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The Trucker Fucker


Harvey came back, of course. He wasn’t an idiot and my wife’s hot pussy had trapped him totally in their first meeting. This is the second meeting as told to me by my wife and recorded on the tape recorder that was now in a permanent place under our bed when I was away.

THE TRUCKER FUCKER (Ch 20a) Harvey strikes again!

It didn’t take long for Harvey, once he had fucked Linda the first time in that tiny, cramped sleeper of his truck, to see her again. In fact it was less than the three days he averaged passing through Big D.

Wisely, he had called ahead and Linda was ready for her road warrior lover. She had taken pains to insure he knew what she would wear, describing it as her husband’s favorite costume and describing it in some detail. Now, standing in front of the full length mirror in her apartment, she wondered if she should really dress like this. Harvey might be offended by the fact she was “advertising” so much. She shook her head and smiled at her reflection. No, judging from the night he had screwed her for seven straight hours in his truck, he wouldn’t mind if she was ready to display more of herself than she had when they first met.

The filmy, almost see-through blouse’s neckline was open to just below the top of her demi-bra that held her magnificent breasts up for display and admiration. Through the blouse you could see the tan of her areolas. The nipples were barely hidden within the cups in their unaroused state, but that would change, she knew, as soon as a man began looking at her breasts. A modicum of attention made her breasts swell and the nipples hardened to stand just above the front edge – in plain view to an interested observer. This was one of her husband’s favorite blouses. He loved for her to display herself in all her glory when they were out in public, and this left little to the imagination – it also was very easy to open further, the buttonholes having been stretched by several lovers who couldn’t bear to wait any longer.

The skirt which hung loosely from her waist in pleated folds was full, making it easier for a man to discover that the nylon clad legs ended in a perfectly trimmed pussy pelt unhidden by the more socially acceptable panties. The fact it ended high enough on her thighs to further broadcast that information when she sat down and spread her legs even slightly was what she knew her husband and any other man she had ever met appreciated most of all. She giggled as she remembered the swinging club they went to often when they were together, with its raised seating area and the dance floor below. If she saw a man who attracted her interest, she had only to give him that view and he was hers if she wanted him.

She had barely finished her self-inspection when the doorbell rang. She walked slowly to the door, her swaying hips displaying her confidence.

“Hello, Harvey,” she murmured in that soft, sexy voice she used when she knew the man she was facing wanted to fuck her - and she wanted him to. “Come in, won’t you?”

Harvey stood frozen in the now open doorway, breathless, gazing at the vision of loveliness. His eyes took in the diaphanous blouse, the mid-thigh length of her skirt and the enticing smile almost simultaneously. Unbidden, he could feel his cock rising. As much as he had enjoyed fucking this woman before, she appeared more than ready for it to happen again. His groan was from sheer lust.

Linda smiled. She knew she had hooked Harvey the first time. Now she had him at her beck and call with no possibility of interference. She wondered how I would react to the tape she intended to make while the man made love to her. She even considered not making it, but she knew how much I wanted to know that she was enjoying her semi-single life and how hot it made me when I knew other men enjoyed her as I did.

Seeing that Harvey was speechless, she took his arm and led him into the apartment. Closing the door behind her, she locked it. She didn’t want any possible interruptions.

Harvey hadn’t missed her locking of the door. He also realized that she wasn’t dressed this way to go out. She wanted him to stay home with her. Still speechless, he gathered her into his arms and kissed her. It started out as a lover’s kiss, slow and languorous, but as soon as their lips touched, he felt hers open and her tongue searching for the opening to his own. His mouth opened wide and one hand came up from her waist to cup one full breast as their tongues dueled.

This time it was my wife’s turn to groan. The touch of this man’s hot hand on her thinly clad breast brought her nipple to immediate erection, pressing tightly into his palm as she felt his cock pressing hard against her belly. With one hand around her lover’s head, the other sought that hardness and found it, radiating heat from even beneath the layers of clothing he wore. She would have smiled, but she didn’t want to lose this intimate contact.

Harvey was pushing her back, deeper into the living room, still kissing her, sucking the saliva from her mouth. One hand had dropped to that perfect ass. The other held tightly to the firm breast he had found so delightfully sweet before. He caught her partially as the back of her knees met the couch, but only partially. He fell almost completely on top of her as she first leaned back and then to one side, clutching his body to her and pressing her lips to his. She wound up in a semi supine position, one leg draped over the front edge of the couch, the other along its length, cradling him between her thighs.

