tagIncest/TabooThe Trophy Wives Club 02

The Trophy Wives Club 02


These stories will feature mature mothers with big, fake breasts enjoying the over-sized endowments of their sons. If that's not something you want to read then go find something else on this excellent site.

Feedback is appreciated but don't bitch about how unrealistic or cliched the scenario is in the comments - - you'll be wasting your time and mine.

Everyone involved is 18 or over.


Saturday morning found Jessica Cooper lounging out by her huge pool, wearing a skimpy gold bikini, simultaneously dreading and looking forward to the confrontation with her youngest son. Her daughter Kelly had been out of town for the last couple of months, having headed off to some health spa or so she'd claimed and wasn't due home for another couple of days; Lucas, Jessica's other son, had gone to a concert with his cousins Clark and Bruce the night before and was staying with them; Henry, her husband, had already left for yet another day-long golf tournament.

Which meant it was just her and Hank in the house.

Hank who, just last night, she had discovered working as a male escort in a club catering to rich MILFs like her and the rest of the unofficial Trophy Wives Club of Colonial Street of which she was the nominal head. Jessica, her sister Annie, and their friends Samantha and Marie had gone to Flo's where Marie had found Hank and, in front of all of them, had let him fuck her with his big dick. Shocked as she was, she found it incredibly hot and had been so tempted to join in but her conscience had won out and she'd left just moments after Hank shot a huge load of cum over Marie's face and tits.

What had been even more shocking - - and a huge turn-on though she hadn't admitted it then - - was Hank's admission that he wanted to fuck her.

She had spent most of the night laying in her bed, desperate to fuck herself with Big Jim, her eight inch dildo, while her husband snored next to her. Big Jim. That was a laugh; Hank's cock was much bigger than that and it was all she could think about. Despite her reservations at the club the night before, she'd found herself desperate to have him fuck her as he had Marie.

Which is why she lay on a sun lounger in sunglasses, wearing a bikini that barely deserved the description as it was little more than two bits of cloth covering her nipples and offering no illusion of support for her huge, fake tits, and a tiny G-string that - - if her pussy wasn't completely shaved bare - - would have had no chance at hiding even the neatest trimmed bush.

If this didn't get Hank's attention, she thought, nothing would.

It wasn't long before she heard the French doors open and her youngest son step out onto the stone slabs, padding over to her and the other loungers. She looked at him through her dark lenses, licking her lips as she noticed his finely toned physique and, beneath the swimming trunks that were his only clothing, the impressive bulge of his cock.

"Hey mom," he said nonchalantly, sitting opposite her, his gaze running over her body with no shame at all. "You look really fucking hot in that bikini," he said.

"You shouldn't use such language in front of me, Hank," Jessica said, trying to sound stern.

"Seriously? After what you saw me and auntie Marie doing last night?" Each of the four women had become unofficial aunts to the children of the others though of course Jessica and her sister Annie were genuine aunts to their nephews.

"That was then and her, Hank. This is now and I'm your mother," Jessica said.

"Yes you are," Hank said. "And that's probably why I want to fuck you so bad."

Jessica gasped as if the thought hadn't been playing in her head for hours.

"Baby, we can't do that. It's incest. It's wrong."

Hank grinned and shrugged. "I don't give a fuck. That only makes it hotter as far as I'm concerned. I want to have sex with you, mom. I want to commit incest with you, and whether I do or not, I'm definitely going to be doing it with auntie Annie soon." He ran his hand along the bulge of his cock, stroking it in front of Jessica. "She wants this inside her, mom. And I think you do, too."

"Oh Hank, baby, what sort of woman would I be if I let you - - fuck me?"

Hank stood and walked over to her, standing with his hands on his hips, his crotch level with her face.

"You'd be a hot, gorgeous, huge titted MILF, just like you are now. The only change would be you'd have a constant supply of big cock at your beck and call, from a guy who loves you."

Jessica stared at the obvious bulge of her son's prick and balls behind his swimming trunks. "It is big," she said, half to herself. "You certainly don't follow your father in that respect."

"For what it's worth, neither does Lucas," Hank said, referring to his brother. Jessica took her sunglasses off and looked wide-eyed up at her son. "That's right, mom. Lucas has a cock as big as me and we've talked about doing you, auntie Annie, auntie Marie and auntie Sam for years."

"Oh my God," Jessica whispered. "Really? You both want to fuck me?"

"Damn right we do. We'll do you together if you want," Hank said. He nodded down at his crotch. "Take it out, mom," he said quietly. "Take it out and do what you want with it."

"Baby, we can't. It's wrong, you know that," she said, looking up at him.

"It might be wrong," Hank said, reaching down and taking both her hands, bringing them up to the waistband of his trunks, "but you know you want it."

