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The Trophy Wives Club 11


These stories will feature mature mothers with big, fake breasts enjoying the over-sized endowments of their sons. If that's not something you want to read then go find something else on this excellent site.

Feedback is appreciated but don't bitch about how unrealistic or clichéd the scenario is in the comments - - you'll be wasting your time and mine.

Everyone involved is 18 or over.

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"I can't speak for you pair, but I'm bushed," Henry Cooper said, rubbing at his eyes.

Jessica looked over at her husband who did indeed look tired after his afternoon of playing golf with his friends. A she neared 60 years of age, any sort of exercise left him almost exhausted and now, although it was only 8 o'clock, he could barely keep his eyes open.

"Why don't you go to bed, dad?" their youngest son Hank said. "Get an early night so you can feel refreshed in the morning."

Jessica and Hank sat at either end of the sofa where they'd been watching a movie on the big screen TV. Hank wore just a T-shirt and a pair of sweat pants, knowing full well his mother could see the outline of his large cock beneath the grey cotton. In turn, she still wore the shorts and tight Lycra cropped top she'd put on before exercising in the basement gym. Not only were her toned legs and stomach on display, but the skin tight material of her top moulded itself to her huge, fake tits.

Throughout the movie, as Henry had started falling asleep, they'd sneaked glances at each other, desperate to see each other naked again. Hank's brother and sister, Lucas and Kelly, had gone out for a drive hours before and hadn't yet returned so, as soon as Henry left the room, they knew they'd be on their own again.

"I think I will call it a night," Henry said, slowly standing up.

"Let me help you to bed, dear," Jessica said, standing and taking his arm. "Hank? Would you like to watch the end of the movie with your old mom?" she asked, looking back at her son as she helped her old husband out the door.

"Sure, mom," Hank said with a smile. "The sequel's on straight after it so we could make it a double feature."

"That sounds perfect. I'll be back in a minute or two."

She blew him a kiss as she left, Henry facing the other way so he didn't see it, and Hank watched her deliberately wiggler her pert ass back at him as she left. He ran his hand over his hardening cock, remembering how he'd fucked her the day before beside the pool and then fucked his sister while his mom had fucked his brother. Some people might think their family had become more than a little messed up, but he was happier than he'd ever been.

Hank idly watched the movie on TV as he waited for his mother's return, wondering what was taking so long. He couldn't imagine his father getting amorous - - he still loved the old guy, but he knew it had been a long time since he'd had any sex drive. Not that he was complaining - - that just left his mom open for him, Lucas and even Kelly. He stroked his dick again as he remembered his mom and his sister sucking and slurping his and Lucas's cum from each other's faces and tits. Yeah, he thought, things really didn't get better.

His mother walked back into the living room a few minutes later, making his eyes go wide as he looked at her. She'd changed out of her exercise gear and now wore black fishnet stockings held up with a lacy suspender belt that was black and edged with a deep green. A pair of matching boyshorts and a bra that, as usual, barely covered her huge, fake tits finished off the outfit.

"What do you think?" she asked, putting her hands on her hips and striking a pose.

"Wow," Hank said quietly. "You look hot as hell, mom."

She nodded towards his bulging crotch and licked her lips. "Why don't you take that out for Mommy?" She climbed on to the sofa on all fours, crawling towards him as he pushed his sweat pants down, his huge, hard cock springing free. "Your dad's fast asleep already and wouldn't wake up if a bomb went off under him," she said, reaching out and grasping his big dick, holding it upright as she neared it. "So I thought I'd get changed and we could have some fun and make as much noise as we like with no-one to interrupt us."

Just then Jessica's iPhone rang.

"I don't fucking believe it," Hank said. "You're not going to answer it are you, mom?" he asked as he saw her reach across him to her bag where her phone sat.

"Hold on, baby, this might be worth answering," Jessica said, recognising the ring tone. "Hey little sis," she said into the phone, still stroking Hank's hard on with the other. She smiled up at her son as he realised it was his hot, sexy aunt. "Me? I'm just laying here on my sofa, wearing some sexy lingerie and stroking Hank's big, hard cock while I talk to you - - nuh-uh - - I was about to when you rang - - really? You want me to while I'm on the phone to you? - - okay, if you insist."

Still holding the phone to her ear, Jessica noisily slid her lips over his engorged knob and began sliding her mouth up and down his length, making as much noise for her sister's benefit as possible.

