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The Trophy


In what is now the eastern European country of the Czech Republic, in the Sudeten Mountains, deep within the catacombs beneath the city of Liberec, legend tells of the existence of female creatures known as "Gargirls". Legend, passed on from generation to generation, describes the Gargirl as a creature that is gorgeous, sensuous, graceful, demon- tailed, and bat winged. Created from the forced breeding of young, captured, human virgin females and the Devil's own cave guardians known as "Demon Chimeras," the crossbred Gargirl is a beautiful, deadly and cunning predator.

Although no one has lived to tell of their description, it is believed that Gargirls have long and deadly claws with at least one demon pointed tail. Almost all the species have demonic bat type wings for flight with the exception of the desert "Lamara", which has none. Their choice of prey is the female of the human species, preferably a blonde haired virgin, as the skin and muscle texture is tender and juicy with that particular human species.

Once their prey is close enough, the Gargirl's demonic, hypnotic stare renders them virtually powerless and incapable of movement. Now defenseless, the Gargirls can easily control the subject for whatever the Gargirl desires at the time, which can range from simple personal sexual and erotic pleasure, or pure brutal rape, to satisfying simple hunger pains.

Of the entire legend told of the Gargirls, one part in particular is quite interesting and worthy of taking note: the ability of their sexual organs, their vagina and breasts in particular, to produce a rare and extremely rare, valuable, stimulating and intoxicating digestible milky sweet tasting liquid or elixir called "Lankar" for the sole ingestion of a Gargirl's prey. As more and more Lankar is ingested by the Gargirl's meal, prior to its serving, the sinister and undetectable effects; the softening, tenderizing, and sweetening of the flesh and muscle tissues... much like the effects of the venom of a poisonous snake. Most importantly, Lankar eventually sedates and renders the victim completely powerless to move, thus making it very easy for the Gargirl to devour her meal.

But, legend also tells of rare cases where the human pursuit is not of a Gargirl's Lankar, but the pursuit of the Gargirl herself... for actual love as guided by the heart. In such cases, the effects of the Lankar elixir when mixed with these feelings of love, produce powers for the good of the love affair, helping the progress and unification of the two. It is also told that when this mixing of love and Lankar occurs, it will produce powers that help to protect and conquer for causes of good against evil.

In the world of the Gargirl, love can protect and lust can destroy. The choice is yours.......(for the full story of the Gargirls, visit the internet... Weenies Gargirls of Samral....

The following story is a Gargirl memory of a particularly delicious "meal"....


Khrishka, alone in her favorite childhood hiding place, admired her favorite trophy. Although it had happened over two hundred years ago, the gray lamara (a Gargirl without wings) still remembered her prize: a young, beautiful female - petite, feisty, somewhat muscular in stature, and most important of all, a dashing, longhaired virgin blonde. As Khrishka stared at the skull, her thoughts began to drift....

It had been unseasonably hot that day, the gray lamara remembered, as she lay restless and alone in her dark and wonderfully cold cave, waiting for the sun to set. As she quietly fingered her swollen clit, she could hear, as well as feel, the hunger pangs in her stomach. For several months now, her meals had consisted of average to below-average looking, non-virgin human females, mostly brunettes, with over- sized tits and extremely hairy pussies; quite disgusting, but food nonetheless. Of all the females she had devoured, none had come close to satisfying her personal, erotic 'Frothing' cravings for young, petite, firm supple breasts, with pale, almost milky white skin and a hairless cunt (hairless because of being shaved or because of the youthful age of the human).

As Khrishka's hunger pangs increased, and her erotic thoughts changed to ones of frustration, she decided to alter her hunting strategy. Utilizing her long, strong, beautiful body with legs made for strength and endurance, combined with her wickedly powerful tail, she traveled far from her normal 'stalking' grounds.

Having gone several miles, Khrishka finally came upon a forest. In the distance, she could see a small hot spring in a secluded clearing. With her super sensitive hearing, she could hear an ever so faint moaning, along with heavy breathing.

