tagIncest/TabooThe Trophy Wives Club 07

The Trophy Wives Club 07


These stories will feature mature mothers with big, fake breasts enjoying the over-sized endowments of their sons. If that's not something you want to read then go find something else on this excellent site.

Feedback is appreciated but don't bitch about how unrealistic or clichéd the scenario is in the comments - - you'll be wasting your time and mine.

Everyone involved is 18 or over.

† † † † †

Sunday morning found the members of the Trophy Wives Club of Colonial Street where all good, respectable rich wives should be: sat next to their husbands in the first couple of rows at the local church. They listened to the vicar drone on and sang along as their husbands held the hymn sheets for them, all the while sneaking glances at each other and nodding slightly when they caught one another's eyes.

When the service finished, they filed out slowly with the other townsfolk, saying good morning and hello to those they knew. Eventually, their husbands gravitated to a spot on the lawn and started talking business and golf, leaving Jessica, Marie, Samantha and Annie to drift over to another, quiet area away from everyone else.

"Well?" Marie asked, her green eyes sparkling. "Did anyone else have a fun Saturday?"

The four MILFs looked around each other, smiling broadly.

"I did it," Samantha said, almost jumping up and down with glee. "I let Adam fuck me and I loved it!"

"Not so loud," Marie said with a laugh, looking over at where their husbands stood, oblivious to their conversation. She looked at the others and smiled. "I did it too. Bill fucked me in his dad's car."

"I had both my boys," Annie said. "They DP'd me in the changing room at Jay's Sweet Things."

"Little Anal Annie getting fucked up the ass, what a surprise," Jessica said giving her a hug, using her sister's old college nickname.

"And what about you, Jess?" Marie asked. "Friday night you weren't too happy with Hank fucking me at the club. Anything change?"

Jessica paused for a moment, almost blushing. "I had Hank by the pool on Saturday morning. Then Kelly came home and caught us."

"Oh my God, what did you do?" Samantha asked.

"We both fucked her," Jessica said. "And when Lucas got home and found us fucking in the kitchen, he joined in."

"So you've had all three of your kids?" Samantha asked in surprise. "In one day?"

"I told you she'd come round," Marie said to the others. The four rich MILFs paused and mentally took stock. They'd each fucked their sons - - and in Jessica's case her daughter as well - - and knew that their sons wanted to fuck every member of the Trophy Wives Club, just as they in turn wanted to fuck each other's sons.

"So you don't have a problem with incest anymore?" Annie asked her sister, slipping her arm around her waist and pulling her close, their huge tits squashing together. Hidden from the sight of passersby by Marie and Samantha, Annie reached up and cupped one of Jessica's firm, fake mounds, feeling her nipple harden beneath her hand.

"Damn right I don't," Jessica said, slipping a finger down the front of Annie's dress and between her big, round tits.

"And you're obviously not hesitant anymore about making it with girls, either," Marie said, stepping closer to the sisters and slipping a hand between them, pulling Jessica away from Annie and into her own arms. "Which is good, because I have been desperate to eat your pussy for years," she said, hugging her, glancing down as their big tits ballooned out the top of their dresses.

"And I can't wait to get my hands on those tits of yours," Jessica said, smiling into Marie's green eyes.

"What are you four planning?" Jessica's husband Henry asked as he and the other men wandered over.

"Just planning our next little get together, dear," Jessica said, stepping out of Marie's arms and putting her own through her husband's. "Shall we get home? Lord know what our kids have been up to together while we've been in church."

"Hmph. I bet Kelly's been parading that new figure of hers by the pool. If she's had any boys over to ogle her, there'll be hell to pay."

"Oh don't worry. I'm sure both her brothers will be taking real good care of her," Jessica said, winking to her girlfriends. "I'll be in touch, girls," she said and walked off with her husband.

Annie left with Edgar and Samantha with Franklin; Marie's husband Thomas was out on his yacht and had telephoned her that morning to say he wouldn't be back until past sundown that night. So she waited at the kerb and, a few minutes later, her son Bill pulled up driving his father's Audi.

"Morning, ma'am," he said, doffing an imaginary hat. "Can I offer you a lift?"

Marie climbed in, her skirt riding up on her smooth, bare thighs, Bill staring at them before he looked up at the tight blue blouse that stretched across her huge tits.

"Thank you sir," she said as he pulled away from the kerb and drove down the street. "I do hope a lift isn't all I'm going to get from you," she said, reaching over and cupping the big bulge in his trousers, feeling his cock grow hard in her hand.