Harvey felt the rush of lust go through him like a hot knife. He was blind with the heat of it. His hand went from her breast to the facings of her blouse and ripped them apart, sending a shower of tiny pearl buttons ricocheting around the room. His other hand was already under her skirt, frantically searching for the heat of her. Then he was there.

Linda didn’t care. Her hands, on both sides of Harvey’s head pulled him insistently to her, their lips were crushed against each others, their tongues intertwined as they continued the passionate kiss started earlier, much earlier. She felt Harvey’s insistent hands, one crushing her breast, the other tearing at the garter belt that was the only thing beneath her skirt now. She managed to turn her face away slight, unwillingly, with just enough breath of whisper hotly in his ear.

“Easy, easy” she gasped, “There’s no need to be in a hurry. We have all night – and longer if you want it.” It sounded too emphatic, even to her. She wanted what he was doing to her to never stop, not ever again! Her own lust was peaking with his and she knew that the night would be consumed in that heat. To show her own interest she slipped one hand down between their bodies and stroked the hard muscle that was pressed tightly between them, causing her lover to groan.

Harvey groaned once again when he felt the brunette beauty’s hand pull the zipper of his trousers down and extract his hard, dripping cock from his trousers. He had almost forgotten how sensuous this woman could be, but he was remembering fast now. He could feel the slippery wetness between her thighs. She was hot, and ready, so was he! He tried to force his cock into her, but her hand prevented him from getting more than the head inside her.

“I want to fuck you, baby,” he groaned as his hands squeezed her breasts, pushing the nipples high, welcoming his sucking mouth.

“And I want you to fuck me,” Linda admitted, “but not here. Let’s go into the bedroom and get comfortable.”

Harvey was up like a shot, standing over her, with her hand still grasping his rigid rod. She sat up and started at it, almost mesmerized by the sight of the clear pre-cum, leaking slowly from the tip.

“Oh, it’s so beautiful,” she said softly as her thumb moved the slippery gel around and over the tip. A thin thread of the baby-making juice was between the tip of her thumb and the swollen, bloated head. Without thinking, she lowered her head slightly and took it into her mouth. She felt Harvey’s hip’s thrust forward and his hands go to the back of her head as he tried to ram it home.

“M-m-m, u-m-m,” she breathed, her head slowly moving from side to side and her hand preventing just this movement. She remembered how this lovely stranger had filled her mouth with his hot, sticky load the last time he had been with her. She wanted it, but not now. Her pussy was desperate for the feeling of his throbbing cock. She rose, close to him. Without turning him loose, she began backing toward the bedroom, savoring the sight of his lust-filled eyes and the feeling of his hands grasping her breasts until they were stretched to their full length.

Harvey followed eagerly as my wife backed down the hallway. Neither lost the grip they held on each other until they were in the bedroom and my wife sat down on the edge of our bed. She unbuckled his belt and tugged at his trousers, leaving him to step out of them. She noticed that he also had nothing on beneath them and smiled to herself. Harvey was busy too. His shaking hands pushed the blouse back off her shoulders until he could pull it completely away, exposing the half-cup bra barely holding the heavy breasts he loved to suck and fondle.

Linda stood up and unbuttoned Harvey’s shirt, letting him discard it as her hands slowly moved through the thick pelt of hair on his chest. She kissed his nipples, watching them spring to life just as hers did when they felt the warmth of a man’s lips on them.

Harvey had already used his feet to pry his shoes off. He stood naked now, in front of this woman who offered him the most unforgettable sex he had ever experienced. He pushed her back on the bed, stripping her skirt off as she rolled back into a supine position. His eyes fixed on the swollen lips of that gorgeous pussy, seeing once more the slippery juices of her beckoning him. He couldn't resist and he found himself kneeling at the edge of the bed, his arms beneath her thighs, his hands covering the garter belt she still wore, prying those lips farther apart. Wordlessly he covered the sweetness of her luscious labia with his mouth, letting his tongue trail upward between those delightfully warm lips.

