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The Truth will Out


Again, thank you to those that have taken the time to read and comment on my stories so far. Your comments, good and bad, have been much appreciated. I still have a few more stories to tidy up and post and when that is done I shall embark on some new stories so please keep reading and (hopefully) enjoying.



The Truth Will Out.

It had been a hard week at work and I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I called my mate, Darren, and asked him if he fancied a drink on Saturday night so he suggested we have a drink in and I stay over at his place as his parents were away.

For some reason I took extra time and care getting myself ready, any one who saw me would have thought that I was headed out on the pull. I picked up some beers and made my way over to his. When he answered the door I noticed that he too seemed to have taken a little extra care with his appearance and he was looking hot, I felt a surge of excitement run through my body as my suppressed sexuality attempted to rise.

I'd known that I had the propensity to fancy men from quite a young age yet I struggled to suppress my feelings and desires, hunting out girls that were slight and boyish in appearance and tomboyish in behaviour therefore satisfying at least a little of what I considered to be my abnormal attraction. I had dated a few and had slept with a few and overall been happy with the experiences that I had, however, seeing Darren here and now made me realise that there was some part of me that still craved satisfaction.

He stood aside and invited me in. I followed him through to the living room and gave him the beers to put in the fridge. As he left the room I could not tear my eyes away from his slim body, the main focus of my attention was on the way that his jeans hugged his gorgeously toned bubble butt, my cock twitched and my stomach did somersaults. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, I couldn't believe that I'd got myself into this situation, instead of being relaxed I was going to spend the whole night fighting my feelings.

"I hope you don't mind but I've invited another couple of mates over, thought that we could have a game of cards or something," he said as he came back in.

"That's fine," I said, hoping that the relief was not too obvious on my face. At least now there would be a distraction from Darren and I wouldn't spend the night thinking of ways to get at that butt.

Just then there was a knock at the door and Darren went to answer it, when he returned he had his to friends in tow.

"This is Jason and Pete." He said by way of introduction.

"Hi," I said as my eyes took in two of the cutest guys I think I had ever seen. Jason was about 5"10' with a mop of blonde hair that fell into the bluest eyes that I had ever seen. Pete was slightly taller, with short dark hair that framed his hazel eyes. Both had taught slim bodies and their t-shirts caressed their smooth stomachs.

"Ok, who's for a beer?" Darren asked as he wandered off to the kitchen to grab some drinks from the fridge.

With beers in hand we sat around for a bit and engaged in a bit of manly chat, talking about sport, cars and women. As we chatted about the latter I began to notice little looks that Pete and Jason kept giving each other whilst suppressed smiles touched their lips. Maybe my earlier thoughts were clouding my judgement but I was getting a strong feeling that I was missing something.

After a few more beers and couple of games of cards we settled in front of the TV whilst Darren searched his DVD collection for some entertainment.

"What do you want to watch? Action, comedy, sci-fi or drama?" he asked.

"Got any porn?" asked Pete, casting another of those looks at Jason.

"I have but they may not be to your liking," Darren replied.

"I'm sure we'll see something we like," said Jason casting one of those looks back at Pete.

Darren flicked through his collection and slid a disc into the player, soon the screen was filled with a mass of writhing flesh as men with huge cocks fucked women with un naturally large breasts and sopping wet pussy's and the room was filled with their fake moans of ecstasy.

Even though the film was as cheesy as hell I soon began to feel a familiar stirring in my groin and a tightening in my trousers as blood pumped into my cock. I took my eyes off the screen and scanned the room, wanting to make sure that my boner had not drawn any awkward attention, what I saw made my jaw drop. Sitting side by side on the sofa, Pete and Jason were both sporting boners, the surprising thing was that they each had a hand in one another's lap gently caressing each other's cocks through their jeans. Their gazes remained on the TV but Darren saw my amazement as he too had cast a glance their way and he too was sporting a boner. "They're gay," he mouthed at me, "Ah" I mouthed back.