"Help yourself, ma'am," Bill said. Marie unzipped her son's trousers and pulled out his stiffening cock, the huge meaty length swelling in her hand.

"I had a phone call from your father this morning," she said, stroking his cock, smearing the copious amount of pre-cum over its length. "He won't be back until late tonight." She slid across the seat and kissed him as he tried to keep his eyes on the road, her hand moving up and down his now steel hard prick.

"That mean I have you all to myself for the day?" Bill asked her.

"Uh-huh," Marie said before something caught her eye. "Unless - - pull over here a moment, honey."

Confused, Bill did as his mother asked, watching as she skilfully hooked her phone out of her small clutch bag, her other hand still jerking him off. A few thumb presses on the screen and a moment later she held it out from her and smiled.

"Hi Jessica," she said quietly to the phone. "I see Henry's met someone he knows." She nodded out the window to Bill who turned and saw his uncle Henry's car pulled over just a little ahead of them. A man stood, slightly bent over, obviously talking to Henry. In the passenger seat, holding her phone as she facetimed with his mother, was his auntie Jessica who sat up and looked around, smiling and waving back at them when she saw them. Marie let go of Bill's cock for a moment and put her finger to her lips, signalling Jessica to be quiet, before handing her phone to Bill.

"Why don't we show auntie Jessica what you've got?" she said quietly. Bill angled the phone so that the front facing camera could show Jessica his huge cock as Marie took hold of it once more, gripping it tightly at the base. They both chuckled as Jessica's eyes went wide on the phone as she watched Marie run her tongue up the length of her son's cock before swallowing the knob, lashing her tongue around it, staring into the screen the whole time.

"Oh my God," Jessica mouthed silently as she watched her friend blow her own son.

"Want to come and play?" Marie asked in a hushed voice. "I'm sure Bill would love to share."

They saw Jessica turn her head to look at her husband, then she held up her hand, fingers spread. "Five seconds," she mouthed and switched the phone off.

As Marie continued lazily sucking on his cock, Bill sat and watched his uncle Henry's car. The families had grown up together and the adults were all unofficial uncles and aunts to the kids; he grinned as his "auntie" Jessica stepped out of her car and trotted back up the street towards him and his mother. Even in her church clothes she looked like she had just stepped on to a porno set: long black hair pulled into a ponytail; black heels; black stockings; and a black, long sleeved, off the shoulder dress that hugged her perfect ass, cinched in at her waist and stretched almost to bursting across her huge, round, fake tits that jiggled with every step she took.

Jessica climbed into the back seat and eagerly leaned forward, watching Marie's head bob up and down on her son's cock.

"Fuck that's hot," she said before turning and kissing Bill, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. "Get us back to your house, Bill. I want to watch you fuck your mom."

"Yes, ma'am," Bill said, pulling the car into the road and heading home.

It was only when Bill stopped the car in their drive that Marie finally took her mouth of his cock and smiled up at both him and Jessica, spit and pre-cum smeared around her lips.

"Would anyone like to come inside?" she asked with a laugh. After Bill had temporarily sorted out his clothes, stuffing his hard cock back inside his trousers, the three of them went into Marie's house and, at her suggestion, headed straight for the master bedroom she shared with her husband. She directed her son to a chair off to one side and climbed on to the bed, kicking her heels off as she did, before beckoning Jessica over.

"Why don't you sit and watch for a while, Bill?" Jessica said, slipping her own shoes off and climbing on to the large bed with her friend. They knelt up together and hugged, their huge tits squashing against each other, the tops of Jessica's orbs bulging out the top of her dress while Marie's pale mounds almost popped every button on her blouse.

They kissed passionately, Marie's tongue diving into Jessica's mouth as she reached up and pulled the top of her dress down, stretching the clingy fabric over her massive tits, freeing them so that she could finally get her hands on them. Not to be outdone, Jessica tore open Marie's blouse, buttons flying off in all directions, before she pulled down the lacy cups of her blue bra. The two women gasped and moaned as they groped and pawed at each other's big, fake tits, squeezing the firm mounds that were much too big for their hands, tugging on their small, hard nipples.

Marie reached down and pulled Jessica's skirt up over her stocking tops and her pert ass, bunching it around her waist, one hand running over her ass cheeks, the other sliding down to her shaved, hairless cunt.

"Mmmmm, you shameless slut - - not wearing any panties to church," Marie laughed, easing two fingers between the hot, wet lips of her friend's pussy before pushing them inside.

