tagNovels and NovellasThe Twelve Vitali Ch. 33

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 33


Authors note: Hello everyone. Thank you everyone for the positive feedback and comments they continue to mean the world to me and have brightened my days. Thank you once again to Paul who continues to be my second set of eyes. There are only two more chapters after this, I hope you all enjoy it, ~ellie.


"Mrs. Vitali, Matteo has arrived and is asking that you join him at the airport," Bradbury said without preamble, walking into the stark room in which she sat looking worried and pensive. At least in the car she had some information, here she had nothing but silence and impossible scenarios playing out in her mind, despite occasional updates from Hugh, who sat with her.

"Okay," she said, getting to her feet and following the man from the room. No one spoke again as they drove the short distance, and she bolted from the car into Matteo's arms as soon as Hugh as pulled to a stop.

"Miss me?" he murmured into her hair as he held her tightly. He picked her up and carried her onboard the plane.

"Just a bit," she said in a shaky voice, tears threatening to spill from her eyes. "Have you heard from Ricco? Is he okay?" she asked. For once the jet seemed crowded with people, and Cat allowed Matteo to place her in a seat and help her with her belt before taking his own beside her and taking her hand in his.

"No, but he and Stefano were nowhere near any of this, so I am sure they are fine. They are probably just trying to get home as fast as possible themselves," he reassured her. "There are other things we need to worry about, other things I need to tell you." He leaned over to kiss her. "The most important thing is, I love you," he smiled and kissed her again.

"As we suspected, the Kimberly," Roberto said. "Leyton took off half an hour ago, and Rick is on the ground with his men. We've done what we can for now." He said seriously, then he smiled down at Cat. "I love you too," he smiled and went to take his seat.

"How long will the flight last?" she asked.

"Just over four hours," he said softly. "Are you unwell? You can lie down after take off," he said, looking at her with concern.

"Will you lie down with me?" she asked, gripping his hand even tighter.

"For you, I would do anything," he smiled softly. "We need to talk about what will happen once we land though," he said seriously and lifted Cat's hand to kiss it.

"Is it bad?" Cat asked. "What's going on right now? Is it as bad as I think?"

"Probably not, but it's not good either," he admitted honestly.

"Then can you tell me after I have had a few minutes to just enjoy the fact that you're here and safe? The last four days have been awful, and I just want to hold you close for a little while and not think about anything else," Cat said, her eyes filling with tears again. "This baby of yours is screwing with my head, and I can't stop crying."

"This baby of mine?" he asked. "I think it's your baby more than mine at present," he chuckled. "but I can have words with her if you like," he grinned and placed his hand over her belly.

"Her?" she queried. She had expected that Matteo would want his first born to be a son.

"Only a daughter would give their mother this much grief. My sons will be perfect gentlemen. I am sure of it," he chuckled again, making her smile and relax with him. No matter how anxious or upset she was, Matteo always had a way of making her smile and feel his love. She loved him in return for that. She loved him for so many things, but most of all she loved him for being exactly who he was.

"I love you so much," she whispered, and craned her neck up to kiss him.

"Fuck the warning light!" Matteo growled, needing the closeness with her as much as she said she needed him. As the plane continued to climb, he undid their belts and picked her up, walking with her to the bedroom at the rear of the jet. He shut and locked the door, determined to keep the world, his family, and the pressing issues at bay for at least an hour before facing them all again and telling her that David had been abducted by a madman. There was nothing he could do from the plane except keep up to date with all that his family and friends were doing and issue orders that could be done just as easily by his father, who sat in the cabin. He needed to reconnect with the woman he loved, and she, him. This was just as important for both of them as keeping up to date with what was happening on the ground. They could do anything; handle anything when they were together, including dealing with Ricco's disappearance and David's abduction.

"Thank God you're here!" Matteo breathed, placing her on her feet inside the room and turning to lock the door behind them. "I've missed you so..."

Before he could guess her intentions, she launched herself into his arms. Matteo staggered back against the door with her attack, recovered, and then wrapped his strong arms around her, lifting her tightly against his body. His lips found hers, and when her lips parted he slid his tongue inside. She tasted delicious. He felt her arms wrap around his neck and her tongue came out to dance with his.

