tagInterracial LoveThe Turnaround Part 6

The Turnaround Part 6


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* * * * *

In the last episode, Erin had watched from the doorway as her mother, Eva, was mercilessly fucked in the ass by their handsome, Black, big-dicked (Tyree) neighbor as her mother's beautiful friend, Bridget, joined them.

Chap. 1

Erin fell through the door, hearing her mother's scream as she descended rather clumsily to the carpeted floor. After witnessing Tyree plunder the depths of her mother's ass, Erin had fingered herself into a door bumping, floor-falling orgasm! Her mother stared at her, eyes big as saucers!

Bridget's smiling face was smothered in the custard cream-like cum of her mom's numerous orgasms. Her nipples were hard as rocks, too. Her pussy looked like it had taken on Lennox Lewis and had gotten its ass beat just like Tyson did! Her eyes were glazed with pleasure. Erin could understand why she was smiling. She had watched Tyree fuck Bridget (see Part 5) before sticking his dick in her mother's ass.

Tyree continued to kneel behind her mother, Eva, with his thick, long, veiny, asscream and cum-covered dick waving back and forth as he gave her a smoldering look of control and dominance. Erin knew that he could feel her gazing upon his amazing, pussy-pleasing tool. What she didn't know was that he had a perfect view of her exposed pussy, as her jeans and panties were down around her shins. Her pussy lips glistened in the glow of the candles.

"Erin! What the HELL are YOU doing?!" Eva finally gasped.

"I-I-I... ME?! What are you doing?! I came up to... I mean I had come to... Me?! Mom! You're not even divorced yet and y-your up here with...with...!" Erin screamed as she rose to her feet, pulled her panties and pants up her thighs and began backing towards the doorway.

"Go home! Now! I will talk with you when I COME HOME!" Eva said sternly.

"Seems to me that you already CAME!" Erin said as she glanced at Tyree's cum lathered dick and then into his eyes as she hastily exited the room and began sprinting down the hallway.

Tyree glanced at Bridget, who was still smiling slightly. She had seen the look on the young girl's face as she stared at Tyree's drenched dick. The look in her eyes was the SAME that had been in Bridget's eyes the first time she had viewed Tyree's dick. One of wonder, awe, and finally, longing. As Bridget continued to look and smile at Tyree, he nodded his head in assent to her keen observation. He knew, instinctually, that Erin had never laid eyes on a dick as large as his. What would she do?

Eva rolled off of the bed. Her asshole was STILL wide open from the fucking it had received minutes before. She could feel Tyree's large deposit of cum inside of her ass begin to leak and dribble out of her stretched asshole and down the crack of her ass and onto her inner thighs. As she reached for her panties on the carpeted floor, Bridget asked her to stand still and not move.

Bridget nimbly got off the bed and moved behind Eva's bent form and began kissing and licking Tyree's cum off of her thighs, ass, and finally her raw, tender ass. She dipped her tongue repeatedly into Eva's ass to scoop up Tyree's cum. Eva moaned and wiggled her ass as Bridget's tongue massaged the abused orifice. Finally, Bridget kissed her ass while simultaneously smacking her asscheek.

"Go home and be with your daughter. Be kind to her, Eva. She just witnessed something she could never have been prepared for," Bridget said reassuringly.

"I know, I know. I don't know what I'm going to say to her! She should not have been acting like a gott-damn voyeur! But at the same time, I know this shocked her. What am I going to do or say?" Eva said.

"Be honest with her. Tell her the truth. You're a grown woman with needs. I satisfy them," Tyree said evenly.

Eva and Bridget glanced at each other. They both knew he spoke the truth.

"You're right, baby. I'll just be honest with her," Eva said as she smiled up at Tyree and finished getting her clothing back on.

"Thanks you two. I had a great time. I don't plan on missing much time with the two of you because of this crazy scene. I want you to know that. I love what I'm doing with you and I won't let anything stop what we have together," Eva said as she glanced back and forth between Tyree's dick and Bridget.

"Likewise," both Tyree and Bridget said.

Eva went to the bed and gave Bridget a deep kiss. She then wrapped her arms around Tyree's neck and kissed him as he grasped her asscheeks in his strong hands.

