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The Truck Drivers


This is a fantasy story. It is not meant to be technologically correct or any of that. It is just a story! It does, however, contain some rape and some anal sex. So if you don't like to read about that, then leave now, Please! Go read one of my other stories.


My name is Alfred and I drive a truck, semi tractor-trailer, long haul. My truck is a Peterbuilt, with a king sleeper on it. I am a young 37 year old from the southeast USA. I was born and raised on a farm, but have no desire to go back to that lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, farming is probably the most important profession in the country, but it requires a lot of money, and a heck of a lot of work. It is a good clean life. But I just have no desire to be one anymore.

Anyway, after high school, I joined the Army and did my 3 years and got out. Between the Army and the farm, I think I can drive most anything on the road. I love traveling and I love driving a truck. My tractor is a big red one with an American flag on both doors, and a Bald Eagle on both sides of the sleeper. Yes, I am a patriot.

I tow a 53 foot long trailer that is refrigerated. That makes for a long rig when you combine the length of the trailer and the tractor. But that's ok, I can handle it!

While I was in the Army, I got married to a very nice little country girl from Alabama. She was as hot as any woman you've ever run into, until about a year after we married. Then she turned on the cooling system in her body and it got right cold around my house. We had bought a small 3 bedroom house down in South Georgia, close to both our families. When it got so cold there that I couldn't take anymore, and after numerous counselors, I told her to take the house and everything in it and shove it where I couldn't shove anything anymore!

But the year before we married and the first year of our marriage, we had a wild sex life! We did everything. We even did a little "swapping", but that was done out of town with people we'd met on the net. There was not a place on the floor, or on any major piece of furniture that we hadn't fucked on! We experimented in every way we could think of, could find on the net or in magazines. We had a wild time. But then, within a period of about 6 months, she turned into a cold fish. No explanation. "Just don't touch me!"

That's when I got this job as a long haul driver. (Before I had been a local delivery driver.) I love this country. It is so beautiful! Even if it is being seen through a windshield. I have met some fantastic people, and some assholes too. I have made stops with layovers of one or two nights and had lots of fun all across this nation.

Riding up high as we do in the trucks, we also get to see a lot of people doing things they shouldn't be doing while driving, and a whole lot of exhibitionists!! Damn, I love those gals that show it all off! I've had them (women) flag me down as they pull along beside me on an interstate and just want to give a blowjob to a stranger, or fuck a stranger. Well, that's fine with me!! I'll take all I can get!

Every now and then, the company will assign us an assistant driver, or alternate driver. Especially if we are carrying a load that needs to be on the other coast "yesterday". That is so we can run non-stop till we get there. Sometimes we will take on a trainee driver that needs some road time, and we'll get on a long stretch of Interstate and let the trainee drive. They even made the mistake of giving me a female trainee one time a couple of years ago. That load was late getting to its destination. I think we had sex in about every rest stop we came upon! Damn she was a good one too. I still see her once in a while. And she loves to catch a lonely driver on the highway and wear his ass out in a rest stop. Lucky devil!

Let me tell you a story about one time, about 8 months ago when I was carrying a load from Florida to Montana. I had with me an alternate driver because we needed to rush this load. When you are going diagonally across this great land, sometimes there are not any connecting interstates to transfer you from one East-West route or North-South route to another. That is to say, if you are traveling east to west, many times you have to take 2 lane highways to move from one interstate to another further north. Like in a grid, got it?

Anyway, my name is Alfred and my alternate's name was Tony. Tony was one of the good guys. About my age and experience and we got along well together.

We were traveling on of those 2 lane blacktops one night, it was getting late, about 9:30 PM. We were a good 8-10 miles out of town when we passed a SUV (Explorer) sitting on the side of the road. Well, being the nice guy that I am, (I was driving at the time) I slowed down to see if anyone was in the vehicle in case we could help someway. There was no one in the vehicle so I continued on. We went maybe another mile or so and my headlights picked up two people walking ahead. As we got closer, I said, "Tony, look at this!! Man check that ass out as she walks! And that little bitty skirt too! Shit, I'd like to have some of that Tony.' I geared her down and hit the air brakes and the man turned and stuck out his thumb. Great, just what I need. A damned husband too. "Tony, jump over in the back. I want some of that ass man!! Damn she is fine!" Tony crawled over into the sleeper and closed the curtains.