"Fuck, I've missed this!" Matteo growled against her lips.

"I've missed you too," Cat said, kissing the corners of his mouth, his chin, his neck.

"I thought I would never get back to you. The flight seemed to last forever, and waiting for you at the airport..." Matteo said, lowering her to the floor and leading her to the bed. "I don't ever want that much time between us again!" He growled, sitting down and pulling her sideways onto his lap.

"Me either," Cat replied, wrapping her arms around his neck and bringing him close for a deep kiss.

His mouth opened under hers and his tongue met hers. He groaned at the taste of the only woman he had ever truly loved. She tasted better than he had remembered, her lips soft, her tongue alive and tantalising within his mouth. He ran his hands through her dark hair, holding her head steady for his assault. He slanted his mouth over hers, deepening the kiss. One hand trailed down her neck and over her shoulder, then began to stroke over her breast, feeling the nipple harden under the fabric.

Cat pulled her head away. With a smile she slid from his lap and stepped back from him, intending to apologise for her neediness and at least try and discuss what the hell was happening and why they were on a plane to God knows where when the family was obviously in crisis.

Matteo watched her, unsure why she had put distance between them. He studied her silently as she gazed back at him. She wore a dark blue skirt that came to her knees and flared out, stockings, and a pair of heels. With every move the skirt swirled out, giving him a glimpse of her bare thigh above the lace edges of her thigh high stockings. She wore a sheer white blouse, and Matteo could see the faint outline of her lace bra beneath it. Her nipples were hard and poked against the filmy material. He shifted uncomfortably, his cock straining against the confines of his pants as he watched her eyes fall to his lap.

"It's been too long, hasn't it?" she murmured almost to herself. He was just as needy for their physical closeness as she was, she realised. Without a word to discuss her worries about everything that was going on, she went and knelt before Matteo to unfastened his pants. He raised his hips, helping her to lower both his pants and boxers, and she looked up at him, a small smile touching her lips. She slowly leaned her head down and touched the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue. Matteo closed his eyes and groaned.

"Far too long!" he agreed with a deep groan. Matteo opened his eyes and was held captivated as she parted her soft lips and swallowed his cock deep. Her eyes never left his as she began to move up and down his cock, her lips and nose buried in his pubic hair. Her tongue coming out to lick his balls as she deep throated him.

"Fuck yes!" Matteo hissed.

Cat smiled around his thick cock and murmured in appreciation. She loved that she had this kind of effect on him. She loved the sounds he made, especially when she massaged the underside of his cock with her tongue.

"I'm going to cum if you don't stop!" Matteo hissed, tightening his fingers in her hair, wishing he could last longer. No man would stand a chance with what she was doing to him after so long apart, he admitted.

Cat began to move her mouth faster on him. She felt his hands slide into her hair and try to slow her movements, but she wanted this, wanted to taste him, to make him weak for her. As if giving up the fight, she felt him push her down onto his cock gently to take it all. Cat placed her hands on his thighs and let him guide her.

"Fuck! Cat!" Matteo growled, and he pulled her head tighter against his lap. His hips pumped at the same time, driving his cock deeper, then he threw his head back, growling loudly between clenched teeth as he erupted in her mouth.

Cat kept sucking until he released his hold on her, and then sat back breathlessly on her heels, looking up at him as he lay back on the bed, his breathing ragged. She smiled softly as he lifted his head to look at her and make sure she was okay.

Sitting up, Matteo reached down and pulled her to her feet. His hands circled her waist and lifted her up onto the bed and slid to the floor, reversing their positions in a rush of movement. His hands were on her knees, slowly inching upwards. His fingers caressed the outsides of her thighs. He watched as she leaned her head back and took a deep breath, thrusting her breasts out.

"You're always so hot and wet and ready for me," Matteo said, his fingers brushing against her pussy lips. "But I know I can make you hotter, wetter..." his voice trailed off as he bent his head and began to kiss up to the same path his fingers had travelled along her thighs. With his hands on her knees, he spread them wide and looked at her pink, wet pussy. His eyes closed as he leaned in and took a deep breath. "I have dreamed about this pussy, Cat." He breathed against her sensitive skin.