"Mmmmm, it's so big," she said, licking it and smacking it against her lips. "And it tastes so good - - mmmmm - - so thick and hard - - you should come over and try it," she said, looking up at Hank who grinned and nodded. "Yeah?" she said to her sister Annie. "Oh I'm sure Hank won't mind if Bruce comes with you - - yeah, he's nodding, he's good with that - - okay, see you in a minute or two."

She switched her phone off and tossed it aside, sucking her son's giant cock shaft once more.

"So aunt Annie's coming over with Bruce?" he asked. "You know I'm going to fuck her don't you?"

"Oh I'm betting on it," Jessica said, licking his cock like a lollipop, flicking her tongue around the bulbous knob.

"And you're going to let Bruce fuck you, aren't you?"

"I'm kinda hoping you'll both fuck me," Jessica grinned before sucking hard and fast on his cock, gagging as his thick length nudged the back of her throat. Knowing she could take it, Hank gently pushed on the back of her head, sighing as he felt his prick slide into her throat.

"Ahhh, fuck yeah, mom - - deep throat my cock," he groaned, running his hand down her back and on to her firm, pert ass cheeks. Jessica moved her head up and down his meat, sliding back until only the head was in her mouth, before moving down again, swallowing his entire length.

Neither of them heard Annie open the front door using the spare key she had for emergencies, nor did they hear her and her son Bruce walk into the living room and stand watching them for a minute or two.

"Damn, sis, that looks good," Annie said eventually, causing them both to look up in surprise. Bruce stood next to his mother, rubbing his obviously hard dick through his cargo shorts as he greedily looked his aunt up and down. Annie, meanwhile, slowly stripped off the long overcoat she wore, revealing stockings, a g-string and a corset, her big tits bulging over the top, the whole outfit in pink. "Looks like me and you were thinking the same thing," she said to Jessica as she knelt beside Hank's thighs. "Dress up in sexy lingerie and get fucked by our big dicked son."

"Great minds think alike," Jessica said, holding Hank's prick upright and pointing it at her sister, watching as she eagerly sucked on the big, flared head, working her way down the thick shaft, her own drool mixing with her sister's.

"Hey, auntie Jess," Bruce said stepping forward, his big dick free of his shorts and waving at her. "Want some of this?"

"Mmmm, oh yes," Jessica said, turning and sucking his cock deep into her mouth.

Bruce and Hank smiled at each other, reached up with one hand each and fist bumped as their aunts sucked on their dicks.

"Hey auntie Annie," Hank said. "Get up here and ride my cock."

Annie took his prick from her mouth and rubbed it over her face, staring up at him as she did so. "Aren't you the bossy one?" she asked with a smile. She stood up, though, and as Jessica and Bruce moved aside, swung one leg over her nephew's waist and climbed on to the sofa, knees either side of his hips, straddling him. She reached down and grasped his thick length, smearing her spit and his pre-cum over the head before lining it up with her pussy as he reached down and pulled her g-string to one side.

Gently she lowered herself down, the slick knob of his dick spreading her cunt lips wide as her pussy stretched to accommodate his girth. Annie rocked up and down, taking more and more of his dick with each downward movement of her hips until she eventually took his entire length, her shaved, hairless pussy meeting his trimmed pubes.

"Fucking hell," she sighed, resting her hands on his chest and grinding her twat against his cock. "Oh that's good. Now I see - - why Marie - - liked it so much," she gasped, referring to the previous Friday night when they'd discovered Hank working at a private sex club and he'd fucked their friend in front of them.

"It does feel good, doesn't it?" Jessica asked before looking up at her nephew Bruce. "I hear you've already fucked your mother. Want to fuck your aunt as well?"

"Man, you've no idea how long I've wanted to fuck you, auntie Jess," Bruce said, watching as she licked and stroked his boner.

"Then lose the shorts and come slide this big fucker inside me," she said, sitting back next to her son, slipping her panties off and spreading her legs wide. In seconds Bruce had thrown off his clothes and crouched in front of her, aiming his big prick at her glistening snatch. "Ahhh yeah - - that's it, baby," she sighed as he inched his huge cock into her tight cunt. "That feel good, huh? Feel as good as your mom's pussy?"

"Fuck yeah," Bruce said, his hands on the back of the sofa, supporting his weight as he looked down at his aunt's huge tits gently moving in her lacy bra as he started moving his cock in and out of her cunt.

"Ahhh yeah - - that's it - - fuck Auntie's pussy," Jessica moaned as Bruce crammed his length into her, filling her up, his thick shaft plowing into her sopping twat.

