tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Turkish Brothel

The Turkish Brothel

byTony King©

Sandi first contacted me some months ago telling how much she enjoyed my stories and how they reminded her of the things she used to get up to with her first husband. He threatened to take her to a Turkish brothel and let the audience have her.

Sandi ... this could have been you!!

It was the third day of our holiday in Ichmela, Turkey and I'd overdone the sun and beer, my head was splitting and it was only lunch time. Sandi wasn't much better, pissed as a parrot and twice as frisky. "I'm going to crash for a couple of hours," I said heading towards the room, "OK, I'll stay here for a while, soak up some more sun."

Two hours later, feeling better but still a little groggy I headed back to the pool area. Our towels were still there but no sign of Sandi. I asked a couple next to us and they said she went off with a couple of local lads shortly after I left her. Eventually, an hour later she turned up, giggling like a school girl, even more pissed than before, her arms draped round two young Turks and love bites all round her neck and tits. "Where the hell have been?" I asked.

"Oh, don't get cross, the boys have been showing me round, that's all." To the laughs of the two young men, I frog marched her back to the room and threw her on the bed. "So, you've been sight seeing, is that it, then explain the love bites." As I was reading the riot act, I noticed how wet her bikini bottoms were. Even her thighs were wet and sticky. I stripped her naked and felt between her legs. Her cunt was literally dripping with spunk.

"You fucking whore, you've been fucking those two guys haven't you?" I had my fist raised in anger, ready to hit her hard. It was no point yelling though, she had passed out from the drink. I returned to the pool ready to take my anger out on the two guys. "Come here you little bastard," I said grabbing one of them and pushing him up against the wall, "what the fuck have you been doing to my wife?" Before I knew it the other guy had me in an arm lock and forced me to the floor. "Listen mate, we don't want no trouble right, it was your missus that started it, she was begging for it, we didn't know she was married did we." He released my arm and I sat up. "What do you mean, begging for it?"

"She was all over us, telling us how young and strong we looked. She even started rubbing Armel's cock while he was lying on the sun bed. In the end she suggested we went back to our room for some fun. She's insatiable, we both fucked her twice and she still wanted more, tell you what man, she could take twenty men and still not get enough."

It's funny how when hit with the truth you soon calm down. As Ally explained what had happened, Armel went to get some beers. Soon, we were all chatting away like old friends and they told me every detail of their session with Sandi. "I'm going to pay that bitch back somehow," I said, the drink taking effect on my judgement. "Tell you what," said Ally, "my uncle runs a club in the old town, well, it's more like a brothel really. They have live shows then the audience are invited to join in. It's usually Turkish men only but a lot of the girls are European. Why don't we take her there." My muddled brain was having trouble keeping up, "what, to see a show you mean,"

"no," said Armel, "she will be the show."

I returned to the room and joined Sandi on the bed. She was lying on her back snoring loudly. Her perky tits were pointing skyward and even more spunk had run out of her cunt, down her thighs and onto the bed cover. I was so turned on by the sight before me and the thought of her being fucked by the two boys that I just stripped off, jumped between her open legs and rammed my hard cock straight up her. She opened her sleepy eyes and just smiled. "Hmmm, that feels wonderful."

"Did you enjoy the two boys fucking you?"

"Hmm, yes, they were good."

"Did they have big cocks?"

"Oh they were very big," she said still very drunk. "Would you like some more Turkish cock up you?"

"Oh yes, some nice big black cock." I don't know if she knew what she was saying but it had the desired effect on me. My balls exploded as I added another load to her well used cunt. As I rolled off, she moaned gently and went back to sleep.

I sat there looking at this beauty before me. You'd think at the grand old age of 40 she'd be past it, but no, it seems the older she gets the more randy she becomes. She just keeps getting better and still turns heads when we're out.

We both woke up late the next morning and this time it was Sandi with the hangover. She was trying to avoid eye contact with me but eventually had no choice. "Look love, I'm really sorry about yesterday, I don't know what came over me. It was the sun and all that wine. I was so drunk I didn't know what was happening until it was too late."

"So what are you saying, they raped you?"

"No, not exactly, I guess they just took advantage of me."

"That's not how I heard it."