Linda groaned with pleasure. She pulled her legs high and let them drop on each side of Harvey’s head, then crossed them behind his head, pulling him tighter to her hungry pussy. She had forgotten in the three days she had been away from him how Harvey could thrill her with just the feeling of his tongue in her cunt. Without thinking, she took his head in both hands and pulled him even closer, whispering “yes, yes.”

Harvey welcomed the embrace of her limbs. He loved the taste of a hot pussy and began the worship of it that this one deserved. He remembered how delightful her juices tasted, how hungry he had been for them on the too long separation. His arms pulled at her hips, demanding more of her.

Linda groaned with passion. Her crotch was flooding with the juices her pussy and Harvey’s mouth stirred, still her lover sucked her, urging, with his tongue, more from her. She surrendered herself to him completely, pulling him tightly to her red-hot cunt, her hips moving up and down in contretemps to his tongue. She could feel the unbelievable length of it pressing home between the muscles of her vagina. She remembered then the amazement she had felt the first time it had slid into her mouth almost to her tonsils, and how wonderful it felt in her cunt the first time. It was no less so this time. With a shudder, she felt herself letting her first orgasm of the night fill her lover’s mouth and his hunger consuming it.

“Wow!” was all Harvey could say as he rose from the kneeling position at the edge of the bed. “I thought I remembered how good you taste, but I can’t believe it, even now.” He smiled down at her and added, “Now let’s see if everything else is as good as I remember it.”

Knowing what was coming, my wife twisted her body to parallel the length of the bed and opened her legs wide. “Come and see,” she invited with a laugh. Then, recalling that she still had her garter belt, stockings and high heels on, she started to unfasten the belt from her hosiery.

Harvey’s hand stopped her as he knelt between her thighs. “Unh unh,” he shook his head, smiling down at her. “I want to do it the same way we did the first time.”

Linda smiled as she remembered how he had fucked her the first time in the cab of his truck. Her lover slowly covered her body with his own, allowing his throbbing cock to find its own way.

Harvey felt her fingers closing around his cock, steering it directly to the opening that promised heaven for both of them. He heard her sigh softly into the hair surrounding his nipples, then felt her lips close over one as the head of his cock entered her. The heat of her was unbelievable, just as he had remembered it. He used his superior height to insure that the head of his dick pressed hard against her clit as it slid between the tight muscles of her vagina. Her gasp of pleasure was audible, even with her mouth pressed tightly to his chest. Holding the head of his dick just inside my wife, Harvey began that stirring, rotating motion that he knew excited most women, coating their vaginas with his juices and making the entry even more delightful. Gently he pressed forward, feeling the folds opening to his throbbing weapon. The brunette bombshell thrust up against him, trying to bury his length in her, but he wisely held off. Easing back until he was almost out of her, he then pressed forward, allowing another inch of his hard length to enter her.

“Hurry, hurry,” she gasped, “fuck me. I want to feel your cock all the way inside me.” Her hips bucked as she tried to accomplish what he was denying her.

Harvey smiled down at the top of her head. “Unh, unh,” he shook his head. “I’m going to fuck you real slow. I want to feel you open wide before I begin humping you harder. I want to make sure that you’re ready for all of me, because I’m going to fuck you all night!”

Linda’s heart sang. This was just what she wanted, to feel this handsome strangers cock filling her mouth, her cunt and her ass all night long. She could feel him stretching her vagina already and she wanted a lot more of that. She hoped he wouldn’t back out when he realized that she was taping the conversation for me. She decided not to tell him until she felt those first wonderful blasts of cum deep inside her. She couldn’t afford to miss that!

Harvey’s juices were rapidly filling the hump-hungry cunt of my wife, mixing with hers, adding to her already copious flow of lubrication in anticipation of what was to come. It was like fucking a wonderful woman who, although never fucked before, knew what it was all about and welcomed it. He remembered how thrilled she had been the last time he began really plowing her, and he wondered if she would be as verbal this time. Thinking about it was enough to get him started.

“I love this hot, hungry cunt of yours,” he grunted, sliding deeper into my wife. “Your husband is one lucky son of gun to be able to fuck you every night. I’ll bet he never stops dicking you, does he?”

“Only when he’s so tired he can’t keep it up anymore,” Linda giggled. She loved the feeling of that hard, throbbing manhood that was slowly filling her vagina. “And he loves to pass me around. He says it turns him on as much watching other men screw me as it does for him to do me himself.”