I returned my gaze to the TV and watched as one of the plastic models pleasured two huge cocks, expertly swallowing one up to the hilt while the other rammed in and out of her wet pussy. I lost myself in the sounds of flesh meeting flesh and the moans and groans of pleasure that were coming from the screen and my cock throbbed harder and harder in my trousers. Suddenly, mixed in with the movie sound track I began to hear moans of pleasure that were originating from some place nearer. I again turned my gaze towards the sofa and saw that Pete and Jason had progressed from caressing each other through their jeans to extracting each other's cocks and slowly jerking each other off. I glanced over at Darren and saw that he was caressing his own cock through his jeans whilst raptly watching the pair. My hand involuntarily went to my own cock and gave it a rub; this had to be the hottest thing that I had ever seen yet my disgust as my bodies feeling of pleasure forced me to call a halt to the goings on.

"For fucks sake, what are you guys doing?" I said.

All three turned towards me and I felt their combined gaze look over my body and take in my obvious hard on.

"What's wrong?" asked Pete "not enjoying the show?"

"No, I'm not," I replied, "its just wrong."

"If you think it's so wrong maybe you should have told your cock." Jason said.

I crossed my legs and looked at them defensively "that's from the film" I said.

"Yeah, right" said Pete.

"Come on Darren, how long have you known me?" I asked my friend, looking for some moral support.

"Long enough to notice how you look at me," he said.

"What the fuck does that mean?" I argued

"Well, for starters look at yourself tonight, were just having a quite drink in but you dressed to impress. Which you did by the way." He replied with a wink, "secondly, there are those sly looks that you give me when you think I'm not looking. Don't you think I haven't noticed?"

"No, but, shit! For fucks sake I'm not gay." I said.

"I beg to differ," said Darren "I think you are as bent as a nine bob note, you're just too scared to admit it."

"You're wrong," I said.

"I really hope I'm not," he said, "because I really fancy the fuck out of you."

"You do?" I said quizzically.

"Yep, I have done since we first met."

"Well why didn't you say something?"

"Because you never let your guard down, always trying to play the straight guy."

"But if I'd known I'd have been different," I said.

"Well, you know now," he said locking his blue eyes with mine.

I don't know why, maybe the drink, may pure lust, whatever it was caused me to rise from my chair and walk over to Darren and tentatively place my lips on his and began to kiss him. At first it was reserved and shy kiss but as I felt him respond I became more eager and passionate. As my tongue battled his I placed my hand on his bulging trousers and began to squeeze his cock, he responded by lifting his hand between my legs and gently squeezing my balls causing my cock to swell further and a moan to pass my lips.

My hand crept up to his waistband and fumbled with the button of his jeans until I managed to release it, I pulled down his zipper and pushed my hand under the coarse fabric and felt the heat of his cock hiding under the thin fabric of his briefs. He pushed his body up to meet my hand and began to squirm in the chair, my hand reached in to his briefs and for the first time in my life I held another mans cock in my hands. His skin was warm and soft, his shaft hard and throbbing, his head silky and wet; I pulled it free from the restraining fabric and looked down at it for a second. I made up my mind; I had come this far so there was nothing to stop me at last having what I desired. I lowered my head and placed my lips onto the shining tip of his cock and began to gently suck at the pre cum that was leaking from it, loving the sweet silky taste as it rolled over my tongue and slid easily down my throat.

I hadn't realised it but Pete and Jason were now watching us whilst they jerked each other, not the porn on the TV. Their hands were flying up and down their slippery poles in a blur of frantic motion and their moans were getting louder.

Whilst I continued to suck Darren's cock I lifted my gaze to meet his and I saw that he was enjoying the change that had overcome me, he lifted a hand and placed it gently on my head encouraging me to bob down on his cock and take more of him into my eager mouth. I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and pushed down feeling his veiny shaft pass over my tongue and the head knock the back of my throat, as I drew him into me I continued to suck drawing the juices from his cock like the poison from a wound.

As I continued to suck on his cock I became aware of the impending signs of his orgasm as his cock twitched and pulsed maniacally in my mouth and pre cum flowed freely down my eager throat. As I readied myself to swallow his seed he pulled my head from his cock and kissed me deeply on my wet mouth.

"Not just yet," he murmured against my lips.

