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The Tutor


Dell walked into the library and paused, looking for Nate. Dell had been having problems in his biology class lately and decided to get a tutor. Dell and Nate met a couple of times a week for the past month and Dell already saw his grades starting to improve.

Dell saw Nate sitting at a table and went over to greet him. Nate had an average build, but his deep brown skin and black hair was in stark contrast to Dell's fair skin red-orange hair. They had similar personalities, though, and had become quite friendly during the time of their sessions. "What's up, Nate?" Dell said as he approached his tutor.

Before Dell could sit down, Nate responded, "Hold on. I reserved us a private study room today."

"Okay, no problem."

The two of them walked over to the elevators and started talking about the party that was being thrown that weekend. They rode up the elevator to the third floor and walked to the area that held the private study rooms. Nate found the right one and held the door open for Dell. Nate closed the door behind them and they sat at the desk.

They quickly got into their studies. Nate was a very good tutor, and Dell paid attention to everything Nate said. They were going over reproduction, and Dell wanted to make sure he aced the next exam.

They sat on the same side of the desk, so close that their legs occasionally touched. As they got more into the subject, Dell started becoming aroused. The feel of Nate's leg against his started causing his heart to race faster. He tried to find a way to adjust his hardening cock in his pants without Nate noticing, but he had no such luck. Nate noticed the outline of Dell's hard prick in his jeans against his leg and made a joke.

"I guess human reproduction can be a very stimulating subject," he said, a smile on his face.

"I usually don't have this reaction to biology," Dell replied.

"I hope that means I'm making it real for you."

"If you wanna call it that."

Nate put his hand on Dell's leg, right on top of his erection. "Well, we could easily make this an interactive lesson."

Dell watched in shock as Nate reached over and unzipped his pants. Dell breathed in deeply as Nate pulled out his hard rod. Nate's hands were warm and felt good over Dell's cock. "I know what I can do with this," Nate said, licking his lips.

Nate stood up and turned Dell's chair around until it was facing him. He then got on his knees and slowly slid Dell's hard cock into his mouth. Dell's head began spinning as his tutor started sucking his hard dick. Nate's tongue moved all over Dell's rod, licking up the shaft and flicking over the head. Dell started rubbing the back of Nate's head and moaned lowly. Dell watched as Nate bobbed his head up and down, sliding the tool in and out of his mouth. Nate knew how to apply the right amount of pressure with his lips to send waves of pleasure up Dell's spine.

Dell leaned his head back, enjoying the sensations. Nate started moaning with Dell's cock in his mouth, sending vibrations through the hard shaft. Nate used his hand to gently stroke Dell's balls. This sent Dell over the edge, and he grabbed Nate's head and held it in place as he shot his hot load into Nate's mouth. Nate pumped the dick with his hand and lips, milking every drop out of it and swallowing it all.

When Dell was finished, Nate stood up in front of Dell and smiled. As Dell watched, Nate pulled off his shirt and pulled down his pants, letting his hard black cock stand in the air in front of Dell's face. Dell stood up and quickly undressed. He pulled Nate closer to him and gave him a deep kiss, tasting his semen on Nate's tongue. Nate's hands started caressing Dell's round ass while Dell rubbed his hands up and down Nate's chest. Their hard cocks were pressed in between them.

Nate turned Dell around, making him face the table. Dell clenched his hands as he felt Nate's finger gently probing his ass hole. Nate kissed on Dell's neck as he slowly slid his fingertip into the tight orifice. Nate moved his finger around a little, causing Dell to moan in pleasure. Nate slid his finger in deeper, up to the middle knuckle. His other hand reached around and rubbed Dell's smooth chest.

After a few minutes, Dell reached behind him and grabbed Nate's erection. "This is what I need," he whispered. Nate slid his finger out of Dell's ass and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to the hole. Dell held his breath as Nate slowly slid his cock in. Dell could feel Nate's thick rod filling his tight ass. Dell's heart started beating faster because of the pain. "Be gentle with that monster," he said to Nate. With half his cock in Dell's ass, Nate started pumping in and out, slowly and gently. Nate pulled Dell back towards him, the heat of his chest pressing against Dell's back. Nate reached around Dell and gently played with Dell's balls, slowly rolling them in his fingers. Dell closed his eyes and let the feeling of Nate's rod wash over him. Dell felt like his entire body was on fire, every inch of his skin awake and alive with pleasure. With every pump, Nate slid deeper into Dell's ass, until his groin was able to press against Dell's cheeks.

Nate started nibbling on Dell's earlobe. Dell reached back and held onto the back of Nate's neck. Nate pumped slow but hard, slamming his groin against Dells ass with every stroke. Nate felt his breathing fall in synch with his hip movements. Dell could feel Nate's heartbeat on his back racing faster and faster. A growl escaped from Nate's lips as he orgasmed. Dell felt Nate's hot semen shooting deep in his ass, Nate's cock pulsing with each pump. Nate's entire body shuddered from the sensation, and he held onto Dell as he felt his knees get weak. They stood like that for a few moments until Nate pulled his cock out of Dell's ass. The two of them got dressed and made a date for another tutoring session before leaving.

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