tagNovels and NovellasThe Twelve Tables Ch. 02

The Twelve Tables Ch. 02


It had been a month since that fateful day when Peri had spilled her lunch over herself and Josh Craig. At work he was all business, they had both decided it was best to keep what happened between them outside work. He was still the arrogant control freak she had always known in the office, but there were subtle changes in his demeanour now, and how he interacted with her. His eyes still followed her every movement, and when he came to see her about a project she was working on, he would lean over her or brush against her, the contact making her dizzy with joy.

Josh was a driven man; you didn't get to be in a position like his at such a young age, without putting in the hours and hard work, to back up his talent. Peri often stayed behind with him at work but found when deadlines approached he was better left to himself. After the first incredible week where they had barely spent a moment apart, she felt lonely on the nights that she came home alone to the house she shared with Andie.

For her part, Andie seemed to have settled down with a mysterious man. She was home some nights and seemed to have become a regular home maker. Peri was startled when she walked in and found the house clean and her mother in the kitchen cooking, when she finally went home for the first time since packing a small bag to keep at Josh's that first week. There had been an uneasy truce between them since that night, but it was better than how it had been.

Peri watched Andie folding some laundry, still not quite sure what to make of the change in her, "You going out tonight Andie?"

"No, not tonight," she answered wistfully.

"I was thinking it was time to update my wardrobe a bit, do you want to come shopping with me, it's Thursday the stores are open late. We could, you know, hang out," Peri thought that if her mother was trying to change she should give her a chance to mend the bridges so to speak.

"Really?" Andie smiled widely, "I'd genuinely like that. Just let me make a call first."

Peri watched as her mother walked into her room opening her mobile and went to brush her hair and slip on a pair of heels. Peri knew the type of things she wanted to try on, and she would need heels to see how it would look. She didn't want to change her look so much as she just wanted to make it less frumpy seeming. Josh liked the understated, quiet librarian, persona she had at work just as much as the sexy girl he took home most nights.

"Let's go kiddo! I haven't been shopping for ages," Andie grinned at her.

Peri found herself enjoying shopping with Andie who seemed strangely restrained in her choices agreeing that Peri's style was all her own and making gentle suggestions rather than forcing her into uncomfortable and revealing outfits that did not suit her short curvy figure. During the shopping trip, Andie brought only one dress and Peri was surprised that it was a sedate style that suited her age as well as flattered her phenomenal figure.

Andie was actually a treasure trove of advice now that Peri was actually listening to her rather than cringing away from the lurid details of Andie's past conquests. She gave advice on inserts for high heel shoes to stop the ache that came after extended wear, the best bras for her larger cup size, and the benefits of natural fibres particularly in lingerie.

The whole night was fun for them both, Peri even allowing Andie to give her make up tips, and they treated themselves to some take home food and red wine from one of their favourite restaurants as the stores were closing. As Andie drove them home Peri's phone rang and she picked it up happily seeing Josh's name on the screen she answered with a smile, "Hi Josh."

That was the last word she got out of her mouth as she listened to his tirade, he had tried to call her several times, he had been to her house to find no one home, he had no idea where she was or whom she was with. He would meet her at her house, and he hung up. Trying to hold it all together not wanting to ruin the first fun night she had enjoyed with her mother for years, she looked at her watch gauging the time.

Andie in a rare show of maternal care reached over and patted her leg, "He was just worried about you baby, and that shows he cares more than he wants to admit." She glanced over and smiled slightly before drawing her eyes back to the road, and Peri burst into tears. "Aw baby, don't cry. Sometimes love happens so fast you don't even notice it until something like this happens. It's a good thing to know he was worried and cares about you so much, right?"

Peri took a deep shuddering breath considering her mother's words. "It's more like he is a control freak and I wasn't where he thought I should be."

Andy laughed, "It didn't sound like that to me, he was shouting loud enough for me to hear the worry in his voice. Whether you two want to admit it or not, it sounds a lot like love to me."

Peri sniffed, "We have only been dating a few weeks. It's fantastic don't get me wrong, I have never been so happy, but love Andie? You of all people aren't going all Mills and Boon on me, are you?"