He drew me to my feet and, as I stood before him, his fingers deftly released the buttons on my jeans and pulled them down my legs along with my briefs, exposing my neatly trimmed covering of pubic hair and my semi erect penis. His hands traced the contours of the smooth skin on my thighs and his head pushed forward until his mouth met my cock; he opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the tip of my cock and began to lick the pre cum from the tip with his warm tongue. My legs nearly buckled as his tongue continued to run across the surface of my sensitive throbbing head and his lips slid further down my pulsing shaft.

I started to gently buck my hips toward his face loving the feel of my cock sliding in and out of his warm mouth, loving the way that he sucked me into him and squeezed my shaft between his lips. As my cock throbbed and swelled in his mouth he let it fall from between his lips and stood before me, he turned me around and gently pushed me in the chair. Once I was seated he knelt in front of me and removed my fallen trousers and briefs from my ankles, absently throwing them on the chair behind him. He placed his hands on my knees and eased them apart before pushing his body between them; he then hooked his arms under my knees and pulled my body up towards his face causing me to slide forward in the chair. In this position my tight boy pussy, hairless balls and quivering cock shaft were at his mercy and he let me know it. He pushed his face deep into my body and began to lick my pussy, his warm tongue causing my hole to flinch with ecstasy each time that it passed over. I could feel the wetness of his saliva covering my hole and running down the smooth valley of my arse as he explored me, my cock pounded against my stomach in appreciation of the sensations that he was visiting upon me. He brushed his tongue over my hole again but instead of moving on he started to gently push against the entrance to my body and began to ease his tongue into me; my cock instantly responded by pumping a river of pre cum onto my stomach; the silky wet flood filling my navel and spreading over my skin. My body welcomed him and my lips parted to allow him to probe deeper into me and soon he was flicking his tongue in and out of my hole, causing it to involuntarily clench as he drew out. My eyes rolled in pleasure as my nerves were flooded with sensations that I had never felt before. I closed my eyes and bit my lips as he continued to pleasure me.

Suddenly he stopped probing my hole with his tongue and pushed it hard against my perineum, running its coarse surface over my sensitive flesh as he ran it over my smooth balls and up my throbbing shaft. My eyes flew open in surprise as I felt his tongue glide over the collar of flesh that joined the shaft to the head and once again greedily engulfed it in his warm mouth. It was then that I noticed that Pete and Jason now stood naked on either side of my chair stroking their own swollen cocks as they watched.

As they focused on Darren I looked from side to side and admired their young cocks as their smooth hands flew up and down their shafts. Each shaft was glistening with the pre cum that was leaking from their tips. As I admired their bodies I noticed that I was not the only one with a penchant for keeping his balls and cock neatly trimmed. I raised both hands and began to cup each of their balls, feeling them rise slightly from my touch. I was amazed at how smooth and silky they felt in my grasp as I began to gently squeeze them, rolling their balls between my fingers. They both turned their attention to me and released their cocks from their own grasps, their eyes willing me to take up where they had left off. I slid my hands from their balls and up their slippery shafts where I began to slowly, steadily pump them in my hands. As my hands worked up and down their shafts I delighted in the size that their body had pushed their cocks to, feeling the blood coursing thro their veins as it struggled to reach their swollen heads and keep their impressive poles rigid.

Even as I began to imagine taking one of these monster cocks in my mouth I felt my lips wrap around Pete's cock as my lust began to lead my actions. I ran my tongue over his smooth head and pushed onwards feeling his skin slide easily down the shaft as he buried his cock in my throat. I let my tongue caress the underside of his cock, feeling each pulse from his body as blood continued to pump into his already ram rod straight cock, my lips suckled him and he began to buck his hips towards me. His cock slid in and out of my willing mouth and his swollen head mushroomed deep in my throat, releasing some silky strands of pre cum which slid down into my hungry body. As he continued to thrust into me my hands continued to play over his lovers cock, feeling it harden as he watched the sight before him, causing stream of pre cum to leak onto my naked chest and run down in rivulets to join my own pre cum that had welled on my stomach.