"Ahhh, fuck - - oh that's good," Jessica breathed, dipping her head down and licking at Marie's enormous jugs, sucking on her nipples in turn. She reached behind her friend and fumbled with the button and zip of her skirt for a moment before managing to push it down. Like Marie, she ran one hand over her ass and the other down to her pussy, sliding under her silk panties before she found the soaking wetness of her cunt.

"Ooooh, yeah - - fuck me, honey," Marie breathed, spreading her legs as wide as she could with her skirt still round her knees to allow Jessica's fingers easier access to her pussy.

Jessica raised her head and kissed her friend again, the pair of them working their fingers deep inside each other's pussy, their huge tits sliding together as they finger fucked their way to orgasm. Both of them panted as they kissed, pushing their cunts down on to their fingers, their juices running down their fingers as they shook, their pussies contracting at the same time as they both came to a shuddering climax.

"Uhhhnnggnnn - - fuck - - fucking hell," Marie gasped, staring into Jessica's eyes. "God, I've wanted you - - to do that - - for so long."

"Me too," Jessica sighed, pulling her fingers from Marie's pussy and licking them clean in front of her. "You taste good," she said.

"Want some more?" Marie asked, falling back on the bed, kicking her skirt off and pushing her silk panties down, throwing them to one side. She spread her legs, her pale skin contrasted by the black stockings and blue garter belt, her bald pussy wet and gleaming with her desire.

Jessica wasted no time and knelt between her legs, diving in to taste her friend's pussy, running her tongue up the folds of her twat before sucking gently on the hard nubbin of her clit. She slid two fingers back into her cunt, gently fingering her as she ate her out.

"Oh fuck - - fuck that's good," Marie sighed, reaching down and holding her friend's head in place. She smiled and looked up as she noticed movement beside her and saw her son, naked, his huge cock hard and in his hand, offering it to her. "Mmmm, got tired of waiting, honey?" she asked.

She tilted her head and licked around the bulbous knob of his prick, slipping it into her mouth and sucking gently on it. Bill leaned over her, angling his dick down, sliding more of his length between her lips, slowly moving it back and fore.

"That looks so good," Jessica said from between her thighs, watching Marie blow her son as she continued licking and fingering her pussy.

"Want to share?" Marie asked her, licking Bill's cock. Jessica slid up her friend's body, dragging her huge, round tits over her belly, pausing to lick and suck at Marie's hard nipples, before squashing her own tits against hers. They kissed around the head of Bill's prick, tongues swirling around the engorged knob before Marie gently pushed her son's dick towards her.

Bill groaned in delight as he watched Jessica, the woman he'd called auntie for years, wrap her lips around his cock and take almost half of it into her mouth and down her throat.

"That feel good, honey?" Marie asked her son.

"Fuck yeah," Bill laughed, moving his hips as he slowly face fucked Jessica.

"Want to fuck her? Want to fuck your auntie Jessica?"

"Hell yeah," Bill said, running his hand through Jessica's long dark hair, tilting her head up. "What do you say, auntie Jess? Want to get fucked?"

Jessica slid her lips off his cock and smiled up at him. "Do it, Bill," she said. "Fuck me then your mom."

As Jessica returned to making out with his mother, Bill scrambled up on to the bed and knelt behind the perfect, upturned ass of his auntie Jessica. He parted her butt cheeks with one hand, using the other to guide his thick length between the sopping wet folds of her pussy, easing his big dick inside her.

"Mmmmm, fuck - - fuck - - your son's got a big fucking cock," Jessica gasped as Bill pushed his whole length deep up her cunt.

"Yes he has," Marie said. "All the better to fuck you with," she said, reaching around her friend and lightly spanking her ass cheeks. "Fuck her, Bill," she said. "Fuck her tight little pussy!"

Bill thrust hard and fast and deep, shoving all his meaty cock inside her with every movement of his hips, the big head spreading her pussy wide, feeling like it was almost hitting her womb. Jessica felt her pussy clamping down around it, trying desperately to keep his cock trapped inside her as she gasped and moaned into Marie's mouth. The rapid ramming of his prick brought on another quick fire orgasm, triggering it deep inside her pussy, helped along by Marie reaching beneath her and strumming mercilessly at her clit.

"Awwwww God - - fucking - - cumming!" Jessica cried, her body shaking, her huge tits quivering against Marie's. "Cumming - - making me cum!"

