tagLoving WivesThe Trucker's Mate

The Trucker's Mate

byTony King©

My wife Mandy is a real exhibitionist. That's probably why I married her. We met in a local night club a couple of years ago. She was sitting on a bar stool wearing a fairly short skirt that showed her stocking tops, very high heels and a black bra under a white semi transparent blouse. With long blond hair and brown come to bed eyes she was just pure sex. I made eye contact with her and smiling, she turned towards me on the stool. I could see straight up her short skirt to a completely smooth bare wet pussy, I was in instant lust.

We started dating and I quickly found out that the little bitch really got her kicks flashing to other men and it wasn't long before I had her out in the car flashing everything she had to truckers and van drivers. Afterwards we'd head home and fuck our brains out. Although she enjoyed flashing, it turned out I was only the second guy to ever fuck her.

After a few months she started to get more daring. She'd go out dressed in stockings, suspenders and high heels, no knickers or bra, her body concealed under a long coat. Once we were in the car, she would throw the coat onto the back seat and sit there playing with her tits and cunt. Every time we passed a truck she'd lean back in the seat and really go to town on her pussy. "Is he watching me?" She asked as I stayed level with a large semi, "watching, he's almost waving his prick out the window! ohhhhhhh, yeah, I'm gonna cum." I'd stay level just long enough for the trucker to witness her orgasm before flooring the loud peddle and heading for home. She'd be undressing me before the front door was closed and begging me to fuck her.

"You little slut, you really love other guys seeing your cunt don't you? Hmm, you bet, feel how wet I am." My cock slid in without touching the sides and her nipples were so hard I could feel them poking into my chest. "How'd you like to fuck one of those truckers? Get you up in his cab dressed like this while he does what he likes to you, do you want that?" I fucked her harder. "Oh yeah, I'd love it. You really want to be fucked by some total stranger in the back of his lorry?" She was pushing her hips up to meet my thrusts and grinding her clit against me, it was only a matter of seconds before she would be coming. "C'mon babe, tell me, do you want that to happen, for real? Yesssssss, oh yes, I really want it." I'd never felt so much juice spill out over my cock and balls. As she came she held me tight, forcing my cock in deeper while biting into my shoulder.

As we lay there recovering I asked her again. "Would you really like that to happen?" She looked me in the eye. "What, you want to watch me being fucked in the cab of a lorry, is that it? Don't twist it round, I'm asking you if that's what you'd like. Hmm, if the guy was young, fit and good looking with a big cock," she grabbed my cock and squeezed, "than yeah, I'd give it a go, might be exciting." My cock started to stand to attention. "Looks like you'd like it too looking at the state of him. Fancy watching some stud fuck me, do you?" She was wanking me slowly back to life and the mere thought of her being fucked by some total stranger in the back of his lorry was making me harder than ever. "You bastard, you really do don't do? Right then, if that's what you want." She grabbed my cock and climbed on taking it straight to the hilt.

"How'd you like to see me doing this to him?" Her silky stockings were rubbing against my thighs and her big tits were swinging wildly as she rode me. "Would he like my big tits?" She asked catching them in both hands and tweaking the nipples. "What about my smooth cunt, do you think he'd like that?" I grabbed her hips and swung her round so that I was now on top. "So you gonna do it then? You bet. You little slut, you gonna dress like this and spread your legs for him? Oh yes, I'll show him everything, he can do what he wants to me. You gonna suck his cock, let him play with your big tits and nice smooth pussy? Hmmm, I'll let you watch as he spunks in my mouth and then fucks my cunt, you'd like that wouldn't you, you like seeing me acting like a slut, don't you?"

We were both reaching the point of no return and all the dirty talk just made it all the better. Getting up on my arms, I looked down on her. "You fucking whore, I'm going to hold you down while he fucks your cunt and mouth. Yessssssss." Be both came together. Christ what a fuck.

During the next few weeks this became our fantasy every time we made love. Due to work commitments we didn't get much flashing done but our sex life just got better and better. Although nothing was said, we both knew that on our next venture something special was going to happen.