"Matteo..." She sighed his name.

Slipping his hands up her thighs, he leaned in close and ran his tongue along her lips. He heard her sigh with pleasure. His nose rubbed against the patch of dark hair on her mound. He used his thumbs to part her lips and then touched his tongue to the tiny nub of sensitive flesh as he uncovered her clit.

Cat stifled a cry as her hips bucked up at his mouth. Matteo used a hand on her stomach to force her back down and slowly began to lick her clit. He alternated between using the tip of his tongue and the flat of it. Every few strokes he would lick from her ass to her clit, sticking his tongue in her tight hole and wiggling it.

"Matteo...please...I need..." Cat panted.

"Tell me, Cat. Tell me what you need." Matteo asked, looking up at her from between her thighs. His mouth and chin glistening.

"I need to cum, Matt. Please!" She begged breathlessly, her eyes holding his.

Matteo held her gaze as he lowered his head again and started working her clit with his tongue. He saw her move her hand, and seconds later felt it sift through his hair, pulling him closer. His tongue worked furiously over her clit as the fingers of one hand began to fuck her. He slid one finger from the other hand through her slit, lubricating it, and then worked it against her asshole. He felt her tense as he played with her puckered hole, but then relax, and his finger slid into the first knuckle.

Cat gasped as she felt Matteo slide his finger deep into her asshole. She tilted her hips up to give him better access. She had come to enjoy ass play, and it had an amazing effect on her body now. She shook with her need and desire for him and what he was doing to her.

"Oh, God!" Cat hissed, bucking her hips against Matteo's devouring mouth.

His tongue lashed at her and lips sucked at her while his finger fucked her pussy and tight asshole simultaneously. She spread her legs wider, lifted her hips higher, her hand dug deeper into his scalp as she pulled him closer to her pussy.

"Matt-ay-oh!" She cried as she arched hard against him and cried out with her orgasm in a harsh sibilant voice. Matteo continued to lick and suck until she fell back onto the bed begging for mercy in high pitched whimpers as she squirmed under his onslaught.

Cat raised her head and looked at Matteo as he rose to his knees between her legs and, levering himself up onto the bed, crawled over her body. She pulled him to her and wrapped her body around him, fully aware that they both still wore their shirts, and her skirt was bunched around her waist, making her uncomfortable. She pushed on his shoulders gently, and he rolled onto his back, taking her with him.

Holding her and realising what she wanted, he helped her to place her knees beside his hips, straddling him. She leaned forward, placing her hands on his chest as he held her hips. She saw his hand move between them a second before she felt the tip of him rub over her wet pussy. With one hand on her hip, he guided her down onto him with a soft groan.

Matteo let out a deep breath as Cat's pussy surrounded him. She was so hot, so wet, so tight. All of his dreams and fantasies of her over the last four days seemed faded and lifeless compared to the reality of her. He loved the way she felt, and moved, the taste and sound of her. He loved everything about the woman who looked down on him with lust filled eyes as she impaled herself on his cock. His eyes went to her face as she closed her eyes and finally sat with him fully embedded, rotating her hips, making sure she got every millimetre within her.

Matteo settled his hands on her hips and moved her on him. He loved watching her eyelids droop and the hitch in her breath as she rode him. He watched as she sat up and her hands went to her blouse, and she started to unbutton it, baring her white lace covered breasts to him. She reached inside and pulled each one free, offering them up to him as they sat up on top of the bra she still wore.

Matteo slid his hands around her hips and up her back. He pulled her forward and buried his face between her generous breasts. He took a deep breath, taking in the scent of her and the light and flowery perfume she wore. He stuck out his tongue and trailed it across her breast to one hard nipple. He swirled his tongue around it several seconds before taking the hard-pink bud into his mouth and sucking hard.

Cat sighed, arching her back, offering him more. Matteo's other hand came up and played with her other nipple. Pinching and pulling, giving her the edge of pain he knew she wanted. He knew how the sensations travelled through her and heated her even more, not that he believed that could be possible at this point in time as her pussy surrounded and clenched at his cock. He took turns licking and sucking each nipple while Cat ground her pussy against him. The harder he sucked her nipples, the deeper she would take his cock.