I rolled to a stop and the man opened the door and asked if they could get a ride to the next gas station, town or whatever was ahead. I said "Sure, climb on in!"

He stepped back to let his lady enter the truck first. You know men, they have to be by the window. So she got to sit next to me. That skirt was so short and her legs so damned fine. The rest of her was just beautiful! She was a beautiful lady, with a 'to die for' body and she was dressed to tantalize! She stuck out her hand and said "Hi! I'm Karen and this is my husband Frank. That damn Ford back there is ours! Lost all electrical power in it. We still have another day of driving before we get home. Damned cars!"

"Hi there! I'm Alfred. It is probably another 30, maybe 40 miles to the next town or truck stop, or anything."

I jerked the gear shift back into first and started it rolling. When you are toting a load like we were, it takes a few minutes to get up through the gears. I'm sure you heard them, starting off from a traffic light or whatever. Seems like every 5 feet they are changing gears again. Well, Karen's knee was right close to my gear shift, so I just kind of slapped at the gear shift, letting my arm and hand fall back to rest against the "seat" (if she hadn't been there). So my hand hit her knee after ever gear change. Frank groaned and said "Honey, why don't you move your knee out of his way so he can change gears?" Karen never said anything, so I went with it!

I told them both, "Hey, there's a king sized bed right behind you if you feel like a nap. We are going to be a while getting to civilization. So help yourself.!"

Frank said "Well, I certainly appreciate it, and I am tired, so I'll take you up on that offer!"

"Honey, I'll just stay here and watch ... Alfred ... drive! I have never been in a big rig before! This is exciting to me!"

Of course when Frank got into the sleeper, he found Tony there and Tony had a gun on him. Frank was tied up and gagged so he couldn't make any noise. Then he was laid against the back of the sleeper.

In the meantime, after Frank went to the back, I gave them a couple of minutes back there, then I just rested my hand on her knee and started sliding it north, along her gorgeous thigh toward her wonderful pleasure spot! She just smiled and whispered "Be careful now." Then she spread her legs a little bit and reached over and rested her hand on my thigh. I kept going further north, till I could feel the edge of her panties.

"That should be far enough honey. We can't do anything here anyway. But I'll keep you awake if you like!" She rubbed around on my thigh a minute, till she found my hard cock and started rubbing it.

"Ummm It feels good! How long is it Alfred?"

"Oh, I guess about 7 or so inches. But it is well educated too!" I said, smiling down at her beautiful face. I worked my fingers around till I could rub the front of her panties. She closed her knees when I touched her panties.

"That's as far as you can go Alfred. I'm married and my husband is just right behind us! Besides, I don't mess around on him, please understand." She whispered.

"Oh I understand. Yes Maam." I kept rubbing her panty covered pussy and soon she was squirming a bit for me and she opened her legs a little.

I knew that just a few miles up here was one of those 'wayside' parks where you can stop and eat on a picnic table, but there are no restroom facilities. So that was going to be where I fucked this beauty. She was just so freaking beautiful! And sexy as hell in that short skirt, high heels, almost transparent top, her hair was done up nicely and her make-up was flawless.

"How long have you two been married honey?" I asked.

"Almost 9 years now! He is a good hard working man and he takes good care of me. We love each other a lot!" She said, smiling.

I came to a curve that I recognized and started gearing down to slow us enough to stop in the wayside park. I pulled over and shut off the headlights and locked the brakes down.

Karen's eyes got big and she slid back from me and said "Alfred, what's going on? Why have we stopped?"

"Well, lady, we stopped because it is very difficult to fuck and drive at the same time! I'm sure you can understand that."

"NO!! No Alfred. You can't do that. I won't let you! I don't want to fuck you or anyone else! I'm married! ... Alfred! Please don't do this Alfred!" Then she started crying. She covered up as much of her body as she could with what little she had on. "Frank? Frank? Come and help me Frank!"

I slid over in the seat a bit, got her by the hair and pulled her head to me. I tried to kiss her but she wouldn't open her lips so I bit them a little bit. She opened them then and I slid my tongue in and soon she was playing with it with her tongue. My left hand went to her tit and started massaging it and pinching the nipple. She tried to push my hand away, but I am stronger that she is.

