tagLesbian SexThe Turning Point: Sandi's Awakening

The Turning Point: Sandi's Awakening


I have always led a privileged, predictable life. I was "born and raised" in the South, in a house built and owned by my mother's family since 1793. I went to an expensive and exclusive all girl's school and eventually married a nice young man from a good family. My husband went into his father's construction business and was soon making a lot of money, so we were able to have all the tangible things that go with the good life. We moved into a large house in a fashionable section of our city, he drove a Navigator and I had a Mercedes, and we moved in all the best circles. But.........

Like Peggy Lee, I always wondered, "Is that all there is?"

I had had some sexual experiences before marriage, mostly embarrassingly awkward sessions in a backseat, but I was still very naïve and I expected our wedding night to be different. I imagined Rhett Butler carrying me up the stairs and fireworks lighting the skies as we joined...but the fireworks fizzled and Rhett faded into my husband apologizing as his semen dried on my stomach. Oh well.

The sex got better as we learned each other and I learned to enjoy the intimacy, even if no fireworks lit up the sky. It was really nice, cradling my husband between my legs and holding his body close to mine, but something was missing...I could often almost get there, but I never had the "big O" women talked about. But my husband was a decent, hard working guy who treated me like a princess, so life was okay.

Since my husband often worked long hours, I got a job teaching school, but I got bored with that and when I was offered a job selling educational software I took it. I'm blonde, but I'm not stupid...I was offered this job by a sales executive I met at an educational conference I attended, and I knew he was interested in my ass, not my brains. But I fooled him by doing such a good job that he didn't mind the fact that he never got into my pants.

Time passed and we settled into our lives. Then everything changed in one night.

My husband and I had been out to dinner one evening and after dinner we stopped by a bar for a nightcap and ran into some acquaintances. The two couples we knew had an older woman with them, and they said her husband had died a few months before and they wanted to get her out for a night on the town to forget her troubles for a while. They going to a karaoke bar and invited us along. We aren't fans of karaoke, but we decided to tag along for the hell of it.

The bar was the type frequented by rednecks...lots of country music, lots of denim, lots of beer served in long neck bottles, some pretty rough looking customers, both men and women. We got lots of curious looks...my husband was wearing khaki pants, a nice shirt, and blazer, and I was in a black dress, hose and heels, while the others in our party were similarly dressed. We definitely stood out in the room! But people seemed friendly enough, so we decided to stay.

The karaoke performers were actually fun to watch, and a few of them were really good. One performer in particular stood out from all the others. She was an absolutely gorgeous black woman, and when she took the stage everyone stared in awe. I looked around, and so far as I could tell, she was the only black person in the place. She sang several songs, and she was very good. The crowd applauded and whistled after each song. She seemed to pick me out of the crowd for eye contact, and I smiled back at her. For the rest of her performance, I felt like she was singing to me. When she finished, she went to the bar to order a drink and on impulse I excused myself and followed her. We had all had several drinks by then, and I felt pretty good. I Tapped her on the shoulder and introduced myself .

"Hi," I said, putting out my hand. "I'm Sandi, and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your songs...you should sing professionally!"

She turned and took my hand, and I could see her eyes running over me. I felt myself blushing.

"Thank you. My name is Linda, and I'm glad you liked my songs. I noticed you from the stage, and I could tell you liked me...liked my songs."

I could feel my blush deepen. "I guess we kind stick out here..." I stammered.

Linda was still holding my hand, and she gave it a gentle squeeze. "Well you all do kind of stand apart, like me" she smiled, "But it wasn't the way you were dressed...tho' I do like that dress...you just stood out from the crowd for me...I sensed something different about you."

I felt as flustered as a school girl. I have never thought of myself as anything but straight as an arrow, never had any kind of girl-girl experience or even considered sex with a girl, but something about this woman drew me to her. We couldn't have been more different...I'm petite and blonde, and I was wearing a basic black dress, hose, and heels, and she was tall and had flawless milk chocolate skin, shoulder length black hair, and she was wearing jeans, a western style shirt, and boots. I guessed her to be 25, maybe a little older.