"Call me if you need me," Tyree said.

"Sure thing," Eva said as she disengaged with Tyree and headed for the open door of the bedroom.

"By the way, Bridget, you were right. Tyree's dick felt magnificent pounding me in the ass," Eva said over her shoulder as she turned and began walking down the hallway.

Chap. 2

Eva walked out of the side door of Tyree's house and into the driveway. She stepped off of the driveway and onto her lawn and walked towards the front door. Her mind was rifled with thoughts. Her daughter had just witnessed her getting ass-fucked! Eva felt guilty about Erin witnessing that scene. But, it had felt good and it had been the first time she had had a man in her ass. And what a man to have! Her ass continued to tingle and throb from having been invaded earlier.

She approached the front door and turned the door handle. The livingroom was dark but there was a light on in the kitchen. Eva quietly walked through the livingroom and entered the kitchen. Erin was sitting in a kitchen chair drinking a soda. Her face was still flushed. She did not look up at Eva as she entered the kitchen. She sighed audibly, instead.

Eva walked towards the opposite end of the table, pulled out a chair, and sat down facing Erin.

"We have to talk," Eva said quietly.

"What is there to talk about mom? I just saw you fucking another man...and woman! Dad would have a stroke if he heard about this!" Erin said heatedly as she looked at her mother, accusingly.

"I can't change what you saw. But I do doubt your father would have a stroke, considering...," Eva trailed off. She did not want to tell her daughter about the numerous occasions she had suffered through upon finding out about her husband's infidelities over the years. He had broken the vows of their marriage VERY early on. She had always kept so much hidden from Erin's knowledge. She did not want her to see her father in the same light as she did. Even though the silly, dishonest bastard deserved it.

"What? Considering what, mom?! Considering that less than fifteen minutes ago, you were getting buggered by a BLACK man?! How could you MOM?! And...and kissing and letting Bridget do those awful things to your body! What's happened to you?!" said Erin as she continued staring at her mother.

"First off! Why the hell are you sneaking around in our neighbor's private residence? I don't recall hearing a door chime, hon! What you saw was three adults having adult fun...plain and simple. I'm enjoying my body for the first time in my life, Erin. I allowed my marriage to make me a stranger to my OWN needs...putting myself second. That's the old Eva, I'm the new Eva. All my life I've sacrificed my needs for the needs of others. My father, your father. Always second or last. Well, I've turned over a new leaf! Life is too damn short to be wasted on being taken for granted! Plus, I want to set a good example for you, Erin. I've always been the quiet suffering, demure housewife. That's never going to be me again, hon. I'm a woman with needs and so my dear are you," Eva said smoothly while looking directly into her daughter's eyes.

Erin's mouth stood open as her mother finished. Her brain flashed back to one year ago when her mother had barely had enough courage to second-guess her father. Now, she was a completely different woman!

"Mom...what the fu-...I mean...what's happ-...I don't know where to...," Erin said haltingly.

"Erin, I know that you are not a virgin," Eva said suddenly.

Erin's face immediately became crimson red. She could not hide the feeling of a 'deer caught in the headlights' that came over her. How long had her mother known?!

"Don't worry, honey. I'm not mad or disappointed. I'm kind of surprised that you didn't let me know. I could tell by the way you began to walk that you were sexually active. A mother always knows," Eva said as she smiled at Erin to reassure her that she was not upset in any way.

"So, can we cut the act? I know that you know what sex is and how it feels. Can we cut the 'I'm shocked that my mother would have sex with an attractive man' thing? I want us to be like we were before your father moved out," Eva said.

A tear trickled from Erin's eye at the memory of how things had once been in their family. Mom was right. Ever since dad (Larry) had moved out, she had begun to emotionally distance and physically isolate herself from her mother. Her mother had been lonely. No wonder she succumbed to charms of their neighbor!

"I agree mom. I'm sorry for acting like a damn fool for the last few months. I don't know what's gotten into me. And I'm so sorry for embarrassing you like that tonight, Mom! I should have never climbed those st-," Erin began before Eva began to speak.