As I continued to pleasure the two young cocks that were within my grasp I could feel Darren working on my own cock, his hand sliding up and down my slippery pole as he fed it passed his warm lips and deep into his gulping throat. Suddenly he slipped his free hand under me and started to play his fingers around my wet hole before slipping two of them into my body, causing me to raise my hips and force my cock deeper into his throat. I began to moan in pleasure as his fingers began to fill me, causing me to suck hungrily on the cock in my mouth, in turn causing Pete to moan in pleasure and push his cock deeper into my throat. As he pushed into me I could feel the tell tale signs of his approaching orgasm so I removed his cock from my mouth and replaced it with my hand and began to gently stoke him again, allowing his orgasm to subside.

I turned my head and stared at Jason's cock and licked my lips as I admired his glistening head, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around him and sucked him noisily in to my mouth. As I drew him deeper into me he placed a hand on my head and began to buck his hips towards me, fucking my mouth with an unexpected ferocity. He worked his cock in and out of my mouth with such speed that I could not keep up as his head flew over my tongue and buried itself into the back of my throat. As he continued to pound me I could feel the veins in his shaft riding over my tongue as they pumped blood into his mushrooming head, I could taste the trail of pre cum that was now coating my tongue and lips. His thrusting got faster his breathing got shallower and his grip on my head increased, suddenly his cock began to throb and I felt the first shot of cum hit the back of my throat as his orgasm began. Soon my mouth was filled with the taste of him as he continued to fuck my mouth whilst shot after shot of cum exploded from his body. I tried to swallow all that he offered but he had caught me off guard and some of it was escaping past my lips and coating my chin.

Eventually he stopped cumming and pulled his deflating cock from my mouth and wiped his dripping head over my lips so that I could clean the remaining drops of cum from it. As I squeezed the last drops from his head I felt Darren remove his lips from my cock and Pete pulled his cock from my grasp.

"What have you done that for Jason?" asked Darren.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it. I was feeling as horny as hell and he is really good at sucking cock," replied Jason.

"I have to agree with that," said Pete.

"I know how good he is but you should've held back, we're no where near finished yet," said Darren.

"I know, I'm sorry, but I'm not out of it yet. Let just have a bit of a change of position," said Jason.

Jason pulled me to my feet and undid the buttons on my shirt and pulled it from my body, he then walked around in front of me and sat between my legs as his mouth enveloped my raging cock. As he swallowed me his hands clenched my buttocks and pulled me into him and I felt my cock knocking against the back of his throat. Now that my cock was nicely seated in his throat he began to lie back, pulling me to the floor. As I fell forward I braced my hands in front of me and bent my knees so that I landed on all fours, even as I landed Jason continued to suck on my cock, keeping his head close to my groin by holding onto my arse.

As Jason's hands continued hold my arse I could feel my cheeks being spread apart by his vice like grip and I was not the only one to notice because I soon felt someone's hot breath close to my moist hole. Suddenly I felt someone's tongue flick against my hole and I bucked my hips downwards, forcing my cock deeper into Jason's mouth causing him to moan against my cock, sending a wave of thrumming vibrations through my cock which in turn caused me to arch my back and moan loudly. As I was mid moan my mouth was invaded by the bulbous head of Darren's cock, I wrapped my lips around it and began to suck reverently it and began to work my way down his veiny shaft.

As I continued to suck Darren's cock I felt Pete insert a finger into my hole and begin to gently stretch my body, I pushed against his hand and wanting to feel him travel deeper into me. Sensing my need to be filled Pete inserted a second finger and began to thrust in and out of my moist hole, causing my head to swim in pleasure as they slid rapidly over my prostate. The waves of pleasure assailing my body caused me to suck ferociously on Darren's cock, drawing it deep into my mouth and milking it with my tongue; my back arched my cock pushed deeper into Jason's throat, releasing a huge shot of pre cum.

I felt Pete remove his fingers from me, leaving my butt feeling empty, and I pushed it back towards his trying to tempt him to continue pleasuring me. I was rewarded with the feel of the hot, meaty head of his cock brushing up and down the crease of my arse; lubricating my body with the silky threads of pre cum that was dripping from his exited body. Each time his head neared my hole I pushed back onto him, urging him to fill me once again. He continued to spread his juices over my hole and I could soon feel his warm juices running over my ball sack and onto the shaft of my cock, where they were quickly lapped up by Jason's hungry mouth.

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