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The Twelve Tables


Authors note: Though heavily based in BDSM I have placed this story in Novella's due to the fact that in my grand design it will cross many categories available on this site. This chapter is very much an introductory chapter which will set the scene for chapters yet to come. I hope you all enjoy it. Please leave comments and or feedback to let me know what your thoughts my new story line.



She had been close to the top end of her graduating class. An Arts History degree in hand, Peri found that, without connections, all her study counted for nothing in getting a job with the National Trust or one of the bigger museums. Resigned to mediocrity, she took a job as a researcher for a publishing firm that specialised in historical biographies and fiction. It was there that she met Josh Craig, a young editor that had been fast tracked by his good looks and family connections. He was cocky and self-assured, but he had a reputation for being precise and methodical. His habits were seen as painfully exacting, exhibiting the diligence which takes infinite patience and attention to details.

Peri dismissed him early as an arrogant control freak who constantly berated the research department staff for misunderstanding hastily scribbled instructions. Confident and at ease with his good looks, he seemed to be oblivious to the way the other women of the company fawned over him. He was just the type of asshole her mother would like. Peri grimaced, her thoughts going down the stream of obnoxious partners her mother brought home and did her best to stay out of his line of sight.

Six months after starting with the publishing house Josh had come in waving a sheaf of paper above his head "Whom the fuck did this research on the Macedonia book?" His voice held an angry edge to it. Peri cringed and tried to hide. Her name was on the research if he had just looked, but she certainly wasn't going to help him out.

The dark eyes turned in Peri's direction, and she stood up straighter moving from behind the filing cabinet, "Instead of yelling at everyone you should look at the last page for a name and save your full wrath for the researcher." He had started to walk toward her, making her bravado crumble. She shakily added, "That researcher would be me," her voice petered out as he drew closer.

"A mouse like you, who can barely muster more than a squeak, decided to call some of the author's premises into question and still more outright lies?" Josh's voice still had an edge as if daring her not to back down.

In a quieter guarded voice, Peri explained, "If the author had even used Google as his point of reference, he would have come up with a more logical history of Macedonia than that."

"And these notes?" He asked and waved another piece of paper in front of her.

Several people around her gasped. Peri straightened her back and set her shoulders, "Suggested reading. The author clearly needed help with his own research before submitting the book again," she was mad, and the thought dawned on her that she was arguing with one of her bosses. Gulping she tried to soften it, "I thought he might like to try again. The story line was good even if the research was faulty."

His face became a cross between a smirk and a sneer, "Oh, so you're an editor now?"

What little bravado Peri had left crumpled, and she whispered, "No, of course not, I was just trying to help him after trashing his work."

He watched her fold under his questioning and smirked, "So you read the full manuscripts of what you research and yet still submit before the allotted deadline?" His voice was still darkly serious, but he was impressed he admitted to himself.

"I am sorry," she whispered, "I was just trying to do the job properly. Nobody said not to read the full manuscripts. How can I know what needs to be done if I do not understand the whole story? I don't like to disappoint a good author and I worried that my research had signed his rejection letter." Peri lowered her eyes unable to meet his critical gaze anymore.

Josh considered her then, tilting his head, "So you agree with the editor that recommended this book, even though you ripped it apart with your research?"

Her head popped back up as she answered, "Oh yes. It was absorbing if you didn't know the region or history at all," Peri wondered if the last words had pushed her luck.

Josh laughed uproariously and turned striding out of the department. Peri fell back into her chair. She liked to read the whole manuscript and get a feel for why an author used one reference or another. She knew she shouldn't have over stepped her brief, but it could be quite a good book if the author could just use better historical data to base certain aspects of it.

Peri promised her supervisor to just do her job simply in the future and went back to work. She found it difficult to concentrate as she worried over her first serious run in with Josh Craig. Although she knew the fall out would be serious, she had been surprised when twenty minutes later her supervisor gently told her that she had been called up to human resources. 'Oh god what have I done. I can't lose my job,' she berated herself again.