"Honey...honey. Don't worry about that. No one was embarrassed. We were all worried about you," Eva said as she stood up from her chair, wincing noticeably.

Erin smiled to herself as she realized her mother was groaning and grimacing because of the pounding her asshole had just taken from their mammoth-dicked neighbor. God, how had she taken that entire dick?!

Eva came over to Erin and wiped her fingers across her wet cheeks, wiping her tears away. She then hugged her daughter to her bosom.

"Erin, I want you to know that I am in no way in any harm. I am enjoying myself. Don't you think it's about time?" Eva asked.

"Yeah, mom. You deserve to be happy. I don't have the right to judge you. I know you've made a lot of sacrifices for me," Erin said as she looked up at her mother.

"I love you, honey" Eva said.

"I love you, too, mom," Erin said as she thought of Tyree's dick plowing through her mother's backside. Did all Black guys have dicks that big?

Chap. 3

Erin got up the next morning and showered. She had dreamed about the scene she had witnessed the previous evening. Her mind could think of nothing else! She had gone into her mother's room to borrow a hairpin when she saw that her mother was still sleeping. The cover had come down around her nude mother's sleeping form. Her mother slept on her stomach. Erin walked towards the bed to adjust the sheet back up around her mother's body. She noticed her mother's STILL gaping and red asshole. "Damn, what a dick!" Erin thought as she pulled the sheet up.

In school that day, Erin had on a pair of tight jeans that accentuated her round, heart-shaped ass to perfection. She had a low round ass, sorta like J-Lo's. She wore a loose fitting camisole-like blouse to top it off. It did nothing to hide the sway of her 36C's. As she walked out of class and down the stairs to her locker, she passed a group of young, Black students leaning on the railings of the steps. They were talking and cracking jokes as she passed by. As she swung her curvy thighs from side to side, she heard: "Damn that white girl got body like a sista, yo!"

A chorus of approval was the response from the other boys. Erin continued on her way acting as if she had not heard the young man's remark. Secretly, she knew that she turned Black guys on. Black men had started complimenting her over the last year or so. At first, she didn't know what to make of it. She had been offended that 'THEY' were making comments about HER! But after hearing their repeated comments about her ass being like a Black woman's, she began to comprehend their meaning. Black women were voluptuous is a goddess-like way. No other nationality of women could match up to a thick-thighed, river-hipped sista. She knew this instinctually from having attended school with Blacks for four years.

Erin's body was bootylicious and she knew it! Exquisite, full breasts, which were, capped off with ever-erect pink nipples...flat stomach...full, rounded hips...nice, onion-like ass and supple yet thick thighs. She could give any stripper a run for their money. Her body exuded sexuality in a major way. The male teachers in school had a private ogling club dedicated to her sensuous face and body. Many of them flirted with the daydream that they would be able to get a piece of what had to be the tightest, unspoiled pussy in the hemisphere and get away with it.

As Erin sauntered over towards her locker, she wondered if Tyree found her body sexy. She had been sitting in class all morning long thinking about the sight of Tyree's dick plowing through her mother's stretched ass lips, again and again. She remembered the look on her mother's face when he hit bottomed out in her ass. She could still her mother's screams of passion as Tyree pounded her ass and Bridget ate her pussy from underneath. What that must have felt like, Erin thought to herself. Her pussy seemed to clinch everytime the image of them fucking came to her mind.

Erin closed her locker and turned around. Standing directly in front of her was a smiling Tyree! How long had he been standing there staring at her ass? Oh well, if he had been, she hoped he had gotten a good, long look! "What the hell is happening to me?" she thought before saying...

"Hello...Mr. Tyree," Erin said nervously.

"Please, you know we're neighbors. Call me Tyree, okay? How are you doing this afternoon?" he asked.

"Fine. I was heading to class right now. Some speaker is coming to talk to the class or something. Hey, what are you doing here?" Erin asked.

"I'm the speaker! Your principal is an old friend of mine and asked if I would come and speak to you guys about a couple of things," Tyree said as he continued to look into Erin's eyes.

"Oh...cool! Would you like to walk me to class, Tyree," Erin said dramatically as she smiled at him.

"Yeah, I would," Tyree said.