"Look at that, Hank," Annie said, riding her nephew's prick, his hands on her huge tits. "Look at your uuuhhhnnnn, yeah - - mom getting fucked." They both looked across, watching Bruce fuck his aunt, before a thought struck Hank. He held his aunt's hips and lifted her up, sliding her off his cock. "Okay, honey?" she asked him.

"Sure, just want to move," he said, lifting her leg and slipping out from under her, leaving her on her knees on the sofa. He gently moved her, forcing her shoulders down so she was on her hands and knees, facing Jessica and Bruce. As he half climbed on to the sofa behind her, aiming his big dick at her pussy again, he told Bruce to move back a little. "I don't know about you, man, but I want to see our moms making out with each other."

"Oh hell yeah, dude!" Bruce said, straightening up as he fucked his aunt, giving his mother room to move closer to Jessica who reached out and cupped her sister's big tits as they hung free of her corset. Annie did the same, pulling the cups of Jessica's bra down to reveal her perfect, huge mounds, tweaking her nipples as her nephew fucked her from behind.

"I've wanted to do this for years," Annie said, leaning forward and kissing her sister passionately, their tongues entwining as they played with each other's big jugs. Jessica kissed her back, turned on by the fact that only the second woman she was having sex with was her own younger sister.

"We are definitely - - mmmmm - - doing this again," she gasped, looking into her sister's eyes, loving the feel of Annie's tits.

"Count on it," Annie said before moving her head down and licking and sucking at her sister's big tits, gently biting her rock hard nipples, making her gasp and moan. As Hank continued fucking her from behind, she moved lower again, running her tongue along Jessica's trim, toned belly before laying her head just above her pussy, looking up at her son as he slid his big dick in and out of it. "Come on, baby," she said to him. "Mommy wants to taste her sister's pussy."

Bruce almost came at the thought but slowly drew his big dick from his aunt's cunt. It slipped free, slick with her cunt juices, and bobbed in front of his mother's face for a moment before she eagerly sucked it in, lashing her tongue over it.

"Fuuuuck, dude," Bruce said in awe, watching his mother suck his cock straight from her sister's pussy. She released him and watched as he guided his prick back to Jessica's cunt, fucking her with long, slow strokes for a moment before pulling out and once again letting his mother suck on his cock.

"Awww, no fair," Jessica pouted in a little girl voice, looking at Hank who continued fucking Annie. "I want to taste her pussy, too."

Hank laughed and thrust as deep as he could into his aunt's twat before slowly pulling his cock free and climbing up on the sofa next to Annie, holding his prick out towards his mother.

"Mmmm, such a good son for his Mommy," Jessica sighed, taking hold of his dick and slowly licking up the entire length, from balls to head before slipping the juice covered cock into her mouth, tasting her sister's cunt oils for the first time. "Mmmm, so good," Jessica moaned, sucking noisily on his cock, taking it all the way to the back of her throat, making herself gag on it.

"I swear I've died and gone to fucking heaven," Bruce groaned, sliding his dick into his aunt's pussy before letting his mother suck it clean then repeating the same move. Annie looked up at him and winked.

"You think this is good," she said, "you should try fucking my ass."

With Jessica still sucking on Hank's dick, Annie slid off the sofa and on to the floor on her hands and knees, facing away from the rest of them. She pulled her knees together and wiggled her ass at her son. She reached behind herself as she looked over her shoulder at Bruce, pulling her ass cheeks apart.

"Want to fuck Mommy in the ass, baby?" she asked him.

Bruce didn't hesitate for a second but joined her on the floor, cock in hand. He pulled her g-string aside and positioned the bulging head of his cock against her tight asshole, pushing forward gently but firmly.

"Ahhhh - - ah yeah - - slowly, baby - - slowly," Annie sighed as she felt her back door give and allow the first inch or two of her son's cock inside. "Slowly - - Mommy's ass needs - - mmmmm - - needs to get - - used to your size."

Bruce took hold of her ass cheeks, spreading them wide as he pushed more of his shaft deeper up her butt.

"That's it - - gently, baby - - push your cock up Mommy's ass," Annie said, looking at him over her shoulder.

On the couch, Hank pulled his prick free of his mom's mouth. "Want to try taking my dick up your ass, mom?" he asked.

Jessica stroked his huge length and nodded, a little nervously. "Be gentle, though," she said. "It's been a while since I've taken a real dick in my ass."

"A real dick?"

She smiled, almost embarrassed which was bizarre given the circumstances.

"I sometimes use a dildo and, every now and then, put it in my butt."

Hank laughed as he got off the sofa, took her hand and led her to the floor, next to Annie and Bruce.