April and we were of to Las Vegas for a weeks break. The weather wasn't exactly warm at that time of year and it didn't take much persuasion to get her to dress real sexy and pose for some pics. We'd driven away from the main drag and out into the mountains. Mandy was wearing a loose fairly short wrap round skirt with stockings and heels and one of those wrap round tops without a bra. It simply tied together under her tits leaving her midriff bare and showing a lot of cleavage. She looked really sexy but elegant with it and got lots of admiring glances from people we passed on the way. Being in a foreign country she was a bit reluctant to flash everything but still managed to show a bit of stocking top getting in and out of the car.

We arrived at a parking area at a place called Indian Springs and to our delight saw three big rigs parked up at the far side. "How about some sexy poses on one of those?" I suggested. We parked near by and checked out the area. It was late afternoon and most people had headed back for the strip. The trucks looked empty so I got her to do some sexy pouting stuff up against the big chrome fenders. This led to her tits out and finally, after another quick look round I suggested she climb up on the running board as thought she were entering the cab. With both tits showing she stood on the truck and raised her skirt slightly giving me a clear view of her stockings and bare pussy. I shot a role of film and was just loading a new one when we heard a voice.

"I hope your not thinking of stealin' my wheels." Mandy quickly tucked her tits back in her top and smoothed the short skirt down over her stockings. The guy had crept up from behind the truck and caught us completely by surprise. He was about 35 years old, slim and fit looking wearing Levis and a cowboy hat. "Hey, I'm ere sorry , we were just taking some pictures of your truck, we don't get anything quiet like this in the UK, hope you don't mind? English huh? Here on vacation?" We made small talk for a few minutes while all the time our new friend eyed up Mandy's curvy body. He introduced himself as Matt. "How'd you like to see inside?" Matt asked, unlocking the door.

"Great, I can take some pictures looking down from the cab," I said climbing into the passenger. Mandy looked at me and winked as Matt helped her onto the first step. I moved over as her head came level with the passenger seat and was surprised when she just stopped there. She looked at me through half closed eyes and that dreamy look I knew so well filled her face. She gave a small, moan, still making no attempt to climb into the cab. "Hmmmm." I guessed what was going on and sure enough as I looked over her shoulder I could see Matt standing beside the door with his hand up her short skirt.

"How many fingers?" I asked her, "two", she replied smiling. Jumping out the driver's side I walked round and started to take pictures. "She's sure a fine lady," Matt said running his other hand up her legs, "and real wet too." He was working his fingers in and out of Mandy's cunt making obscene squelching noises. "Hey, like I hope you don't mind man, it was just there staring me in face. No problem, she loves it, can't you tell." Matt took this as his queue and running his other hand up higher started to work on her arse cheeks. Still slowly moving his two sticky fingers in and out of her cunt, Matt ran his other hand over each cheek, prying them apart exposing her little brown ring before gently easing a finger into her arse.

I got some great shots and eventually he had two fingers in each hole. Mandy was trashing around from side to side building up to her orgasm. "Oh fuck yes," she cried out, flooding Matt's fingers with cum juice. Before letting her into the cab, Matt insisted she remove the skirt. What a fantastic sight as her bare bum covered in cum juice leant over the front seat. Her legs looked a million miles long in the black stockings and her shaven pussy was just glistening.

The truck cab was huge with a sleeping compartment, TV, microwave, cool box, CD and just about every other creature comfort you could think of. "Wow, this things got just about everything," I said playing with the dial on the CB. "It has now," said Matt running his hands up Mandy's legs as he steered her into the sleeping compartment. I sat in the front and watched as Matt removed the blouse exposing both huge tits to his gaze. Mandy looked radiant as she lay there in just stockings and heels waiting for this handsome stranger to fuck her.

They kissed for ages as they explored each others bodies, Mandy slowly removing Matt's clothes until he too was completely naked. "My god it's huge," she said freeing his cock from his jockies. I fired of a couple of shots as his prick started to grow. She wasn't wrong, it was huge, well, compared to my 7" it was. I carried on filming as she tried to close her hands round it, her fingers struggling to meet. Then she leaned forward and started to take the purple head into her mouth, licking round the ridge and dipping her tongue into the hole before gobbling three to four inches into her hungry mouth. She just loves sucking cock and I guess the size of this one just got her carried away. Within a few minutes Matt was fighting for air and holding the back of her head he forced more and more into her willing throat. She still had both hands round his shaft and was working his cock like a pro. Her large tits were swinging as she knelt there sucking cock and forgetting the camera I leaned over and stuck a couple of fingers up her cunt. She must have been on the edge because as soon as I touched her swollen clit she came. "Hmmmm, oh yes." She took the cock from her mouth for a few seconds before diving back down on it and sucking for dear life. "Here it comes," said Matt holding her head with both hands. His whole body shuddered as he emptied his balls into my wife's willing mouth.