Matteo growled and grabbed her hips again. He leaned up slightly and took possession of her body, guiding her up and down his cock, setting the pace. He looked up at her as she readjusted her hands on either side of his head and he leant up further to capture her mouth. He felt the fingers of one of her hands in his hair as she kissed him deep, following his head back down to the bed. Her tongue came out to mate with his. Sucking on it, she moaned into his mouth as he thrust up into her.

Nothing but their harsh breathing could be heard as they fucked each other. Matteo could feel his climax coming. He wanted to feel Cat cum again. Feel her squeeze and milk his cock. He reached a hand around and touched her swollen clit. It was all she needed to send her over the edge.

"Matt-ay-oh!" She cried his name as she threw her head back and came in a rush.

The power of her pussy clenching on his cock had him groaning out in his own release as his cock lengthened and swelled and he emptied his balls deep inside her. Matteo held her body tight against his as his cock twitched inside her. Her head was buried against his neck, and he could feel her hot breath on his skin below his ear, which only served to inflame him more, made him want to do that to her all over again.

He loved having her body against his. Her breasts pressed against his chest. He just liked touching her, having her close. It had been almost a week since he had felt this content. They lay entwined with each other for a while, Matteo stroking her hair and her back.

"Matteo?" she whispered.

"Yes?" he whispered back.

"Now that we can both think straight again, can you tell me what's going on?" she asked quietly, now dreading the answer.


"Where are you taking us?" Ricco asked when he realised that he should have been seeing Melbourne from the windows and could see nothing but desert through the breaks in the clouds below them.

"We are going to where you need to be. Trust us, we know what is needed at this time," Sava said enigmatically, making Ricco want to punch him and make him talk honestly. Grumbling, Ricco stood and walked uncertainly toward Stefano. He crouched down next to his father and spoke in a low voice.

"We aren't headed to Melbourne," he said quietly.

"There is nothing we can do about that now, neither of us is in a position to hijack the plane," he chuckled. "I think the theory that Vanessa was the weak link to be used against us was correct. I believe that Giovanni is possibly heading to the Papillo with some sort of leverage to see, or even free Maria. I expect that is where we are heading. I don't believe Matteo or any of your brothers are in danger at the moment, so we need to concentrate on where we feel the danger is located, and that is Vanessa and Theresa. Though I am having trouble seeing what danger there is exactly."

"You must trust us," Fawn said from her seat beside Stefano. "All will become clear when the time is right. I can tell you now that your brother also travels to where we go, with his wife and father," she said.

"Matteo?" Ricco didn't know whether to be relieved or worried by the information.

"So, both the old and the new Chair go to meet their fate," Stefano said. "And we with them."

"Cat and Theresa as well," Ricco said, seeing the potential to wipe out both levels of leadership in his family and devastate the remaining members.

"Go back and let me concentrate," Stefano said abruptly. It was as if all of his talents had been muted and he was no longer able to feel the danger to his family he had so clearly felt before they stepped onto the plane with these people. He knew he had to trust the Tater now, but he felt as ill at ease as Ricco did, despite his dismissive words to his son.


By the late afternoon, it had been determined that the danger of the early afternoon had been purely directed at Cat and Theresa. Zion and Lucca had ordered the scaling down of the alert. The extended family members and the Vitali women were allowed to return to their homes as long as they remained alert and kept their watchmen with them. Zion and Lucca had called a meeting and gathered at their childhood home in the Athenaeum with their siblings and cousins.

"It was Giovanni, and he took Cat's brother, David, and his friend, Mick, as well to ensure Matteo brought Cat to him," Lucca said, filling in everyone who hadn't been aware of the most recent developments. "Matteo and Cat should land in the Kimberley within the hour."

"You said Ricco and Stefano are already there?" Thomas asked with a frown. "How could they have known to go there rather than home?"

"That's why they are the Oracles," Lucca shrugged, not knowing what had driven them to go north rather than home.

"How did they get there? It's not like they took the family jet," Chase asked.

"The Tater are assisting them, apparently," Lucca said guardedly. "It has been difficult to get the information. They landed on a remote property owned by the Tater, according to the Papillo, who were tracking the plane."

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