The next few weeks whirled around Peri as she found herself in an office of her own on the same floor as the editors. She researched strictly for Josh Craig who constantly quizzed her on her research methods and thoughts of a specific passage. Each time Peri left her office his eyes seemed to follow her darkly. Eventually, she found it easier to forgo lunch with her friends down in the research department. Peri rarely left her office unless to visit the bathroom or kitchenette on their floor or to leave for the day.

Even with the self imposed restrictions on her movements, her happy and fun loving nature endeared her to the secretaries and office personnel that worked on the same floor. She started to find people in the kitchenette at the same time as she took her lunch break. She often invited them to her office to chat and generally hang out while they ate lunch. Peri finally settled into her new surroundings and found herself become less anxious about Josh and his attention to detail if not actually at ease with him.

As time went on she found the manuscripts crossing her desk becoming more explicit than the average romance in a historical setting. Themes of bondage or sadomasochism touched on very lightly at first became darker and more elemental to the storylines. Peri found her research opening her eyes wider to a whole world she realised she knew less about that she thought. It was titillating, but she diligently tried to look at each discovery from behind the facade of pure research.

Her dreams though became hotbeds of imagination and she would often wake panting and horny, needing relief before she could think of sleep again. Her own fantasies grew darker. Abducted by bikers and kept in their club house as a sex slave, or by pirates aboard a black ship where she was tied to the mast and whipped into submission before being taken by the crew. Imagining all these things took place without her consent saved her from having to admit the sometimes violent and humiliating aspects of it were an enormous turn on. It was all fantasy, and she knew real life was far removed from the research she had been doing.

She woke again from a particularly realistic dream and leaned over to grab her vibrator from her drawer, a birthday present from her mother who thought no girl should be without one, and rammed it hard and fast into her soaking wet hole. Raising her hips and tensing her muscles as she drilled herself, she pictured a dozen or so men watching her masturbate and jacking off over her as she came. The scene seemed to be held suspended in her mind as she clawed at her clit making the orgasm ripple on into her, building up, to crash once again through her overheated mind and body.

In her dream laden orgasm high, the men in her fantasy morphed into the single entity of Josh Craig who picked her up and bound her to a whipping post. The fantasy so real in her mind, his smirking sneer painted on his face as he called her a filthy slut, the humiliation of the scene playing in her mind feeding her heated cunt all over again. She could almost feel the whip strokes embracing the pain knowing she deserved it. She would take anything he gave her as the humiliating names rained down on her. "Oh god," she groaned into her pillow her hand clawing at her clit again as the fantasy Josh Craig cut her from the post dragging her to the slave pens, writhing in pain and humiliation.

Finally, she lay totally spent and sore from the workout she had given herself. She knew she needed real sex with a real guy and lamented breaking up with her last boyfriend, who had inevitably fallen for her mother's flirty ways. Why was she cursed as the plain daughter of a sexy cougar like Andie? Peri groaned into her pillow, maybe it was time to give in and let her mother make her over again. Even though it had had disastrous outcomes in the past.

She could never be like Andie who was tall and curvy in all the right places. Peri was short and dumpy. She had her mother's curves, but on her frame she just looked perpetually chubby, even when on the strictest diets. Her mousey brown hair had an unruly wave. She dealt with by tying it back severely, leaving only a thin fringe to hide behind.

Giving up on sleep, Peri stepped from her bed and headed for the kitchen, thinking a cool drink might help settle her fevered imagination. Having got her drink she was sitting in the lounge room in the dark considering her latest research project for Josh and how it affected her dreams when her mother stumbled in throwing on the light making Peri shriek and shield her eyes, "Mother!!"

"Oh, sorry baby." Her mother flicked off the light switch and tiptoed towards her collapsing on the couch beside her. "What are you doing awake?"

"Just thinking about some research at work," she looked at the beautiful woman beside her.

"Oh baby I had the best night..." Andie launched into her latest sexual escapade and Peri listened distractedly.