"It happens to us all sometimes," Andie said wistfully. "Finding that right someone worth settling down for, someone who appreciates all of you not just how you look or whether you give a killer blow job." She grinned and waggled her eyebrows as Peri looked at her opened mouthed.

"There's the Andie I know," Peri couldn't help but join Andie's good mood and wiped her face one last time. They pulled into their driveway and took everything inside the house, Andie was setting the table for two as Peri emerged from her room having put away her shopping bags.

"I am just going to take this," she held up a glass of wine and a small plate of food, "and go and make a few phone calls. Try and remember he was just worried about you." Peri looked at the table, Andie had set out everything so nicely, she just hoped Josh would be in the mood to appreciate it.

Josh arrived minutes later, and she opened the door before he had time to knock, "Where the hell were you?"

"Hello Josh," she said pleasantly, "What a surprise to see you. I thought you were pulling an all nighter."

"Yeah well I didn't," he saw the table set for two and turned on her with blazing eyes. "Interrupting, am I?" Josh sneered.

"Actually yes," she responded a little too quickly, "but luckily Andie doesn't mind, she went to make a few phone calls and left some food for you." Peri flounced over to the table, "Let's not waste the dinner. You can yell at me from over here just as well as there and I am starving."

Josh followed her still seething but feeling a little foolish for the last remark. "I was worried he said plaintively, "You're usually so predictable."

"Oh no," Peri said with a perfectly straight face, "We have been dating for a month and I am already predictable?"

Josh was not used to being on the wrong end of an argument. The people he dealt with were 'yes' people who did not use sarcasm or pleasantries in the face of his wrath. The problem was that she wasn't arguing with him, there was no argument to win. She made him feel foolish for being angry and he didn't like not being in control of any given situation or feeling foolish.

"Next time, answer your phone or better yet tell me when you're going out, save the worry it causes, okay?" He finally sat at the table with her.

She smiled, "Sure I can do that, now eat before I start on yours as well."

He leaned over and kissed her, "I am hungry for something else," he murmured into the kiss, and she felt a thrill run up her spine. This man dominated her world, he was all controlled passion, in work and in pleasure, and she realised tonight could have gone so differently, if not for Andie's advice.

"You don't like the food?" Peri grinned at him.

He moved rapidly pushing his chair back and grabbing her arms to pull her over is lap growling as he slapped her up turned ass, "When did you become such a cheeky girl."

Peri yelped and squirmed as he slapped and squeezed her ass feeling his cock hard against her belly. Pulling her up to sit on his lap he kissed her deeply murmuring, "The food won't be as satisfying as what I had in mind, but if you insist I will eat," he looked at the plates.

She pressed her body against his and wrapping her arms about his neck kissing his ear and whispering hotly, "What exactly did you have in mind?"

He needed no further invitation. He picked her up kissing her as he walked to the bedroom. Pressing her against the door as he closed it, he undressed her. He loved peeling away that frumpy sexless exterior to reveal the curves and softness of her incredible body. Her hands worked nimbly unbuttoning his shirt and pants with the eagerness she always felt when she was alone with him.

His worry and anger had been fuelling his need for her for hours and lifting one leg high over his hip he bent his knees and entered her roughly pinning her to the door and taking full possession of her with his hand, cock and mouth. He began fucking into her hard and deep growling into his kisses as their tongues danced around each other.

Josh half push and half carried Peri back to the bed. He fucked her with animal lust as he satiated his deep need to bury himself within her. Lifting her legs up to his shoulders he practically bent her in half as he pounded her, his hands gripping her bouncing tits roughly making her cry out louder as she gasped open mouthed her eyes glazing over in pleasure.

Peri looked up into Josh's face watching the intense expression as he breathed heavily, she loved the way he made her feel over powered and helpless to his needs as he gave her the thrills and tingles that rolled through her body. She ram deeply inside her and pull her nipples up from her chest twisting them sending a jolt of pain lancing into her brain pushing over the edge into bliss as she cried out filling the room with her orgasm.

