The Tutor


Thanks to LazyHobo for editing services.


I knocked on the door and waited patiently for an answer. I'd put up flyers for tutoring all over the campus, but this was the first response that I'd received. My feet were sore from wearing heels and I hope he came to the door soon. At 5'3, heels were a must for me. I adjusted my bra straps to line up with my camisole. I hate wearing bras, but being a 36 C cup I hardly had a choice. I smooth my skirt, to make sure it was neat. I hoped it wasn't too short, but it was hot today.

"Oh hey, Kim right?" A tall white guy answered the door. He had curly brown hair and green eyes; I thought he was kind of cute. He reminded me of that Vince guy from that show Entourage, but a little buffer.

"Um yeah, hi Zach. Ready to get started?" I asked. He smiled and showed me into his dorm. On the couch was a blonde guy with a big bowl of cereal. I'd seen him last semester in a some history class. I laughed every time I saw him because I thought he looked like Draco Malfoy. He frowned after I smiled in his direction.

"Dude, did you draw dicks on my face while I was asleep? You're such an asshole."

"I didn't draw any cocks on your face Andrew, even though you love it," Adam said.

"Then why's she laughing at me?"

"Oh um, it's not you, I was just thinking about a TV show." I said quickly. Andrew mumbled something and went back to his cereal. I sat down at the table and pulled out my books and notes.

"You want something to drink? We got Gatorade, Red Bull, Coke and water." Zach asked

"Some water would be nice thanks." I replied. He poured the water into a glass and dropped a few ice cubes inside and then handed it to me.

"So where are you from?" Zach asked me.

"The south," I said.

"Wow really? I thought you were like from Jamaica or something," Zach commented.

"Dude, don't be racist!" Andrew yelled.

"What? She's like, exotic." Zach said defending himself.

"It's cool; I get that a lot for some reason. Now, what part were you having problems at?" Zach and I went over my notes for about a half an hour. I fanned myself with my notebooks and both guys had removed their shirts. I felt like I was going to melt into a puddle of chocolate.

Andrew watched TV while Zach and I worked. He flipped through channels, never stopping for more than a second. I wanted to throw my book at him.

"Hey can you keep it down, douche bag, I'm trying to study." Zach said and Andrew flipped Zach the bird. Andrew went over to the TV and put in a DVD, instead of going back to the couch, he heads to a recliner in the corner, which was directly across from me. He was quiet so it didn't bother me.

After a few minutes I look over at the TV, and see a Black woman on the screen. She's wearing a red string bikini and looked like her body was covered in baby oil. I looked over to Andrew and his hand was in his shorts. He looked right at me and went back to watching the flick. The woman bent over shaking her ass. The hand of a White guy rubbed her ass and then pried her ass open with both hand.

Zach seemed not to notice, so I pretended like I didn't see anything. When I looked up again the Black woman was playing with her clit with one while thrusting a white flesh color dildo in her pussy. Andrew was now seriously stroking himself.

"Can you go in your room or something and watch that junk?" I asked annoyed. Andrew waved the remote with his free hand.

"Why don't you come do it yourself," he said with a smirk. I guess he thought I'd be embarrassed or shy or something but I stormed over to him. In the few steps I took to get to him, he'd taken out his half hard cock. He placed the remote on his thigh, like he was trying to test me.

"Give it to me Andrew," I demanded.

"Take it." He said still grinning. When I reached down to get the remote, he grabbed me by the hand. He pulled me down so hard that I fell to my knees.

"What the hell you jerk!" I yelled. When I tried to get up, two hands held me down by the shoulders. I turned my head and Zach was behind me, holding me down. Andrew moved closer to the edge of the chair, his cock right in front of my face.

"Suck it," he demanded.

"No way! Stop screwing around you guys!" Andrew grabbed me by my ponytail forcing my head still, while I tried to avoid his cock. Zach put all his weight on me, keeping still and Andrew began to slap me in the face with his dick. It hurt a lot more than expected. It had to be over 9 inches long and was pretty thick. One of them pinched my nose so that I couldn't breathe. I tried fighting it but after a minute I had to open my mouth for air. In a second Andrew grabbed me by the head with both his hand and forced my mouth on his cock. I almost gagged, he was so big.

"Suck my cock," I heard Andrew demand. Even though his cock was in my mouth, I tried not to let my tongue come in contact with his ever hardening flesh. I shook my head and muffled protests.