"You know this isn't something you should probably be sharing with your daughter, right?" Peri stopped her mother's explicit recount. Andie had the good grace to look shamefaced briefly. "Andie," Peri began, she rarely called the woman mother anymore unless scolding her, "You let guys spank you, right? What about the rest of BDSM type stuff, you into it?"

Andie's eyes lit up, "Ooh yes." She said half dreamily. "Men in control and treating a woman like a woman." Then she looked at her daughter shrewdly, "You met someone new! Tell me everything! When do I get to meet him?"

"No, it's not like that," Peri blushed, "Plus I am hardly going to bring anyone I am interested home to meet the cougar again, am I?" her voice was full of disdain.

To her credit, Andie looked shamefaced, "I am truly sorry baby. I wish it hadn't happened, truly I do. It won't ever happen again. I promise. He was a dud fuck, anyway. I saved you actually. Forgive me, baby," she wheedled.

"Its fine," Peri gave in even though she knew it wasn't fine, "If he was going to cheat, he would have cheated anyway. It just would have been better if it wasn't with you. Then I could have someone to hate."

"I love you too baby," Andie hugged Peri tightly. "Ooh just wait a sec," Andie wandered off to her room kicking off her shoes and rummaging around in her shelf before returning. "Here read this," she threw a small book at Peri. "They say it's a true story and will probably help heaps with your questions. It's got more than just spanking! It's such a hot story." Andie winked at Peri and turned back to her bedroom. "See you in the morning," her giggle followed her as the door closed.

Peri turned on a dim table lamp and looked at the book in her hands. A well read copy of the 'Story of O' looked back at her. Intrigued by Andie's obvious excitement about it, she opened it and began to read. 'She consented to this abuse,' her mind kept rolling over as she read, 'for love,' truthfully the story was confusing her. The scenes in the Roissy where O was beaten then fucked then beaten again strangely intrigued her rather than repulsed her.

At 6 am, hotter and more bothered than she had been earlier in the night. Peri marked the page she was on and went to shower and dress for work. She yelled at her mother to wake up as she went past her room in both directions, "Don't make me come in there with cold water," Peri called out.

Ten minutes later Peri rolled her eyes as her flaky mother hobbled into the kitchen, claiming she was allergic to champagne, "I don't know what it is. Every time I drink champagne I end up with bruises on my shins."

"Because you're a clumsy drunk," Peri muttered under her breath, louder she said, "You should probably stop drinking champagne then."

"Oh but I love the way the bubbles tickle my nose," Andie fell into a chair, and Peri brought her strong black coffee.

Andie had become the quintessential cougar since Peri's father had left them six years ago, forcing Peri to attend university parties just so she could tag along. Peri didn't mind so much. She was quiet and studious, and the boys at school never paid any attention to her until her mother burst onto the scene. Within six months of separating, Andie had taken on the title of MILF like a badge of honour ensuring Peri got invited to sensational parties as long as she brought Andie along.

Somewhere in the last couple of years, mother and daughter had exchanged roles. Peri looked after the house, the bills and sat up worrying at night while Andie was out partying. It was Peri who got her mother up for work in the morning and reminded her of appointments and important dates, while Andie grumbled, showered and went to the gym.

Seeing Andie awake and getting her shit together for the day Peri grabbed her bag and keys, slipping the half read copy of O into her bag she turned toward the door. "Try not to be late for work, Andie. They will fire you one of these days, and I don't earn enough to keep us in this lavish style," she laughed looking around the small run down house.

"My job is so boring, I want to come to work with you and read kinky books all day," Andie giggled, "Hey! Why don't we go to the Hellfire club with me this weekend, if you want to know more about BDSM?"

"It's research, Andie!" Peri grimaced at the thought of seeing her mother at a BDSM club and ignored the invitation, "Don't be late for work again, okay?" Andie nodded, and Peri left for work not waiting to hear her mothers sighed response.


Pushing her laptop away from her Peri rubbed at her eyes. 'Lunch' she thought, 'I need to stretch and stop thinking about sex.' The ideas she was constantly bombarded with lately made her a walking hormone and try as she might to diligently research sexual slavery in ancient Rome, without emotion, she knew it was getting to her. Maybe she should go to the club with Andie. Some rough experimental one night stand might be just what she needed. She knew going anywhere with Andie was like walking in the shadow of a bright star, but surely someone would notice her if she made herself look available.