Josh groaned deeply as he rammed into her feeling her cunt clamp around his cock and spasm, milking at him with internal muscles, she came writhing below him. He began fucking hard and deep again until he couldn't anymore and collapsed on top of Peri smothering her and wrapping his arms around her as he rolled to his back pulling her with him.

They lay there catching their breath for long minutes as he stroked his hands down over her soft curves enjoying the quivering feel of her highly sensitized body. Finally smacking her ass he grinned, "So about this food you were offering me before you realised my idea was better than yours."

Peri laughed and wriggled free of his arms wrapping her robe about her, "Better go see if I can salvage any of the food."

Josh followed her out to the kitchen after pulling on his boxers to find her pulling two plates carefully from the warming tray of the oven and putting them on the table. "Andie must have done it," Peri shrugged.

They talked quietly about the changes in Andie, and the fun Peri had shopping with her. "Seems this mystery guy is a good influence," Josh's smile bordered on a smirk and took her hand, "Family is extremely important to me, Peri. I'm glad Andie is treating you more like a daughter that is how it is supposed be."

She smiled, "I don't think my phone gets coverage in the mall, it didn't ring once while we were shopping." Peri got up to take their plates to the kitchen and retrieved her phone from her bag.

Josh pulled a face, "I have never seen your phone before or I might have understood." He held out his hand for it, "This is practically an antique don't you ever upgrade?"

"I never had a problem before tonight," she shrugged.

His tone turned sharp, "Don't shrug Peri. I didn't like not knowing where you were or whom you were with, and it won't happen again, understand."

Peri was taken aback, his tone was that of the control freak work Josh and how he dealt with people who worked for him. The tone was not how they were outside work, and she felt the command in each word. Stunned she didn't respond so he pressed her, punctuating each word, "Do. You. Understand?"

Peri nodded reminding herself of Andie's advice, he was worried because he cared about her, he wouldn't be angry if he didn't care. Josh continued to stare at her until she whispered, "Yes, I understand."

Josh's mouth tilted to a smile, and he leaned forward to kiss her murmuring, "Good girl."

Josh dressed and left shortly after leaving Peri to clean the kitchen and consider the strange night. By the time Peri crawled into bed, it was well after midnight, and she fell into a restless sleep confused as to whether Andie had finally out grown her cougar period and that it seemed Josh truly cared about her, he just showed it in his own controlling way.

Andie woke Peri up the following morning, "Come on baby your going to be late for work it's not the weekend yet."

Peri blinked and looked at the clock, before gasping and sitting bolt upright. "Shit I must have slept through my alarm," she bounded from bed and into the bathroom having the quickest shower on record. Flying into her bedroom she saw that Andie had made her bed and laid out an outfit from the new clothes she had bought last night allowing her to dress without the usual worry about what Josh might like or not. Pulling on her boots she glanced quickly in the mirror surprised at how well her boots went with the outfit. She brushed her hair and pulled it back into her usual ponytail and dusted her face with glow to hide the worn look of not enough sleep. Peri rushed out of her bedroom to find her phone and bag and Andie smiled, "Slow down, baby. You have plenty of time, eat some breakfast."

"After last night I just don't want to give him reason to worry again, I will take some fruit," she threw an apple and banana from the fruit bowl into her bag along with her phone. "Have a good day, don't be late for work either," Peri said as she walked out the door.

Eating the apple on her way, Peri pulled into the underground parking of the publishing house with minutes to spare. Hurrying into the lift with several co-workers she kept glancing at her watch. A girl jostled closer within the lift and whispered to Peri, "Wow, you look good today, have you lost weight?"

Peri looked up into the eyes of a friend from the research department smiling, "New dress that's all," she whispered back, but she straightened her back feeling good about the wardrobe make over she had begun last night and for the first time in years felt good about having gone shopping with her mother.

"Come down and visit us more often," her friend said as she stepped from the lift, "before you are too far out of our league." Her friend's laughter sounded as the lift doors closed once again.

