tagLesbian SexThe Twenty

The Twenty


Barbara Dare grabbed the back of Jamie Summers' head and held her tightly against her body. Jamie licked and slurped as fast as she could while Barbara quivered head to toe and clutched at the walls of the tropical bamboo hut for fear of her, and it, collapsing.

In the living room of her modest upstairs apartment, Alice was happily watching Where the Boys Aren't Part 2. The moans of the seven girl orgy on her TV screen drowned out the cacophony from the street below as most of the students at Kansas State were bar hopping or heading to the next party on Friday night. Alice, however, was content to stay home with Barbara Dare and Jamie Summers. Alice's fingers swirled inside her cunt, making her more and more slick by the moment. Her eyes traced over every curve of Barbara Dare's hard body. Alice let out a soft moan as Barbara draped her leg over Jamie's shoulder, digging her heel into Jamie's back and pulling her closer. Alice bit her lip as she eyed the arch of Barbara's exquisite foot. Alice's hips rocked forward, pulling her four fingers deeper inside.

She grabbed at her right foot and it went almost automatically to her mouth. Alice had been sucking her own toes for years, and by now her hips and legs were quite flexible. She loved the feeling of her tongue slipping between them. She tingled at the sensation of her teeth scratching at them. She greedily slurped and sucked at her delicious toes like they were five tiny lollipops. The heat in her body was growing. Her belly was shaking. Her fingers were plunging. She, and Barbara Dare as well, were nearing a flood of an orgasm. Alice's eyes could barely fix on the television. She was sucking in rapid breaths through her nose, as her mouth was full from being stretched to accommodate all five toes. She was almost there when she heard a loud thump to her left.

"What the hell?" Shelley shouted from the hallway, her gym bag at her feet.

Alice's head snapped to the left, toes still in her mouth and fingers still in her pussy. Her roommate, Shelley, was standing there in the doorway of the living room at the end of the short hall that led to the bathroom and kitchen. Shelley, in her black sweats and matching hooded sweatshirt, had apparently returned from swim team practice a bit early. Her hair was still a bit wet and her eyes a bit puffy. They were wide with surprise though as she stood there, unable to take her eyes off her roommate.

"What...what?" Shelley couldn't find any other words. Alice pulled her toes from her mouth and her fingers from her puss. Strands of saliva and juice clung from each, respectively. She looked to the television again. The orgy was over, and so was her good time it seemed.

"I...I was just..." Alice quickly snagged the remote control and turned the television off. She sat there for a moment, rapping her fingertips on her bare knee and letting out a deep breath.

"I thought you were going to be at swim practice for a while," Alice finally said.

"It's the coach's birthday. She let us go early," Shelley explained, still not moving.


"Sorry to interrupt your good time."

There was a moment of silence. Alice let out a short laugh, more from nerves than anything else, but Shelley soon followed. The laughing stopped as quickly as it had started, but as they looked at each other, they started up again. They laughed and laughed until Shelley was holding her sides and stumbling forward into the living room. Alice was in tears and bent in half at the waist. Shelley sat on the arm of the couch to keep her knees from buckling and the two girls laughed for what seemed to be another ten minutes.

"Oh, shit." Alice chuckled and wiped a tear from her eye. "The look on your face..."

"MY face?" Shelley grinned. "You were the one with your toes in your fucking mouth watching lesbian porn!"

"Well, I guess you discovered my secret then. I probably should've told you when I co-signed the lease." Alice laid back on the couch, not bothering to cover up her naked body.

"Don't worry about it." Shelley waved it off.

"Really?" Alice asked, hoping she meant it.

"Really." Shelley brushed her dirty blond hair behind one ear. "You'd be surprised at what goes on in the swim team showers."

"Oh would I?" Alice sat up a bit, intrigued.

"I might've tried a few things here and there...but never sucking my own toes! Ick!" She stuck out her tongue. "I don't know how you can do that."

"What? You've never had your toes sucked?" Alice sat up further.

"No!" Shelley said like it shouldn't be a surprise.

"It's great! Gimmie!" Alice's hands reached forward, almost in an embrace.