I broke the kiss and said "Karen, take your clothes off darlin'. And make it quick. I am on a time schedule here and don't have all night to argue about this." I was still holding her hair.

"No Alfred. I won't let you fuck me. Only my husband can do that. Don't you have any respect at all? Alfred, if you want me that badly, you are going to have to rape me. I will not give up easily either. But you are bigger and stronger than I am, so I know I will loose. But Frank will wake up and probably kill you! He's very jealous!!"

"Oh he has good cause to be jealous honey! You are gorgeous!! Any man with warm blood in him would want to fuck you! But I said to take your clothes off honey. See, when I drop you off in town, you might want to have some clothes on. If I have to take them off you, I am going to rip them to shreds. Understand?" I had her hair and pulled her head back with it so that she was looking up at me. "Now either you take them off, or I do. Your choice bitch!"

She started crying harder and started unbuttoning her blouse. Then she folded it and laid it on the seat. Then her bra came off. Good grief what a pair of tits!! She was a heavy C cup, with just a touch of sag to them, with half-dollar sized areolas and nipples about a quarter inch in diameter and a little more than a quarter inch in length. They were just begging to be sucked on, and sucked on hard! I reached and got her left one and pulled her to me and sucked it into my mouth and bit down on that nipple. She yelled out and I sucked it and bit it again. Then I slapped her once, not very hard. I said "Now shut the fuck up with the crying. I'm just going to fuck you, not kill you!"

She opened her skirt and pulled it off and sat there looking at me, with her panties still on. Very nice, hott lace, black panties like I had seen in Victoria's Secret ads on TV. I said "Oh, you want me to take those off for you baby?" She reached and pulled them off and dropped them on her clothes. She had just a little strip of hair above her beautiful wet pussy! Gawd I want to eat her!! She is so sexy!! She could sit on my face till the cows come home!!

"OK, get up on your knees and bend over that back of the seat. You can look in on Frank while I fuck this wet pussy."

"NO! Please Alfred, Please. Let me suck you off and then let us go, please?"

"Oh you are going to suck me off honey, but first, I am going to fuck you and fill that wet pussy with my cum!!! Now get up there like I said!!" She got loud crying again and as she turned facing the back of the seat, I slapped her ass as hard as I could, since I was facing backwards to her. It wasn't that hard though.

She yelped like a little pup being spanked and then got in position. I reached over and turned on the lights in the sleeper.

Karen saw her husband lying there on the bed, all tied up and gagged. She cried out "Oh god no!! Please!! We haven't done anything to you to deserve this treatment! Please Alfred, Please. I'll be good. I'll do what you want, just don't hurt us, Please."

Then Tony moved. He was against the cab in the corner and she wasn't expecting anyone else to be there. She screamed out again. "Oh no!! God above, save us!! Two of you!!" Frank was shaking his head 'no' and she was crying as I pushed my hard cock into her wet pussy from behind. She cried out again and tried to move away from me but she couldn't. I slammed all the way into her. Then I said, "Tony, can you find something back there to put in this bitches mouth to shut her up?"

Tony had a nice sized cock too. His was about 7 inches but just a bit thicker than mine. He grabbed a hand full of hair and guided his already hard cock into her mouth. She tried to squirm away but Tony held her tight. Then he started pumping in and out with me and Karen was finally getting fucked good by two strangers.

Frank was in tears but it didn't matter. We fucked her for a few minutes and then I pulled out and said "Get your dumb ass back in that sleeper bitch, so we can fuck properly. And while you are getting in position, you can take out old Franks cock too. I might let you suck him too!"

Karen got over in the middle of the bed and I re-entered that hot wet pussy. Tony again shoved his cock into her mouth. I looked over at Frank and ..... Well.... Old Frank had a good sized cock on him too. It was as hard as a steel beam and just throbbing. His eyes were big and teared up and he shook his head now and then as if to say "NO DON"T DO IT BABY!" But she couldn't help it. I was going to have me some of this great pussy for myself!

