The Twins


My last submission, "The Embezzler," was rather hastily submitted and while I thought it was well done, it apparently annoyed a lot of you because of the writing style I chose. Some of the emails I received were rather nasty and I hope you will forgive me. I believe you will enjoy this piece most of which really occurred. I didn't relate the twins names because I have forgotten them and didn't want to make up some hokey Korean names. Part 2 will be forth coming but I want to finish "The Extortionist" and post it first.

* * * * *

This is a true story and occurred 20 years ago. My first job out of college was with the U S Government. I really lucked out by nailing a position located in Hawaii. I worked for a rather obscure agency that included one perk. I was able to do a bit a traveling to the orient.

During my first trip out, I happened to make a staff assistance visit to our office in Pusan, South Korea. At that time, South Korea was not the manufacturing juggernaut that it apparently is today. I stayed at a real nice Sheraton hotel too.

On a Friday afternoon, one of the fellows I was "assisting," Jake, mentioned that he was a DJ at a club downtown. He invited Bill, my traveling companion and me to stop by for a drink and some laughs. We did so and were amazed to find the place filled with attractive Korean girls. Jake told us that this club was a hangout for a local Woman's College. Wow, did we ever have a blast dancing, drinking and carrying on with these lovely young ladies!

Now back in those days, there was a curfew from 11:00 P.M. until 6:00 A.M. throughout South Korea and no one was allowed to be on the streets during this time. The club warned everyone when the time was approaching and we went to Jake to thank him for the great evening. He laughed and said, "The night is young!" They apparently locked the doors at 11:00 and partied all night. Not having anything better to do than go back to the hotel, we quickly agreed.

Before long the club cleared out with the exception of 5 or 6 fellows and about 20 girls. I managed to latch on to a set of twins. Two sisters who were absolutely gorgeous and alike as 2 peas in a pod. We spent the next several hours dancing and fooling around. About 3:00 A.M., I was getting pretty tired and leaned back in my booth to get some rest and my twins snuggled up to me. I leaned back and had a breast in each hand and began to snooze. I was getting used to the two sets on hands that were slowly rubbing my cock, which had spent a lot of the night at attention. Falling off to sleep, I realized that all was well in my life!

At 6:00, the lights went on and the club was clearing out. My twins asked if they could go back to the Sheraton with me since they wouldn't be allowed to sleep if they returned to their rooms. Of course, I quickly agreed and after thanking my host, we went off and found a cab. I was a self-conscious walking through the lobby with these 2 chicks holding my arms but the fellow who gave me my key never broke a smile. Off we went up to my room.

After a night of dancing in a smoke filled room, I felt the need to take a shower and informed the girls that that was my first priority. When I had my hair shampooed, the curtain opened and both of them came in to join me. Wow, what great bodies! We played a bit of touchy feely and drop the soap but managed to get our showers done and off to bed we went. Now, after the night I went through, I am exhausted and not sure if I would have the energy to handle 2 of them but the first thing twin number one said was "I don't think you are strong enough to take both of us." Well, the challenge was made.

I spent a bit of time fondling those bodies. Their breasts were small but firm. Their nipples hardened on cue and their pussies were dripping. Their skin was soft as velvet. Twin number 2 settled the issue by maneuvering her body and managing to impale herself on my fully erect cock. "Whoa," I said, "I don't have a condom on!"

"That's ok, I trust you," she said. She had the tightest pussy I had ever experienced! She began to ride me like she was in a race to cum. "Oh Jimmee, you fill my pussy!" and "Oh Jimmee, you're so big!" Now I know that I am the average American guy. Six inches was all I had but I had been told that I was thicker than most. I didn't know since I didn't spend much time looking at erect pricks. If she thought I was so big, I felt sorry for her Korean boyfriends!

I had a real live wire on my hands. At this rate I knew I was never going to last but I guess that didn't matter to her she just wanted to fuck. Twin number 2's moanings were getting louder and more intense. I could feel the tight grip her pussy held on my cock getting even tighter. Apparently she was hornier than I was because she soon began yelling in Korean and then collapsed unto me. She lay there and I could still feel my ejaculations going into her. Wow, what a ride!

It was then that I noticed that twin number 1 had disappeared but she soon was on the bed and speaking to her sister in Korean. Twin number 2 rolled off and went to the bathroom and returned with a warm face cloth and began to clean my dick. Twin number 1 had begun kissing and rubbing me and I knew that I was going to be up for the challenge. Her breasts were as lovely as her sister's and her hardened nipples responded as I slowly nipped them with my teeth.

Twin number 2 had disappeared but I only wanted one at a time anyway. I noticed that compared to her sister, twin number 1 was a bit quieter and not quite as active or vocal. I enjoyed her body anyway and it was not long before my dick was fully erect and ready to go. I teased her by rubbing the opening of her vagina with the head of my dick using only short thrusts to enter and then come out. She arched her back, which indicated to me that she wanted me to enter her fully but I wasn't quite ready to do that. I wanted to make this one last.

Eventually I began to slowly fuck her. In and out with slow, even thrusts. I could sense that she was approaching her orgasm when her sister returned and draped herself on my back. I could feel her lovely breasts rubbing my back and her wet pussy rub on the back of my leg. I was glad I had twin number 1's hands in mine when she began thrashing in orgasm. Her fingernails could have slashed me to ribbons! She finished her orgasm and I withdrew and pulled twin number 2 down onto the bed and immediately entered her. "Oh Jimmee!" she cried. I loved her voice! Somehow, her screams excited me further and I began fucking her with everything I had. She urged me on until we both collapsed in sweat. Wow, alike as two peas in a pod but twin number 2 was a fucking machine!

There was nothing kinky about our sex, just old fashioned fucking, but how thrilling to have 2 such wonderful sisters in my bed!

Once again I was treated to a washing of my cock and then I took both into my arms again and hurried off into sleep. A couple of hours later, I partially awoke and watched them get dressed and leave. It dawned on me that they had been looking for valuables while we were fucking. Unfortunately for them, I had put my passport, traveling checks, spare cash and jewelry into an envelope and placed it down in the Hotel safe before I had left last evening. All I had was a wallet with my Government ID, a picture of the girl I was dating in Hawaii and about $10 in Korean money. I was certain that they left because they thought I was broke and they didn't want to waste any more time with me. What a shame, I would have given twin number 2 a couple of hundred to stay the weekend with me! Oh well. I fell back to sleep.

Later, I awoke and after a quick shower, I called Bill who had the room next to me. There was definitely a party going on judging on the noise in his room. We opened the connecting doors and I found that that son of a bitch, Bill had returned with 6 girls. But that is another story!

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