"Mmmmmm....ahhhhhhhh......mmmm...", then several quick gasps of air in between.

With her powerful nocturnal vision, she could see a female figure floating on top of the warm water in the middle, steam rising off its surface. The lamara slowed her pace considerably as she approached the spring. Khrishka was now deadly quiet. Jumping at least fifteen feet in the air, she studied and stalked her prey from within a leafy nearby tree.

The girl, obviously knowledgeable of water and its characteristics, was simply lying on her back, floating on top. Her face and young breasts poked out of the water, nipples erect, her feet about 3 feet under. Khrishka quietly leaped to a nearby tree, drawing herself closer for a better view... stalking.... With her body temperature well over twenty degrees hotter than normal, pure, white saliva began to drool from her mouth. Her pussy also began to slowly drip her erotic sexual essence or 'lankar' as the Gargirls called it. Drifting into a 'Frothing' or feeding trance, her pupils began to dilate and vibrate violently.

Khrishka could see the young girl's right hand between her legs. As the lamara watched, she could see and hear the water around the young girl's crotch slapping with small tiny waves.

"Yesssssss....", Khrishka hissed. "Finger fuck that pussy of yours...", Gargirls had found, through experience over the centuries, that the more a human was sexually aroused, the more tender and tasty its meat became.

"Harder you cunt... harder..." The girl's moans grew louder and more intense.

"Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.... Purrrrffeeeccctttt!"

After an hour had passed, the young girl finally climbed out of the hot spring. Without anything to dry herself off, she decided to lay upon a flat, warm rock nearby. Khrishka could now see her prey in all its splendor. The girl appeared to be eighteen or nineteen years of age, average in height, possibly five feet five inches, and somewhat muscular in build. Her breasts were in perfect proportion to the rest of her body, with her nipples still standing hard and erect. Her young pussy was protected by a small blonde pubic bush. And her hair ... Ahhhhhh, her hair... a beautiful shade of golden blonde. Of all the different colors of human hair, blondes were the tastiest. Khrishka drew in a deep breath through her ultra sensitive nose.

"Ahhh... And a virgin too! Puurrrfeeeccttt." Lamaras, with their acute sense of smell, could detect a virgin over three hundred yards away....something about how the pussy changes in smell, once it has been penetrated.

As Khrishka continued watching her prey, she could feel a warm, steady trickle of 'lankar' ooze' from her now hot vagina, flowing down the inside of her left leg. A trickle of drool began dripping from her mouth as well.

With her 'Frothing' frenzy in full swing, Khrishka was unable to control herself. Suddenly, she sprang from the tree, pouncing on top of the girl, knocking her off the rock onto the ground.

To the lamara's surprise, the girl managed to momentarily free herself with a hard blow to her face. Khrishka had been fought off before, but this hit was, by far, the hardest she had ever felt from a female. A small trickle of blood flowed from the left side of her mouth.

"Who and what the hell are you?" the naked girl screamed at her attacker. Her eyes quickly scanned her assailant. She had heard of creatures such as this, blue in skin color, long horns and a long, sharp- pointed tail, but she had regarded the stories as myth and fairy tale, never really believing them. How wrong she was.

Khrishka stood quiet, staring at her prey. Then, a smile formed on her face.

"Finally, the perfect meal! A gorgeous, young, beautiful blonde virgin with the ability to fight back", Khrishka said softly to herself, wiping the blood off her mouth. She put a finger in her mouth and tasted her own blood.

"Opportunities like this come along once in a lifetime" Khrishka chuckled to herself. The sheer thought of the challenge, coupled with the girl's beautiful looks, caused the lankar to follow more steadily from her vagina.

Khrishka then slowly walked toward the girl. Her hands spread wide open, exposing her long sharp claws, her long, pointed tail violently twitching.

"What are you going to do with me?" the girl asked, her body now in a defensive stance, her fists high and clenched.

Khrishka continued her approach.

Suddenly, the girl tried to escape into the nearby forest. The lamara was pleased.