We let it drop and went out for breakfast. It was a quiet day round the pool and by early evening we were talking normally again. In fact, thinking she had got away with it, Sandi was quite bubbly and hitting the wine again. "So, what have you got planned for tonight," she asked. "Oh, I thought we'd try this night club some one told me about, it a bit raunchy, live shows that sort of thing but should be a good laugh." She was all for it.

I watched as she sat naked at the dressing table putting on her make up. Dark eye shadow and black mascara, bright red lipstick with matching nail and toe polish and just a touch of blusher to take away the sun burn. "What should I wear?" she asked. "How about the white mini skirt and that top that leaves your midriff showing."

"Hmm, sounds good to me," she replied grabbing her bra. "No, leave the bra off, it looks much better with your tits swinging free."

"You dirty old devil," she laughed, discarding the bra. Sandi has medium sized tits but they are hard and firm and topped with the most enormous nipples. I love it when she gets aroused and the nipples poke through.

She put on a pair of small white panties followed by her mini skirt and top. "What shoes?" she asked. "Um, I like the fuck me shoes we got in America." These were high heels shoes with a two inch platform, they made her look so tall and really extenuated the curve of her calves. The end result was pure sex on legs.

We stopped off on the way and I made sure Sandi had plenty of wine. By the time we reached the club she was unsteady on her feet and slurring her words slightly. Armel and Ally met us at the end of the street. "I sink I know you," Sandi slurred, trying to focus on the two men, "you're the one's from the pool. We're going to a club, wanna come?" The wine was now taking effect and I literally had to hold her up. "Wow," said Ally, she looks great. "Here, hold onto her for me," I said transferring her to Armel. Lifting her short skirt I slowly slid her flimsy knickers down over her thighs and pulled them away, "you won't be needing these tonight." Sandi giggled as they two men grabbed handfuls of tit and slid there hands up her short skirt. "Can we have her first?" asked Ally, "sure, why not," I replied. They led us into a small courtyard. "The clubs through there," said Ally pointing at another door on the far side, "it's very secluded and private as you can see."

They led Sandi to a low bench and she gratefully flopped down. Ally dropped his trousers and standing in front of her presented a rather large prick to her mouth. "Suck it bitch." Sandi looked up through hooded eyes, opened her mouth and sucked him in. She loves giving head and within minutes she had her nose buried in his pubic hair as her throat muscles performed there magic on his cock. "Oh man, she's something else," Ally moaned as he held her head in both hands and simply fucked her mouth. "Turn her over," said Armel, "let me have some." Without taking his prick from her mouth, the two men manoeuvred her into a kneeling position. Armel lifted her short skirt exposing her tanned thighs and shaven pussy. "My God, she's dripping already." Was she ever, in the lights from the courtyard we could clearly see pussy juice running down her thighs. Armel released his prick and slid it between her cunt lips, at the same time, reaching round and releasing her tits from the tight top. I stood back and watched, taking shots with my new digital camera. What a sight. There was my wife, on all fours, kneeling on a wooden bench in an open courtyard with two Turks stuffing her full of prick at both ends. Her skirt was up round her waist and her top round her neck. Both tits were dangling down swinging in time to Armel thrusts. The two boys swapped round a couple of times, enjoying the sight of her tasting her own cum juice on their cocks. "Suck it baby, that's it, oh yeah, I'm going to cum in that lovely mouth of yours." A few more thrust and Ally held her head tight against him as he filled her with his hot cum. Armel was only a few strokes behind filling her cunt with the first load of the night. Not to be outdone, I took my turn, first at her mouth and then up her cunt. "You want more slut?" I asked, ramming my cock into her sloppy cunt. "Yesssss, more," she screamed out. "How many more cocks do you want tonight?"

"Lots, I want lots and lots of cocks." I knew she was pissed but this is what I wanted to hear.

I shot my load up her cunt and made her lick me clean. "You really want more cock," I asked, having tidied her up and sat her up straight. "Hmm, if you want me to," she replied, licking her lips and shoving her tits back into position. Ally suddenly appeared with another older man, "this is my uncle, Termish, uncle, these are the people I was telling you about."