"Different? I think I'm pretty ordinary," I finally answered, noting that she still had my hand in hers. "You are the one who stands out...you're beautiful!" My god, was I actually being flirty? I sounded like it to me!

Linda released my hand and moved closer to me. She put her hand on my arm and very lightly caressed it. My first thought was to move away, but instead I simply moved closer to her. I was trembling inside. *What on earth is wrong with me?*

"You are definitely not ordinary," she whispered and gently squeezed my arm.

I was unnerved by her comment, but I felt flattered too. This girl scared me, yet I didn't want to walk away either. "Are you here on business?" I asked to change the subject.

"I'm here from Las Vegas, visiting friends...we came out tonight to have a little fun. I love to do karaoke...have you ever tried it?"

"No." I was acutely aware that she was still holding my arm, and surprised that it felt good to have her handling me.

"You should try it...maybe we could do one together," she said, "This crowd would love you!"

Just then the DJ called for her again. "I have to go...this one will be just for you," she whispered and gave my arm a squeeze. I blushed again and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I was trembling inside as I walked back to our table. Our group was drinking pretty heavily and dancing between performances, and I noticed that my husband seemed to be doing a good job of cheering the widow up.

Linda sang several more songs, and looked directly at me most of the time. One of the other women in our group noticed and whispered to me, "I think she likes you, Sandi."

I just rolled my eyes and laughed, but my heart was beating in my ears.

While Linda sang, I found myself posing for her...pulling my shoulders back, fixing my hair, letting my dress ride a little higher as I crossed and re crossed my legs...I was acting like a girl at a junior high prom, I thought.

When she went back to the bar, I nonchalantly excused myself again. "I think I see a girl I work with...I'll be in a little while." Nobody seemed to notice except my friend who had noticed Linda looking at me. She gave me a quizzical look and smiled, but said nothing.

The bar area was really crowded, and I didn't immediately see Linda. While I was looking for her some guy put his arm around my waist. "Wanna dance, sweetheart?"

He was obviously drunk, and my heart sank. Then Linda came up. "Sorry big guy, but she already promised to dance with me." I was afraid of trouble, but he smiled good naturedly and backed off. "Sure darlin'...go for it."

Linda took me by the arm and we moved into the crowd near the dance floor, but away from our table.

Linda smiled. "Most of these guys are okay...they work hard and like to have a good time...and they don't see somebody like you in here very often. You really can't blame him..."

She slipped her arm around me and leaned over to whisper in my ear. "Why don't we give them a real shock? Dance with me."

"I can't do that!" I whispered back. "My friends and my husband are over there!"

She smiled at me. "At least you're not pretending that you don't want to." She ran her hand down my back and patted my bottom. My mouth was dry and I trembled inside and looked up at her, but I didn't try to stop her from fondling me. "I can feel your heat honey...it's radiating off you in waves. It's dark in here, and I know you want to dance with me...come with me."

She took me by the arm and led me through the crowd to a really dark area away from the crowd. Hardly anyone was there, and they were either "making out" or watching the dance floor. By now I was shaking...from fear? from pent up need? What was I getting into?

"I can't do this!" I whispered, pulling away.

Linda tightened her grip on my arm and pulled me close to her. She put her arms around me. "Sure you can. We're just dancing. We're pretty much alone here...nobody can see who cares...dance with me...let yourself go and just enjoy it...you know you want to..." She ran her hands over my back, down to my waist, and over my bottom, gently squeezing each cheek...