"Your toes! Gimmie your toes!"

"What?" Shelley now yelled.

"C'mon! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie!"

"They might taste like chlorine."

"I'm sure they taste yummy. Gimmie!"

Shelley sighed and kicked off her right shoe. She yanked the ankle high sock off and threw it to the side. She turned a bit on the arm of the couch and stretched out her long, strong swimmer's leg. Alice leaned forward a bit and took Shelley's size seven into her hands.

"Oooh! Cold!"

"Yeah, well..." Shelley shrugged her shoulders.

Alice rubbed the foot in her hands, warming it up with friction. She breathed hot air from deep in her lungs onto Shelley's toes and sole. She scooted forward on the plush couch and placed Shelley's foot between her 35B breasts. She squeezed them together around Shelley's foot as best she could, making sure to give her nipples a pinch as she did.

"Hey! Take it easy now," Shelley said with a grin.

"Afraid you might like it?" Alice grinned right back at her and bent her head forward a bit. Her cute pink tongue slid out like a quiet snake and licked at the very tip of Shelley's big toe. Shelley gave her a simple smile and turned her head slightly to see. Alice brushed back her dark red hair and suddenly slid her warm mouth over Shelley's big toe. Shelley inhaled sharply, her spine straightening in an instant. Her fingers splayed out in a snap reflex and her eyes were suddenly no longer sore from the pool.

Alice's tongue rolled around Shelley's big toe with lazy delight. She kissed the ball of Shelley's foot, the soft smacking sound echoing through the intensely quiet room. Alice licked a slow, dragging trail up the length of Shelley's sole. She tasted no chlorine, just the perfectly clean soft flesh with a hint of sweat from the walk home. Shelley let out a sigh and smiled.

"That's nice," she said.

"I think so too," Alice agreed. She grinned as she wrapped her lips around Shelley's second and third toe. Shelley straightened up again as Alice's tongue flickered all around and probed between each toe. Shelley started to giggle uncontrollably, falling forward onto the couch. Her legs kicked a bit to get away from Alice, but she held fast, biting on the arch of Shelley's foot and grabbing her by the calf. Her mouth quickly moved to Shelley's Achilles' tendon, sucking and licking as Shelley squealed and squirmed.

"Stop, stop, stop!" Shelley pleaded, her hands flapping around.

Alice, feeling brave, shoved Shelley's foot down between her warm legs. Shelley yelped a bit, but smiled, as her toes were wrapped in the folds of Alice's wet puss.

"Hey!" Shelley playfully furrowed her brow.

"You told me to stop licking your foot, right?" Alice wiggled atop Shelley's instep and bit her bottom lip. Shelley's toes were still twitching from the tickling, giving Alice's lips and clit an awkward but pleasing massage.

Alice wasted no time in seizing Shelley's other leg. Her shoe and sock were soon cast over the edge of the couch and the new set of toes was plunged into Alice's mouth. Alice's licking and sucking took on a new tone now, as Shelley's right foot was becoming more slippery by the moment from Alice's cunt. Shelley scooted forward a bit, exploring further with her toes. She rested her head on the arm of the couch and brushed her hair back to get comfortable. Alice's pussy was warm as an oven and wet as a tangerine. Alice hummed with glee as Shelley's big toe teased at her opening, slipping in and out with each rock of Alice's hips.

She popped Shelley's toes out of her mouth to gasp for air. She rubbed the saliva-coated toes over her nipple, pinching it between Shelley's first two toes. Alice shuddered through a quick pre-orgasm, clamping onto Shelley's feet with her hands and holding them exactly where they were. It was just for a moment, however, as Alice pulled both of Shelley's feet up to her mouth. She shoved both big toes between her lips, and as many of the other eight as she could manage. She slurped every drop of her pre-cum from Shelley's foot, and greedily licked at both feet like a kid who had just found two Popsicles on a hot summer day.