"Oh fuck," Jessica whispered as she watched herself pull his trunks down, exposing the thick, long length she had seen impaling her best friend last night. As his trunks reached about mid-thigh, his heavy prick lurched out at her, half-hard and bobbing directly in front of her face. She looked up at him again, noting his arrogant grin, before returning her gaze to his cock. "Oh fuck," she whispered again before sticking her tongue out and leaning forward, licking the entire length of his fuck meat from the tip to his trimmed pubes.

"That's it, mom," Hank said. "Taste my cock."

Jessica ran her tongue slowly back down his dick, feeling it lurch and thicken as she reached the bulbous head of his knob. She opened her mouth wide and sucked in the flared head of her son's prick, staring up at him as she worked inch after inch into her mouth. Hank groaned in pleasure as he felt the hard head of his knob bump against the back of her throat for a second before he felt her muscles work and his prick slide down into her gullet.

"Fuck!" he moaned, gently thrusting his dick forward, watching his mother deep throat him, her nose eventually touching his pubes. She winked at him before moving her head back and forth, fucking her own throat with each movement, alternating between going as deep as she could and swirling her tongue around his cock-head as she took a deep breath before plunging her son's fuck meat back into her throat.

"Jesus, mom," he gasped as she pulled off him, his prick covered in spit. "That looked so fucking good,"

"It tasted good, too," Jessica said. She sat up on the lounger, turning to face him, letting him step between her outstretched legs. "Want to see Mommy's big titties?" she asked, tugging gently on the straps of her tiny bikini.

"Oh yeah," Hank grinned.

"Want to fuck them with this big, slippery cock?" she asked, spitting on the head of his dick.

"I swear, mom, I've wanted to fuck your tits for years, ever since I heard about tit-fucking,"

"Well now's your chance, baby," she said, slipping the useless bikini off her shoulders, cupping her huge, fake tits, tweaking her small, stiff, pink nipples. "You like?"

"Yeah," Hank breathed in amazement. Despite seeing his mother in bikinis countless times over the years, he'd never thought he'd get to see her tits bare. "God damn, mom, you've got gorgeous tits."

"I should hope so," Jessica said, mauling her own sensitive mounds. "They cost your father enough money," she laughed. "But now you get to enjoy them."

Jessica took Hank's hands and placed them on her big tits, loving the way they filled his hands completely, tit flesh overflowing around his fingers as the silicone enhanced melons proved too much for his hands to contain.

"Fuck, mom, they feel so good," he gasped.

"They'll feel even better with your prick sliding between them,"

Hank moved forward, his hard-on nudging between his mother's big tits which he then wrapped around his shaft.

"Holy fuck," he breathed, moving his hips, sliding his great cock up and down between Jessica's huge mounds, the bulbous head of his prick poking out from between the smooth orbs before disappearing for a second only to reappear as he tit-fucked her.

"You like that, baby? You like fucking Mommy's big fucking titties?"

"Oh God yeah," Hank groaned, thrusting his big dick in and out of his mom's cleavage. "Can't believe I'm finally getting to fuck your tits, mom." He watched his cock sliding in and out of her cleavage, her perfect melons sandwiching his thick member. "It's a fucking dream come true," he panted.

Jessica grinned. "They're all yours, baby," she said. "Any time you want to fuck them, you help yourself."

Hank slowed his movements before easing his prick free from her tits.

"That go for your pussy, too?"

Jessica leaned forward and slurped noisily on the head of her son's cock before glancing back up at him. "You really want to fuck me, Hank?" she asked, her hand sliding up and down his enormous boner. "You really want to fuck your own mother?"

"More than anything in the whole world, mom," he said. Jessica smiled.

"Then you should lay down on the lounger," she said, moving aside so Hank could take her place.

He lay on his back, holding his big prick upright watching as his mom tore off her tiny bikini bottom leaving her completely naked, her shaved pussy glistening with her arousal. She cocked one leg over him and the lounger, straddling his groin, and slowly lowered herself down. "I can't see with these big titties in the way," she said, "so you'll have to guide that big cock of yours into Mommy's pussy."

Hank eagerly positioned his bulbous cock head at the entrance to his mother's sopping wet twat as she continued to lower herself down, both of them gasping at the touch, feeling her slippery folds ease around his knob, his impressive girth spreading her pussy.

"Oh fuck - - oh fuck that's big," Jessica gasped, clutching at her tits, her thighs taut as she slowly dropped another inch or two on to her son's cock. "Oh Jesus - - we're really doing it," she moaned.

It took all the self control Hank had not to just grab his mother's hips and pull her down on to his aching tool, so long had he thought of this very thing. Instead, he grit his teeth and watched her gently slide her twat further down his length.

Jessica reached down with one hand and gently strummed at her clit, bobbing her pussy up and down his prick, taking more and more each time she slid down. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened, a long, low moan escaping her as last night's fantasy became a reality. As her shaved pussy lips finally met the trimmed pubes of her son, she gasped and groaned, her orgasm building as she ground her cunt against the root of Hank's cock.