I melted into her, letting go of all my inhibitions, letting her take me. She was right. I wanted to dance with her, wanted her to hold me. This was how it was supposed to be with men, with my husband, but it never was. I looked up at her and she was smiling down at me. She leaned down and kissed me, and I felt like I was going to fall apart. I opened my mouth and she pushed her tongue in to explore it and taste me as she ran her hands over my ass. God! I was trembling and sweating, and dying with pent up need! I never wanted anybody as badly as I wanted her right then. I would have done anything she wanted, given her anything she wanted...I was actually beginning to pant, and my entire body was trembling.

She put her hands on my face and turned it so I was looking up at her. She caressed my face. "Poor baby...you need it so badly. I could tell, the moment I saw you." She leaned down and kissed me again, very lightly." Then she put her arms around me and ran her hands over my bottom again. "Come with me, sweetheart, come with me and let me give you what you need...."

"Okay," I whispered, resting my head on her shoulder.

She led me to an almost pitch black area beyond the pool tables and pushed me back against one of the tables and kissed me. I moaned softly and parted my lips to accept her tongue into my mouth. Then I realized that I was kissing her back, pushing my own tongue into her mouth, exploring it, tasting her. I felt like I was burning up. Our tongues battled for dominance for a while, then she put her hands in my hair and pulled my head back, forcing me to look up at her. Neither of us said anything. The only sound was my breathing, and my heart beating in my ears. She smiled at me and wiped the sweat off my face with her fingers. Then she took me by the hair again and pulled be to her and kissed me, ramming her tongue into my mouth. I let my mouth fall open and surrendered to her dominance. I was hers, to do with as she wished, and we both knew it.

She broke off the kiss and stood back, looking at me. "Lift that pretty dress sweetheart. I want to look at you."

I was literally shaking, I felt as though my whole body was going to explode. This woman was going to take me, and I was petrified with fear, but I never wanted anything like I wanted this. With trembling hands, I pulled my dress up around my waist.

She leaned over and hooked her thumbs in my pantyhose and panties. "I hate pantyhose...they're hot and damned inconvenient...you need to quit wearing them...and panties too...If you belonged to me, you'd never wear them or a bra again."

I was stupidly trying to digest what she was saying when she pushed me back onto the table and pulled my pantyhose and panties down to my ankles. I suddenly realized what was about to happen and tried to get up. "We can't...somebody will see!"

She stood up and pushed me back down. "Hush baby...nobody who cares will see us back here unless you make too much noise. I want you baby, and you need it, so shut up and lift those beautiful legs for me."

Oh god, I wanted it too! I lifted my legs, and she took off my shoes, then pulled my panties and hose completely off and tossed them on the table. She lifted my legs and put them on her shoulders, exposing my pussy. No one, even my husband, had ever seen me like this. "You have a pretty little pussy, sweetheart...and you're a natural blonde!"

I closed my eyes. Here I was, the prim and proper little southern belle, the spoiled little princess, lying on my back on a pool table in a redneck bar, my legs resting on this black girl's shoulders, my cunt exposed for her inspection...and did I feel horror or shame? Was I afraid or even embarrassed? I was amazed to find that I felt proud that she thought I had a pretty pussy! I was wide open, and I could feel myself getting wet...

She lifted one of my legs and pushed it back slightly to kiss the sole of my foot, the she kissed my calf. She put my leg back on her shoulder, then lifted the other, kissing my foot and calf. She ran her hands over my legs. "Smooth, and so pretty..."

She leaned forward, pushing my legs back toward my shoulders and kissed my thighs. I wanted to scream, but I simply whimpered. She brought her face down to within inches of my swollen vulva, and I could feel her breath.

"I can smell your arousal baby...you need this, don't you?"

"Yes," I whimpered. God, I needed it more than anything. Nothing else mattered right then...She leaned in and sniffed my pussy again..."Sweet," she whispered, "just like I knew it would be..." She put her finger just inside my wet opening and I felt like a bolt of lightning had run through my body and I began to gasp for breath.

Linda looked up at me. "Are you okay baby?"