As the girl approached the forest and what she thought would be safe refuge, she heard a voice from behind.

"Think you can run and hide from me you little fucking cunt?" it quietly said.

Already knowing what her attacker looked like, the girl kept running.

"You are going to make a worthy meal for me, my pretty."

"Meal?" the girl thought to herself. Digging deep within her soul, she managed to run a little faster.

"Excellent ", the voice said in a whisper. "You are fast for a human female... very fast. Excellent."

Weaving in and out of tall rocks, the girl suddenly found herself in a dead-end. She tried to quickly assess the situation, huffing and puffing as she did so. The rocks were so smooth and tall... very tall. She turned to face her attacker. She saw nothing there. Not wanting to waste any time, she attempted to scale the rocks in front of her. As she climbed to the halfway point, the blue creature she had thought she had lost, quietly and easily appeared at her right side.

"Going somewhere... bitch?" it said with a smug smile.

The girl tried to swing and hit the blue creature, but its reactions were too fast. Then, with one hard blow of its left hand, the girl was knocked off the rock, landing hard on her side. Stunned from the impact, the girl rolled over on her back, trying to catch her breath. She opened her eyes and there, standing at her side, was the lamara, its tail vibrating violently.

"Why?" the girl asked the creature, coughing hard. Blood flowed from her mouth freely.

Khrishka knelt down to closely examine her beautiful prize. The girl, still dazed, lay with her legs spread wide open, exposing her pink pussy. Bright, white drool now flowed steadily from Khrishka's mouth.

The girl tried to scream for help, but Khrishka strategically grabbed her by the throat. The pressure was just enough to stop any effort to scream. She then tried to struggle free, swinging her arms violently at her attacker. Landing a couple of good blows to the creature's face, the girl expected its grip to loosen.

Suddenly, she felt a quick increase in pressure on the backside of her neck. As quick as the pressure came, it suddenly went away. In its place was a feeling of... nothing. The sensation, or the lack of one throughout the girl's entire body, was strange. She could hear birds chirping in the forest perfectly well, but that was all. Unable to even blink or move her eyes, the girl began to panic...but only in her thoughts. After considerable mental effort, the only thing she found herself able to do was breath and stare straight into the dark evening sky.

"Why, you asked?" the now familiar voice said in a hisssssss.

The girl continued to stare into the sky, unable to respond.

"The answer is: simply because I'm hungry."

It was now clear to the girl what was happening. The stories she had always ignored were not myth or fairy tales at all. Terrified, but unable to move, she realized her time was running out.

The face of a creature now appeared in the girl's restricted view. Its eyes glowed an eerie blood red. The bright, slimy drool dripping from her mouth was now turning into foam. With its body positioned on top of the girl's chest, its eyes stared directly into hers. She could hear very heavy breathing. Drops of slimy foam hit her beautiful but perfectly still face.

"I must admit that your instinct to survive is the greatest I have ever encountered", the voice said with a tone of admiration. "You should be proud. You were a worthy prey."

The girl lay there, motionless, her eyes wide open.

"And I bet you're probably wondering what's happening to you, aren't you? Why you can't feel anything."


"It's a little trick we lamara's learned ages ago to subdue our meals."

There was that word again.

"We've gotten so good at it that we can paralyze almost every part in the body, except your vision and your ability to breathe. We wouldn't want you to die and miss anything, now would we?" The girl could hear a slight giggle.

"The hardest part was learning how to paralyze the larynx. But as you can feel, or in your case, not feel, we've figured that out."

"Oh... and don't worry", the voice continued in a hiss. "I guarantee ... you won't feel a thing..."

The girl lay motionless.

"Now sit back and relax", Khrishka said with a smile. Then, as quick as it came, the smile was gone.

"This won't hurt a bit."

Khrishka slowly bent down, opened her mouth wide, and with her long sharp fangs, took a hard, deep bite of the girl's pussy; a tasty delicacy for lamara's.

The girl's vision began to blur as tears of fear, not pain, filled her eyes...

It was happening...

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