Zach undid my bra, and lowered my shirt so my breast hung out. He started to squeeze my nipples really hard. My nipples were extremely sensitive so the pain was almost excruciating.

"Suck him off," Zach said and pinched me even harder. I got really scared. I was alone in their place and at the very least they had knives in the kitchen. I slowly slid my tongue against his shaft. With one hand Andrew guided my head on his cock, making me bob up and down.

"That's right," Andrew moaned, "work those big black lips." I felt Zach behind me lift up my skirt.

"Dude, she's not wearing any panties," Zach said with a laugh. I groaned around Andrew's cock. I was in such a hurry not to be late; I forgot to put any on.

"What a slut," Zach said and he smacked my ass. He nudged my legs apart and I tried to reach around to stop him, he smacked my ass again. He pulled both of my hands behind my back and tied them together with a scarf or something. With my hands bound Zach began to play with my pussy. He massaged my lips and gently flicked my clit. Andrew slowly made me suck him slower, shoving his cock almost down my throat. His dick had thick veins, that I felt all over my tongue. I would have enjoyed it if they hadn't forced me.

Zach slid two fingers inside my pussy, and stroked me hard and with his other hand he pulled on my clit like he was trying to milk me. I'd never felt anything like that before. I was so annoyed at myself that it felt a little good.

"This Black bitch is getting wet," Zach said and plunged another finger in me. Andrew sped up my head and I felt his cock throb. I had a feeling what was about to happen. I tried to pull away but he kept I tight hold on me. Zach pulled his fingers from my pussy, and spread my ass apart. With my own juices as lube, he stuck a finger in my asshole. He continued to rub my clit as he slowly finger fucked my ass.

"Keep doing whatever you're doing dude, this bitch is moaning on my cock," Andrew said. I was pissed at myself because he was right. I'd always be afraid of ass play and never knew how good it could feel. Zach slipped in another finger and I felt my pussy juice drip down my leg. He leaned over, and I felt his breath at my ear.

"You like that don't you slut? Sucking a White cock while your ass is getting opened up..." I shook my head in protest. I refused to admit anything to him. Andrew began to fuck my face full on, I gagged and choked but he didn't relent. He stood up fully on the chair and shoved his dick as far down my throat as it would go.

"Fuuuuuck!" I heard him yell out as he came in my mouth. He held my head tightly, forcing me to swallow every drop of his load. Tears streamed down my cheeks from his coarseness. Andrew eased his cock from my mouth. I tried to wipe my face, but forgot that my hands were tied. Andrew lied down on the floor. Zach hadn't stopped fingering me, only slowed down.

"That was the best head in my life," Andrew said with a laugh. Zach impaled his fingers even deeper, almost pushing over so that my ass was in the air. He withdrew roughly from my ass and grabbed me by my hair, and practically dragged me over to Andrew. Zach picked me up and tossed me over Andrew so that straddled him. I sat on Andrew, trying to crawl away from his cock. Andrew grabbed me by the hips, forcing me closer to head of his shaft.

Zach came to my side, yanking my head up. Before I could even say 'ouch' he shoved his cock in my mouth. I kept pulling my head back; his cock was too big and was stretching my mouth open. He slowly fucked my face but not as harshly as Andrew had. I poised myself over Andrew, avoiding his cock as best I could. He began to fondle and caress my breasts.

"Look at these fat black tits," he said as he smashed them together. The way Andrew massaged them was actually nice. He licked his thumbs and rubbed them over my nipples. With one hand Andrew reached down and grabbed his cock. He rubbed the head against the lips of my pussy. I kept moving, trying to avoid him from entering me.

Zach withdrew from my mouth. He went over to the kitchen and I heard him rummaging around in the cupboards. Andrew gripped me hard by the hips, lowering me down on him.

"Ugh..." I grunted as Andrew filled me up. His cock was stiff and hot.

"Ride me," he demanded.

"Fuck you," I glared at him but he only smirked back. Zach came back over to me. He wrapped something around my neck, like a dish towel. Zach yanked me back as Andrew thrust roughly into me. With each thrust, he went deep and deeper into my pussy. I could barely keep myself stable. If it had not been for Zach tugging me straight, I'd have probably fallen to the floor. Zach mumbled something I couldn't understand over Andrew's groans and then a warm thick liquid ran down my back. Zach smoothed it over my ass.

"Hold her ass open for me, dude." Zach said to Andrew. He pried my ass cheeks apart, stretching it so much that it began to hurt. I felt Zach circle my asshole with the head of his dick.