"God yes! I want this so badly...need this so badly..." I whispered. "Please don't play with me."

"I'm going to give you what you need baby, I promise," she whispered back.

She kissed my inner thighs again and ran a finger up and down my hot, aching opening, rubbing it against my clit. "Ahhh!" I moaned and my whole body twitched. I grabbed Linda by the hair and tried to pull her lips against my open pussy. "Oh god, please! Please!" I begged as I squirmed wildly on the table.

But Linda had no intention of letting me take control. She pulled my hands away and moved back. "No, no, sweetheart. Be a good little girl..."

She slid her hands under my butt and held my cheeks in her hands as she leaned forward again and used her tongue to explore every crevice and fold of my pussy with the tip of her tongue. I groaned and pumped my pelvis frantically, using my legs on her back for leverage. "Oh god, Linda, please!"

But Linda was in complete control. Just as I neared the edge, she would raise up and kiss my thighs and stroke them tenderly, cooing, "That's my good little girl," while I sobbed brokenly. Then she would explore my pussy again with her tongue. After what seemed like hours, when she had reduced me to an incoherent wreck, sobbing and bucking my hips in futile fuck motions, she pushed two fingers into my steaming cunt and fucked me with them while she took my swollen clit into her mouth and sucked on it.

I lurched and shook uncontrollably as my body erupted in the most excruciating pleasure I had ever known. I put my fist into my mouth and bit down to keep from screaming, and broke down into uncontrollable sobbing as the intense orgasm shook my body. Everything I was, everything I had, my very soul belonged to Linda at that moment...

When it was over, I was completely drained. Linda placed a final kiss on my pussy lips, then Kissed my inner thighs and stood up. She pulled me up and kissed me on the mouth, and I tasted myself on her lips. "Stand up baby, we need to make you presentable for hubby and your friends," she instructed as she pulled me off the table. I was a mess, standing barefoot on the gritty floor, but I didn't care. "Kiss me," I whispered.

She kissed me lightly on the lips again and patted my ass. "That's enough kissing for tonight baby...you need to go home to bed like a good girl."

"But don't you want me to...you know?" I whined. I wanted to kneel before this strong beautiful black woman, wanted to taste her, worship her.

"Not tonight, sweetheart. This was your night. Now be a good girl and do what I say."

She pulled my dress down and ran her hands through my sweaty hair to fix it a little. Then she kneeled down. "Lift your foot," she ordered and I obeyed like a child. She used her hand to wipe the bottom of my foot and slipped my shoe on. "Now the other," and she put the other shoe on, then stood up. "There's no way I'm going to try to put those pantyhose back on you," she said, tossing them on the floor. "Everybody's so drunk they won't notice, and if they do just tell them they were so hot you took them off and tossed them. I'm keeping the panties to remember you by. Do you mind?"

"No," I answered, still in a daze.

"I wrote my number and email address down for you," she said pressing it in my hand. "After you've recovered and processed all this, get in touch if you want to. Now go back to your friends...I'm going out the back."

I managed to get back to our table, hoping I looked halfway normal. The men were all but passed out, and I saw one of the women at the bar letting some redneck feel her up. The widow and my husband were dancing. My other friend was pretty gone too, but she still gave me the once over when I came back. "Where you been so long?" she asked. "You look pale as a ghost."

"I told you, I saw some people I know and we were talking," I offered. "Its way too hot in here!" I prayed silently that she didn't notice my bare legs.

She eyed me skeptically, but didn't say anything. I got my husband off the dance floor and we left them there. I later learned that they took a cab home and went back for their car the next day. I drove us home. My husband was so drunk that he passed out on a sofa, so I never had to explain what happened to my pantyhose and panties.

That night changed me forever. I wasn't ready to admit that I was bisexual yet, but that night, as I lay sleepless, I knew Linda had tapped into the seething sexuality that lay beneath my "good girl" surface, and once it erupted there was no denying it or turning it off again.

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