In a few minutes, I was almost ready to cum and I said "Tony, you want some of this hot pussy? I want her mouth man. Trade places with me, OK?" We both pulled out and changed places and I shoved my cock in her mouth and started pushing into her throat. She started gagging. "Goddammit bitch, take this cock! I know you can take it all. Look at the cock on Frank. I know it's been in your throat! Take it and suck it right, or I'm going to hurt your beautiful head!"

She opened up and down her throat I went. Tony was really plowing into her pussy too. Karen was starting to get into it now. She was moaning and humping on Tony's cock and she had one hand on mine, working it.

"I'm going to cum bitch, don't you miss a drop. I don't want this spunk on my sheets! You got it whore?"

She nodded her head as best she could and I grabbed her ribs and tits and started pulling her harder onto my cock. Fuck she was good at sucking!!! "Here it cums baby , take it all now!!" And I arched my back and shoved my cock as hard as I could into her throat and she took it all. She held me there till I was drained.

I fell over sideways and looked at Tony and he was pulling her hips hard against him and getting ready to shoot his load in her too. I looked at Frank and he was sweating and his dick was throbbing and then he shot off all over my bed!

As soon as Tony finished shooting his load in her, I grabbed her hair and said "Do you see what your husband just did to my sheets? He shot his load all over them. Now lick it up. I don't like sleeping on wet sheets!" I shoved her face down into Frank's cum, and she started licking it up. I crawled around behind her and started spanking her ass good and hard. She was yelling "OUCH!!" OH That hurts!" STOP! PLEASE! You've already fucked me, why are you spanking me now?" Then I began to rub her ass all over her cheeks and down between her legs and over her sopping wet pussy. I spread the wetness up over her hot little asshole and began to finger her there. She started crying again and begging me "Oh Alfred please baby, not there! You can fuck me again, I'll suck you again, just don't put anything back there! I've tried it and it hurts so much .... Please Alfred, Please don't!"

"Tony, you want some more mouth, or do you want this ass back here?"

"Well, I think that next I want some of her throat, like you just had. I want to feel it going into her belly when I shoot this load into her." He reached over to the side and opened his toilet article case and tossed me a tube of 'personal lube' and a condom. Then he reached over and got Frank by the belt and pulled him over closer to us. He slapped Karen's head and said, "Alright bitch, since you ware so worried about your Frank, you can jack him off while you suck me off."

I greased up my cock, squirted a little more into her ass and worked my fingers in and slid my cock into her hot, wet pussy and pumped her a few times as I worked two fingers and then three fingers into her ass. She protested the third finger and I spanked her some more and then shoved three into her anyway. In just a couple of minutes she was getting into it. She started pushing back against me. I pulled my cock out of her pussy, slipped the condom down over it, greased it up good and shoved it into her ass. She groaned loudly and shook all over. "Tony, keep her quiet, will you?"

Tony shoved his cock into her mouth and slapped the back of her head and said, "Take it all whore. Damn you sure do love cock, don't you bitch!?"

She was trying to nod her head yes, but she was impaled on his big cock. Her right hand was slowly jerking ole Frank off. He was lying there with his eyes closed and tears on his cheeks.

Poor old Frank was just lying there, getting his cock jerked, as his lovely wife fucked us hard and fast. His poor old cock was as hard as it could get and he couldn't even touch it! We were going to make him loose it again, and I would make sure our dear Karen sucked it out of him too!

I said "Tony, I know you want to fill her belly, but how about letting dear old Frank there watch her take at least one spurt of it? I'll let him watch as I cum on her back too! And if he gets close before us, let her suck him dry and then finish us off, OK?"

I was getting close to cumming. I slapped her ass cheek and said, "Karen! Listen to me now. I am getting ready to fill your hot little ass with my cum. What I want you to do is, as soon as I pull out, you cover your pussy and ass with your hand, and I'll get your panties. I want you to keep this cum inside you till you get home, understand?" (Nothing.) I slapped her ass and said "Do you understand me bitch?"

She nodded her head yes and continued to suck on Tony. Poor old Frank's ass was vibrating he was so horny! I slapped her ass again and said, "Karen .... Karen, reach over there and suck Frank off. OK?"

She reached over with her left hand and found his body and then worked her way down to his cock. She started rubbing it up and down and it only took a minute and he groaned loudly and Tony pushed her head over there so she could catch Frank's cum.

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