Bill kept fucking her, guiding her through her climax, only withdrawing his prick as Jessica fell forwards and off to the side, leaving Marie laying in front of him, legs spread wide, her juicy pussy on display.

She licked her lips as she looked at Bill's prick, glistening with her friend's pussy juices.

"Mommy's turn, honey?" she asked.

Bill walked forward on his knees, his cock bobbing and leading the way. Marie reached out and held it, slotting it between the juice dripping lips of her cunt, sighing as he inched it forward, his thick prick easing into her tight, hot pussy.

"Ahhhhh - - fuck yeah - - that's it, honey - - fuck Mommy," Marie purred as Bill leaned over her, supporting himself on his hands as he slid his dick back and forth in her twat, sending it deeper with each thrust. "Mmmmm - - yeah - - such a big cock for Mommy," she said.

"That looks so fucking hot," Jessica said from the side of the bed, watching Bill slide his big tool deep into his mother's pussy. She reached down and eased a couple of fingers into her own pussy, fingering herself in time with Bill's slow, gentle thrusts.

"Love fucking you, mom," Bill said, looking down at his mother.

"Good - - cause I love fucking you, too," Marie said. She grabbed her legs behind the knees and pulled them back and up, spreading them as wide as she could. "Fuck me deep and hard, honey. Shove that big cock right up Mommy's pussy."

Bill grinned, reared back and shoved his whole tool deep up his mother's cunt in one thrust before pulling back, his cockhead almost leaving her sopping pussy, and then driving forward once more. Over and over he did it, slamming his thick fuck stick into his mother's pussy as hard as she wanted.

"Oh fuck - - unngghhhh - - ahhhh fuck yeah - - fuck Mommy - - fuck Mommy's cunt! Harder! Harder, honey - - fuck Mommy - - uuuhgggnnnn - - oh you - - big - - dicked - - mother - - fucker!" Marie gasped as her son pounded her cunt, fucking her as hard as they could both stand. "Fucking - - cumming!" she groaned, her pussy clasping his prick as she came. She shook and gasped as her orgasm washed over her, staring up into her son's eyes as he continued to pound his huge cock into her twat. Eventually she sighed and relaxed a little as her orgasm passed, Bill slowing his thrusts.

Jessica watched Bill fuck his mother while she jammed three fingers up her own pussy, her other hand playing with her tits. Bill noticed her and beckoned her over, pulling his thick cock from his mother's cunt and holding it out to her.

"Taste my mom's pussy on my dick, auntie Jess," he said.

Jessica almost pounced on his prick, stuffing as much of it down her throat as she could, sucking and slurping Marie's fuck oils from his shaft. She mewled in disappointment as he pulled his dick free and turned her around, rearranging her so that she lay on top of his mother, their huge tits squashing together. As they kissed, sharing the taste of Marie's pussy, he spread Jessica's legs and once more thrust his cock inside her.

"Oooohhhh, fuck - - your son's fucking me, Marie," she sighed, kissing her friend. "His big cock's - - in my pussy again."

"Good, isn't he?" Marie asked, kissing her back. "Think I can try out your boys soon? Maybe Kelly as well?"

"Uuhhnnnn - - fuck yeah - - oh God - - all of us - - together," Jessica gasped, loving the idea as Bill slid his thick cock deep up her cunt.

"I think I see an orgy in our future," Marie said with a laugh. "You up for that, honey?" she asked her son.

"Hell yeah," Bill said with a laugh, shoving his entire length inside Jessica. "Right now, though, I need to cum."

He pulled his dick free of Jessica's tight pussy and watched as the two MILFs arranged themselves on the bed, Marie on her back, Jessica laying next to her, propped up on her elbow. Their huge, fake tits squashed together and they kissed, tongues lolling and playing with each other, waiting. Bill jerked on his prick, kneeling beside them, pointing the flared head at their faces until, with a groan, his prick lurched and started cumming.

Thick, viscous ropes of spunk flew from the head of his cock, laying heavily across Jessica's face before landing on his mother's. Line after line of jizz coated the two women, the creamy liquid splashing over their skin, across their noses and eyes and into their mouths. As they kissed deeply, Jessica noisily slurping up the cum from Marie's face, Bill aimed his prick at their tits, delivering another massive load over the round, fake mounds. The pearly fluid glazed their huge jugs, running down their cleavages and pooling in the hollow of his mother's throat. Jessica moved her head, eagerly sucking and licking up as much of his cum as she could while Bill fed his slowly softening cock to his mother, Marie happily swallowing the last of his cum.

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