"Fuck!" she hissed, opening her eyes and looking at her son. "Fuck - - cumming! Mommy's cumming!" She quickly raised her hips up and down, slamming his prick in and out of her pussy, prolonging her cum. She fell forward and they kissed as no mother and son should, Hank grabbing her big tits in his hands, pinching her nipples as she used his cock to bring herself off. "Aaaahhhhh! Fuck - - fucking - - cumming! Making Mommy - - cum!" she groaned into his mouth, her pussy spasming and clamping around his prick as she came.

Hank kissed her back, his hands running over her huge tits, loving the feel and weight of them in his palms. He waited patiently until she seemed to come back to her senses a little and then started moving his hips, sliding his thick cock in and out of his mother's sopping wet pussy.

"Mmmm - - fuck - - never came so - - so quick before," Jessica gasped, feeling her son's dick moving inside her again. She smiled down at him as she started rocking back in time with his thrusts. "But then - - I've never fucked my son before."

Hank laughed. "Do you think you will again?"

"Oh God yes," she moaned, pushing back until his entire length was hilted in her cunt. "Fuck - - this is going to happen again - - and again - - and again," Jessica sighed, feeling Hank's cock thrust in and out of her pussy.

They kissed again, Hank's hands full with the perfect round orbs of his mother's fake, giant tits as he fucked her with long, deep strokes, loving the feel of her pushing back on his dick. The clasping tightness of her pussy and the sheer turn on of finally fucking his own mother soon proved too much for him. He could feel his balls clenching as they prepared to cum.

"Ain't gonna - - last much longer," he gasped.

"Mmmm, you going to shoot a big load for Mommy?" Jessica asked with a wicked grin. "Where do you want to cum, Hank?"

Her son grasped her huge jugs a little firmer. "I wanna cum all over these big tits of yours, mom," he said.

"Just my tits? You don't want to cum all over my face?" she asked with a playful pout.

"Fuck mom, you better move," Hank said, thrusting his prick deep inside her. "Else I'm gonna cum in your pussy."

Jessica slowly slid her pussy up off her son's cock, hearing it slap against his belly as she stood up and it slipped out of her. He swung his legs round and sat on the edge of the lounger as Jessica knelt between his legs, taking hold of his fuck meat and jacking on it.

"Oh Hank, it's so fucking big," she sighed, cupping his balls. "Cum for Mommy, Hank. Cum all over me."

He groaned, her words triggering his pent up orgasm. His prick lurched in her hand and sent the first of many thick, long streams of spunk out from his flared knob and over her tits. Again and again his dick pulsed, each time a viscous line of pearly jizz spurted from his cock, crisscrossing his mother's fake tits until they were practically covered in the stuff. Jessica quickly directed his big tool upwards and smiled as four or five shots coated her face, laying from her forehead down to her chin, sealing one eye closed.

"Fuck - - fucking hell," Hank gasped, staring at his mother taking a massive cumshot from his cock. She continued stroking his prick as she leaned forward and sucked in the knob head, swallowing the last few spurts of his impressive load.

She sat back on her haunches and looked up at him through her one spunk free eye. She scooped up as much of his load from her face as she could on her fingers and licked them clean, swallowing as much of his cum as possible. Jessica then lifted both her big, heavy jugs, bent her head and licked them clean, noisily slurping up his jism.

"You like that, Hank?" she asked, rubbing what little was left of his cum into her tits. "Like watching me eat your cum?"

"Good God yes," he laughed. "I never figured you for being such a - - " Hank hesitated.

"Such a what, Hank? Cumslut?" Hank grinned at her. "Well I used to be, back before I married your father. Now it seems you and my friends have reawakened that part of me." She reached forward and took hold of his half-hard cock. "Like I said, I'm going to want lots more of this, and I really hope you're not the jealous type because I plan on fucking your brother as well."

"That's no problem, mom," Hank said. "And if you want to take us both on together, we're up for that. And like I said, I still plan on fucking auntie Annie."

Jessica laughed. "Oh she'll like that," she said. "And I think she's going to want you to stick this somewhere special," she said with a wink as she stroked his cock. She stood and looked at the pool. "Shall we?" she said before diving in buck naked. A second later Hank joined her.

They hugged and kissed in the water, Jessica feeling his prick stiffening between them. "Doesn't that thing ever go down?" she asked.

"Not when you're here, mom," Hank said.

"Well, well, well," a voice at the edge of the pool said. Hank and Jessica turned in surprise to see Kelly, Jessica's daughter and Hank's sister, stood staring at them, a huge grin on her face. She wore hipster leggings, her g-string poking out the top of them, and a tight white T-shirt that was stretched over what her mother and brother realised were new - - and very big - - enhanced breasts.

"Kelly? You've had a boob job!" Hank said.

"That's right, little brother," Kelly said, cupping her tits. She'd always been naturally busty but now had a perfect fake pair as big as her mother's. "I thought I'd surprise you all with my new boobs, but it looks like I'm the one who gets surprised, finding my mother and brother fooling around." She turned and walked lazily back to the house.

"When you're finished, maybe we can have a talk," she called over her shoulder.

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