"W...wa...wait Zach, I've never—" He cut me off by tightening the towel around my neck. I shut my eyes in pain as Zach eased into my hole. I'd never tried anal before, but I knew I had to relax myself or it would be a lot more painful.

"This slut is letting me right in," Zach jeered. He buried his cock inside me all the way to the hilt. I felt like passing out. After a moment the pain passed and Zach's measure strokes started to feel somewhat good.

"I think this bitch likes getting fucked in the ass. She's creaming all over my cock," Andrew said.

Zach yanked me back, making it harder for me to breath.

"You like having two White cocks filling up your filthy Black holes, don't you?" Zach whispered close to my ear. I shook my head, No! Zach pulled all the way out, leaving my ass feeling empty. He then plunged back in harder than he ever had before.

He pushed down on Andrew and began ramming my ass almost relentlessly.

"Do you like it?" He growled.

"Y...yes," I whimpered softly. He put his hand on my neck, clasping around it with increasing pressure.

"Then fucking act like it," He said harshly. I let a small moan escape, which encouraged them both.

I tried to resist with everything I could. Andrew was giving quick sharp pumps to my wet pussy while Zach gave slower but powerful strokes in my ass. Even being choked made everything seem more sensitive. I felt a familiar heat in the pit of my stomach.

"M...More," I ground out. I knew I was close.

"Damn it, she's squeezing my cock so hard," Andrew said from under me. With each thrust I felt him throb. He bucked, going even deeper which caused me to shiver.

"Oh my god," I moaned. Even though I was soaking wet, I clenched Andrew's cock as hard as I could. He slowly stopped his erratic pace and began to deliver long rough strokes. Within a moment he stilled, gripping my hips. His cock started to pulsate in me, throbbing like crazy.

"Get her up," he said quickly. Zach pulled me back, allowing Andrew to ease from under me. He kneeled in front of me pulling my head down onto his cock. This time I welcomed him. Zach kept a steady pace on my ass, as the position changed. Every time he pounded into me, Andrew went further down my throat.

"Suck me good," Andrew said. I inhaled him tightly as possible and soon I could taste salty sweetness of his precum. I'd never swallowed a guy before, but with Zach pushing me into Andrew there was no way I could escape it. Andrew grabbed me hair, his cock swelling more than I thought possible.

"Son of a bitch!" Andrew grunted, Cumming in my mouth. The thick gooey liquid filled my mouth quicker than I could swallow it all. He held my face close, pumping every last drop down my throat. Once he'd somewhat softened, he shakily withdrew.

I collapsed without Andrew's support. Zach pulled me up by the arms. His fast and steady rhythm never ceasing. I grunted each time he pounded away at my ass. Zach took me by surprise when he pulled out. He flipped over so that I lay on my back. He spread my legs as far apart as they would go and dove into my ass again. Sweat was dripping down his forehead.

"Look at me!" Zach commanded. I stared him directly in the eyes. He once again placed his hands around my neck. I squirmed under him arching my back.

"I...I'm going to cum," I said straining my voice. Zach tightened his grip, rolling his eyes back. I hitched my legs around his waist, pulling deeper into me. I started to convulse with every stroke. For the first time, I came, from having my ass fucked. It hit me like a wave, sending a shock over my entire body.

"Ahh...fuck," Zach mumbled. He continued to drill my ass while he blew his load. His hot cum felt like lava spewing inside of me. It seemed like Zach would never stop Cumming. His pace slowed but there was a wet gushy sound with each stroke. He pulled out of my ass with a 'pop'. He took one hand off my neck and jerked his cock off further. The warm droplets splattered across my stomach.

When he was spent, Zach moved to the side of me, laying down on the floor. For a few moments it stayed quiet, save for our deep breathing.

"I knew when I saw her in she'd be a great fuck." I heard Andrew say somewhere beyond my peripheral. My body still tingled from Cumming, I breathed a deep sigh.

"You were right dude," Andrew said sluggishly. I heard a faint rustle of keys and the sound of a door creaking.

"What the fuck is going on?!" A woman's voice shrieked. My hands still bound, I struggled to get up.

A redhead girl came into the living room. Zach waved a hand dismissively.

"A welcome home present," he said. The girl's expression quickly turned from anger to delight. She smirked and came closer to me.

"I might go home for the weekend more often," she said with a smile.

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