Alice's own right foot prodded forward, slowly creeping under Shelley's butt. Shelley giggled again, this time with a finger between her teeth. Alice noticed Shelley's other hand lazily making circles on one of her nipples. Alice's toe found the crack of Shelley's ass and dragged northward, until she rubbed freely onto Shelley's pussy with the ball of her foot. Shelley laughed again and started to push her sweat pants and panties down to her knees.

"Let me help you there," she said. Her hips came up high off the couch as she balanced upon the balls of her feet with the back of her head on the arm of the couch. Alice leaned back to watch. She had always admired Shelley's hard body from afar, but she was now really seeing it for the first time. Her stomach was flat, her hips like an hourglass, and her legs were solid from lap after lap in the pool. As Shelley pushed the sweats down past her knees, Alice could see her pussy was shaved completely bald. Alice grabbed the sweats and yanked them off her.

"Patience!" Shelley teased, but her next words quickly changed to a loud grunt as Alice lurched forward and dove her face between Shelley's legs. Her mouth slurped over Shelley's cunt, nearly making Shelley jump back off the couch in surprise. Alice smiled, finding Shelley's pussy was already slick and wet. Her fingers easily slid into her as her tongue found her engorged clit with no trouble. She licked fast and hard, the excitement taking them both. Alice felt Shelley's strong hand grab the back of her head and Shelley's strong thighs closing in on her. Shelley moans turned louder and louder, becoming a slow droning sound that built until she was screaming. Her hips bucked off the cushions and pressed her pussy into Alice's hungry face. They both gasped for air, with Alice coming up first.

She moved back enough to swing her leg up between Shelley's and then come forward. Their hot pussies bumped into each other, making both of them squeak with delight. Alice rubbed at Shelley's tits through her sweatshirt with her foot. She licked at Shelley's leg, her tongue swirling in luscious, fat circles. Shelley urgently pulled her sweatshirt and sports bra over her head and dropped them on the floor. Alice grabbed at Shelley's brown nipples with her toes. She swirled her foot all over those strong, perky tits. Their cunts pressed together, grinding and pushing and rubbing in jerky circles and every direction they could manage.

Shelley grabbed Alice's foot and pulled her big toe into her mouth. Alice started to cum immediately. She latched onto Shelley's leg and her hips went berserk. Their cunts slipped and slid like two oily hands preparing to give a massage. Alice felt her head spinning as she bit into Shelley's leg and screamed. Shelley licked all over Alice's foot as best she could for her first time at toe sucking and foot worship. She bit at her heel and slurped around her ankle bone. She blew cool air over the bottoms of the toes and sucked at her arch. She reached down and fingered at her own clit, quickly bringing herself to another orgasm. Alice had stopped screaming, but was now grunting and slamming her pussy into Shelley's with earnest.

They both rode it out, as their eyes rolled back and their throats became scratchy from screaming so much. Alice's energy slowly ebbed away, and Shelley soon followed. Their hips slowed and their cunts were very touchy, barely tolerating the slightest brush against each other without sending them into another swirling euphoria.

They sat up at nearly the same time, almost wishing they hadn't.

"Whoa!" Shelley touched her forehead. "Head rush."

"Oh! Me too! Wow!" Alice smiled, and then started to laugh. "Wow!"

"Yeah! That's just what I was thinking."

"So, should I join the swim team?" Alice laughed.

"Maybe you should. You'd be really popular. We're having a party at a couple of the girls' house next weekend. You should come."

"I'm sure I will if I show up."

"Ha, ha. Very funny." Shelley leaned forward, and they kissed. It was a soft kiss that promised many more in the future. The kiss grew long, their lips exploring and their tongues curious at finding a new playmate. Alice reached down and brought her right foot up to their mouths. Shelley jerked back a bit in surprise at first and watch Alice kiss and lick at her own toes. Alice stuck her tongue out between her toes at Shelley and made a sour face at her. Shelley laughed and leaned forward again, Frenching Alice between her toes. They kissed each other through the syrupy barrier of Alice's toes, and soon fell back to the couch.

"It's going to be an interesting semester, that's for sure," Shelley said as she started to kiss her way down Alice's body.

"Yeah..." Alice gasped as Shelley reached her stomach. "Yeah, it sure is."

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