Grabbing her bag, she walked to the kitchenette, peeking from behind her long fringe into Josh's office and finding him watching her again she walked faster. Maybe she could leave a little early and pop down to see her old friends in the research department and see if anyone wanted to go for coffee. She needed some normal conversation and a generous slice of cheesecake.

Fishing a container of pasta from her bag she popped it into the microwave to heat for a few minutes. Grabbing a coke from the machine, she took the steaming food from the oven realising it was way too hot again and turned distractedly to head back to her desk, running straight into a hard tall body.

"Oh fuck! I am so sorry." Peri backed up pasta, sauce, and melted cheese burning into her chest. She did not even register whom she had walked into as the pain seared into her. Peri headed to the sink to drop the container and splash cold water at the scalding sauce burning her skin. Grabbing copious amounts of paper towel and wetting them, she dabbed at the reddened skin and her dress. "I am really sorry," she said over her shoulder, "I am not normally so clumsy. Did I get any on you?"

The amused voice of Josh Craig spoke and she froze, "No. It seems like you didn't want to share your lunch with me after I followed the delicious smell in here."

Peri held the soggy paper towel to her chest and looked up. "Oh Gawd, Josh!" Peri was mortified, "I am so terribly sorry, Sir. I will clean up the mess. Did you want something?" Peri stepped back further as he walked into the small kitchenette.

"That looks like a nasty scald. I think you need to get it seen to," he lifted her chin and inspected her chest. "Come with me." He took her hand, picked up her bag and led her from the room. Passing his secretary, he ordered, "Call maintenance to clean up the kitchen. We will be back in a while. Call my mobile if you need me."

He pulled her along behind him and into the lift pressing the basement level button. They descended, and Peri found her voice, "I will just go home and change and be back in an hour. I am fine, honestly."

"I don't think driving in your condition would be wise, do you?" He raised an eyebrow as he looked down on her.

"I will be fine, honestly," she pulled the wet towel that she had been clutching to her chest away revealing large blotchy red marks making her reapply the towel and grimace.

Josh hadn't let go of her hand, and as the lift doors opened he pulled her out. They strode to a shiny midnight blue car. Opening the door he murmured, "In." Placing her bag on her lap he put the seatbelt under her arm and breasts and leant over her to do it up, cinching it tightly, "So it won't irritate your chest," he said in response to her confused expression as his hand adjusted the way it sat beneath her breasts.

She meekly complied, very conscious that she was wet and bedraggled, sitting in the boss's car. He started the engine and pulled out at speed making her bag fall from her lap, spilling the contents to the car floor. Peri bent to pick up some of it, her hand clutching at the can of coke she had shoved in her bag before spilling her lunch everywhere. It was ice cold, and she sat back up rolling over her chest feeling it take some of the heat from her.

"Good idea," he murmured watching her roll the can from her neck down over each breast and back up.

Pulling up at a medical centre he got out quickly as she bent to grab up her bag shoving the contents back into it roughly. Her car door opened, and he stood there watching her for a moment, "Leave the rest we can get it when we are done." He took her hand and pulled her from the car, ushering her before him into the waiting room, "Is Pete on?" He asked the receptionist, who nodded, "Good tell him I will be in surgery 2." Peri felt powerless as he propelled her forward again.

"Up there," he pointed to an exam table and he went to a small fridge coming back with an ice pack, "Here use this," he took the coke can from her hand as a young doctor rushed through the door.

Pete looked over at the two of them, assessing that there was no real emergency he walked to a nearby bench, "So who do we have here, new girl," he paused briefly before adding, "friend?"

"Not yet," Josh shrugged.

"I see. So what's the problem?" Pete pulled on gloves and walked toward them.

"It was lunch time, a nice smell was emanating from the kitchen I went to check it out and ran into her spilling the food down her chest as you can see," Josh seemed to be speaking for her now she realised.

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