Jamie cried out as the thick shaft plunged deep into her, stretching her walls. Tammy grabbed at Jamie's hanging tits, mashing and kneading the large globes as Barry pounded her cunt. She groaned as her body was driven into the couch. Thrusting again and again, Barry pounded her hard, his hips slamming against her ass. He pulled out, then quickly rammed his cock into Tammy's wet hole. She squealed as he drove his cock all the way into her, filling her with his thick shaft.

"Oooohhh Gggdddd yeesssss... fuck me Barry, fuck me hard," she screamed, ramming her hips back against the thrusting cock. "Fuck my wet cunt!!!" She grabbed her tit, pulling at her hard nipple. Jamie reached under Tammy and began rubbing her clit as the cock pistoned in and out of her. Barry strained to keep from cumming, not wanting to cum too soon. He slapped Tammy's ass, then again. She squealed with pleasure, placing her hand on top of Jamie's as they rubbed her clit together. "Ooohhhh Gggddd, I'm cumming again," she cried, thrusting her ass back against Barry. She could feel his hips pound against her ass. "Fuck me Barry, fuck my tight cunt."

Jamie leaned under Tammy, taking her swaying tit into her mouth. She bit the hard nipple, pulling it with her teeth. The sudden pain Tammy over the edge. She screamed as her body convulsed, her juices flooding out of her pussy. She could feel the warm juices running down her thighs and legs. "Oh baby, that was great. You have to fuck him, Jamie."

"That's what I plan on doing," she said, smiling seductively at Barry. Barry looked at Jamie as she looked over her shoulders with those "fuck me" eyes. Tammy slid under Jamie as they got into a sixty-nine position with Barry behind Jamie. He watched for a moment as Tammy's tongue lashed at Jamie's trimmed pussy. "Oohhh fuck, sis, you know just how I like it," Jamie said, grinding her cunt on her sister's face. Jamie began slowly fingering her sister's cunt, teasing her.

Working his cock against her tight ass, Barry rubbed his cock up and down her lips. Jamie moaned, her body already trembling from anticipation of being fucked by Barry's thick cock. Tammy's muscles gripped Jamie's probing fingers, tightening its hold on them.

"Fuck me, Barry, fuck me now... please," Jamie pleaded. Barry slapped her ass, then plunged his hard cock all the way into her tight cunt. Jamie cried out as the thick cock rammed deep into her. Jamie was tighter than Tammy, but that may have been because Tammy had already cum before he fucked her. Jamie was tight around his cock, her cunt holding him tight. Tammy rubbed on Jamie's clit as the cock slid in and out of her. Tammy watched the thick shaft sliding, disappearing into her sister's hole. "Ooohhh shit, fuck me hard, Barry, fuck my cunt," Jamie groaned, her face buried between Tammy's thighs. She sucked at her sister's wet cunt, tasting her cum. Jamie felt her body shaking as Barry's cock grew harder and thicker inside her, pressing against her walls.

He thrust hard, slamming against her ass, driving his cock deeper and deeper. Jamie's cries were muffled by Tammy's pussy. Slap. His hand fell hard against her rocking cheeks. Jamie jumped from the sudden pain. Slap. The combination of pain and pleasure was taking Jamie to the edge. Barry felt her cunt tighten around his cock. He felt his balls tighten, ready to explode. It took all his willpower to keep from cumming in her tight cunt. He pulled out of her, sliding his cock down her cheeks. Tammy took the thick shaft into her mouth, tasting Jamie's cum and Barry's ooze on the tip. She sucked him a few times, then aimed his cock back at her sister's dripping pussy. Barry thrust hard, driving Jamie's face hard against Tammy's pussy. It was too much. Jamie came hard, her orgasm erupting hard, her juices pouring out of her tunnel. Tammy licked and sucked the hot cum as it ran down her thighs. Barry continued pounding hard, fucking Jamie mercilessly.

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