As they walked down the hallway, Tyree could help to notice the fullness of Erin's ass. Her breasts swayed to and fro as she carried her books in the crook of her arm. He could make out the indentations of her nipples through her halter-top. She was a senior. In fact, she was already eighteen years old and due to graduate in a month or two. She was ripe! He had to careful. No reason to bring a rape charge on a brotha. She was after all, the daughter of the woman he was fucking into submission every other night. He knew her pussy had to be twice as tight and wet as her mother's, though. He wondered what thoughts were going through her mind as she walked next to the man she had caught fucking her mother the night before!

Erin's pussy fluttered as she became very wet walking next to Tyree. He was giving off some very powerful vibes. He exuded a commanding presence and it was affecting Erin! Her nipples were protruding through her bra and top. She knew he noticed because she had caught him gazing at her nipples, at least twice.

When they reached the classroom, Mr. Washington, her guidance counselor introduced Tyree as a friend of his who was there to speak with them about the importance of education. Mr. Washington also noticed the erect nipples of Erin. He took a quick seat behind his desk to hide his almost instantaneous erection. "Chalk one up for the club," he thought happily.

Tyree walked in and introduced himself to the class. As he looked around, he remembered sitting in a high school classroom just like this one. Young, Black, and gifted...and confused. He remembered how it seemed that everyone he knew had post-high school plans except him. He had the ability to succeed in college, but his parent's funds were on empty. He had never taken a liking to the streets but what other choices were there?

Tyree started talking about his past. He had been through a lot and still had made it to college. Tyree stressed believing in yourself, discipline, and sacrifice as the cornerstones of effective goal attainment. He talked about racism and discrimination and how it had affected him and motivated him to find ways to limit its impact in your life. He talked about drugs and the toll it takes on one's life and family. He also talked about responsibility and relationships. After finishing to a rousing ovation from the class, Tyree had gone and shaken every student's hand. The bell rung signaling the end of class and of the school day. Tyree walked out of the classroom with Mr. Washington. They headed off towards the parking lot.

Chap. 4

As Erin came out of school, her mind was flooded with thoughts about Tyree. She had not known that he was so intelligent, well spoken, and worldly...yet very down to earth and honest. Watching him talk and gesture, Erin could not help think of the body that lie beneath his well-tailored suit. She had repeatedly found herself staring at the bulge of his pants as he talked. The size of his dick was imprinted on her eyes and mind from memory. She knew she had viewed something that was rare. As she turned the corner to begin her five block walk home, she heard a car beeping. She turned around and saw that it was Tyree, driving his black, 420 SEL Mercedes Benz.

"Need a ride?" he asked as he slowed and guided his car along the curb.

"Yeah, why not?" Erin replied as she hopped off the curb and opened the door to his car. She hoped that he didn't notice how nervous yet excited she was.

As she closed the door, Tyree pulled away from the curb. They came to a stoplight. Erin could feel Tyree's gaze upon her shapely legs.

"I hope that you don't think ill of me after last night, Erin. You weren't supposed to see that," Tyree said.

"I already talked to my mom about it. It's cool. You guys are adults and I'm not," Erin said.

"Technically, from what your mother has told me, you are an adult. And as an adult, you should know and understand that sex is pleasurable when it's consensual. Nothing that happened last night was forced. Everyone got what they wanted and everyone was satisfied," Tyree said as he turned to look into Erin's eyes. He held her eyes for a moment. He wondered if she knew what he was getting at.

Erin saw the teasing look in Tyree's eyes. She recognized it because she was giving him the same look. She crossed her legs, sexily. Her pussy was starting to pulse slightly. It was a good thing she had on jeans or her wet spot would be visible to him. She could not remember her loins ever reacting this intensely. Her pussy had been wet for over an hour now!

Tyree pulled off from the light and noticed that every time his tires hit a rough spot in the road, Erin's bountiful titties bounced and warbled ever so lightly. He could plainly see her pencil eraser sized nipples through her blouse and bra. It was a sight to see! Plus, babygirl had thighs! The curve of her hips and legs was breathtaking. "This young girl got body out of this world!" he thought to himself.

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