Stepping out of the lift she hurried to her small office peeking in to see Josh was not at his desk. Breathing a sigh of relief she put her things away and sat to start working, she was enjoying the latest project she had begun which focused on a group of rural families in Lombardy, Italy during the revolts of the 1840's and 50's. Doomed to failure many families had fled the lush farmland for safer ports leaving the way open for a land grab and monopoly of the produce market by only a few. Lost in her research of family feud's and alliances the courier at her door had to clear his throat twice to get her attention.

"Oh gosh, I am so sorry, come in come in," Peri smiled and blushed, "I was in another world just then."

The courier laughed, "I wish my work was that engrossing. Just sign here and it's all yours."

"Odd," she mumbled more to herself than anything, "I wasn't expecting anything, I wonder what it is."

"Only one way to find out," the courier quipped as he took his board and left the office.

Peri smiled then tore open the padded envelope, a box holding a new android phone fell out with a hand written note. She read the precise hand writing,

"People in my life have gone missing before, indulge me and use the new phone. It is set up and ready to go with this number, but if you can change it to your current number, either way let me know a.s.a.p. Josh"

Peri sent the next 30 minutes, flicking through the instruction manual and transferring the numbers she wanted to keep in her phone before sending out a group text to alert her friends of the number change. She stepped out of her office concerned that Josh still wasn't at work and went to ask his PA if he would be in soon ostensibly because she had research questions.

Sabrina looked up from her desk smiling as Peri interrupted her, "He's in meetings all morning, Peri. I am not sure when he will be back."

"Something far more important than my research, no doubt, I'll just email him instead," Peri smiled back and went to return to her office.

"Wait," Sabrina called. The leggy redhead stood and walked around her desk toward Peri. "Nice dress, who knew you had a figure under all that frumpiness." Her laugh was haughty sounding and Peri cringed. This was why she had always been happy in her mediocrity she realised, comments just like that made her feel that she would never be quite pretty enough, or tall enough, or one of the in crowd.

Sabrina linked arms with Peri as she walked back to her office with her, "There's been quite a change in you over the last month," Sabrina fell into a chair in front of Peri's desk, "So who's the new guy, dish, I'm dying to know."

Peri went wide eyed in surprise. "New guy?" She questioned, "What makes you think that?"

Sabrina laughed, "I can tell you're getting laid, just look at you all glowing and starry eyed. Now the new clothes; next it will be a change to the hair and make up and the transformation from research dungeon frump to sexy research assistant will be complete."

Peri just sat there startled. This sleek beautiful woman had almost called her sexy albeit in a terribly condescending way. She was at a loss for words.

"Come on," Sabrina wheedled, "It's not just me who's noticed, give me the gossip. Some of the girl's thought you had a crush on Josh but that ridiculous, he's such a perfectionist I doubt anyone would meet his standards, especially a research frump, like you." She saw Peri's face fall, "No offence sweetie, but you do realise how many gorgeous women have thrown themselves at him, and he hasn't even given them the time of day!"

"Yeah, I can imagine," Peri mumbled, "She didn't know why the barbed comment hurt so much, she should have been used it, she had spent her short adult life firmly in the shadow of Andie. In a small show of private rebellion, Peri said, "Who ever is dating Josh must be pretty remarkable. I mean, I imagine it would be hard to live up to those standards day in and day out, it's hard enough working for him."

"You're telling me," Sabrina rolled her eyes. "Now you, little miss make over, tell me everything. Until I capture the man of my dreams I have to live vicariously through other people's happiness," she leaned forward placing an elbow on the desk and propping up her chin before adding, "Please, Peri."

"Fine," Peri started. She truly did want to tell someone how happy she was, she didn't have to say with whom, "I am seeing someone, and the sex is unbelievable! It's just it's so new and exciting, I don't want to say whom it is just in case it doesn't work out, he's way out of my league."

Sabrina crowed, "I knew it!" She just about jumped out of her chair but sat back. "Well that dress certainly makes a difference, where did you get it?"

They talked about clothes and shopping for a little while, Peri explaining that Andie had an eye for what suited people's body types when they were shopping on a budget. They laughed, and Sabrina rose gracefully, "I better get back to my desk, I have probably missed a few calls and driven the receptionist insane looking for me." She laughed merrily and walked out of Peri's office.

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