"Welcome, welcome to my humble establishment, please, come in, please." We followed the old man inside, the two young Turks in front and me following holding Sandi by the arm. "Where we going," she asked, "to get you some more cock, that's what you wanted wasn't it?"

"Oh," was all she said.

Termish beckoned us to a small room and asked us to wait there for a few minutes. The two boys spent the time feeling Sandi up but they didn't undress her. Uncle Termish appeared a few minutes later and ushered us through a wooden door into another small room. This room had cushions scattered all over the floor, a small table, two chairs and a large curtain covering one wall. "The lady wait here," he said, pushing the rest of us through yet another door. He led us into a small but busy bar area with seating for about twenty people and a stage at one end of the room. The room was packed with Turkish men of all ages and the cigarette smoke made my eyes sting. "Yamil, show time," uncle Termish yelled to a man behind the bar. A large extractor kicked into life and with minutes the room was relatively clear of smoke, another click sent the curtain retreating into the wings. There on stage was Sandi.

She peered into the gloom, still unsteady on her feet, "Tony, where are you?" The crowd laughed and two men from the front row got up and joined her on the stage. They were both in there mid forties and both portly. "Hey pretty lady, are you lost?" The crowd roared with laughter again. The two men on stage were openly running their hands all over her body as they continued to tease her. "Maybe your husband has left you here for our enjoyment," one said running his hand up her skirt. Sandi was doing her best to brush their hands off while peering into the audience looking for me. "Bastard, where are you," she mumbled trying to find her way off the stage. With her tall fuck me shoes, the wine and the scattered cushions, it wasn't long before she stumbled. Of course the two men caught her, one by grabbing both tits and the other by wrapping his hands round her waist and lifting her skirt. As the crowd caught sight of her shaven glistening pussy the room erupted. "Get off me, what the fuck do'ya think your doing, don't fucking touch me." Sandi was putting up a good struggle but the men were too strong.

First they removed her top and holding her arms behind her back thrust her towards the front of the stage, giving the men in the audience a good look at her prominent tits. They slapped them around a bit making the nipples stick right out. She was kicking and struggling as they removed her skirt. Between them, they grabbed an arm and leg and lifted her off the ground. Holding her legs obscenely wide, they again showed her glistening cunt to the appreciative audience.

The crowd went ballistic and were shouting things in their own language. "They tell them to fuck her," said Ally, interpreting for me. Both men were now grabbing handfuls of tit and openly shoving their stubby nicotine stained fingers up her cunt. Sandi was drunkenly trying to fight them off but only succeeded in stumbling around the stage making it easier for them to abuse her. As one man grabbed her by the hair and forced her into a long lingering kiss, the other man started to undress. His gut was enormous but what hung underneath it was even bigger. This guy was hung like a donkey, his long thick cock stood out in front of him swaying to and fro as though it had a life of it's own. Releasing Sandi from the embrace, she was pushed into the clutches of the naked guy who too placed a smacker on her lips. As he was kissing her he took her small hand and placed it on his cock.

Up until now, she had been fighting like mad to get away from these two men, but as her hand closed round the cock she stopped her struggle. As the man released her from the kiss, she looked down at the monster between her fingers. It was like watching a film in slow motion. The whole place went deathly quite as Sandi simply stood and stared at the large cock. The man smiled as she sank to her knees, the tip of his cock now just inches from her face. It was as though she was mesmerised by it. Holding it steady with one hand, she ever so slowly moved her head forward. I held my breath, he held his breath, in fact, the whole fucking audience held their breath as inch by inch she closed the gap between her luscious red lips and the bloated head of his thick cock. There was an audible release of breath as she finally closed her lips round the head and started to take the shaft into her mouth. The only thing stopping her taking the whole length was the guy's fat gut. With her head resting on his stomach there was still another few inches to go.