"Next time you do that, make sure I see it," he said, before guiding her on to her hands and knees, facing the opposite direction to her sister, her head near her ass and vice versa. He knelt behind her and guided the head of his cock towards her tight little rosebud of an asshole, pushing forward, watching it open up for him.

"Oh fuck - - oh fuck - - oh fucking hell," Jessica moaned as she felt her son ease his thick cock head into her asshole, slowly working it back and fore, going a little deeper with each forward thrust of his hips. "Oh Jesus - - fucking hell that's big," she gasped.

"Let me see," Annie said, lifting her head and looking down at Jessica's asshole stretched wide around Hank's cock. "Ooooh, that looks good," she sighed, using one hand to spread her sister's ass cheeks wide.

"Just as good as this," Bruce said, cramming his cock deeper up his mother's ass. "Your butt's so fucking tight, mom."

"Mmmm - - that's cause your - - cock's so fucking big, baby," Annie gasped. "Fuck Mommy's ass, baby - - fuck it harder now - - Mommy's ass - - needs a good fucking." Bruce did as his mother asked, speeding up his thrusts, packing his cock deep up her ass over and over, loving the tight, hot feel of her ass muscles on his prick. "Oh yeah - - that's it - - that's what Mommy wants - - fuck Mommy's horny ass!"

As she spoke, she leaned over closer to Jessica's butt and spat a thick wad of saliva down her ass crack, lubing Hank's cock a little more, letting him push a few more inches of his cock up his own mother's butt.

"Fuck yeah," Jessica moaned. "Ahhhh - - fuck me, Hank - - fuck Mommy's tight ass - - go deeper now - - harder, Hank - - fuck Mommy's ass hard!"

Hank gripped his mother by the hips and shoved his whole length up her butthole in one thrust, making her gasp in surprise before he drew it almost all the way out, leaving only the head inside her tight ring. Annie watched as he slammed it all back in, plowing his cock right up her ass over and over.

"Fuck my ass - - fuck Mommy's ass!" Annie cried over her shoulder to Bruce, crying out in pleasure as Bruce did as she instructed, following Hank's lead, stuffing his whole cock up her behind then coming out all most all the way before shoving it back in. "Oh fuck yes - - love it - - Mommy loves it up the ass!"

"Need more lube," Hank gasped, pulling his prick free of his mother's clasping asshole and offering it to his aunt. Annie didn't waste a second but plunged her mouth over his prick, taking it all the way to the back of her throat, making herself gag on his cock. She spat another huge wad of saliva over his dick as he slipped it from her mouth and pushed it back up his mother's ass.

"Dude," Bruce gasped as he watched. "ATM! Awesome!" His pulled his dick from his mother's butt and turned slightly to face his aunt. "Want to taste mom's ass, Auntie Jess?" he asked.

"Yeah - - gimme that cock!" Jessica gasped, almost delirious from the ass fucking her son was giving her. "Want to taste - - ahhhh fuck - - my sister's ass - - mmmffflllmm," her moan of pleasure was stifled as Bruce moved forward and slid his cock into her mouth. Jessica ran her tongue over his meaty shaft, lapping and sucking at her nephew's cock that had just been up her sister's asshole.

"Bruce - - ladies?" Hank gasped. "Wanna swap?"

"Yeah, baby," Annie said. "Come fuck Auntie Annie's asshole!" she cried.

The two mothers stayed where they were as the two sons stood and quickly changed places. Hank knelt behind his aunt and slid his cock up her well-fucked ass in one motion while Bruce took up position behind Jessica and did the same.

"Ahh fuck - - fuck my ass!" Jessica moaned, feeling Bruce stuff his fuck meat into her tight asshole as she watched Hank do the same to her sister's butt. Annie had always been a fan of assfucking - - her college nickname had been Little Anal Annie - - and while Jessica had enjoyed it in the past, it was something she did only now and then. Now though, with first her son and then her nephew buttfucking her, she found herself becoming more of a convert, loving the feel of their huge cocks in her behind.

"God - - fuck Auntie - - fuck Auntie's ass!" Annie groaned as Hank packed every inch of his big cock up her butt. "Aaarrrghhhnnn - - fuck yes!" She looked up at Bruce as he sodomised her sister and licked her lips.

He took the hint and pulled his prick from his aunt's butt, grinning and gasping as his mother eagerly took it in her mouth, tasting her sister's asshole again. He thrust forward pushing as much of his cock into her mouth as she could take, nudging the back of her throat and making her gag.

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