"Fantastic," said Mandy wiping spunk from her chin and licking it off her fingers, "I've got to have that cock up me." She was busy playing with Matt's limp prick with one hand and her pussy with the other. "Wow little lady, I need some time before I go again." Mandy was frantic, I'd seen her like this before, she just had to have some cock. Keeping her on all fours I climbed in behind her and within seconds was ramming my cock up her slippery passage as she tried to suck Matt's cock back to life. I was just nearing the vinegar stroke when a voice boomed out over the CB radio. "Hey Viper, you got your ears on? this here's Old Blue Boy, you gonna keep all that action to yourself or you up for sharing."

Matt sat up and looked into the truck parked next to us. Sure enough, there was a face with a smile a mile wide beaming from the window. Matt grabbed the Mike, "hey Old Blue Boy how long you been peeping on me? Long enough Brother, now do I get some of the action or should I let Marline know where you at?" Matt laughed, "Marlene's my old lady," he said by way of explanation, "old Bud and me go back a long way, what'ya say, we invite him over?" The thought of watching yet another guy fuck my pretty wife made my prick grow another half inch and with out thinking I started to slowly fuck her again. "Some ones keen," Mandy said forcing herself back against me, "yeah, the more the merrier," I said to Matt.

Bud turned out to be a little older than Matt and was in need of a shave. He was fit and lean and as he made himself comfortable in the passenger seat that big old grin lit up his face again. "If'en you getting tired then I'd be mighty pleased to take over." I realised that since he entered the cab, both Matt and I had stopped the action, I guess we were waiting for Mandy to say something. With Bud's prompting I started to fuck her in earnest while Matt encouraged her to suck him again. "Man, now that's a pretty sight, I like a girl know's her way round a cock," Bud said leaning over and cupping Mandy's tits in his hands, "wow, heavy mothers now ain't they," he said weighing them in his palms.

It was too much for me and as bud worked on her tits and Matt continued to fuck her mouth I exploded into her cunt. "Move over boy, let the dog see the rabbit, oh yes, old Bud here he just loves sloppy seconds, ain't that right Matt." I moved over to the drivers seat while Bud took my place. He simply lowered his jeans and slid right on in. "Oh yesssss," Mandy screamed, releasing Matt's cock from her mouth, "fuck me deeper, that's it, like that." She was really moaning as Bud fucked her from behind, grinding her hips back to meet him and shouting encouragement. Poor old Matt simply sat and watched, his cock hard again but temporally forgotten.

"Oh God yessssss, I'm coming, don't you dare stop, oh yessssssssssssss!" Bud held her hips as she came, keeping his cock buried to the hilt. "I think she's got a liking for old Buds cock," he said, that big grin filling his rugged but handsome face again, "OK if I fill her up some?" he asked looking at me. Before I could say a word Mandy was pushing back against him. "Yes, fill my cunt with spunk, I want to feel it spurting inside me." She looked at me as Bud began to fuck her again; her face said it all, she was in heaven. Matt and I watched as Bud increased his pace, sweat now running down his forehead. "Here it comes lady," he yelled, burying himself to the hilt. His body shuddered as he emptied his balls into her used cunt. Mandy was also coming, her head snapped back as the first spurts hit her cervix and her body shock from head to toe as her own climax shot through her.

Eventually, Mandy rested her head in Matt's groin while Bud pulled his semi limp cock out. Suddenly I could see why she had enjoyed it so much. Bud was at least ten inches long and much thicker than both Matt and myself. In fact, her cunt was so stretched open it was like looking into a black hole. As I watched, her cunt started to spasm and contract as globules of gooey white spunk started to run down her thighs. "Lady, you are something else," he said wiping his cock across her arse cheeks, "whew, your not bad yourself," she replied looking round at him.

I shot another role of film watching Bud and Matt pleasure my wife. By the time they were finished she was well satisfied and I had the best holiday photo's you've ever seen.

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