The crowd broke the silence and cheered. "They're calling him a fat bastard," laughed Armel, rubbing his own erection through his trousers. As Sandi continued to give head, the other man got behind her and slid his smaller cock between her thighs. I watched as for the second time that night she was fucked at both ends. When they swapped round, they turned her on her back lying across the small table. Big prick knelt at the end and holding her legs wide open for the audience to see, inserted the bulbous cock into her cunt. "Oh yesssss," screamed Sandi as the inches went in. His friend waited until the whole length was up her before offering his wet cock to her mouth. Boy, could that girl fuck. She soon sucked the guy dry, catching it all in her mouth and licking strands of spunk of her lips as he withdrew. Big prick just kept hammering her cunt, pulling on her nipples and slapping her tits relentlessly as he fucked her. "YESSSSSS, oh yes, don't stop, pull my tits, harder, oh my godddddddd." Sandi's body was thrashing around like it was being electrocuted. Her hips were rising to meet his every thrust. As her own orgasm lingered, he made a final lunge and shot his load inside her.

The crown stop up and cheered him on, clapping yelling and to a man rubbing their bulges. As they two men stood down three more replaced them. "Now the party really starts," said Armel. Uncle Termish was first to undress and for an old man he sported a fair old erection. "Viagra," said Ally pointing to his uncle's rampant cock. Between them they placed Sandi over a chair, her ample charms pointing towards the audience at a 45 degree angle. This way we could also see her tits dangling over the other side. As the first guy slide into her cunt, Uncle T and his mate pulled on her tits and nipples. She really loves nipple abuse and this had her coming in no time. Going to a small wooden chest, uncle T produced some nipple clamps and a length of chain. The clamps were applied to both nipples causing Sandi to groan in both pain and pleasure. Then the chain was attached and passed to a man sitting in the front row of the audience. Uncle T stood back to admire his handiwork while the other guy shoved his cock into Sandi's mouth. The two men soon built up a rhythm and as one pulled out the other pushed in. It looked like she had one long continuous prick going in her cunt and coming out of her mouth. Every time she reached her peak, the man with the chain pulled it hard stretching her nipples.

The two men filled her again and were replaced by two more. This time they made her straddle one man while the other guy fucked her mouth again. She was insatiable and rode the cock in her cunt like a banshee on speed. Uncle T watched and wanked until he thought the time was right. Pulling her down, her tits crushed to his chest, the guy underneath held her still while uncle T got behind her. "What's he up to?" I asked stupidly, "he's going to fuck her arse, uncle Termish loves this." Uncle T might but Sandi had never been fucked up the arse before and on the several occasions I had tried she stopped me saying it was too painful. Termish rubbed his prick between her legs coating it with spunk and pussy juice before offering it to her puckered arse hole. "My God ... NO!" Sandi screamed suddenly realising what his intentions were. With as mighty shove he was in. "ARGHHHHH!" Sandi screamed, "YESSSSSSSSSS!" the crowd echoed.

As Sandi opened her mouth to scream again it was crammed with cock, no messing, just straight in, the whole thing right down her throat. She choked and gurgled at the sudden intrusion, allowing uncle T to ram the rest of his prick up her arse. With a cock up her cunt, one guy holding her head and fucking her mouth like crazy and uncle T holding her hips and fucking her arse like crazy the poor bitch didn't know what had hit her. To make it worse (or better) the guy in the front row started pulling the chain like a maniac. Sandi's body was jerking and jumping as the three men abused her and I've never seen nipples stretch that far.

When all three had had their fill they lifted her off the stage and into the audience. As the night wore on she was passed from man to man or group to group, every hole being used for their pleasure, even the bar staff took their turn. At one point I had my cock down her throat sharing her with both Ally and Armel. We really rammed her full of cock, adding to the spunk already deposited by the other men. More people arrived as the evening turned to early morning and every one of them took her in one way or another. By the time the last man left she was totally fucked out, her limp body laying face down on the stage with spunk pouring from her arse and cunt. Her face and hair were covered with the stuff and you could literally smell it on her breath. I removed the clamps from her swollen nipples and she groaned in pain as the blood rushed into them. Ally and Armel gently cleaned her body with warm soapy towels paying careful attention to her swollen cunt and red raw arse.

We spent the night at the club, sleeping on the scatter cushions. When we awoke the next morning, the two boys and uncle T all fucked her again before carrying her to a large marble bathroom where they gently lowered her into a luxurious tub of hot soapy water. Two hours later and she was dressed in her short skirt and top sitting in uncle T's car on the way back to the hotel. We were leaving that night and as we packed I asked her, "Well, where do you fancy going next year?"

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