“Oh, man!” Harvey groaned. “I’d love to help him out in that department! So he likes for other men to fuck you?”

“Unh hunh,” Linda nodded, momentarily losing Harvey’s nipple in the thick, hair covered chest. “Even when he can’t be around, like now, he likes for me to tell him all about it. What they do to me, how long they last, how many times they shoot their cum into me, whether I suck them off – everything!” She was beginning to relax. She could feel Harvey’s pelvic bone pressing tightly against her mound and knew that he was almost home. With a slight hitch of her hips, she helped herself to the rest of his cock, pulling him down on her completely by wrapping her lower legs tightly around his knees. “Ah, there it is,” she managed to gasp as she felt the head of his dick striking her cervix with each thrust, “right where I want it! Now, fuck me. Fuck me hard. I want to feel your cum in my pussy.”

“That’s a sure thing,” Harvey grunted. He backed out of my wife almost half his length, then rammed it home, earning a gasp from her. “And I intend to make sure that the first load isn’t the only one. Remember how long I fucked you when we met? That was just a sample. I have lots of time this time, and I intend to spend it in you.”

“Oh, please,” my wife whispered. “Please do, I love it!”

Three hours later, with Harvey still inside her (finishing his second orgasm in my wife’s fertile baby-making machinery), Linda told him what she had been doing while he fucked her.

“You mean this is all on tape and you’re going to send it to your husband?” Harvey gasped, realizing how vocal they had both been.

“Unh hunh,” she laughed. “Maybe you’d like to say ‘hi’ to him.”

“Woman, you’re crazy! He’ll kill both of us!”

“No, honest,” she murmured, instantly afraid of losing her lover. “Here, let me play this tape from him.” She slid out of the bed and recovered my last tape from the drawer, regretting immediately the feeling of loss between her warm thighs. Recovering the tape recorder from beneath the bed, she popped the tape out that had recorded their bliss and dropped in my last one to her.

“Hi, baby,” it started, “I just got your last tape regarding Art. Wow! That must have been one hot night! Is he going to do you again? I sure hope so. I loved the sound of his cock jerking in and out of your cunt. You must have really had a belly-full of his cum before that night was over. Did you enjoy fucking him?”

“Let me get a little farther into this,” she said, moving the fast forward knob until the tape was almost one quarter into it’s length, then putting the speaker closer to Harvey so he could hear it distinctly.

“I loved your description of the trucker who fucked you.” I had continued. “Maybe you can convince him to come over sometime when I get back. I’d sure like to watch him plow your sweet little pussy while I suck those lovely tits of yours……”

“See?” she said with a nervous giggle, turning off the tape. “He doesn’t mind, in fact he’d like to watch you do me.”

“Turn that thing back on to record,” he growled with a smile. “I’ll give him a message he won’t soon forget……on second thought, come ’ere” he said, pulling her to him once more. “If I’m going to be talking to your husband, and he likes the idea of me doing you, I think the least I could do is be plugged in while we talk.”

Linda went to him easily. Her slow stroking of the hard meat that had filled her with cum twice before had kept it ready for her again. She had only to lift her upper leg and Harvey was in her pussy, balls deep, in a long, thrilling stroke eased by the still warm, remainder of his last load. She shuddered with the delightful feeling of his cock head pushing once more against the tiny opening of her cervix. Even as she felt it touch, she knew his seed was filling that receptive chute. She had thought the first time he fucked her was a fantastic experience, but this wild, abandoned fucking had been even more exciting. She wondered idly what it would be like to have her husband and this man as her full time lovers constantly. She smiled at the thought.

Harvey picked up the small mike and began talking to me.

“Hi, Earl, this is Harvey, the trucker-fucker as you called me in that tape you sent to Linda. I just wanted to tell you that I’m fucking her right now. Here, you can hear it for yourself.” The tape was filled with the sound of my wife’s cunt being penetrated and sucking a thick, hard cock into it, in the liquid sounds of love. I could hear my wife moaning with pleasure as her lover gave her what I always wanted to see her getting, interspersed with the sound of his lips savoring her beautiful breasts. It made me hard as a rock, 12,000 miles away.

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